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  • Resurrection New Testament An Enhanced Translation


    An enhanced revision of the New Testament in common contemporary English, drawing from many of the best modern versions and building on the insights of great Greek scholars, translators, interpreters, and commentators of the past in audaciously correcting the many mistranslations in the most popular versions in use today. These insights have not been utilized by the translators of versions done by committees, but some done by individuals, such as Tyndale, Way, Williams, Wuest, Verkuyl, Phillips, and Taylor, have been more insightful. The revisor has built upon 68 years of Bible study and teaching from the Greek. It is called The Resurrection New Testament because eight important resurrection passages needed clarification, and many (about 200) other obscure passages needed to be resurrected from obscure mistranslation. There are full explanatory footnotes and lexical studies. A unique bonus is included, The Four-in-One Story of the Lord Jesus: an Interwoven Gospel Narrative. This was inspired by Johnston Cheney’s Life of Christ in Stereo, which was a great improvement over the various harmonies, especially chronologically. Jonathan Falwell, pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, has written the foreword, strongly commending this version, as has Dr. James Borland, professor of NT and theology at Liberty University.

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