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  • Empowering Leadership : How A Leadership Development Culture Builds Better


    Pastor and author Michael P. Fletcher asserts that a leadership pipeline can’t be bought, rather it has to be built from the ground up. Fletcher guides the reader on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your church or organization.

    The key to continued success in any church or organization is a steady stream of healthy, growing leaders; but not just any leaders-leaders who carry the culture and embody its core values. But where can you find leaders like this?

    Author and leadership consultant Michael Fletcher says these types of leaders can’t simply be bought nor can they be hired off of someone else’s assembly line. These types of leaders have to be built through a leadership pipeline.

    A good leadership pipeline will help articulate the values of the church or organization and define the process required to move forward in it. However, to develop leaders at every level in the organization, to create an environment that attracts potential leaders, and to build better leaders faster, an organization needs more than a pipeline-it will need a culture that develops leaders organically.

    If your organization needs good a leadership development structure, then you’re holding the right book. Empowering Leadership details Michael’s greatest insights on how to build better leaders faster by creating a leadership development culture in your organization-naturally, organically, continually.

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  • Managing Projects In Ministry


    Learn how to apply the well-documented benefits of project management in your own church and with your own ministry endeavors! This practical resource provides the fundamentals of project management, while at the same time grounding its use with a biblical foundation. Grounded in numerous real-life case studies and supported with helpful tools, author Vincent Howell offers his years of experience in corporate and nonprofit organizations as well as his experiences with congregational ministry to explain the four phases of project management:

    Inspiration and Initiation
    Evaluating and Celebrating

    Invaluable appendices provide numerous charts, templates, and more! Also available online for free download with purchase of the book.

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  • AdMinistry : The Nuts And Bolts Of Church Administration


    Shepherding the church requires up-to-date knowledge of budgets, insurance, financial management, personnel organization, audits, and legal liability. These responsibilities are complex and ever-changing. While as pastor, you are called to be a faithful steward of the church’s resources and an effective planner of its ministries, you need facts and skills to get your job done. This book will help you organize and weave your way through the often complex the business of the church. Contents include: Definition of Ad-Ministry and What it means to be an Ad-Minister A Theological Model for Ad-Ministry The Church as an Organization Stewarding People-Paid and Unpaid Staff Staffing the Volunteer Organization Stewarding Resources-Finances and Budgeting Stewarding Places and Spaces Stewarding Fiduciary Responsibility-Legal and Liability Issues Stewarding the Mission of God Strategic Planning to Fulfill God’s Call on Your Congregation Includes templates, and samples, including Church Staff Review forms, Staff Growth Plans, Offering Tracking Logs, Financial Statements, Property Inventory Worksheets, Emergency Procedures Worksheets.

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  • Understanding Church Leadership


    Who leads a church? Why is this important to God? God cares about his glory, and he means to display his glory through the church. For this very end, God has established elders and deacons, members, and congregational authority. This primer on church structure connects the different offices of the church to one another and to the glory of God. In the Church Basics Series, trusted church experts write practical, trustworthy resources on issues like Church Discipline, Church Leadership, the Lord’s Supper, and Baptism that every pastor can hand every church member.

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  • Microaggressions In Ministry


    Carlos-a third-generation U.S. citizen from New Jersey whose family emigrated from Colombia many years before Carlos was born-is often complimented on how articulate he is and asked how long he has been in the United States.

    Deborah, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is up for election as church treasurer, has her qualifications questioned, debated, and scrutinized by the congregation far more than any of her male predecessors who were elected with a simple vote.

    Lisa, a male-to-female transgender person, attends a Sunday school where her classmates continue to refer to her with masculine pronouns (he, him, his).

    The three examples above portray microaggressions: subtle slights, insults, and indignities expressed to persons of varied minority statuses. Although microaggressions are usually unintentional, they occur on a regular basis in education, the workplace, and daily life.

    This is the first book that addresses the concept of microaggressions in ministry and church life. Drawing from their background as ordained clergy, Sanders and Yarber introduce ministry leaders to the concept of microaggressions and look specifically at microaggressions directed at race, gender, and sexuality in the church. Sanders and Yarber help readers become more aware of these subtle and often unconscious communications, offering realistic examples and guidance for grappling with this issue in preaching, religious education, worship, spirituality, and pastoral care and counseling. Microaggressions in Ministry equips congregations with methods for assessment and tools for action that will ultimately help create stronger, more welcoming faith communities.

