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Charismatic Interests

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  • Raising Giant Killers (Unabridged)


    With honesty, humor, and keen biblical insight, bestselling authors Bill and Beni Johnson help you discover the keys to successful parenting in God’s kingdom. Parents, we rule for the purpose of protection, but we also serve with the purpose of empowering, they write. We want to release our children into their destiny–that’s the privilege of parenting.

    In these pages you will gain the wisdom, kingdom concepts, and practical tools you need to help raise your children to their best.

    You’ll discover how to parent to their uniqueness, gifts, and strengths, as well as how you can demonstrate and reveal who God is to your kids. The authors also address pressing issues parents face today, including how to

    * be fully engaged in hearing what the Lord is saying over each child
    * maintain relationship and discipline
    * develop character
    * train your children for worship
    * fan the flame of what God has put in their hearts
    * and more

    No matter what age your kids are, you have an incredible opportunity to shape their hearts, minds, and values. Here is everything you need to help your children walk into the destiny of their lives and see them become the awesome people they were created to be.

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  • Its Happening : A Generation Is Crying Out, And Heaven Is Responding (Unabridged


    Since May of 2016 Deeper Fellowship Church, pastored by William McDowell, has experienced an unprecedented move of God with more than fifty healings and other miracles.

    It’s Happening captures these amazing experiences with God and reveals to readers what God has been showing McDowell about miracles, encounters, and revival. McDowell examines various cries for revival in the Bible–some desperate, some persistent, and many misunderstood.

    It all started in 1998, when McDowell had an open vision about a place where people were discipled and trained in life, worship, and the arts. He never forgot the vision and went on to become a world-renowned worship leader and gospel recording artist. His music has topped Billboard charts, and his third album was nominated for a Grammy award. Many years later he and his wife opened their home to a small group of people once a month where they would worship, pray, fellowship, and study the Word together. This established core team, full of faith and expectation, established Deeper Fellowship Church.

    This book invites readers to stop praying for revival and start seizing it! Readers will be challenged to position themselves to join in the move of God that is already happening and be a catalyst in spreading it.

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  • Dream Wild : Ignite Your Faith To Defy Impossibilities (Unabridged)



    We’re stuck in the day-in and day-out mundanity of life. But God wants us to dream with Him. He gives us the desires of our hearts, and He want us to build ourselves up in our faith and pursue those dreams.

    The enemy comes with doubt, unbelief, religious thinking, and other obstacles to combat our dreams. Ward off spiritual attack and acheive your dreams with a prayer action plan.

    After receiving one wild prophecy, prophetess Jennifer LeClaire was inspired to chase after the God of her dreams-the One who ultimately makes all dreams come true.
    Dream Wild will set a Holy Ghost fire under people to pursue God of the desires He put in their hearts. Each chapter begins with a short prophetic word, and the book includes stories of inspiration, overcoming challenges, gaining victory, and experiencing God’s power as they relate to building one’s faith to dream.

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  • Veil : An Invitation To The Unseen Realm (Unabridged)


    For as long as he can remember, Blake K. Healy has seen angels and demons. He sees them as clearly as he would see you if you were standing right in front of him. He sees angels dancing in worship services and whispering words of encouragement in people’s ears. He also sees demons latching on to people and perpetuating addiction
    and bitterness in their hearts.

    The Veil chronicles how Blake matured in this gifting, while overcoming the fear and confusion of what he saw, how he learned to use his gift of seeing for God’s glory, and how to teach others to do the same.

    This new and updated version of The Veil also includes a brief guide on how to begin growing in the gift of seeing in the spirit yourself, as well as an appendix of scriptural references to the spirit realm and angels, along with Blake’s commentary on these passages.

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  • Prophets Manual : A Guide To Sustaining Your Prophetic Gift (Unabridged)


    Sharpen and sustain your prophetic gift, and learn strategies for speaking the Word of God with confidence. There is a prophetic remnant rising up in the earth who want to be called out, trained, and activated in their gift to hear God’s voice and deliver His messages to His people, and they must not grow weary.

    Best-selling author John Eckhardt provides encouragement for those who operate in their prophetic gift, to endure and continue to be a mouthpiece for the kingdom of God.

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  • Spoiling The Enemys House


    From the author of Pigs in the Parlor…
    Are their obstacles in your life preventing you from succeeding in life? Are there giants in your way, situations that stubbornly refuse to change?

    Frank Hammond explains the concept of spoiling the enemy’s house… destroying the enemy’s strongholds that act as obstacles to our walk with God. Through multiple Scriptural examples, Frank Hammond demonstrates the pattern of binding powers and principalities in the supernatural realm, in order to see God’s will break through in the natural realm. When the strongman is bound in the heavenlies, the human instrumentality that Satan has been using will either yield to the flow of God, or be removed from the scene. As this happens, Satan’s house will be spoiled.

