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Category: Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit)

Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit)

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  • Relationship With The Holy Spirit


    Have you ever thought, There must be more to Christianity than this?

    What are the eight keys to exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit?
    What gift do you have that the enemy wants to destroy?
    What is the profound mystery hidden in being born of the Spirit?
    Why is relationship the building block of the universe, both physically and spiritually-recognize what it means to truly be the body of Christ.
    What is the key thing the Holy Spirit has done that will change your understanding, your life, your ministry, and the way you see others?

    Knowing God is mankind’s greatest pursuit. In this series, learn more of the ways and the whys of the Holy Spirit and become more and more familiar with the intents of His heart. The Spirit is the only One who can draw you into this kind of intimacy.

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  • Personage Of The Holy Spirit


    Holy Spirit, come!

    The Holy Spirit is an intimate, often-overlooked part of everything we do every day. This series will help you see His influence in your life and help you learn how to respond to life’s little surprises. If you desire to grow in knowledge and communion with God, this series is for you!

    Move from operating in the flesh to living more by the Spirit.
    Open your mind to a new spiritual paradigm.
    React like a child to the presence of the Holy Spirit.
    Learn the names and symbols of the Spirit shown in the Word of God.

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