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  • Taking Care Of Business


    Most pastors don’t go into ministry because they love risk management and balancing budgets and writing human resource policies. And yet each of these things, plus more, is part of a pastor’s day-to-day life while leading a church. Neglecting these routine tasks can lead a church into troubled waters, but dealing with them head-on frees up a pastor’s time and energy do what he/she really enjoys: spiritual shepherding.Taking Care of Business helps pastors plan for, implement and delegate the administrative responsibilities of running a church, including: – Creating and Managing Budgets – Safety and Risk Management – Day-to-Day Operations

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  • Leading In DisOrienting Times


    Jack Mezirow, a leader in education theory, suggests that all transformative learning begins with a ‘disorienting dilemma’: an idea or experience that challenges or shifts fundamental values and assumptions. Gary Nelson and Peter Dickens, pastors and teachers with vast experience working with congregations and organizations, believe it is time for Christian leaders to be ‘disoriented,’ for the fundamental values and assumptions of Christian leadership to be reframed and broken down so they can see the leadership task in new ways. Blending current literature from both Christian and secular scholarship with individual and organizational examples, Leading in DisOrienting Times provides support for the concept of servant leadership that may be initially disorienting, but is ultimately liberating.

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  • Teams That Thrive


    Through practical insights, compelling research and real-life stories, church leadership veterans Warren Bird and Ryan Hartwig help you overcome the silo effect and build teams of mutual support and meaningful, sustainable action.

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  • Managing People


    Preach a sermon? No problem.
    Choose a theologically sound Sunday school curriculum? No trouble.
    Conduct annual performance reviews with your ministry staff? Not
    so simple.
    Managing People provides pastors with tips for inspiring and leading staff and volunteers, including:
    – How to handle tough conversations
    – When and how to say no
    – Building and guiding staff and volunteers
    Show Less

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  • For Ministers About To Start


    From Moses and the Israelites to Paul and the Corinthian Christians to all who have served the church since then, this thing called spiritual leadership has been thorny. In For Ministers about to Start … or About to Give Up, Travis Collins lays bare the realities of church leadership while affirming the call to ministry. Stories of his many years of experience as a senior minister, a missionary, and a church consultant are laced with practical tips on treating burnout, wrestling with divisive matters, and recapturing the hope, the faith, and the joy in the call to vocational ministry.

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  • More With Less Church


    In our challenging economic times, it is no surprise that churches must get creative with their resources. But the authors of The More-with-Less Church believe pastors, leadership teams, and planning committees should look on times such as these not as hurdles to overcome but as opportunities to reconsider entrenched but inefficient ministry practices that are siphoning time, money, and energy from their churches. Drawn from time- and field-tested strategies, this practical resource helps church leaders avoid costly mistakes and maximize the return on their investment in four areas of church life–ministries, staffing, facilities, and finances.

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  • Blessed Church : The Simple Secret To Growing The Church You Love


    There’s no better place to experience God than in the loving, healthy community of a blessed church.

    There’s no better place to experience God than in the loving, healthy community of a blessed church.

    In The Blessed Church: The Simple Secret to Growing the Church You Love, Robert Morris explains why Gateway Church is one of America’s, largest, fastest-growing, exciting, and spiritually enriching local churches. This related next chapter to his best-selling The Blessed Life explains to church leader and lay person alike the qualities that make church work in the 21st century. Author Morris shows how every key component of the church can receive God’s richest blessings-vision/mission, church government, preaching-teaching, worship, small groups, giving, outreach, and more. Rather than bemoaning the decline and problems of the contemporary evangelical church, The Blessed Church explains how to seize opporunities in today’s changing and challenging spiritual environment.

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  • Recovering Hope For Your Church


    Why? seems to be on the lips of many church, judicatory, and denominational leaders today. Why has our church plateaued? Why are so few young leaders going into church-based ministries? Why are so few interested in church these days? Recovering Hope uncovers the whys, creating space to embrace new realities, commit to the tough road of recovery, and develop new skills, structures, and ministry designs through a process of spiritual discernment, congregational coaching, and a deeper reliance on the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Eddie Hammett, a Professional Certified Coach and Church and Clergy Coach for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina, provides a step-by-step process of hope and health to encourage, guide, and inspire pastors, leaders, churches, regions, and denominations that recovery of hope is possible. A TCP Leadership Series title.

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  • Attendance Letters


    Challenge Your Members to Faithful Attendance.
    Attendance Letters was designed for your use in increasing faithful church attendance in your members who don’t regularly attend, or to announce special activities to those who do!
    This manual contains letters dealing with special occasions such as the Lord’s supper, missionary speakers, pastor’s birthday, special music services, high attendance Sundays, your church anniversary, and seasonal/holidays.