    Our weapons against these spiritual forces are not fleshly weapons, they are spiritual. With them the followers of Jesus can change history!

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  • Teacher Went Back To School


    Wise people will tell you that experience trumps ideals everyday. Taking the truth of that axiom, our God was so in love with each of us that He found it necessary to assume our perspective of life on earth through Jesus Christ so that we would live eternally with Him!

    For the first time ever, the God who always declared a thing asked a question! Bishop. T.D. Jakes

    In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes highlights the real problem with the fall of man in Genesis: Adam fell into something God did not understand. In order to know where Adam went, God had to follow His creation in the form of Christ. Allow this special teaching by
    Bishop Jakes to minister to you a new perspective on why Jesus was necessary to redeem humanity and rescue each of us from the grave. Learn a new lesson in The Day the Teacher Went Back to School.

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  • Toll Road


    On the road to your destiny, there is a price you must pay, and Jesus paid the ultimate expense for everyone when He came to earth to fulfill the destiny God had for Him?humanity?s redemption and salvation from death. In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes teaches on the purpose and life of Christ through the simple, yet powerful metaphor of The Toll Road.

    ?Sooner or later, if you live long enough, you?re going to have to pay the toll. You didn?t get to be where you are without shedding some blood. Where you are now came at a price!? ?Bishop T.D. Jakes

    You paid a price to be who you are, and the life you live and blessings you enjoy came at the unimaginable sacrifice of our Savior. No matter the season you are in, or the trials you experience, God loves and values you so much that He offered up His Son as payment for you. Add this message to your personal ministry library and begin to understand the worth of your life and destiny in God?s sight as you travel The Toll Road.

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  • Your Problem Serves A Purpose


    Though it is a well-known fact, most people hesitate to understand that we all have problems. However, when it comes to the life of the Christian, our problems are not random events meant to cause trouble. On the contrary, Bishop T.D. Jakes insightfully presents Biblical evidence that our problems have a Godly function.

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  • My Feet His Fire


    God is GOD. There is no way around this truth. He desires to have his way for a very good reason. The Creator of all things has set forth rules and guidelines for His creation to follow not because he is a dictator, but because of His grace and He has a plan for our lives! In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes teaches on these principles in skilled fashion to alert us to the loving sovereignty of God.

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  • Reel It In


    You’ve been praying for the blessing–seeking God’s face for it and believing His word that He will move on your behalf. The blessing is within your reach, but you’ve got to Reel It In! Bishop T.D. Jakes takes the time to point out that God requires our participation in His plan for our lives.

    Some people only want [the promise] without struggle. But, if you’re serious about reeling it in, you have to put in some effort!-Bishop T.D. Jakes

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  • From Guilt To Gratitude


    SKU (UPC): 0606866623423T. D. JakesBinding: Audio CDPublished: 2015Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Fathers Blessing


    This soaking CD, narrated by John Paul Jackson, will usher you into the deep places of the Father’s heart. Mixed with the rich Celtic-inspired orchestrations, it will stir belief in who God has created you to be, and fill you with hope as you journey to reach the purpose for which you were created.

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  • Top 20 Dreams



    Taken from his Advanced Workshop in Dreams & Visions course, the Top 20 Dreams audio teaching contains over 100 rapid-fire interpretations of these common dreams and their variations. This teaching will help you understand the vital role context and detail play in a dream’s meaning. In this 4 CD set listen as John Paul uncovers the meaning of these dreams.

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  • Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today


    This Releasing Spiritual Gifts CD set is part of the Chamber of Action Series: Empowered for Ministry / Experiencing Power. Do you want to walk in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you want solid scripture-based teaching on each of the nine gifts? Do you love testimonies of the power and revelation of God? Then go no further!

    In these 14 sessions, James draws from Scripture and adds perspective from many diverse streams to bring you clear definitions and exhort you into activation and release. The topics covered include How the Holy Spirit Moves, How to Grow in Exercising the Gifts of the Spirit, as well as a lesson dedicated to each of the nine gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Find fresh activation in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today!

    This CD/DVD set serves as part of the core curriculum for a course by the same title in the God Encounters Training – eSchool of the Heart. As you work through these lessons, you will have the tools needed to begin walking in the fullness of your spiritual gifts.

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  • Rejection : The Spiritual Cause And Solution


    From the author of Pigs in the Parlor…

    Rejection is a root demonic spirit in many people s lives. The wound of rejection can be compared to a wound in the flesh; both need to be cleansed to avoid infection. The way you cleanse an inner wound is through forgiveness; without this, a spiritual infection can arise an unclean spirit can infect that wound. The solution is to cast out that spirit in the Name of Jesus.

