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  • Diversity Gap : Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change


    A sweeping leadership framework to institute clear and intentional actions throughout your organization so that people of all racial backgrounds are empowered to lead, collaborate, and excel at work.

    The Diversity Gap is a fearless, groundbreaking guide to help leaders at every level shatter the barriers that are causing diversity efforts to fail.

    Combining real-world research with honest first-person experiences, racial justice facilitator Bethaney Wilkinson provides leaders a replicable structure to foster a diverse culture of belonging within your organization.

    With illuminating and challenging insights on every page, you will:

    *Better understand today’s racial climate and its negative impact on your organization and team;

    *Be equipped to shift your organizational culture from one that has good intentions for diversity to one that addresses systemic barriers to all employees thriving at work; and

    *Be emboldened to participate in creating an organizational culture where people from various racial backgrounds are growing in their purpose, making their highest contributions, and collaborating effectively towards greater impact at work and in the world.

    Ultimately, The Diversity Gap is the quantum shift between well-intentioned organizational diversity programs that do little to move the needle and a lasting culture of equity and belonging that can transform your organization and outpace your industry.

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  • Skin In The Game


    A journey of discovery to uncover the unique combination of qualities within you that, when combined with the sage advice and proven practices of entrepreneurial visionary Jane Wurwand, will lead you to your true purpose: a meaningful career and a happy life.

    I know I have a bigger purpose, but how can I find it?

    As Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand helps you peel back the layers from each of your unique traits-including the ones you perceive to be your biggest disadvantages-you’ll finally have unblocked access to the complete range of talents and ideas within you to seize your potential and achieve your best life.

    Jane herself did this very same thing. She used what she learned about herself to build a skincare empire, adopting a business model that was prevalent in the UK but unheard of in the US. She developed a line of skincare products and a system of teaching salon owners how to use them that has evolved into a multi-million-dollar international business.

    Through Jane’s proven practices and real-word experiences building Dermalogica one step at a time and growing it to become the leading professional skin care brand, you will learn:

    *How to discover the work that will fulfill you and infuse your life with meaning and value.
    *How to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges between the life you’re living now and the life you deserve.

    *What work-life balance means to you, not what society tells you it should be.

    Business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs-you don’t have to feel stuck or frustrated any longer. After applying the lessons in Found, you will be able to look towards a new future, confident in the choices you are making in your life, in your career, and in your impact on the world.

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  • Bet On Yourself


    Earn your place at the top of even the most crowed workplace by applying the crucial lessons in leadership and professional development outlined in these pages-based on the secrets author and Silicon Valley veteran Ann Hiatt learned working alongside three of the world’s most famous tech titans.

    Working in the shadows of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer, Ann Hiatt learned to speak up and earn the recognition she worked so hard for. Now, she is here to help others shine in a crowded workplace and master their careers. After applying the crucial lessons in leadership and professional development outlined in these pages, you will have the confidence to cultivate your own professional identity, independent of your team or boss, that will help you get unstuck and lead you to exactly where you want to be in your career.

    Through Ann Hiatt’s guidance and stories being at the right hand of some of the biggest names in tech-Bet on Yourself will teach you:
    *How to define your abilities and speak up so that you can be recognized for the work that you do and the unique capabilities you bring to the table.

    *How to create a career of your own, independent of the people and company where you work.

    *What it takes to build the confidence you need to build your dream career.

    *How to exchange your frustration over not getting the recognition you deserve for praise over the job you’re doing and take control of your professional identity.

    There is no better time than now to stifle the hesitation to voice your ideas out of fear you won’t be taken seriously and to step out of the shadows to cultivate your own professional identity.

    Get the recognition you deserve. Step into the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • Self Aware Leader


    What’s the single greatest obstacle leaders face in their development, effectiveness, and advancement?

    Lack of self-awareness!

    When leaders don’t see themselves clearly, understand their strengths and weaknesses, or recognize their negative interactions with their team, they limit their influence and undermine their own effectiveness. What’s the solution? Better self-leadership.

    Dr. John C. Maxwell’s The Self-Aware Leader will help any leader become more self-aware, focused, and confident. In this short yet insightful volume, you can learn:

    *How to Gauge Your Effectiveness as a Leader
    *How to Make Better Choices that Lead to Success
    *How to Discover and Correct Your Own Mistakes
    *How to Improve Your Leadership with the Team
    *How to Make the Right Trades in Your Career

    With fifty years of leading and teaching experience, Maxwell, the most influential leadership expert in the world, can help you become your best leadership self.

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  • Wake Up : The Powerful Guide To Changing Your Mind About What It Means To R


    Why would you settle for an ordinary life when you have an extraordinary mind? Break your good life into six bite-size pieces so you can live a successful life without regret.

    What this world needs now more than ever are women who think differently. Every action taken or decision made is affected by our thoughts, mindset, and beliefs about the world. Our fears, excuses, procrastination, and self-sabotage must change if we want to impact our lives in any meaningful way. So, what is the secret to discovering lasting fulfillment in a culture that wants us sleeping?

    In Wake Up!, Lindsay Teague Moreno explores the six core foundations for a fulfilled life and the mindset shift that can occur when you stop looking at the expectations you put on yourself. Through stories and tough questions, you will emerge more prepared to live the kind of life that feels right, regardless of what other people think of it.

    In the areas of relationships, health, finance, business, and personal and spiritual life, Wake Up! will help you assess what you believe and how that affects your success. Then Moreno walks you through how to burn down the old ways to build the life of your dreams by:

    *Squeezing lessons out of life’s biggest letdowns,
    *Finding fulfillment in the middle of the fire,
    *Shifting your mindset to control your thoughts and make the future happen on purpose, and
    *Living a life with no excuses and nothing to lose.

    Creating a vision of the life we’d like to live isn’t hard. In fact, it’s pretty fun and satisfying, says Moreno. It’s easy to see all the problems we have now and say, ‘If this wasn’t a problem, then I’d be happy.’ But that’s just a lie we tell ourselves to keep ourselves safe and warm in the house and story we’ve built for ourselves.

    Moreno will also share ways you can change your mindset in each core foundation so that your life works for you, rather than the other way around. Perfect for women who work inside or outside the home, Wake Up! will show you why it’s so important to understand how and why we change our minds and wake up to what we really believe.

    Only you can emit that special energy that comes from being brave enough to live a life you’ll never regret. Whole-life fulfillment is only a mindset shift away.

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  • Sparked : Discover Your Unique Imprint For Work That Makes You Come Alive


    Is your life everything you want it to be? If not, why not? Uncover your unique mix of motivation, talent, and drive that, when combined, will pinpoint precisely what you are meant to do and exactly how to get started.

    Many of us find ourselves chasing society’s vision of success. Yet, as the national rate of depression continues to rise, it’s clearer than ever that we aren’t meant to chase a uniform vision of success. We are meant to chase our own vision of success. And Sparked will help you pinpoint what your unique vision looks like and how to start your journey to achieve it.

    Jonathan Fields, founder of the Good Life Project, has conducted years of interviews with highly successful leaders in every industry who are doing what they are uniquely meant to do and finding fulfilling success in doing it. In these interviews, he noticed patterns and commonalities along their career paths. Using this information and additional extensive research, he has defined ten distinct Sparketypes: the Maker, the Scientist, the Maven, the Essentialist, the Performer, the Advisor, the Nurturer, the Warrior, the Sage, and the Advocate.

    Sparked is made up of case studies, stories, and real-world applications, creating the comprehensive Sparketype bible to help people discover what they are meant to do and how to get started.

    In this book, Jonathan picks up where his highly popular Sparketype test leaves off to help readers:
    *Evaluate the cause and get to the core of their unhappiness in their profession;
    *Determine their Sparketype and Shadow Sparketype to better understand their strengths and preferences;
    *Identify the action steps they need to take to transform their career and life; and
    *Start the process of professional discovery.

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  • Ultimate Marketing Engine


    Learn proven principles to create and maintain a clear, effective marketing strategy that attracts your ideal clients, generates greater profits, and is easy for you and your team to follow.

    Marketing has changed drastically with the introduction of a growing array of digital channels and it’s difficult for small business owners and marketing executives to keep up. As a result, marketing initiatives have become fragmented as marketers focus on individual aspects of their plan, rather than executing an overall strategy.

    Using the principles that he teaches in his first book, on his podcast, and in his blog, John Jantsch, founder of the marketing platform Duct Tape Marketing, teaches you how to create and maintain a simple, effective, and clear marketing strategy that you and your teams can easily follow.

    In The Ultimate Marketing Engine, readers will learn:
    *Why having a strategy is so important and how an effective strategy will render the competition irrelevant.
    *How to cultivate relationships with their target audience.
    *How to find the tactics that are in plain view and capitalize on them.
    *That your brand is what your customers say it is and why a strategy is essential to guiding that narrative.
    *The value of content as the voice of strategy.

