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  • Catholic Student Edition


    This edition includes the New American Bible Revised text. The Catholic Student Edition is unique because it contains the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation. Known in Latin as Dei Verbum or Word of God this vital teaching document characterizes the Catholic Church’s guidance on reading and interpreting the Word of God. This edition also includes:
    *What Jesus Said About Everyday Topics
    *The Election of the Pope
    *How To Pray the Rosary
    *What Happened to the Twelve Apostles
    *Bible Dictionary
    *Three Year Cycle of Readings
    *Index to Scripture Atlas and Maps
    *Page edge Indexing

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  • Compass Bible For Catholic Teens


    Features six 8-page full color inserts: Your Journey of Life: encourages teen readers to think of their lives as a journey that God has given them the opportunity to take. You: answers the question, Who am I in the eyes of God, of the church, and of society? Your Family: a presentation of the families teens are part of with a focus on the role of parents and their relationship to other members of the family of the Body of Christ. Your Friends: the importance of choosing friends and the very nature of relationships. Your Neighbors: love of neighbor and how we can truly care for each other. Your Spiritual Backpack: a resource of the most common Catholic practices, prayers and devotions.

    Plus a 96-page topical index for Catholic teens. With clear medium type on quality newsprint, the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, and self-indexed pages.

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