    In this practical teaching, Frank Hammond highlights the common causes of rejection in our lives, and explains how it can begin as early as in the womb. Frank explains his own battles with rejection which began early in childhood and affected his adult years as a young pastor.

    Frank concludes with a deliverance prayer and confession against the root spirit of rejection in our lives.

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  • Journey Into A Life Worth Living


    You will never be completely satisfied until you live the life Jesus designed you to live-a life worth living!

    We often think of ourselves as human beings having occasional spiritual experiences, but the Bible describes us as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. If Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly, what’s the difference between the life we’re living now and the life He wants to give us?

    In The Journey into a Life Worth Living, taken from John Paul’s course Living the Spiritual Life, you’ll learn how to make the transformational shift from a bio life to a zoe life-a life in which your body, soul and spirit are in harmony.
    In this 2-CD teaching you’ll discover:

    * What living a spiritual life looks like.
    * The ebb and flow of the Kingdom including prayer, angels, and
    * How you can be a partaker in the divine nature of God.
    * How to recognize when the Holy Spirit is causing a divine
    hunger inside of you.
    * How to attune your spirit to the Holy Spirit.
    * How to reach a place where you do only what you see the Father

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  • Triumphing Over Familiar Spirits


    Two human personalities can form a relationship, and through communication and fellowship, that relationship can be enhanced. The same is true of a person and an evil spirit; a relationship can be formed and that person can obtain knowledge or gain. When a person forms a relationship with an evil spirit, that person then has a familiar spirit.

    Familiar spirits are counterfeits of the Holy Spirit. They offer similar but defiled gifts to those offered by the kingdom of God. Anyone who is led by the Holy Spirit does not need a familiar spirit for it is God who provides all that he needs.

    As with anything occult, involvement with familiar spirits creates spiritual defilement. Regard not them that have familiar spirits… to be defiled by them. (Lev. 19:31).

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  • Binding The Strongman


    There are strongmen in the demonic kingdom, ruler spirits over individuals, families, cities and nations. Scripture reveals that there are also Godly, angelic rulers assigned over every family and nation. God has an army. He is the Lord of Hosts, the Lord of Armies.

    In Daniel 10, the command was issued for Michael to fight against the strongman holding the people of Israel in bondage. He came against the prince of Persia, so that God’s people might be set free and return to their homeland. Before this event ever took place on earth it was accomplished first in the Heavenly realm. The powers of the demonic princes were broken by the angelic forces of the hosts of God and it set the people of God free.

    In this teaching, Frank Hammond explains that Jesus said that now His Church can join the angelic hosts of heaven in coming against the rulers of the Satanic kingdom.

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  • Breaking Demonic Strongholds


    Satan has a master plan for all of us. The good news is that Jesus has the means of healing our personality – through deliverance, the casting out of demons.

    This breakthrough teaching by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond was presented in Chapter 21 of Pigs in the Parlor, where it is referred to as The Schizophrenia Revelation. In this 2 part audio teaching, Frank Hammond explains how people battle demonic oppression through a common pattern of spirits. In particular, he explains the various demonic strongholds (as shown on the enclosed diagram) and how they interact to form a network of harassing spirits in many of our lives.

    You can be free from the torment of demonic spirits in your life, and this teaching can open a doorway to a freedom you never knew existed through Jesus Christ.

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  • Discerning Of Spirits


    From the author of Pigs in the Parlor…
    Jesus gave the commission to cast out demons to the entire Church in Mark 16:17. When God calls us into ministry, He equips us. The gifts of the Holy Spirit, as presented in 1 Corinthians 12, represent God’s empowerment to believers to accomplish this task.

    We must rely on the Holy Spirit for the ministry of deliverance and nothing else – not our own understanding, or the voice of demons, but only the voice of the Holy Spirit to guide us in deliverance and spiritual warfare. Through the gift of the discernment of spirits, we can defeat the enemy in the very place of his counsel and strategy, because God can tell us what (and who) we are coming against.

    God is a jealous God. He does not permit us to go to any other source other than Himself for wisdom, knowledge, guidance or power. Through the Holy Spirit, we can gain all the information we need to effectively come against Satan and his evil spirits.

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  • Importance Of A Right Outlook


    The most prominent miracle we see Jesus repeatedly performing in scripture is the healing of the blind. If God has placed so much emphasis on the concept of vision, we must accept the that our perception determines our destiny. Add this timely message to your personal media library and allow the word of God to correct your internal vision. As you do, you will encounter Paul’s requested miracle of the eyes of our understanding being enlightened.