    Strategy is the crucial first step to a solid marketing foundation for a company’s brand and products. This book will help readers create and maintain that foundation.

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  • Gold Standard : Giving Your Customers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted


    Learn how to cultivate the most incredible customer experiences on earth through this essential guide by Colin Cowie, distinguished purveyor of unforgettable wow events for the world’s most demanding clients.

    If you’re searching for ways to ensure your customers walk away from your company with a smile on their face and a plan to return, you found it. And any business organization can adapt the tools and techniques in this book.

    Colin Cowie, one of the world’s most sought-after event planners, shares the hard-won and hard-nosed advice he has learned through entertaining and engaging stories and examples. He gives readers the indisputable blueprint for creating a customer service culture that anyone can tailor to their own needs, whether you’re a shopkeeper, corporate marketing director, or budding event planner

    Upon coming to the United States from South Africa with $400 in his pocket, Colin built his highly successful catering and event planning business from the ground up to become event planner to the most respected tastemakers and personalities in the world–including Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Kim Kardashian, to name a few.

    In this book, you will:
    *Learn how to formulate your own vision, mission statements, and guiding principles, and effectively communicate them to your team.

    *Learn how you can align your vision with your essential mission statement.

    *Discover the core values, including service and accountability, that fuel Colin’s customer care ethos, and how you can apply those values to your own business.

    *Have a renewed understanding of how vitally important it is that you take good care of the people who work for you so they, in turn, can care for your customers.

    *Become armed to inspire and empower your team.

    *Be guided to create your own ‘bible’ of scripts, protocols, and procedures that will streamline customer care situations while making every customer feel like their individual desires are being taken care of.

    *Learn how to use every complaint as an opportunity, as well as why you should be more afraid of a client who doesn’t complain when something goes wrong than one who does.

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  • Sell Different : All New Sales Differentiation Strategies To Outsmart, Outm


    Game-changing new strategies to outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell your competition!

    Salespeople face fierce competition in their pursuit of winning deals. Differences in product features and functions get smaller by the minute and are not always meaningful to buyers.

    How do you stand out from the pack and not just land the account, but win deals at the prices you want?

    Lee B. Salz’s previous ground-breaking, bestselling book, Sales Differentiation, armed salespeople with strategies to differentiate both what they sell and how they sell it. Sell Different! provides a new component of Sales Differentiation strategy to help you outsmart, outmaneuver, and outsell the competition to win more deals at the prices you want. This book provides you with the tools you need to land new accounts and grow existing ones.

    The practical, proven strategies presented in Sell Different! include:
    *How to defeat your toughest competitor (hint: it’s not who you think it is)
    *An actionable 16-phase plan to reach and engage elusive prospects
    *Finding more of your best clients (it’s easier than you think)
    *Acquiring more referrals than you ever dreamed possible
    *Virtual selling and how to harness its potential
    *Neutralizing the fear of change that paralyzes buyers and kills deals
    *Structuring pilot programs that advance your deals
    *Identifying the critical person needed to win more deals at the prices you want
    *Solving closing problems and fixing the real issue limiting your success
    *Dissecting and resolving the most challenging sales objection — price!
    *What 99.999% of salespeople don’t do, but should
    *Expanding account relationships to explode revenue and lock out the competition
    *How to address a major flaw when comparing salespeople with professional athletes
    *And much, much more!

    If you are a salesperson, executive, or business owner who desires to win more deals at the prices you want, then this book is for you.

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  • At Your Best


    An influential podcaster and thought leader provides time, energy, and priority management tactics to help you crush it at work and thrive at home.

    Whether you’re feeling spread too thin in the workplace or feel caught in a constant tug of war between accomplishment and relationship, Carey Nieuwhof wants to help you take control of your calendar so you can build the life you want.

    All too often, we find ourselves stuck in the midst of a Stress Spiral, downward and backward momentum impeding our pursuit of bigger gains and deeper connection. Nieuwhof’s Strive Cycle will help you identify unnecessary stressors, troubleshoot energy vampires, and overcome priority paralysis.

    Do What You’re Best at When You’re at Your Best will provide the coaching you need to:
    *Identify and optimize your personal green zone, that daily segment of peak impact
    *Familiarize yourself with your individualized energy clock
    *Establish a fixed calendar to maximize your output and protect your leisure time

    It’s time to take control of your calendar, invest your energy for the highest possible returns, and get your life back.

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  • Lo Que Los Exitosos Hacen


    Luego de desarrollar estrategias en el libro Lo que los exitosos piensan, en este segundo libro de la trilogia, Lo que los exitosos hacen, veremos que los exitosos tienen una manera unica y especial de implementar sus ideas. No importan las circunstancias ni las adversidades, existen formas de implementacion que te permitiran hacer lo que los exitosos hacen.

    Vemos como en este tiempo los lideres estan viendo que llegan al resultado con un enorme esfuerzo, y que este se diluye rapidamente.

    Ven que llegan al resultado y no generan lo que esperaban que sucediera. Necesitan entender la manera de pensar de los exitosos con respecto al resultado.

    En esta obra te mostraremos como los exitosos implementan con enfoque, con maxima productividad, con mediciones claras, con aprendizaje continuo, con opciones poderosas. Ya nos veremos alli para construir exitos juntos.

    Definiremos cada una de las mediciones que los exitosos piensan antes de ir por el resultado: Resultado en la gestion, Resultado en la relacion, Resultado en la conexion, Resultado en la sistematizacion y Resultado en la comprension.

    Veremos tambien como los exitosos hacen en la era de la conexion; la importancia de la tecnica de Conecto, Confianza, Contenido, Contexto, Contacto, Contado.

    Otros temas que veremos en Lo que los exitosos hacen:
    *El hombre fue llamado a producir, no a trabajar.
    *El deseo de Dios es que el hombre gobierne y lidere lo que produce y que la bendicion de Dios venga a traves de esto.
    *Como lograr maxima productividad. Aprenda a generar el doble de resultados con la mitad de esfuerzo.
    *Las claves de la focalizacion y sus modelos para la Era de la Conexion.
    *Hacer en la adversidad.
    *Hacer en la expansion (sistemas y procesos)
    *Hacer solo, hacer en equipo.

    Lo que los exitosos hacen es el nuevo modelo de la implementacion para duplicar resultados en la era de la conexion.

    After developing strategies in the book What Successful People Think, in this second book of the trilogy, What Successful People Do, we will see that successful people have a unique and special way of implementing their ideas. No matter the circumstances or adversities, there are ways of implementation that will allow you to follow their example.

    Sometimes, after enormous effort, leaders arrive at a result that is not what they expected. It’s important to understand how to think about the outcome in order to achieve success.
    In this book we will show you how successful people imple

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  • Faith Driven Entrepreneur


    You are God’s Plan A. If you are an entrepreneur, God has a purpose and a plan for all those entrepreneurial dreams and creative gifts he gave you.

    The work you do today-the company you’ve built, the employees you work with, the customers you serve, the shareholders you report to, all of it-serves as an active part of what God wants to accomplish on earth.

    Building faith-driven businesses is not only an opportunity to fulfill one’s own creative calling, but one of the primary ways God is shaping the faith of the next generation. Join other faith-driven entrepreneurs as, together, we:

    *identify the values, habits, and traits that empower us to successfully build businesses, serve our communities, and faithfully pursue a loving relationship with God;

    *read the stories that exemplify how those values, habits, and traits unfold in everyday life; and

    *discover the potential God wants to unleash through our work.

    Each book purchase includes (1) access to the eight-session Faith Driven Entrepreneur video series, (2) a discussion guide to encourage conversation among peers, and (3) an invitation to join a Faith Driven Entrepreneur small group to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs.

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  • Running With Joy


    Unleash your potential and learn how to activate your own special talents so you can run with joy!

    Executive and talent coach Robb Hiller wants to lift your spirits, help you find your passion, and come alongside you as you discover your natural, God-given talents. In his newest book, Running with Joy, Robb shares the inspiration he’s found in his dog, Bentley, and how his lovable Labrador naturally runs on joy. Through heartwarming stories about Bentley, Robb Hiller will help you learn how to run on instinct, use your natural talents, and lean into the happiness that has been yours all along. A total of five key principles can guide you toward a joy-filled life so that you, in turn, can guide others.

    Once you finish Running with Joy, you will have learned important lessons that will uncomplicate your business and personal life so that you can achieve greater success and live with enthusiasm and contentment every day.

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  • Brand Aid : A Quick Reference Guide To Solving Your Branding Problems And S


    A catchy business name and a smart logo may get you a few clicks, but to create a sustaining image for your organization and build continual success will require the perfect branding statement. The essence of an organization begins with establishing its brand, therefore it is absolutely essential to get it right. Brand managers, marketers, and executives have long turned to the trusted principles in Brand Aid to troubleshoot their branding problems.

