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  • Manual The Bible For Men


    Manual: The Bible for Men is designed to be just that—a manual for helping you search out the truths of God’s Word. We’ve designed this Bible to help you live out your unique calling as a man of God and everyday affairs—family, work, friendships, church, personal interests and finances. These are things God uses to shape Christ’s character in you, and to demonstrate it through you. This Bible speaks frankly and honestly about what it means to walk with valor in a culture that works against God’s will and ways. Made for real-world use, The Bible for Men is down-to-earth, easy to follow and packed with spiritual insights. Read it, and be inspired to make a difference.

    Living by God’s Word means living on the edge. Jesus himself was a rebel—someone who intentionally went against the cultural grain in order to please God. But it wasn’t easy then and it isn’t easy today. Being a man of God requires courage, honesty, and a heart that values what God values more than approval, personal gain, or anything else this world can offer.
    What would you give to be such a man? The best of your heart, mind and resources? Manual: The Bible for Men will help you commit it all to the cause of God’s Kingdom. This Bible shows you how to build your whole life on God’s Word. Made for men who want to live out a passionate and practical faith in today’s world, its key features include:
    Men of the Bible
    Knowing God
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