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  • Hope Beyond Reason


    Hope Beyond Reason is the amazing account of God’s prevailing power over cancer. Attacked by an aggressive, life-threatening strain of leukemia, a pastor and his family confronted their worst fears. In the middle of their battle, they came face to face with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. In this gripping true-life story, your heart will be inspired to trust the faithfulness of God in any of life’s storms. As you read Dave’s candid narrative, you will experience the Holy Spirit’s gift of faith that knows no limits. You will discover that you too are a walking miracle, created to live miraculously. Prepare your heart to receive a Hope that will not disappoint you.

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  • Fullness Of Healing 3


    Divine Healing Series

    The Final Volume in John Paul Jackson’s Three-Volume Fullness of Healing: God’s Strategy for Defending His Creation

    God will defend His creation! His just actions not only heal, but He will make whole.

    Heal those around you with the power of the Spirit that already resides in you.
    Bring the awe of God to the world by showing His power through healing, signs, and wonders.
    Be set free of cultural biases that give darkness authority in your life.

    Healing is God’s desire to defend His creation. Healing is God’s love and compassion for His creation. Healing is God’s desire to restore His original relationship with man.

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  • Fullness Of Healing 1


    Divine Healing Series

    The First Volume in John Paul Jackson’s Three-Volume Fullness of Healing

    Recently Released!
    If you were impacted by what you learned about healing in John Paul’s best selling teaching The Communion Effect, this next-in-series healing message will take you even deeper!
    You must hear this!

    What’s holding you back from experiencing the healing you hope for?

    * Establish a firm understanding of how you can be healed, and bring healing to others.
    * Learn how healing reveals the expansion of God’s Kingdom and the violent dismantling of the kingdom of darkness.
    * Learn how sin is not always the reason for illness and disease.
    * Learn how to make the transition from hope to expectation. As you take action, expect to see healing in your life, in the people around you, and even in your environment.

    Through this powerful teaching, hope and expectation merge to produce faith, and combining faith with revelation leads to action-you will see healing! This message will motivate you to cooperate with God and see others healed. Watch the Kingdom of God advance through incredible power encounters!

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  • Communion Effect : Gods Strategy For Total Healing


    Divine Healing Series
    Start Experiencing God’s Creative Miracles!* Uncover the hidden treasures found in Isaiah 53 and see how they impact everything you ever thought about communion!* Discover that salvation and healing are for our whole self-spirit, soul, and body. * Learn how you can be healed of every kind of disease, deformity, and torment.In this dynamic teaching, John Paul Jackson examines the magnitude of partaking in the sacrament of communion and the miraculous benefits provided by Jesus. You will be challenged to live these blessings, all of which we can receive by faith. On the third CD, hear about the passion of Christ-with details most have overlooked. Listen as John Paul clearly explains the sequence of events from Jesus’ final sleep through His resurrection, revealing previously hidden mysteries. Your faith will explode as you see the divine logic that release healings of every kind!

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  • Healing Scriptures


    Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin reads aloud scriptures as beautiful, soothing music plays in the background.

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  • Gods Creative Power For Healing


    AUDIO BOOK: God’s Creative Power For Healing

    Charles Capps has created an interactive CD from one of his best selling booklets, God’s Creative Power for Healing

    You will learn how you can release the ability of God for your healing by the words of your mouth!

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