    Written by an acknowledged branding expert with 30 years of experience building world-class brands, this must-have guide covers topics ranging from research and positioning to brand equity management and architecture strategy.

    The latest edition has collected illuminating case studies, best practices, and the latest research in order to offer invaluable advice on every aspect of brand management, including:
    – The 6 most powerful sources of brand differentiation
    – 5 elements that trigger brand insistence
    – Turning brand strategy into advertising
    – Online branding
    – Social responsibility, sustainability, and storytelling
    – 60 nontraditional marketing techniques
    – And more

    An organization cannot afford to get their branding wrong. With the treasure trove of techniques, templates, and rules of thumb found in Brand Aid, it won’t!

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  • From Startup To Exit


    Tech entrepreneurs, make your startup dreams come true by utilizing this invaluable, founder-to-founder guide to successfully navigating all phases of the tech startup journey.

    With the advent of the internet, mobile computing, and now AI/Machine learning and cloud computing, the number of new startups has accelerated over the last decade across tech centers in Silicon Valley, Israel, India, and China.

    From Startup to Exit shares the knowledge that pioneering, serial entrepreneur Shirish Nadkarni has gained from over two decades of success, detailing the practical aspects of startup formation from founding, funding, management, and finding an exit.

    With successful tech entrepreneurs interviewed and featured throughout, From Startup to Exit will help you:
    *Understand exactly what tech startups must do to succeed in all phases, from idea stage to IPO.

    *Gain invaluable insights from the journeys of other successful tech founders that can be applied to your own situation.

    *Learn how to raise millions of dollars of funding from angels and VCs to give your company the fuel it needs to take off and succeed.

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  • 5 Week Leadership Challenge


    Develop and expand your innate leadership abilities through daily exercises and challenges designed to help you grow into the leader you want to be and prepare you or the job you were made to have.

    A recent Harvard Business Review article outlining a study of over 17,000 leaders found that although, on average, people begin to supervise others at age 30, most do not start to receive formal leadership training until their forties.

    Don’t wait for training that doesn’t come until it’s too late. The Five-Week Leadership Challenge is an invaluable guide to help any aspiring leader begin a daily practice of exercises and challenges designed to develop and expand your innate leadership ability as quickly as possible.

    Patrick Leddin has served as a U.S. Army airborne, infantry, and ranger-qualified officer, founded and ran successful businesses, and trained thousands of leaders. In The Five-Week Leadership Challenge, Leddin shows you how to quickly build standout leadership skills so that when the next opportunity comes along, you’re the only person for the job.

    The Five-Week Leadership Challenge:
    *Includes 35 daily challenges designed to quickly develop standout leadership skills.

    *Outlines the leadership habits you can practice regularly that get you noticed-and promoted, based on Leddin’s experience training and consulting thousands of leaders all over the world.

    *Encourages you to share your completion of the leadership challenge on social media to exponentially expand your networking opportunities and receive bonus content and access to additional author tools.

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  • Work Your Way


    Build your successful consultant life doing the work you love, on your terms utilizing the practical tips, inspiration, and straightforward advice from recognized new world of work visionary and thought leader, Lisa Hufford.

    Professionals want freedom and flexibility in the work they do, and they have more options than ever before to create the work & life they want on their own terms. They want to make work fit their lives-not the other way around.

    Lisa’s promise is that consulting is a viable alternative to traditional full-time employment, and you have everything you need to make it happen.

    Equal parts actionable and inspirational, this is the definitive guide for beginner and experienced consultants. Lisa teaches readers how to successfully step off the corporate career ladder and transition to doing the work they love, on their terms. Grounded in Lisa’s experience trading a high-powered corporate career for the freedom and flexibility of consulting, building an award-winning consultancy, and helping thousands of professionals make the same switch, this book enables professionals to redesign their lives and create opportunity in the future of work.

    This book will enable readers to:
    *Understand the current future of work landscape, what consulting is, why people choose it, and assess whether it’s for them

    *Build their foundation by defining their personal brand, identifying the work they love to do and their ideal client, and learning the art of the rate

    *Create their flywheel by landing a contract, setting themselves up for success, delivering excellence, and taking time to reflect and refresh.

    Readers who follow these practical, simple steps will learn how to discover their personal brand, identify the work they love to do right now, explore how to do more of that work, and ultimately, create a life with meaning and purpose.

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  • Ignore Your Customers And Theyll Go Away


    Discover how to create exceptional customer service and a superior customer experience, learning from the greatest companies of our time.

    When it comes to delivering great customer service and customer experience, many companies miss the mark. But there’s no reason this should include you and your company. Ignore Your Customers (and They’ll Go Away) spells out, step by step, how to craft a customer service culture and customer experience so powerful that they’ll transform your organization and boost your company’s bottom line.

    You’ll enjoy inspirational, often hilarious, tales from the trenches as author Micah Solomon, one of the world’s best-known customer service consultants, relates hands-on adventures about assessing and improving customer service in various industries.

    You’ll spend time behind the scenes with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and discover how the company delivers wow customer service. From Richard Branson, you’ll learn how Virgin brands deliver authentic customer service (avoiding what Branson calls Stepford Customer Service) and Branson’s secrets for turning social media attackers into brand promoters.

    Drawing on a wealth of stories personally assembled from today’s most innovative and successful companies, including Amazon, Cleveland Clinic, Drybar, USAA Insurance, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Solomon reveals what it takes to turn a ho-hum customer interaction into one that drives customer engagement and lifelong loyalty.

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  • Leading In Tough Times


    Learn how to lead well and grow your team amidst challenges and tough times.

    Great leaderships will face challenges. Markets will collapse; pandemics will come; people will always provide new and interesting ways to makes things difficult. But leaders must achieve results and build a team that produces, even when you are faced with difficult circumstances.

    This all-new book from John Maxwell, created using content from several of his previous bestselling titles, is the ultimate guide to helping your team survive and even thrive when the unexpected happens. Maxwell helps leaders identify their team’s main challenges, take stock of their liabilities, understand what they can control, and use challenges as opportunities to rethink the way they do things. He ultimately gives leaders the tools to grow their teams in the midst of difficult times.

    Through humor, in-depth insight, and examples, internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell reassures leaders that they can still lead well and help people develop the skills they need to become great leaders, even when times are tough.

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  • Business For The Glory Of God


    Can business activity in itself be morally good and pleasing to God? Sometimes business can seem so shady–manipulating the bottom line, deceiving the consumer, or gaining promotions because of whom you know.

    But Wayne Grudem introduces a novel concept: business itself glorifies God when it is conducted in a way that imitates God’s character and creation. He shows that all aspects of business, including ownership, profit, money, competition, and borrowing and lending, glorify God because they are reflective of God’s nature. Though Grudem isn’t naive about the easy ways these activities can be perverted and used as a means to sin, he knows that Christians can be about the business of business.

    This biblically based book is a thoughtful guide to imitating God during interactions with customers, coworkers, employees, and other businesses. See how your business–and your life in business–can be dedicated to God’s glory.

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  • Everybody Wants To Rule The World


    Which kinds of companies will thrive and which will get crushed by the powerful forces in the global business landscape now at work? This groundbreaking new guide will help you adapt and change your business to thrive among digital giants, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

    Drawing on considerable original research and case studies from Wang’s acclaimed firm, Constellation Research, this groundbreaking guide reveals which kinds of companies will thrive and which will get crushed by the powerful forces now at work.

    Ultimately, you will understand how the business world is changing in the face of extreme competition and, most importantly, you will learn how to adapt now to stay relevant and in demand.

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World will help you:
    *Understand the power of Data-Driven Digital Networks and how they have driven the most successful companies of our time.

    *Learn how extreme consolidation is changing the global business landscape and what this means for businesses of all types and sizes in terms of understanding where you fit in the value chain.

    *Gain insights into what innovative companies are doing right now to position themselves in this new reality.

    *Take your business from status quo to market leader.

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  • Stress Into Strength


    Turn debilitating stress into remarkable strength through proven resilience routines taught by a critical incident instructor and first responder leader. Transform your personal and professional life with insights gained from some of the most stressful professions you can imagine.Discovering and practicing your ideal rhythm of stress and renewal – physical, social, and spiritual – will enhance your health, strength, and resilience. Stress reactions are automatic, but to transform stress into strength, you need to become intentional about routines that activate your natural renewal systems. The proven tips throughout Stress Into Strength will help you do exactly that.Nick Arnett has had distinguished, high-stress careers, including as a paramedic and firefighterwith experience in domestic and international disasters, as well as in the corporate world as a software founder and executive. For more than 15 years, he has led and taught people how to be resilient through crises large and small. In Stress Into Strength, Nick first shows how our stress reactions and equally natural renewal systems help us to seize opportunities, rise to challenges, and cope with threats.After reading this book and applying its principles, you will learn how to:Let go once and for all of the stress myths that the human brain’s negative bias reinforces.Gain insight into your personality-based stress reactions and channel any negative, knee jerk reactions into positive, long-term responses to overcome your biggest obstacles.Learn how to choose physical, social, and spiritual stress and renewal responses that will help make your more flexible and resilient.Learn tips on when to seek help with trauma, staying undaunted through crisis in the workplace, and even raising resilient children.