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  • Divine Expectation


    You are not an accident. You were placed on the planet with the purpose of being creatively productive. In order to use your gifts effectively, you must connect with your Creator to receive His eternal plan. Accept this message as a spiritual investment in your future, and begin discovering that the chaos in your life presents opportunities to employ the heavenly innovation inside you. It’s a part of your purpose…a part of God’s Divine Expectations!

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  • Best Of Beyond With John Paul


    This CD set is a compilation of some of the most interesting questions and answers from Beyond. Topics touch on issues ranging from the supernatural to surviving the end times to living out Christianity to the fullest.

    Compiled in this special four CD set are some of the most thought provoking and frequently asked questions from 25 episodes of Beyond. Questions like:

    Why do some people see angels more than others?
    Can I miss my calling and what happens if I do?
    Is there life on other planets?
    Should Christians take personality profi le tests?

    Listen to more than 65 fascinating questions and John Paul’s insightful answers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover the answer to your question.

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  • Your Day Is Not Over


    You’ve been a fight, and it has been one storm after the next. It seems like all is lost and you’ve missed your moment. Don’t give up now! Your Day Is Not Over!!! God is adamantly invested in your life and you accomplishing the purpose He has for you. In this message meant specifically for the person engaged in the fight for their future, Bishop Jakes uses the backdrop of the story of Joshua and the stopping of the sun to illustrate that God will prolong your days of purpose to account for your days of struggle. Upon adding this message to your personal media library, and allowing the Word to dwell richly within you, you will receive the strength to not only finish the fight, but to embrace the Day of Purpose God has for you!

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  • Expectant Mother


    Upon living any number of years, one may discover that life doesn’t always go as planned. Such was the case for Naomi. While enjoying a place of prominence, influence and status… the storms of life later discouraged her and brought Naomi to a place where she began to lose hope.

    Bishop Jakes masterfully recounts the plight of Naomi, delivering this poignant yet encouraging message that turbulence and turmoil do not always mean destruction! If you are facing a difficult season, this powerful message is a wonderful word of encouragement to keep in your personal media library. Receive this Word into your spirit and know, when everything is said and done, God’s EXPECTED end for you and His promises over your life will be fulfilled!

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  • Im Not In This By Myself


    Bishop T.D. Jakes chronicles the life of the Apostle Paul, one of history’s supreme intellects, at his appearance before King Agrippa. While on trial for his life, Paul delivers a timely truth to anyone feeling as if they’re facing life’s issues alone. Facing the possibility of imminent death, Paul declared something to Agrippa that each of us should stand on when beset with trials.

    Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day…

    Acts 26:22

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  • Verge


    Has God called you to a great assignment? Is the necessary labor and extended travel to reach the place God has foretold making you weary? Don’t choke now! God has a specific word for your life!

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  • Strongholds : The Battle Within


    The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. And that first battle starts within. In this timely message, John Paul takes on the often misunderstood topic of mental strongholds.

    Are you continually misunderstood, depressed, fearful, or find yourself in the same predicament over and over again regardless of how much you cry out to God for help? You could have a mental stronghold that has to be removed before God can act.

    What are mental strongholds?
    How do they form?
    What diffi culties in your life are a direct result of strongholds?
    Why are strongholds allowed to remain in your life?
    How do you remove them?

    Strongholds are one of the most difficult obstacles you will face as a Christian. They in some way affect almost every decision you make. And you’re usually the last one to know. Listen as John Paul describes the process of recognizing and removing a mental stronghold completely from your life.

    Rediscover the beauty and joy of walking in God’s peace by removing the blind spots and filters the enemy uses to cause confusion and steal your destiny.

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  • 10 Commandments


    These messages will put a Holy Ghost-charge in you, from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet! The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment will teach you what you can expect your work to do for you, and what you have nor right expect. You’ll uncover the secret to recognizing your blessings for what they are.

    Bishop T.D. Jakes will show you how to fight back when the enemy tries to pollute your whole life by messing up your work life. And you’ll learn so many practical principles for success at work. So don’t miss a moment of this incredible Bible-teaching. It will change your life!

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  • Finding Freedom


    It is so easy to constantly run from any possible place you can be offended. People change jobs often and move from church to church to keep from getting hurt or offended. This seems like a good strategy, but it is keeping you from the very thing God wants to use to transform you! In his powerful two-part series, Finding Freedom, Bishop T.D. Jakes teaches how you can deal with, learn from and move beyond offense so the door to total freedom can be thrown open! Begin standing on forgiveness today and see how God elevates your life higher and higher! I am thankful for you and your steadfast support of all the outreaches of T.D. Jakes Ministries. I am praying that God walks you into a new season of freedom.