    Includes: 36 letters in print and on disk, instructions and valuable letter-writing tips.

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  • 7 Habits Of A Visitor Friendly Church


    Guests form most of their opinions about your church within thirty seconds of entering the front door-and that impression will stick with them until they return-if they ever do. While being friendly accounts for 20% of a church’s effectiveness in welcoming guests, the other 80% comes from well-designed systems. The 7 Habits of a Visitor-Friendly Church audio seminar will help you develop habits and a proven system to effectively attract, welcome, and follow up guests so they will stay in your church. You will learn how to: incorporate guests into the life of your church * make evangelism the natural purpose of the church * see your church through the eyes of your guests * make people say good things about your church * implement a values-led assimilation strategy * influence people to come to your church * select the best curriculum for your newcomer’s class * and more. Includes: 4 CDs of the seminar and 1 reproducable seminar workbook.

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  • 100 Publicity Ideas For Local Churches


    This informative resource will assist your church in reaching the community for Christ and making your ministry known to others. From bake sales to bumper stickers, publicity releases to pamphlets, and everything in between, 100 Publicity Ideas for Local Churches gives you the tools you need to implement an effective publicity/outreach program with an evangelistic purpose in your community.

    Includes: 100 ideas with implementation steps, cost estimates, and more!

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  • Managing Stress In Ministry


    Pastors are leaving ministry. Faced with pressures and stresses in their marriage and family, in their career and employment, in their personal sense of self-worth and success — all too often pastors leave ministry tired and discouraged. How can a pastor manage the stress that comes with ministry before the point of burn out? Managing Stress in Ministry will help pastors and spouses find fresh hope, discover new tools for coping with stress, and help them move forward to more effective life and ministry. Through real-life stories and clear application, authors David and Lisa Frisbie will help pastors identify key stressors that affect ministry and provide realistic ways to implement habits to lower stress level. Much-needed resource for anyone in ministry.

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  • Mediating Faith : Faith Formation In A Trans Media Era


    The church struggles with media. Whether it is a denomination negotiating the 24-hour news cycle or a church evaluating how Facebook or online games are influencing the youth group, media is raising questions and placing demands on communities of faith in ways that could not have been imagined just 20 years ago. Thus the importance of understanding media for the church has never been greater.

    In Mediating Faith, church leaders of all kinds will find Clint Schnekloth an engaging and insightful guide to this new and sometimes wondrous world. In doing so he offers an evaluation and theological response to the trans-media era that highlights its potential to transform our work and world.Far from frightening, Schnekloth highlights the opportunities and the riches of this fascinating time.

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  • Multiply Your Impact


    Fun And Done Press
    Forget church growth! In the twenty-first century, it is multiply or dry up. There doesn’t seem to be another alternative. We believe that any church can reclaim the foundational multiplication DNA of the Jesus movement. Unfortunately, too few leaders and churches understand what it takes and what it looks like to multiply their impact to bring more of God’s reign to earth. We hope this booklet helps you internalize the concept of multiplication so your church might move more boldly with God. We pray this boldness empowers concrete and constructive next steps that create new places of spiritual community and transformation with new people.

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  • Parlimentary Guide For Church Leaders (Anniversary)


    Written by the chief parliamentarian of the Southern Baptist Convention, A Parliamentary Guide for Church Leaders has become a standard reference work in the field of church administration for ministers, seminary students, church leaders, convention officers and delegates/messengers. Dr. McCarty draws on over thirty years of experience as a pastor and a professional parliamentarian to make the essential rules of procedure understandable for ordinary people seeking to effectively participate in meetings of their church, denominational convention, or other business gatherings.

    For the past quarter century, twelve presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention have relied on the author’s expertise to guide them through the annual sessions of the largest deliberative assembly in the world. Now, this silver anniversary edition brings users into the twenty-first century with additional notes on special considerations for multi-site churches and an entire chapter on conflict resolution.

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  • Selected To Serve (Revised)


    Newly revised guide for church leaders.