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  • Discipled Leader : Inspiration From A Fortune 500 Executive For Transformin


    Preston Poore has spent decades in corporate America. Despite all the excellent advice he was given for growing in leadership, there was something missing: a way to bring his Christian beliefs to bear in his professional life, not just his personal life. So Preston sought his own answer to how his faith could impact his management of hundreds of employees.

    What he discovered was this: the first step wasn’t adjusting his leadership style. Instead, he needed to let God change him before he could effect real change in his workplace. And in order to model discipleship to his team, he needed to first be discipled by the Spirit. Here, in the day-to-day practice of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, Poore found where his faith and exceptional leadership intersect.

    Through personal stories, biblical principles, and hands-on workplace guidance, Poore offers readers a unique look at this seldom-discussed connection. He challenges struggling leaders to engage in the hard work of daily discipleship. And he charges experienced leaders to return to the fundamentals of their faith, encouraging them to disciple other Christians with leadership potential.

    For anyone wrestling with how to bring faith to the workplace, whether it be a cubicle or a boardroom, Discipled Leader reveals that leadership doesn’t begin behind the desk–it begins in the soul.

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  • Agent You : Show Up, Do The Work, And Succeed On Your Own Terms


    A Harper Horizon Title

    What does it take to achieve your personal and professional goals? When is the right time to take calculated risks, and how do you prepare for the moment when opportunity presents itself?

    If anyone knows what it takes to earn a seat at the table, it’s Nicole Lynn. The first Black female agent to represent a top three NFL draft pick, Nicole worked her way from childhood poverty to become a Wall Street financial analyst, then attorney, and now top agent to elite athletes and entertainers.

    In a male-dominated profession, the extraordinary success of a young woman of color was earned through a combination of hard work, preparation, self-advocacy, tenacity, and faith.

    Agent You shares Nicole’s key strategies for creating a plan and executing it, even in the face of self-doubt and external obstacles, including how to:
    *discover and stay focused on your purpose,
    *develop your personal brand and advocate for yourself,
    *prepare for big opportunities, and
    *manage the workload and still prioritize self-care.

    Everyone can own their success story, no matter life’s challenges–and Nicole believes you are your best agent.

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  • Inversor Inteligente (Revised)


    El mas grande asesor de inversiones del siglo XX, Benjamin Graham ha enseado e inspirado a personas por todo el mundo. La filosofia de Graham de inversion de valor -que protege a los inversores del error substancial y les ensea a desarrollar estrategias a largo plazo- ha hecho de El inversor inteligente la biblia de la bolsa de valores desde su publicacion inicial en 1949.

    Durante los aos, los desarrollos del mercado han demostrado la sabiduria de las estrategias de Graham. Esta edicion revisada, que conserva la integridad del texto original de Graham, incluye un comentario actualizado del mencionado periodista Jason Zweig, cuya perspectiva incorpora las realidades del mercado actual, traza analogias entre los ejemplos de Graham y los encabezados financieros de hoy y otorga a los lectores un entendimiento mas profundo de como aplicar los principios de Graham.

    Fundamental e indispensable, El inversor inteligente es el libro mas importante que usted leera jamas sobre como alcanzar sus objetivos en lo financiero

    The greatest investment advisor of the twentieth century, Benjamin Graham, taught and inspired people worldwide. Graham’s philosophy of value investing — which shields investors from substantial error and teaches them to develop long-term strategies — has made The Intelligent Investor the stock market bible ever since its original publication in 1949.

    Over the years, market developments have proven the wisdom of Graham’s strategies. While preserving the integrity of Graham’s original text, this revised edition includes updated commentary by noted financial journalist Jason Zweig, whose perspective incorporates the realities of today’s market, draws parallels between Graham’s examples and today’s financial headlines, and gives readers a more thorough understanding of how to apply Graham’s principles.

    Vital and indispensable, this HarperBusiness Essentials edition of The Intelligent Investor is the most important book you will ever read on how to reach your financial goals.

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  • Aqui Se Hacen Lideres


    Grandes lideres crean grandes organizaciones. Sin embargo, una escasez de lideres hoy significa un deficit en el desempeo de maana. !No juegue con el futuro de su empresa! No es necesario esperar que aparezcan lideres en las filas o que reclutadores puedan encontrar de forma oportuna a los lideres que necesita. !La esperanza no es una estrategia! Usted puede crear una cultura en su organizacion que garantizara que su fuente de liderazgo este llena y fluyendo.

    En este libro, Mark Miller describe como nutrir a los lideres por toda la organizacion y como formar la linea del frente ejecutiva. Lideres hechos aqui describe un enfoque claro y replicable para establecer la banca de liderazgo que toda organizacion necesita.

    Great leaders create great organizations. However, a scarcity of leaders today means a shortfall in performance tomorrow. Don’t gamble with your company’s future! You don’t need to hope that leaders emerge from the ranks or that search firms can find the leaders you need in a timely fashion. Hope is not a strategy! You can build an organizational culture that will ensure your leadership pipeline is full and flowing.

    In this book, Mark Miller describes how to nurture leaders throughout the organization and form the front lines to the executive ranks. Leaders Made Here outlines a clear and replicable approach to creating the leadership bench every organization needs.

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  • Taking The Lead


    The president of Joe Gibbs Racing-the winningest team in NASCAR history-shares the secrets of succeeding in business and in life.In NASCAR, as in life, the difference between winning and losing often comes down to being in the right place at the right time and making the most of every opportunity.

    Nobody understands that better than Dave Alpern. Dave started his career as an unpaid intern selling T-shirts for the newly formed Joe Gibbs Racing team. Nearly three decades later, he’s now the president of JGR, a multimillion-dollar elite, record-setting racing team with more than 500 employees. In Taking the Lead, Dave shares the wisdom he’s learned along the way: key principles that will equip you with what you need to rise to the top and succeed with integrity and purpose-whatever team you’re on.

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  • Becoming Trader Joe


    Build an iconic shopping experience that your customers love-and a work environment that your employees love being a part of-using this blueprint from Trader Joe’s visionary founder, Joe Coulombe.

    Infuse your organization with a distinct personality and culture that draws customers in a way that simply competing on price cannot.

    Joe Coulombe founded what would become Trader Joe’s in the late 1960s and helped shape it into the beloved, quirky food chain it is today. Realizing early on that he could not compete and win by playing the same game his bigger competitors were playing, he decided to build a store for educated people of somewhat modest means. He brought in unusual products from around the world and promoted them in the Fearless Flyer, providing customers with background on how they were sourced and their nutritional value. He also gave the stores a tiki theme to reinforce the exotic trader ship concept with employees wearing Hawaiian shirts.

    In this way, Joe laid down a blueprint for other business owners to follow to build their own unique shopping experience that customers love, and a work environment that employees love being a part of.

    In Becoming Trader Joe, Joe shares the lessons he learned by challenging the status quo and rethinking the way a business operates. He shows readers of all types:

    *How moving from a pure analytical approach to a more creative, problem-solving approach can drive innovation.

    *How finding an affluent niche of passionate customers can be a better strategy than competing on price and volume.

    *How questioning all aspects of the way you do business leads to powerful results.

    *How to build a business around your values and identity.

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  • Tech Powered Sales


    Follows the narrative arc of a multifaceted approach to understanding any/all automation systems that are popular today and will be valid toward 2030.

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  • R E D Marketing


    Create breakthrough marketing campaigns that achieve staggering consumer response rates by harnessing the power of R.E.D. Marketing-a transparent and flexible methodology from the CEO and CMO of marketing powerhouse Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) with a genuine track record of success.

    Sidestep the other marketing books, courses, articles, and even TED talks that offer hypothetical explanations that sound sensible. Embrace the proven, systematic approach of RED Marketing, which the recent CEO and current CMO of Yum! Brands applied to lead Taco Bell and KFC to double digit growth-no PhD required!

    In 2011, Greg Creed had just been elevated from President to CEO of Taco Bell, a brand in deep distress at the time. It was on his shoulders to turn things around quickly along with co-author and CMO, Ken Muench. Together they developed the R.E.D (Relevance, Ease, Distinctiveness) method.

    Its simple methodology does not require complicated terms and a PhD to understand, it’s actually quite simple-marketing works in three very different ways:
    *Relevance-Is it relevant to the marketplace?
    *Ease-Is it easy to access and use?
    *Distinction-Does it stand out from competition?

