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Church History

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  • Drive By Church History


    Drive By Church History. Zoom through 21 centuries of YOUR history in 47 super short lectures.

    True or false?
    The church didn’t invent the doctrine of the Trinity until the fourth century.
    The office of the papacy has always been established.
    The crusades were motivated by greed.

    If you answered true to any of those statements, you are in for a very pleasant surprise (unless you happen to be an angry atheist). Drive by Church History will take you on a 21 century tour that will equip you to know and teach the truth of church history.

    Drive By Church History is broken up into four memorable acts:
    Act I: Establishing the Foundations. Centuries 1-5
    Act II: Wandering from the Truth. Centuries 6- 15
    Act III Reforming. Centuries 16 -18
    Act IV: Defending the Truth. Centuries 19-21

    Drive By Church History is perfect for:
    * Personal study.
    * Family study.
    * Responding to atheist accusations.

    Drive By Church History is His Story, Our Story and Your Story. After 47 short lectures,
    you will know this history and be well equipped to defend it.

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  • Epic The Early Church CD Set


    Discover the amazing story of the first 500 years of Church history – a time filled with courageous saints, brilliant philosophers, eloquent theologians, ruthless emperors, and heroic martyrs. Blessed John Paul II said, Christ is the foundation and center of history, he is its meaning and ultimate goal. This exciting study program encourages people to grow closer to Christ through a deeper understanding of his Church.

    This study is the perfect way to inspire Catholics to a greater appreciation for the Church and for the role they can play as vibrant members of the parish community.

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  • Worship In The Early Church 1-4


    Worship in the Early Church is a four-volume collection of excerpts from early Christian writings illustrating the Church’s liturgical practice in both East and West, from its Jewish beginnings through the end of the sixth century. This CD-ROM includes the content from each volume in one convenient PDF file.
    Volume 1: First through Third Centuries
    Volume 2: Fourth Century
    Volume 3: Fifth Century
    Volume 4: Sixth Century

    Worship in the Early Church features:

    English translations of a wide range of ancient sources
    Doctrinal and historical treatises, scriptural commentaries, sermons, letters, synodal legislation, early church orders, monastic rules, baptismal and funeral epigrams
    Bibliography of pertinent periodical and liturgical literature
    Bibliography referencing standard encyclopedias of religion and manuals of patrology
    Entries covering the past century and a half trace the development of scholarship on these early documents
    Book and CD-ROM formats useful for college/seminary classroom
    Ability to search and cite directly from convenient PDF file format

    This PDF version is supplied as part of a PRINT/CD-ROM package and is also available separately. Once the seal is broken, this CD-ROM may not be returned. Use of this CD-ROM is subject to certain restrictions and limitations under the license agreement contained within the CD.

    System Requirements: Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher version is required before accessing the source material on this CD-ROM.

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  • Epic A Journey Through Church History CD Set


    The epic story of the Catholic Church spans thousands of years. With an unlikely beginning in a remote outpost of the Roman empire, the Catholic Church now claims over a billion living members. The persecutions, martyrdoms, conquests, and triumphs all came together to shape Western civilization as we know it today.

    Our identity as Catholics means that we are the inheritors of the deeds of holy men and women who for 2,000 years have built a great civilization and spread the Gospel throughout the world. Church history is not just the recitation of popes, people, places, and events; it is a story of adventure, intrigue, rebellion, reform, and devotion. This story is, in fact, our story; this is our family. If we know our past, and how we fit into the story, we will be better prepared to face whatever may come in the future.

    Utilizing the same structure as The Great Adventure, Epic presents twelve color-coded time periods of Church History that identify the main events in Church History, Culture, and Politics, as well as the Popes, Martyrs, Saints and Doctors of the Church. Developed by teachers and historians Steve Weidenkopf and Dr. Alan Schreck, this exciting learning system will teach you Church history from a truly Catholic perspective.

    What you will learn…

    Learn about the major people, places, and events of the two-thousand years of Church history.
    Remember the 12 time periods of Church history using a unique color-coded system.
    Learn the true story of the Crusades.
    Understand the rationale for the medieval inquisitors and the Spanish Inquisition.
    Discover the revolutionary character of the Protestant Reformation.
    Know the real story of the confrontation between Galileo and the Church.
    Discover the massive persecution of Christians in the twentieth century.
    Learn about the workings of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history.
    …and much more!

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  • Pathways Of The Pioneers


    A wonderful collection of audio stories of the men and women who founded the Adventist Church. Brought to life by Your Story Hour.

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  • Pathways Of The Pioneers


    A wonderful collection of audio stories of the men and women who founded the Adventist Church. Brought to life by Your Story Hour.

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  • Marching To Glory A Print On Demand Title (Expanded)


    This is a print on demand book and is therefore non- returnable.

    Here is the fascinating story of The Salvation Army’s indomitable presence in America, from its formation in 1880 to its ongoing crusade today both as a major evangelical movement and as the nation’s foremost human services agency.

    These pages are filled with the chronological history of The Salvation Army and with illustrative anecdotes and brief biographical accounts of major figures in the denomination. Writing with the detailed precision of an insider, yet with the judicious balance and careful objectivity of a professional historian, Edward McKinley records the tale of an innumerable company of ordinary men and women, of their courage and compassion, of their daring and dedication, and of their unselfish commitment to the will and work of God in this God-ordained movement.

    This second edition, based on thorough archival and scholarly research, is a major revision and update of the widely praised first edition, which was written to commemorate The Salvation Army’s centennial in the United States in 1980. There is also a new chapter on events in The Salvation Army in the years since 1980, a dynamic period that has witnessed a major expansion of the Army’s evangelical thrust and its service to others.

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