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  • Interaction Between Heaven And Earth


    Whether you can see it or not, there is constant activity between the spiritual and physical worlds.
    How does that spiritual realm operate?
    How does God use the spiritual beings he created to help you reach your life purpose?

    The Interaction between Heaven and Earth will answer these important questions and many more. This teaching from John Paul will give you a clearer picture of Heaven’s administration by explaining spiritual weapons God has given us and the spiritual beings God has created to help us use those weapons.

    You will come away from this teaching knowing:

    1) God wants you to live an exciting, vibrant, supernatural life through Christ Jesus, and Heaven’s interaction is vital in helping you do that.
    2) God wants you to understand His eternal nature, and in doing so, grasp the difference in not only the eternal and temporal, but the eternal and everlasting.
    3) God wants us to understand that the co-existing Spiritual Realm is superior to the Temporal Realm in every instance.
    4) God wants us to set our mind on things above so that we have Above the Line Thinking. How do you get Above the Line Thinking?

    How you think will lay the groundwork for your destiny. Jesus wants to see His earthly rule and His purposes established here on earth and He wants to use you to do it. Find out that you’re not alone in this endeavor, in The Interaction Between Heaven and Earth.

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  • Power And Authority


    From the beginning, God provided man with Power and Authority. Many think these two are one and the same-but they are not.

    The Bible clearly distinguishes two realities of Jesus by which the people marveled: the power He displayed and the authority He carried. Many in the Church seek power. Few seek authority.
    Everyone wants power, but very few of us understand the other side of that coin and that is authority.
    Power is a gift that is given to you and must be exercised daily.
    Authority is not a gift. It comes through a relationship with He who has all authority.
    This authority can never go higher than the One who gives you this authority.
    Authority is only as deep as your relationship is with the Father.

    If you are a Christian who is bored with your walk with the Lord, you probably have never experienced God’s kingdom power and authority in your life!

    In this dynamic teaching, John Paul shares how every believer has the ability to develop a special relationship with their Heavenly Father, and obtain through submission more of His kingdom power and authority flowing in their lives. He explores how authority will ignite you to proactively take dominion over all powers that are counterproductive to God’s purpose for your life.

    It’s time for you to live a life that displays both the power and authority of the Kingdom. Find out how, in Power and Authority!

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  • Knotty Problem Anointing


    This teaching is packed with breakthrough strategy that can help you solve the most knotty problems! Katie Souza shares the extraordinary story of how God led her step by step to receive the healing anointing this ministry carries today. This testimony is so exciting you will be on the edge of your seat! Learn about demonic kings that can cause sickness and disease. Learn how the light of Jesus can heal your physical body. You will love this teaching!

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  • Hearing From God


    Katie Souza reveals how God, through signs and wonders, led her to receive the powerful healing anointing this ministry carries today. Shw tells the heartrending story of her mothers 25 year illness that left here severely disgured. Throughout the testimony Katie shows you how God’s voice led her step by step to victory. You will laugh, cry and be totally astounded as you hear this powerful story. On this CD teaching you will learn how to hear the voice of God on a whole new level. You will be positioned to receive and releaese miracles and you will receive an impartation to drive out demons and heal the sick!

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  • Hope Beyond Reason


    Hope Beyond Reason is the amazing account of God’s prevailing power over cancer. Attacked by an aggressive, life-threatening strain of leukemia, a pastor and his family confronted their worst fears. In the middle of their battle, they came face to face with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. In this gripping true-life story, your heart will be inspired to trust the faithfulness of God in any of life’s storms. As you read Dave’s candid narrative, you will experience the Holy Spirit’s gift of faith that knows no limits. You will discover that you too are a walking miracle, created to live miraculously. Prepare your heart to receive a Hope that will not disappoint you.

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  • Gods Big Idea


    God’s Big Idea explores God’s plan from before the beginning of time to expand the rule and influence of His heavenly Kingdom into the physical dimension. He did this by creating the earth, planting a garden on it in Eden, and placing there humans created in His own image as its caretakers and rulers. Through satan’s deception and treachery, man lost his earthly dominion. God immediately set into motion His plan to restore what was lost. From the human perspective, then, God’s Big Idea is about a paradise created, a paradise lost, and a paradise regained. God’s plan has never changed. He still intends to fill the earth with His rule and influence by establishing colonies, Kingdom communities of His citizens in the world that transform the earth the way a beautiful garden transforms barren soil. These communities will expand and multiply throughout the world until the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Is. 11:9).

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  • Its Time To Reveal What God Longs To Heal


    Bishop Jakes calls for believers to strip away all layers of superficiality, religious reasonings, and pious pretendings in order to be honest and real before God.

