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  • 10 Thousand Stars (Unabridged)


    For our recording TEN THOUSAND STARS, I set out to read aloud thrilling, engaging poetry for listeners from middle school age through adults. Covering a tremendous assortment from three centuries and three continents, the recording presents works by, and tells the stories of, master poets from the U.S., England, Wales, India and Ireland.

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  • Heroes Horses And Harvest Moons (Unabridged)


    Poems can sweep us away to fantasy lands or long-ago times, or show us everyday people and creatures in a whole new light. In this new recording, master storyteller Jim Weiss introduces children to the magic of poetry, performing 40 classic poems, and providing brief introductions to the poets, including Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, e.e. cummings, and many more.

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  • Poets Pen (Unabridged)


    Harvester Services Inc
    Poems written and spoken by Evangelsit Reinhard Bonnke. The poems are Bible-truth, power packed and will challenge you. Heaven’s orchestra will set in for accompaniment. They are divine encouragement – pure.

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  • Stories And Poems From Long Ago (Unabridged)


    1. Charging Mother
    2. The Seven Cranberries
    3. Don’t Give Up
    4. True Manliness
    5. The Hard Word
    6. Helping Papa and Mama
    7. The Captive
    8. Harry’s Riches
    9. The Disobedient Girl
    10. Little by Little
    11. The Boys Who Did Mischief for Fun
    12. The Thoughtful Boy
    13. The Donkey’s Tail
    14. The Open Door
    15. The Bridge of the Shallow Pier

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