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  • Courageous Women Of The Bible (Unabridged)


    How Women Can Live with Boldness and Confidence Every Day

    Every woman knows it’s easy to lose sight of the heavenly power of God at work in our lives during times of hardship, exhaustion, stress, and change. But no matter the situation–whether it’s our health, marriage, finances, family, or vocation–God has equipped all women with the power and influence to live freely and confidently.

    With warmth and a welcoming style, speaker and award-winning writer LaTan Roland Murphy illuminates eleven courageous women in the Bible and shows how each was uniquely positioned for success because of her courageous choices. From Deborah to Jael to Mary, Murphy shows that these women chose to draw near to God; as a result, they were equipped with power for the supernatural ability to live courageous lives despite often undesirable circumstances. These stories will inspire women of all ages to trust God, minister to others, and live confidently and courageously no matter the season of life or what lies ahead.

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  • Empathy For The Devil (Unabridged)


    Do we have anything in common with the bad guys of the Bible?

    The sins of wrath, idolatry, and abuse of power are closer to us than we think. How do we guard against them? We learn not only by following moral exemplars we also need to look at the warnings of lives gone wrong. In this fictionalized narrative, JR. Forasteros reintroduces us to some of the most villainous characters of Scripture. He shows us what we can learn from their negative examples, with figures such as Cain, Jezebel, King Herod, and even Satan serving as cautionary tales of sin and temptation. Forasteros vividly tells their stories to help us understand their motivations, and his astute biblical and cultural exposition points out what we often miss about their lives. We soon discover that we might have more in common with these characters than we would like to admit. But by the grace of God, we can avoid their mistakes and be freed from our own villainous tendencies.

    Take a fresh look at the scoundrels of Scripture, and find sound pastoral guidance here to walk the path of righteousness.

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  • World David Knew (Unabridged)


    The World David Knew will reveal to readers how the story of David fits into major events in the world of his time.

    The profound contrast between story and facts will take the reader on an intriguing and thought-provoking journey into the compelling challenges of David’s life as a shepherd boy turned king and the powerful faith of one of the Bible’s most beloved characters. In addition to painting emotional and sociological struggles, modern readers will learn of the difficulties and challenges of daily living, such as sourcing water, living in new lands, dealing with different people groups, enemies, family struggles and more. Woven throughout, readers will learn much about the broader ancient world.

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  • Paul And His Team (Unabridged)


    What can we learn about leadership and influence from Paul?

    Most Christians know something of the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry, but what about the incredible team of influencers he assembled and mobilized? Who were they, and how did Paul lead this team to accomplish God’s purposes? Even more, what can we learn from their successes and failures, and how can we imitate their qualities?
    These are the questions that inspired Ryan Lokkesmoe, PhD, to write Paul and His Team.
    Like a church-ministry version of Team of Rivals, it reveals important principles about leadership and influence by showing how this early ministry team:
    Adapted to cultural, doctrinal, and interpersonal challenges
    Found common ground with their audiences
    Led baby believers toward maturity
    Stayed united despite differing opinions
    Equipped others for the work of the ministry
    Conducted their lives with self-discipline
    Built and maintained strategic partnerships
    Navigated sensitive cross-cultural situations
    Persisted through difficulty, frustration, and fractured relationships
    Persevered when ministry was discouraging
    Developed leaders to replace them

    Whether you are in a position of leadership or are simply a passionate follower of Christ, you are an influencer that God is using to build His church. And while Paul and His Team certainly reveals a lot about Paul’s character as a leader, it also highlights both prominent and obscure members of his team to offer a textured portrait of the early church’s influence in spreading the gospel.

    Let’s learn from the men and women God used to build the church, letting them shape our leadership and influence as we continue their work.

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  • Retreat With John The Evangelist


    SKU (ISBN): 9780867164701Raymond Brown | Narrator: Ronald WitherupBinding: Audio CassettePublished: 2001Publisher: Franciscan Media

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