    Combining actual examples from Yum! and other recognizable brands of every size around the world; the latest findings in marketing, neuroscience, and behavioral economics; and the author’s own experience marketing three different brands across 120 countries-your brand can set and achieve a truly breakthrough marketing campaign utilizing R.E.D Marketing.

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  • Creative Directions : Mastering The Transition From Talent To Leader


    Welcome to the Age of Creatives, where more and more makers, designers, writers, and artists are in demand. Learn how to succeed at managing other creatives … once you understand the new strategies and mindset that are required.

    For creators, getting that promotion to management is exciting but can also be scary. The skills that made them so successful may not translate to the skill required to be a great manager, and this gets even more complicated when managing other creatives who often don’t thrive under traditional management procedures.

    Creative Direction is a management masterclass in which readers attend lectures and seminars as they learn from some of the best in the business, including directors Ava DuVernay (When They See Us) and Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame); two-time Academy Award-winning editor Angus Wall (The Social Network); executive producers from hit TV shows like The Simpsons and GLOW; and creative directors and leaders at businesses like Amazon, Apple, Disney, TikTok, and more. All of these lessons are provided in an attractive, easily accessible format so that readers can open the book to any page and find some actionable or inspirational insight or strategy.

    Readers will:
    *Receive essential guidance on how to master the delicate balance required to successfully lead a creative team, like how to relinquish control while keeping the focus where it needs to be.

    *Learn from star creative leaders in the entertainment industry on essential lessons they learned on their path to success.

    *Gain insights on how to balance mastering the new skills you need as a leader with finding the time and energy to focus on the creative work you love.

    Enjoy the snackable, easy-reference format that makes the lessons easy to implement and apply.

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  • Conscience Code : Lead With Your Values Advance Your Career


    The young professionals’ real-world guide to achieving success at work without compromising integrity, based on Wharton Business School professor Richard Shell’s countless interactions with MBA students who continue to bring him shocking stories about the workplace corruption they are pressured to engage in.

    Forty-one percent of workers across a variety of industries reported seeing ethical misconduct in the past year alone.From corporate frauds and global bribery to bosses pressuring employees to engage in illicit sexual relations with clients, young professionals are completely unprepared for the stark reality of workplace misconduct and corruption. They are being blindsided by ethical conflict, then forced to make anguished choices between their paycheck and their values.

    Finding Your Voice, Choosing to Lead shows that there is a third way: assume these conflicts are coming, learn how to recognize them, and follow a step-by-step approach to responding effectively. In this way, young professionals set themselves on the path to becoming leaders of conscience.

    Finding Your Voice, Choosing to Lead:

    *Solves a crucial problem faced by young professionals: What should they do when they are asked to compromise their core values to achieve organizational goals?

    *Teaches readers how to recognize and overcome five pervasive forces pushing them toward misconduct: peer pressure, misguided authority, perverse incentives created by aggressive work goals, role expectations, and systemic corruption.

    *Provides a simple, by-by-step model for business professionals at all levels to maintain their integrity while advancing their careers.

    *Uses vivid case studies to walks readers through how they could have been resolved successfully using the principles and methods outlined in the book.

    Finding Your Voice, Choosing to Lead features stark examples from Shell’s classroom, today’s headlines, and classic cases of corporate wrongdoing countered by individual moral courage, presenting a roadmap for taking on toxic bosses and creating values-based workplaces where everyone can thrive.

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  • Fearless : The New Rules For Unlocking Creativity, Courage, And Success


    Take your rightful place in the driver’s seat of your own life and career through the focused and fearless strategies that only highly respected, incredibly successful luxury fashion mogul and social activist Rebecca Minkoff could lay out in these pages.

    Rebecca Minkoff built a fashion empire through hard work and a relentless drive to live her dream. It wasn’t easy and took tremendous resolve to remain hungry and persevere. Through hard work, she has created a space for herself on the shelves of luxury department stores across the world.

    From Rebecca’s experience, readers will learn how to:
    *Take on challenges they initially didn’t know how to complete, using Rebecca’s fearless approach to push themselves to meet each and every one.
    *Overcome the fear and trials female entrepreneurs often face.
    *Break the rules and find success in places they previously thought to be inaccessible.
    *Reach their goals, no matter how unattainable they may seem.

    In this book, Rebecca shares her own stories and teach readers how she was able to reach her goals to become the successful fashion designer she is today. She shows that you if you remain hungry, work hard, and face the unspoken rules that have held women back for centuries, you can make success happen for yourself.

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  • Chasing Failure : How Falling Short Sets You Up For Success


    By blending personal stories, inspirational anecdotes, riveting psychology, get-up-and-go encouragement, and just plain practical step-by-step advice, Ryan Leak shows how chasing failure just may be the quickest way to success.

    We all have something we’d love to do, but often our fear of failure outweighs the potential of our destiny. But what if we found out that failure could actually help us succeed? Through Ryan Leak’s journey of chasing the girl of his dreams to his NBA fantasy and his encounter with five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, Chasing Failure helps us remove every excuse for not pursuing the life we want to live.

    In this book Ryan also talks about the science behind why people are afraid to fail, mixing in real-life stories and adding practical steps to help us intentionally chase failure. As he says, God promises to be with you always, even through the failure. This book is for the dreamers who have been afraid to move-and even those who have been afraid to dream. Ultimately, Chasing Failure will help us build confidence in what God has called us to do. As a motivational speaker, whether addressing people in corporations, churches, or youth events, Ryan has a message of hope: failure is right around the corner, so be brave enough to chase it! The good life is on the other side.

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  • Thoughtfully Fit : Your Training Plan For Life And Business Success


    A Harper Horizon Title

    Darcy Luoma’s life changed forever when her beloved stay-at-home husband was arrested for sexual assault of a minor. He was dragged out of their home in handcuffs by a SWAT team, never to return.

    As tempting as it was to collapse, that wasn’t an option, especially for the sake of her two young daughters. Instead, Darcy relied on what she knows best: coaching.

    Thoughtfully Fit shares the system she created and used to navigate life following her husband’s arrest. Through personal stories combined with concrete skills, this book draws on the same principles of being physically fit–like flexibility, agility, and strength–to train you to be mentally fit for life’s challenges.

    If you’re overwhelmed and stressed from managing all the chaos and relationships in your day-to-day life, becoming Thoughtfully Fit will help you:
    *have more energy for the things you love
    *improve communication
    *strengthen your relationships
    *have less conflict, resentment, and regret
    *live with greater intention

    Darcy has been where you are–and she will equip and empower you to overcome whatever obstacles life throws your way.

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  • We Should All Be Millionaires


    Dedicated to a reality in which every woman has at least seven zeros in her bank account, author and experienced entrepreneur Rachel Rodgers offers this pull-no-punches guide for women to wield economic power-how real change is created.

    Every single woman should want to be a millionaire. If you agree, this book is for you. If you disagree, this book is definitely for you.

    While women now own 40% of businesses in the U.S., the percentage of revenue brought in by women-owned businesses is only 4.2%. And, while the gender pay gap isn’t quite that extreme, corporate women are making four percent less than their male counterparts, and women hold only 25% of c-suite positions. Now that women are getting a seat at the table, it’s time they demand what they deserve.

    This book:
    *Represents a breakthrough step-by-step guide for women who want to shift their mindset and work their way to seven figures.

    *Reveals the unique hurdles businesswomen face that their male peers do not, both in the office and at home, showing how to leap each and every one.

    *Is a clarion call for all women who are done having their work undervalued, are tired of being sexually harassed in the workplace, and are ready for a revolution that starts with the mindset outlined in these pages.

    If women are going to make demands, they need capital. So, it’s time for women to turn towards their money. To begin to focus on their earning potential and their ability to generate wealth. To begin stepping up into their own leadership, advocacy, and autonomy.

    And if you’re not into dismantling the systems of oppression that exist in the world today, that’s cool. Women can create wealth for no other reason than they deserve it and they want it. Women are allowed to make a million dollars because they want to fly first-class, carry a Chanel bag, and order fancy champagne whenever the hell they want.

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  • Get Over I Got It


    Too many ambitious women strive to accomplish all their goals alone, leading to dangerous levels of stress and anxiety. Learn how a strong support network and meaningful connections are crucial not only to your long-term success, but to your peace of mind.

    Today’s women are ambitious and excelling in every way. But many still believe that asking for help along the journey is a sign of weakness, ignorance, or incompetence, so they go it alone.

    Author and podcaster Elayne Fluker believes this mindset is partially responsible for the increase in suicide rates for girls and women and the reason so many women end up depressed, overwhelmed, isolated and unfulfilled. To combat this alarming trend, Fluker helps women learn how to build their own networks, make meaningful connections, and understand how even some of the most successful women in the world, like Oprah Winfrey and Spanx founder Sara Blakely, had tremendous support networks that helped them achieve their dreams.

