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  • Mystery Of Movement CD With DVD


    DVD/CD Set
    Did you know that every element in Heaven is alive and moving?

    Did you know that you were created with the need to communicate with God through movement? You have deep internal instincts and motivations that are driving you toward dynamic, passionate worship.

    Watch as John Paul teaches about the interaction of motion, sound, light, color, and energy in Heaven. Everything that happens in the throne room is worship.

    Learn how your worship on earth can-and is meant to-reflect that of Heaven.

    To touch true worship, we must enter into the realm of the supernatural; we must enter into the realm of God. To do this, we must give ourselves the freedom, then, to experiment, because if you don’t have the freedom to experiment, you are ruled by something other than your spirit . . . But this is exactly what David did when he danced with all his might on the road from Obed-Edom. He gave himself the freedom to experiment, and this allowed him to dance like he had never danced before!

    Watching or hearing this message will open your eyes to the throne-room significance of your active, adventurous worship!

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