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  • Divine Discipline : How To Develop And Maintain Self Control


    Self-discipline is essential to success in all areas of life. Making the conscious choice to do what you ought to do, however, often takes a great deal of strength. The source of this strength is God.

    Having learned the hard way that discipline requires training, Dr. Kelley suggests a system of checks and balances for self-control. Noting her personal journey toward spiritual discipline, the author offers this thought-provoking and truly inspirational guide to self-motivation and control to encourage the reader to reap the rewards of leading a disciplined life. After years of unsuccessfully battling her weight and other negative aspects of her life, Kelley concluded that she had the motivation to change but not a sincere desirefor gaining self-control. Her belief in God’s power to bring control to some of life’s most uncontrolled situations helped change her life.

    More than just a self-help book, Divine Discipline offers specific guidelines for making positive lifestyle changes toward personal growth. Kelley provides valuable guidelines for nutrition, fitness, time management, and goal planning that will help the reader realize the importance of one’s internal resources by employing those inner strengths.

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