    Get Over I Got It:
    *Shares the lessons Fluker learned throughout her own struggles with learning how to ask for and accept support.

    *Provides anecdotes from women professionals, interviews with health professionals, and current research demonstrating the tangible ways women can ditch the dangerous go-it-alone philosophy.

    *Offers proven, real-world ways for women to embrace the proven health and career benefits of a stronger-together approach.

    Ultimately, this book helps women overcome their psychological hurdles to asking for help, giving them a surefire strategy-and the confidence-to seek support. They’ll then be positioned to join other women’s support networks, uplifting them in a way that will transform both individual lives and communities.

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  • Rare Leadership In The Workplace


    Revive your leadership. Grow healthy teams. See great results.

    Healthy teams begin with healthy leaders, and at the heart of this dynamic is emotional maturity–the quality the greatest leaders possess.

    Combining cutting-edge brain science with decades of counseling and consulting experience, Rare Leadership in the Workplace shows you how to take your leadership and your team to the next level. It will equip you to:

    *Cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and others
    *Develop the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders
    *Promote a strong group identity
    *Keep relationships bigger than problems
    *Increase productivity through trust, joy, and engagement

    Whether you are burnt out or just looking to improve, this book can help. When you prioritize people and lead from a secure identity, you’ll be amazed at the freedom you feel and the results you see. You can lead from a healthy place, respond rather than react, and build the team of your dreams.

    If you want to take your organization to the next level, it starts with you. Read Rare Leadership in the Workplace and be equipped to lead enthusiastic, emotionally mature, relationally connected teams.

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  • Revolutionary Leadership : Essential Lessons From The Men And Women Of The


    Times of crisis call for revolutionary leadership. What better model could we have for courage and creativity under fire than those who found themselves in positions of leadership during the American Revolutionary War? Men and women, famous and obscure, of European and African descent–the leaders of the revolution faced outrageous odds and dire consequences should they fail. Yet they stuck to their principles, winning the most unlikely of victories and not only shaping a new country but reshaping the world.

    Now Pat Williams helps you apply their genius to your sphere of influence. Through the remarkable stories of more than 25 leaders of the American Revolution, you’ll discover fresh insight into how great leaders are formed, refined, tested, and strengthened.

    As Thomas Paine wrote, We have it in our power to begin the world over again. Let Pat Williams show you how to lead in our day with revolutionary courage, confidence, and a serving heart.

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  • 101 Leadership Insights


    Tools, Tips, and Techniques for the Leader on the Go!

    Whether you lead in an office, a jobsite, a church, or a classroom, 101 Leadership Insights is a handy guidebook guaranteed to help you better face the challenges and conundrums that come with being a leader. This collection of short yet highly informative chapters takes on more than a hundred of the most common leadership issues, from handling workplace conflict to managing your personal life to recognizing red flags in unfamiliar situations and beyond.

    Written by bestselling author Bob Phillips and business owner Del Walinga, this book is packed with invaluable wisdom that will help you improve your skills as a manager, mentor, and communicator. Featuring helpful personal checklists, solution-oriented questions, illuminating illustrations, and insightful perspectives from well-known leaders, you’ll discover thoughtful and practical guidance readily available for you anytime you’re in a pinch.

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  • 5 Levels Of Leadership


    Fuel success and grow your team at every level of leadership.

    True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. In fact, being chosen for a position is only the first of the five levels every effective leader achieves. To become more than the boss people follow only because they are required to, you have to master the ability to invest in people and inspire them. To grow further in your role, you must achieve results and build a team that produces. You need to help people to develop their skills to become leaders in their own right. And if you have the skill and dedication, you can reach the pinnacle of leadership-where experience will allow you to extend your influence beyond your immediate reach and time for the benefit of others.

    The 5 Levels of Leadership are:
    1. Position – People follow because they have to.

    2. Permission – People follow because they want to.

    3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

    4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally.

    5. Pinnacle – People follow because of who you are and what you represent.
    Through humor, in-depth insight, and examples, internationally recognized leadership expert John C. Maxwell describes each of these stages of leadership. He shows you how to master each level and rise up to the next to become a more influential, respected, and successful leader.

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  • Surviving A Startup


    The CEO of Founders Space, one of the world’s leading startup incubators and accelerators, prepares entrepreneurs to avoid disastrous mistakes, surmount sizable obstacles, and master the skills necessary to make the right choices along their path to success.

    The fact is, over 90 percent of all new startups fail. Every entrepreneur must face this harsh reality and learn to master it if they hope to survive and wind up on top.

    In Surviving a Startup, Steve Hoffman, the CEO of Founders Space, brings readers on a wild ride, sharing with them the tumultuous journey of launching a venture-funded startup and revealing what it takes to make it.

    This one-of-a-kind guide:
    *Provides deep analysis and insights into the major challenges every entrepreneur faces when launching a business.

    *Prepares entrepreneurs to make the best possible decisions and deal with crisis situations.

    *Illuminates strategies for raising capital and growing a business, even when it seems impossible.

    *Divulges secrets on how to manage difficult employees, demonstrate leadership, and overcome disasters.

    *Describes the essential traits that enable startup founders to survive and succeed.

    *Reveals the best way to develop innovative products, conduct guerilla marketing campaigns, obtain PR, and outmaneuver competitors.

    *Shows how to recruit the best talent, even with no money, manage highly efficient teams, and motivate employees to go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities.

    *Lays out the steps necessary to take a fledgling idea and transform it into a robust, rapidly growing business that has the potential to become the next multimillion-dollar acquisition or IPO.

    As the captain of one of the world’s leading startup incubators and accelerators, Steve knows what it’s like to be on the front lines, how tough it can get when the battle turns against the entrepreneur, and what it takes to taste victory and overcome seemingly impossible odds.

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  • Untapped Talent : How Second Chance Hiring Works For Your Business And The


    It’s time for businesses everywhere to open their minds to second chance hiring practices. With over 70 Million people in the U.S. with criminal records, companies that successfully implement second chance hiring practices will have a massive competitive advantage over those that do not.

    Untapped Talent makes the business case for second chance hiring. From a credible source- the chief investment strategist of one of the country’s leading business banks-this book speaks directly to business leaders to explain the economic case for considering alternative sources of employees. It also shows why companies utilizing second chance hiring enjoy a competitive advantage. Throughout, it will include dozens of examples of businesses (from factories to restaurants to retail) which have successfully implemented this strategy.

    Readers will:
    *Understand what goes into a successful second chance hire, from the support that will be needed internally to the resources that are available from outside agencies.

    *Learn how businesses from a variety of industries have instituted successful second chance hiring programs and how this has positively impacted their culture and bottom line.

    *Gain practical onboarding and coaching strategies that will help ensure a smooth transition and a productive, happy new employee.

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  • Win At Work And Succeed At Life


    New York Times bestselling author offers a manifesto for work-life balance. His proven, practical plan will equip you with a clear action plan to reclaim your margins and direct fresh energy to family and personal pursuits, all while achieving success at work.

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  • Change Your World Workbook


    John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins have invested their lives as champions of change. Maxwell’s organizations EQUIP and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation have transformed communities by training more than five million leaders from literally every country in the world. Hoskins’s One Hope has transformed the lives of more than one billion children and youth in 120 countries around the globe.

    Now, for the first time, these two leaders have partnered to write a book about how anyone, anywhere, can transform their world. Offering practical principles based on solid research and real-life experience, the authors teach how to recognize where and how to get started, who to recruit, when to mobilize people, what to do, how to communicate, and how to know when they’ve really hit the target. This accompanying workbook integrates the power of Maxwell’s familiar and engaging leadership communication with the research-based international insights of Hoskins’s and One Hope global experience.

    Transformation is within the reach of anyone who is willing to think, speak, and act in a way that values people and collaborates with them to bring about lasting positive change. This workbook will give them the tools to go through the steps, based on the trade book, to make that happen in their lives.

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  • Healing Organization : Awakening The Conscience Of Business To Help Save Th


    The image of modern corporations has been shaped by a focus on profits over people and the environment, but this approach to capitalism is no longer viable. We are at an inflection point where business must take the lead in healing the crises of our time. The Healing Organization shows how corporations can become healing forces.

    Conscious Capitalism pioneer Raj Sisodia and organizational innovation expert Michael J. Gelb were inspired to write The Healing Organization because of the epidemic of unnecessary suffering connected with business, including the destruction of the environment; increasing numbers living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely surviving (despite working full-time or even multiple jobs); rising rates of depression and stress leading to chronic health problems; and because the enmity and dividedness between those who champion unfettered capitalism and those who advocate socialism is exacerbating rather than solving our problems.