    It’s Time to Reveal What God Longs to Heal provides inspiration from a man who shares his personal struggles to help those desperate for the Lord’s loving touch. You, too, can find peace in today’s troubled world by understanding God’s desire to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

    T.D. Jakes believes this is your important first step to true freedom and progress in every part of your life! When you reveal what God longs to heal, you and those around you will experience the life changing Presence of God bringing joy and wholeness.

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  • Lo Mejor De Ti


    En este nuevo libro, Lo mejor de ti, Joel Osteen ofrece siete pasos sencillos pero impactantes que ayuda a los lectores a descubrir su propsito personal, as como todo lo bueno que Dios ha planeado para ellos. Osteen incorpora principios biblicos claves y testimonios personales que edificarn la vida espiritual de los lectores. Sus palabras apuntan directamente hacia los corazones y preocupaciones de todo individuo, sin distincin de profesiones ni de clases sociales. La gente ama a Joel Osteen. Les motiva escucharlo hablar y leer lo que ha escrito. Quieren conseguir todos sus materiales. Lo mejor de ti animar e inspirar a los lectores a alcanzar todo su potencial nico, proporcionado por Dios.

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  • Developing A Supernatural Lifestyle


    Never again will you feel bored, powerless, or overwhelmed by the world around you – living supernaturally is an eternal gift from God. In this powerful book, Kris Vallotton reaches into God’s arsenal and equips the Body of Christ with supernatural weapons of warfare that will destroy the works of darkness and catapult you into your divine destiny. Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle teaches you how to proactively grow the gifts of the Spirit in your life, and shows you how to have a Kingdom worldview that gives you timeless perspective. Caution: This book cannot be read casually. It will change your life and launch you into a great big new adventure.

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  • Woman Thou Art Loosed


    Woman, Thou Art Loosed on CD is authored by Bishop T.D. Jakes, narrated by Chris Hill, an urban youth pastor, evangelist and motivational speaker, residing in Dallas, TX. Finally, there is a word that touches the heart and will heal the minds of the women of destiny across this nation. Many women who have been through trauma and adversity are seeking answers and are trying desperately to find purpose in the pains they have endured. They are haunted by unanswered questions, and in their heart they are still asking, why? They have survived, but that is not enough. They are seeking to go beyond survival to healing. In this book, T.D. Jakes masterfully discusses the sensitive issues that have haunted the hearts of many women. The healing truth in these CDs will make you laugh, cry, remember, and forgive. When it is all over, you will notice the issues that brought you the most pain have been wonderfully healed.

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  • Supernatural Power Of A Transformed Mind


    Moving in the spiritual realm should be as much a part of a believer’s routine as prayer, worship, and reading Scripture. Yet all too often, Christians practice an intellectual faith, which lacks any supernatural punch. Healing, deliverance and signs and wonders are an inheritance for all follower of Jesus Christ. The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind teaches you how to remove the blinders of religious limitation to redeem the lost and transform communities. You too can tap into an abundance of miracle-working authority and unleash the power of God’s glory.

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  • Biblical Model Of Dream Interpretation


    Dreams & Supernatural Series

    Experience the impact of a correctly interpreted dream! Why do Gestalt, Freudian, and Jungian interpretation methods not work for dreams from God?

    Be amazed at how even a short dream correctly interpreted can reveal your destiny.
    Recognize what it takes to be consistent in your gifting and in your ability to spiritually interpret dreams.
    Understand why secular interpretation methods leave you unsatisfied.
    This teaching and revelation will cause you to delight in God’s night season with a new exuberance.

    Receive impartation as John Paul interprets more than 35 individual dreams using the biblical model of interpretation. This is more than one and a half hours of instruction and real-life demonstration of proper dream interpretation.

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  • Strengthen Yourself In The Lord


    The measure of rule given to a person will always be in direct proportion to their ability to bring strength to themselves in times of difficulty. Failure in this area has aborted quite a number of moves of God, and has made way for the collapse of many potential Generals in God’s Army. The ability to stand alone, strengthening ourselves in the Lord, is quickly becoming a prerequisite to be used mightily of the Lord in the last days revival. This practical lesson will help many to stand victoriously even when their history has been full of failure.

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  • Kingdom Principles : Preparing For Kingdom Experience And Expansion


    In his best-selling book Rediscovering the Kingdom, Myles Munroe made a compelling case that the kingdom of God is the true message of the gospel and the only message that Jesus preached. Now, in Kingdom Principles, the second book in the Kingdom series, Munroe insists that we cannot appropriate and enjoy the benefits of God’s kingdom until we understand how it operates. Accordingly, he provides in this follow-up volume a detailed examination of the principles, concepts, and characteristics of the kingdom of God. As you study such principles as the Kingdom concepts of kings, lord, territory, law, citizens, royal privilege, culture, economy and others, prepare for your thinking about God’s kingdom and mankind’s destiny to be radically transformed. Kingdom Principles will help you learn to think and act like a Kingdom citizen and the ruler God intended you to be. It will infuse your life as a believer with a new sense of excitement and purpose.

