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  • Guide To Successful Marriage


    How to Have a Successful Marriage

    Your and your mate can share in this amazing audio experience of inspiration, laughter, renewal, and celebration of your marriage. It can bring you greater marital intimacy, tenderness, and respect, and act as a marital tune up. This seminar is filled with powerful secrets to create the marriage of your dreams.

    Amazingly, recent studies show that marital happiness has little to do with whom you marry and everything to do with how you cope with conflict. Through these seminars you’ll learn how to handle conflict and keep your spouse in love with you.

    Six major areas are targeted:

    CD 1 (1 hour):

    CD 2 (1 hour):

    CD 3 (1 hour):

    This 3-CD album also contains three copies of the 64-page workbook, A Guide to Successful Marriage. Additional copies of the workbook are available under that title. (Album 4 in the Keys to Happiness Character-Building Library.)
    * Who’s in Charge Here, Anyway?
    * Good Sex Doesn’t Just Happen
    * Why Can’t My Partner Understand What I Say?
    * Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?
    * His ‘n Her Needs: Decoding the Mystery
    * How to Live With an Imperfect Mate

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