    Based on extensive in-depth interviews and inspiring case studies, the authors show how companies such as Shake Shack, Hyatt, KIND Healthy Snacks, Eileen Fisher, H-E-B, FIFCO, Jaipur Rugs and DTE Energy are healing their employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders. They represent a diverse sampling of industries and geographies, but they all have significant elements in common, besides being profitable enterprises:
    *Their employees love coming to work.
    *They have passionately loyal customers.
    *They make a significant positive difference to the communities they serve.
    *They preserve and restore the ecosystems in which they operate.

    In a world that urgently needs healing on many levels, this is a movement whose time has come,. This book shows how it can be done, how it is being done, and how you can begin to do it too.

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  • Trauma To Triumph


    An organization-wide blueprint outlining the simple steps to successfully navigate through crisis or trauma, giving leaders at every level the guidance they need to create confidence, courage, and enthusiasm in their team-and come out stronger on the other side.

    When leaders navigate a traumatic event the right way, the organization doesn’t just survive. It can be transformed and flourish in ways previously unimagined. And though organizational trauma takes many forms-a pandemic, an economic meltdown, an act of violence, a failed merger, layoffs-events like these don’t have to traumatize leaders and employees, sending everyone into survival mode.

    In Trauma to Triumph Mark Goulston, MD, and Dr. Diana Hendel present a visionary and tactical roadmap to help leaders create stability in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, move productively through a traumatic event, and come out even stronger and better on the other side.

    Here are just a few things you’ll learn:
    *How the survival mechanism manifests in employees and leaders in the midst of trauma.

    *The predictable polarities, dilemmas, tensions, and other patterns that emerge in traumatized organizations-and how to break these cycles.

    *Why lack of clarity in roles and poor communication are so dangerous in times of crisis-and how to avoid these common pitfalls.

    *How leaders can shift to a mindset that helps them create feelings of trust, confidence, respect, and inspiration in employees.

    *Why creating a common language around trauma allows leaders at all levels to share a narrative of safety, confidence, and hope.

    *How to help others overcome resistance to change, adapt as needed, and break out of their competence zone.

    *How to launch a rapid-response process that allows you to control the controllables and create a framework for making better decisions in the throes of crisis.

    *High-impact tactics to help your organization recover and heal in a way a that doesn’t just return to baseline, but transcends it.

    Filled with tools and tactics, Trauma to Triumph isn’t just about being prepared for future crises. It’s also about leading in a new way in the times of stability in between.

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  • Taking Charge Of Change


    The social challenges facing us in the 2020’s are radically different than those we faced even one generation ago. Meet the new leaders who are moving us forward and learn how to apply their same effectiveness, qualities, and attributes to you own leadership.

    The kinds of leadership it has always taken to build American communities and companies are still relevant, but they are not sufficient to define the level and quality of leadership it will take to rebuild an America that has become too uneven and siloed over the last 20 years.

    Turn to Taking Charge of Change to learn real life success stories of change leaders that will inspire and point the way to real life impact. Featured leaders include Peter Drucker Award winner Rosanne Haggerty, whose goal is not to reduce but to put an end to chronic homelessness; Father Greg Boyle, whose organization, Homeboy Industries, has made a dramatic impact on reducing gang violence in Los Angeles; and board-certified psychiatrist and behavioral neurologist Justin Coffey’s, whose work on depression has reduced suicide rates in a way that has been validated scientifically.

    Readers will:

    *Learn the common elements change leaders utilize to make a remarkable impact on some or our most complex problems.

    *Go from thinking about making an impact to a path of action where you are the right kind of leader for the future who is directly affecting people’s lives.

    *Gain new perspective on what is possible through the inspiration of the change leaders featured in this groundbreaking book.

    Ultimately, Paul Shoemaker, Founding President of Social Venture Partners International–a global network of thousands of social innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business and community leaders–shows leaders how change is happening and profiles the leaders behind it so that they have a model to follow.

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  • Breaking Borders : A Remarkable Story Of Adventure, Family, And Career Succ


    Kate Isler’s incredible story of blazing global business trails in the early days of Microsoft demonstrates how women can stop self-selecting out of opportunities and make the leap of faith to pursue their dreams.

    Kate Isler navigated the male-dominated culture of the technology industry, breaking new global markets for Microsoft in their fast-paced, hyper-growth startup years in some of the most challenging regions in the world – all without a college degree or resources that many believe are necessary for success.

    Taking readers on a fascinating adventure from Kate’s years as a naïve young adult through her unexpected global career, which included six international moves, Breaking Borders candidly shares:
    *Kate’s moments of success, failure, and very public mistakes to help readers become more fearless in their own pursuits of greatness.

    *The author’s struggle to pivot her career in a completely new direction as a result of being disillusioned with a big corporate environment.

    *How she overcame the disappointment of a failed startup by channeling her passion for supporting women to build Be Bold, a women’s advocacy non-profit, from the ground up.

    *Kate’s mission to inspire other women to challenge the limits society has placed on them as they chase their dreams.

    Kate’s story is a guide for women who want to stop self-selecting out of opportunities because they assume they don’t have the right education, connections, or skills to take a chance-including those that believe that having a family disqualifies them from pursuing a dream.

    As entertaining as it is enlightening, Breaking Borders provides insights, inspiration, and practical lessons that are relatable and easy to apply each step of the way.

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  • Common Path To Uncommon Success


    Popular Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast host John Lee Dumas has interviewed over 2,000 people who have reached the summit of business success, compiling in these pages the common elements of their path to guide you on your journey to financial freedom.

    So many people dream of what it would be like to have a successful business and live a life where they can pursue their interests, travel, and have standing in their communities. They might be surprised to learn that most people who have attained this goal started from a similar place and went through a similar set of steps to get to where they are now.

    The Common Path to Uncommon Success shares the common themes John Lee Dumas has pinpointed from all the journeys taken by the people he has interviewed in his popular podcast.

    From the initial desire for more financial freedom, to facing periods of doubt, to achieving the ultimate goal of building a company that works without you-this book outlines the steps to follow so you can be financially free.

    Readers will: Learn the common elements shared by people who have charted a path to incredible success and financial freedom.

    Be inspired by stories and insights shared in the book by popular success role models like Gary Vaynerchuk and Barbara Corcoran.

    Spot the traps laid out on your own journey and understand the ways around and through them so you attain the life you’ve always wanted to live.

    Entrepreneurs love Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, but no one has ever written a Hero’s Journey specifically for entrepreneurs. Until now. The Common Path to Uncommon Success is an entrepreneurial roadmap geared to John’s millions of listeners as well as readers of books like The Automatic Millionaire and The Millionaire Next Door.

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  • Inventor Confidential : The Honest Guide To Profitable Inventing


    The President of the United Inventors Association shows inventors, innovators, and makers a savvier, safer path towards monetizing your better mouse trap and how to avoid the get-rich-quick scammers.

    The road to licensing a profitable, innovative product or technology is riddled with curves, holes, and rocky cliffs. Every year, hundreds of thousands of eager inventors around the globe spend millions of dollars seeking assistance from inventor service companies and individuals claiming to be experts in the innovation and licensing fields, though their actual success rates are poor in relation to the dollar amounts they charge.

    The reality is, according to Inventors’ Digest(TM), while 78% of new inventors believe they will make over a million dollars with their inventions, less than 1% actually do. Marketers prey on this scenario for their own financial gain.

    Inventor Confidential tips the odds back in the investor’s favor, helping them:

    *Gain a much broader picture of the many current challenges that inventors face these days.
    *Understand the red flags to watch out for when individuals or companies charge up front for their coaching or help-to-market services.
    *See how inventors can improve their odds of licensing success by following a thorough product development protocol, creating working prototypes, and filing U.S. patents.
    *Get the insider perspective on how companies determine the quality of a product submission and if they want to work with the inventor.
    *Learn the 30 steps to market if you want to go it alone.

    For anyone who has a great idea or invention and wants to monetize it but are not sure who to trust, Inventor Confidential will show them where to best spend their hard-earned money to maximize their odds for success.

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  • Marketing Made Simple


    Based on Building a StoryBrand by New York Times bestselling author Don Miller, this checklist is a strategic and actionable guide to applying the StoryBrand framework to any brand and an essential part of any marketing professional’s tool kit.

    Every day, brands lose millions of dollars simply because they do not have a clear message that tells consumers who they are and what value they will add to their customers’ lives. To solve this dilemma, Don Miller wrote Building a StoryBrand, which has become the quintessential guide for anyone looking to craft or strengthen their brand’s message.

    Now, Don is taking it a step further with this five-part checklist that helps marketing professionals and business owners apply the StoryBrand messaging framework across key customer touchpoints to effectively develop, strengthen, and communicate their brand’s story to the marketplace.