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  • Dreaming With God


    Dreaming with God is about releasing the people of God to their eternal purposes as co-laborers with Christ. He is interested in our desires, and would like for us to partner with Him in the unfolding of world events. The fullness of the Spirit obtained in intimacy is what qualifies us for such a role of influence. The Old Testament fullness of the Spirit is seen in wisdom, and the New Testament in power. Wisdom is covert ministry, and power is overt ministry. When the Church walks in supernatural wisdom (providing solutions to the needs of the world) and walks in power (confronting the infirmities and torments of darkness) we will know what He meant when He said, Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising!

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  • Supernatural Ways Of Royalty


    The Supernatural Ways of Royalty reveals your true identity as a child of the King of Kings royal heir to the eternal Kingdom of God.
    Kris and Bill denounce the pauper mentality many Christians have and present your royal inheritance through Christ’s ultimate act of redemption.
    As a member of God’s royal family, you can: Share the King’s power of grace and mercy. Think and act with His authority. Reveal royal qualities for future generations. Promote honor and humility – with confidence. Cultivate His love for one another.

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  • Messages Of Rediscovering The Kingdom 4


    4 CDs

    Additional Info
    Rediscovering the Kingdom

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  • Messages Of Rediscovering The Kingdom 1


    4 CDs

    Additional Info
    When government collapse, human philosophies fail, and your life is crashing down around you, Rediscovering the Kingdom will become your guide through the treacherous storms of the 21st century. All of the past ideologies have failed-humanism, communism, totalitarianism, fascism, socialism, and even democracy. This is a philosophy, an ideology that will not fail, for it was born in the heart of God Himself. As Dr. Munroe unveils the reality and the power of the kingdom of God, you will be challenged to the core of your religious soul as you discover realities that few have seen, let alone talked about. Rediscovering the Kingdom will defy almost every concept you have about religion as it shifts the focus away from religion towards the ultimate issue-the kingdom of God.

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  • Foundations Of Leadership


    Leadership Series

    God has called each one of us to be a leader.

    What does this mean for you?

    How can you recognize and become a secure leader?
    How do you know when it’s time to pursue your leadership calling?
    Learn the 9 principles of effective leadership that will revolutionize the way you interact with those you lead.
    Develop a leadership team that accomplishes the impossible.
    Discover simple secrets to help move others toward their destiny and advance the Kingdom.

    All these issues and more are covered in Foundations of Leadership. In this season, we are called to be radically different than what we’ve been in the past. No matter your occupation or training, this teaching will prepare you for your destiny and help you walk with God in trust and humility.

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  • My Journey So Far


    Listen as John Paul Jackson shares his journey so far. From telling his childhood friends their future to demanding God leave him alone, and then to the radio show that introduced him to the call on his life, John Paul’s candid storytelling will touch your heart and show you how easily God is able to direct your steps.

    Gain insight into everyday living that will move you into higher levels of the Spirit.
    Understand that nothing you have done will keep you from God’s call on your life.
    God is active even in the mundane; learn to recognize His fingerprints in your journey.
    Secure freedom from the thoughts that try to bind you.
    Be passionate for the awe of God!

    Bonus Tracks – These tips alone are worth the price! Apply them and see your life change.

    Top Ten Tips: Things I Wish I’d Known Then

    Save yourself pain and time by applying John Paul’s lessons to your life.
    Conquer the giants that stand against you-and reach your destiny.

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  • Relationship With The Holy Spirit


    Have you ever thought, There must be more to Christianity than this?

    What are the eight keys to exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    What gift do you have that the enemy wants to destroy?
    What is the profound mystery hidden in being born of the Spirit?
    Why is relationship the building block of the universe, both physically and spiritually-recognize what it means to truly be the body of Christ.
    What is the key thing the Holy Spirit has done that will change your understanding, your life, your ministry, and the way you see others?

    Knowing God is mankind’s greatest pursuit. In this series, learn more of the ways and the whys of the Holy Spirit and become more and more familiar with the intents of His heart. The Spirit is the only One who can draw you into this kind of intimacy.

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  • Personage Of The Holy Spirit


    Holy Spirit, come!

    The Holy Spirit is an intimate, often-overlooked part of everything we do every day. This series will help you see His influence in your life and help you learn how to respond to life’s little surprises. If you desire to grow in knowledge and communion with God, this series is for you!