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  • Crush Your Career


    We all know someone who is dissatisfied with their career but feels trapped in their current trajectory. What’s not always clear is how they got there or, more importantly, how we can avoid the same fate as we develop our own careers. In a competitive job market, we need concrete, field-tested advice to help us ace the interview, land the job, and launch a career we love.

    Enter Dee Ann Turner. After more than three decades leading teams and coaching staff members at Chick-fil-A, she knows what it takes to build a fulfilling career. In this practical, hands-on book she reveals the secrets of:

    – finding a job
    – preparing for an interview
    – conquering the first 90 days
    – managing work relationships
    – overcoming mistakes
    – adding value to your team
    – and so much more

    Anyone entering the job market or hoping to make a transition in their career–along with the parents, teachers, college counselors, or career counselors who coach them–will find invaluable, hard-won advice on how to create a work life you love.

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  • Character Carved In Stone


    Overlooking the Hudson River on the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point are 12 granite benches, each inscribed with a word representing a key leadership virtue: compassion, courage, dedication, determination, dignity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, service, and trust. These benches remind cadets of the qualities that lead to victory and success, not just on the battlefield, but in all of life.

    With his signature enthusiasm and insight, Pat Williams shares the incredible stories of West Point graduates who exemplified these traits, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. He shows readers of all backgrounds how to develop these 12 essential virtues in their lives, whether they are in the corporate world, the academic world, the military, the church, or in some other sphere.

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  • No Pain No Gaines


    Chip Gaines likes to sweat.

    That’s been true ever since he was a little pint-sized hustler selling candy and Capri Suns down at the public tennis courts in northeast Texas. You’ve probably seen him sweat on his television show, Fixer Upper. Deep in his bones he has always known that hard work yields great results, even when there’s little observable evidence of it. On the cusp of launching into what might be the hardest work he and his wife, Joanna, have ever done-building a television network-Chip realized that he’s as proud of the man he’s become as what he’s achieved, and that man would not exist without his network of people.

    Call it a network, a community, a home team. We’ve all got one, including you. Today it might be made up of your family, your neighbors, the people you work with. But if you want a network that will pull you into a life of meaning, a life of joy and connection, you need to be intentional about choosing the people in it. People who are enlivened and electrified by the power of living according to their purpose, who are always in pursuit of lifelong learning, and who have a sincere belief that relationships are more than transactions. Chip Gaines has been building that kind of network his whole life, and he can tell you, it doesn’t come easy.

    To say it requires sweat equity would be an understatement. It requires faith in people. It requires hope. And it requires a willingness to grow even when it hurts. In No Pain, No Gaines, through hard-won lessons and personal stories, Chip will coach you on how to build a network of your own that will make your life richer than you’ve ever imagined.

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  • Wisdom Based Business


    Make Your Business Purposeful and ProfitableAt its best, business is both purposeful and profitable, dynamic and gainful, commercial and rewarding. Far from being opposites, good business and good behavior go hand-in-hand, and biblical principles can align with best practices. In Wisdom-Based Business, marketing and supply-chain professor Hannah J. Stolze draws principles from the Bible’s wisdom literature and from evidence-based research to create a framework for business that is oriented toward excellence and sustainability. This book addresses import issues such as:
    *The virtue of profit
    *Servant leadership
    *Wisdom-based values, such as long-term over short-term, stakeholders, and quality
    *Beneficial outcomes of wisdom-based business, including reputation and comparative advantage
    *The ultimate outcome of eternal impact

    Intended for business students and working professionals alike, Wisdom-Based Business demonstrates how to pursue profitability to the honor and glory of God. Unique among Christian books on business, it helps readers make the right decisions in business by presenting:Biblical Principles. Drawing upon the Bible’s wisdom literature, each topic addressed is undergirded by insights from Scripture.Evidence-Based Research. Recommendations are thoroughly grounded in the best and latest research in the field.Case Studies: Each chapter demonstrates how the principles can be lived out in the real world, amid the inevitable challenges and competition all business confronts. Any Christian who works in the marketplace or is training to work in the marketplace will benefit from Wisdom-Based Business’ practical guidance on how to reflect Christian values in their corporate tasks and strategies–and on how those values can be not hindrances but keys to success.

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  • 1st And Only


    As Black women, we have to work twice as hard to be perceived as half as skilled. We have to work until August of this year to earn what a white man made by last December. We are besieged by racist and sexist bullying online. People feel free to touch and comment on our hair–and then ask us why we seem so angry.

    First and Only is a guide for every woman who has found herself closing the cover on other leadership books that omit our true experiences and strengths. In these pages, trainer and activist Jennifer R. Farmer helps readers learn what is required for the long haul of liberation by providing a roadmap to on-the-job success, challenging systemic racism, and seeking inner healing through the sustaining power of faith. She offers practical strategies for Black women to thrive in workplaces that can be ambivalent about their success, as well as tips and stories from psychologists, activists, and organizational experts that equip Black women to lead others and heal past wounds.

    The path for success for Black women includes a commitment to self-care, spiritual growth, and a willingness to push for progress even as we fight for our own liberation. First and Only is not just about how to lean in, or how to discover the irrefutable laws of leadership. It’s about how to heal so you can sustain work for justice and equity. It’s about finding personal and social redemption–and leading others to find it too.

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  • Leading With Cultural Intelligence


    Succeeding in today’s global market requires a new set of skills than it did when the pioneers of the twentieth century were making their mark. But don’t let that intimidate you from expanding your business beyond our borders. In order to negotiate with vendors in Japan, it is not necessary to immerse yourself in the Asian culture. To explore potential markets in Africa, you don’t need to take a month-long safari across the jungle to learn what their people are like. The key to taking your business global, and doing so effectively, is all about your CQ–or cultural intelligence. Having done training and consulting for leaders in more than 100 countries, David Livermore, president and partner at the Cultural Intelligence Center, has detailed in Leading with Cultural Intelligence a four-step model for improving your CQ and maximizing your impact in managing across cultures: – Drive–boost your motivation for and confidence in interacting with other cultures – Knowledge–understand the relevance of differences in religion, values, norms, and languages – Strategy–plan ahead for unfamiliar cultural settings, but remain flexible if actual experience differs from expectations – Action–successfully adapt your behavior to each situation Featuring fresh research, case studies, and statistics on the ROI of improving your CQ, this new edition of Leading with Cultural Intelligence with help you thrive in any business environment–whether it’s across the world or in your own backyard.

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  • Ask More : The Power Of Questions To Open Doors, Uncover Solutions, And Spa


    What hidden skill links successful people in all walks of life–across cultures, industries, generations . . . all of time? The answer is surprisingly simple: they know how to ask the right questions at the right time. Questions help us break down barriers, discover secrets, solve puzzles, and imagine new ways of doing things. The right question can provide for us not only the answer we need right then but also the ones we’ll need tomorrow. Emmy award-winning journalist and media expert Frank Sesno wants to teach you how to question others in a methodical, intentional way so that you can find the same success that others have found by mastering this simple skill. From the author’s illuminating interviews that he has included in the book, you will learn: – How the Gates Foundation used strategic questions to plan its battle against malaria – How turnaround expert Steve Miller uses diagnostic questions to get to the heart of a company’s problems – How creative questions animated a couple of techie dreamers to brainstorm Uber – How journalist Anderson Cooper uses confrontational questions to hold people accountable Throughout Ask More, you’ll explore all different types of inquiries–from questions that cement relationships, to those that will help you plan for the future. By the end, you’ll know what to ask and when, what you should listen for, and what you can expect as the outcome.

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  • Its Not The Size Of The Data Its How You Use It


    Did you know that your business already has the world’s greatest information-tracking team working tirelessly for you 24/7 to gather all the info you could possibly need to find your next customers? Between brand tracking, CRM programs, and online behavior tracking, as well as the always-dependable trade shows and satisfaction studies, mounds of marketing metrics are being generated for you across various touchpoints and channels. The numbers available to you are mind-blowing–but the amount itself can be mind-numbing. Where can one begin to filter through it all to find what is most beneficial for their company? Locked in the vast quantity of information are accurate, data-driven answers to every marketing question–and analytic dashboards are the key to finding it all. In It’s Not the Size of the Data–It’s How You Use It, marketing expert Koen Pauwels introduces readers to these transformative web-based tools that gather, synthesize, and visually display essential data in real time, directly connecting marketing with performance. He then supplies a simple yet rigorous methodology that explains step by step how to: – Gain crucial IT support – Build a rock-solid database – Select key leading performance indicators – Design the optimal dashboard layout – Use marketing analytics to improve decisions and reap rewards There is simply too much customer-produced information out there today for marketing teams to go with gut decisions or the same old standbys. Dashboard analytics will bring scientific precision and insight to the marketing efforts of any size organization, in any industry, and turn this eye-popping data into a specific plan of attack.

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