    Move from operating in the flesh to living more by the Spirit.
    Open your mind to a new spiritual paradigm.
    React like a child to the presence of the Holy Spirit.
    Learn the names and symbols of the Spirit shown in the Word of God.

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  • Fullness Of Healing 3


    Divine Healing Series

    The Final Volume in John Paul Jackson’s Three-Volume Fullness of Healing: God’s Strategy for Defending His Creation

    God will defend His creation! His just actions not only heal, but He will make whole.

    Heal those around you with the power of the Spirit that already resides in you.
    Bring the awe of God to the world by showing His power through healing, signs, and wonders.
    Be set free of cultural biases that give darkness authority in your life.

    Healing is God’s desire to defend His creation. Healing is God’s love and compassion for His creation. Healing is God’s desire to restore His original relationship with man.

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  • Fullness Of Healing 1


    Divine Healing Series

    The First Volume in John Paul Jackson’s Three-Volume Fullness of Healing

    Recently Released!
    If you were impacted by what you learned about healing in John Paul’s best selling teaching The Communion Effect, this next-in-series healing message will take you even deeper!
    You must hear this!

    What’s holding you back from experiencing the healing you hope for?

    * Establish a firm understanding of how you can be healed, and bring healing to others.
    * Learn how healing reveals the expansion of God’s Kingdom and the violent dismantling of the kingdom of darkness.
    * Learn how sin is not always the reason for illness and disease.
    * Learn how to make the transition from hope to expectation. As you take action, expect to see healing in your life, in the people around you, and even in your environment.

    Through this powerful teaching, hope and expectation merge to produce faith, and combining faith with revelation leads to action-you will see healing! This message will motivate you to cooperate with God and see others healed. Watch the Kingdom of God advance through incredible power encounters!

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  • Regaining What Youve Lost


    Rekindling hope for your destiny.

    What’s your story?

    Do you feel like your past mistakes have cancelled out God’s great call on your life?
    Do you feel like you’ve missed the train to your destiny?
    Realize that your mistakes actually establish you for great victories.
    Learn that it’s never too late to accomplish the purpose for which God created you!

    You are here because God has written your story. He placed you here-in this specific time, for a specific purpose-and you are fulfilling that purpose even though you may not know it! Listen as John Paul shares the story of Peter and how Jesus encouraged him to rise above his failures. You’ll be stirred up to commit yourself to a dream and dare once again to be great!

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  • Cultivating Gods Promises Through Prayer


    How badly do you long for change in your life?

    In your church?

    In your nation?

    The choice is up to you.

    Rediscover the dependency we have on prayer. Change happens because people pray!
    Learn that prayer allows you to understand God’s will and intentions.
    Learn the protocol of prayer and the importance of repentance.
    Make yourself available to God, and He will give you the grace and the supernatural ability to pray as Daniel prayed.

    Join John Paul Jackson as he explores one of Daniel’s major prayers and the great magnitude it carries for us. In this nation, we have a choice facing us-the opportunity to make a change. God will give the grace we need if we but ask for it.

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  • Mystery Of Movement CD With DVD


    DVD/CD Set
    Did you know that every element in Heaven is alive and moving?

    Did you know that you were created with the need to communicate with God through movement? You have deep internal instincts and motivations that are driving you toward dynamic, passionate worship.

    Watch as John Paul teaches about the interaction of motion, sound, light, color, and energy in Heaven. Everything that happens in the throne room is worship.

    Learn how your worship on earth can-and is meant to-reflect that of Heaven.

    To touch true worship, we must enter into the realm of the supernatural; we must enter into the realm of God. To do this, we must give ourselves the freedom, then, to experiment, because if you don’t have the freedom to experiment, you are ruled by something other than your spirit . . . But this is exactly what David did when he danced with all his might on the road from Obed-Edom. He gave himself the freedom to experiment, and this allowed him to dance like he had never danced before!

    Watching or hearing this message will open your eyes to the throne-room significance of your active, adventurous worship!

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  • Communion Effect : Gods Strategy For Total Healing


    Divine Healing Series
    Start Experiencing God’s Creative Miracles!* Uncover the hidden treasures found in Isaiah 53 and see how they impact everything you ever thought about communion!* Discover that salvation and healing are for our whole self-spirit, soul, and body. * Learn how you can be healed of every kind of disease, deformity, and torment.In this dynamic teaching, John Paul Jackson examines the magnitude of partaking in the sacrament of communion and the miraculous benefits provided by Jesus. You will be challenged to live these blessings, all of which we can receive by faith. On the third CD, hear about the passion of Christ-with details most have overlooked. Listen as John Paul clearly explains the sequence of events from Jesus’ final sleep through His resurrection, revealing previously hidden mysteries. Your faith will explode as you see the divine logic that release healings of every kind!

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