    As Presbyterians we face tremendous challenges to ministry in the twenty-first century. . . . As church leaders (formerly called church officers) in ordered ministry become accustomed to the emphasis on mission and increased flexibility, they will see how their calling will be even more critical for our denomination’s future. from the introduction

    This useful guide for church leaders covers all aspects of officer training: call, duties, ethics, the Presbyterian Constitution, and much more. Congregations will find this resource indispensable for the recruitment and training of effective church leaders. Earl S. Johnson, Jr. has revised this best-selling book to include the new standards from the new Form of Government in the Book of Order

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  • When The Magisterium Intervenes


    Catholicism has always recognized the need for a normative doctrinal teaching authority. Yet the character, scope, and exercise of that authority, what has come to be called the magisterium, has changed significantly over two millennia. This book gathers contributions from leading Catholic scholars in considering new factors that must be taken into account as we consider the church’s official teaching authority in today’s postmodern context.

    Noted experts in their fields cover many intriguing topics here, including the investigation of theologians that has occurred in recent years, canonical perspectives on such investigations, the role that women religious have played in these issues, the place of the media when problems arise, and possible future ways forward.

    The book concludes with The Elizabeth Johnson Dossier, a selection of documents essential to understanding the case of Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, whose work was recently the subject of severe criticism by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

    Contributors include Bradford Hinze, James Coriden, Colleen Mallon, Ormond Rush, Gerard Mannion, Anthony Godzieba, Vincent Miller, Richard Gaillardetz, and Elizabeth Johnson.

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  • Leading Gods People


    Written by an acclaimed patristics scholar with firsthand parish experience, this book presents the key principles of church leadership as they were taught by some of the great pastor-theologians of the early church. Over the centuries, countless leaders from all church traditions – Eastern and Western, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox – have turned to the classic works on pastoral ministry for inspiration and guidance. Here Christopher A. Beeley draws on the wise teachings of early Christian leaders as he offers warmhearted pastoral advice to fellow ministers and candidates for ministry. Topics covered include the nature of Christian service, pastoral authority, spirituality for leaders, pastoral care and healing, Scripture and theology as resources for ministry, and the transformative power of word and sacrament.

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  • Administracion Basica Para Igl


    The book presents the process of integration as found in the Scriptures, and a theological framework that can be used by the Christian leader to focus on the administrative tasks. Establishing the mission and vision; the development of a strategic plan with goals and objectives; the use of policies and procedures as tools for planning: preparation and interpretation of budgets; and implementation of objectives for the ministry.

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  • In Search Of Timothy Workbook (Workbook)


    The In Search of Timothy series by Tony Cooke explores the roles of Timothy and other biblical figures who accomplished the plan of God by serving others. This teaching series is specifically targeted to help you become the servant, worker, and leader in the Body of Christ that God intends you to be. This workbook corresponds directly to the textbook, CDs, and DVDs in the In Search of Timothy Complete Leadership Training Course.

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  • Best Practices In Catholic Church Ministry Performance Management



    1. Framework Of Accountability In The Church
    Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D.
    2. HR Guidelines For Developing A Performance Management System
    Daniel Koys, Ph.D.
    3. The Evolution Of Employment Practices Regarding Lay Parish Ministry
    David DeLambo
    4. Using Standards In Lay Ecclesial Ministry Professional Development
    Christopher Anderson
    5. Performance Management In A Family Business?
    Zeni Fox, Ph.D.
    II. Performance Evaluation Of Clergy

    6. Performance Management Of Catholic Clergy: Best Practice Or New Iconoclasm?
    Rev. John Beal
    7. Importance Of Performance Evaluation Of Seminarians And Priests For Effective Parish Ministry
    Sr. Katarina Schuth, O.S.F.
    8. Clergy Performance Management: An Organizational Psychology Perspective
    Lisa R. Berlinger, Ph.D.
    9. Performance Management And Ongoing Formation Of Priests
    James H. Alphen
    10. Neither Fish Nor Fowl: Performance Evaluation Of Deacons
    Deacon Justin Green
    11. Summary And Conclusion
    Charles E. Zech, Ph.D.

    Additional Info
    The Church is not a business, but it does have a stewardship responsibility to ensure that all of its resources are used as effectively as possible to carry out God’s work on earth. In the case of human resource assets, good stewardship involves assisting those engaged in ministry (whether clerical or lay) to achieve their greatest potential through the various components of performance management, including performance assessment. This unique collection brings together both scholars and practitioners who tackle the tricky questions related to the performance management of lay Church workers and clergy (priests and deacons).

    Performance management is multi-faceted, ranging from issues about hiring, job descriptions, performance criteria, performance appraisal, formation, and firing procedures. As a charitable organization, the Church is subject to the same civil law employment regulations as companies in the private sector. Contributors demonstrate that Canon Law and Church tradition supports the performance management of Church ministers (including clergy). This is a valuable resource for programs in church ministry, pastoral administration, and in the emerging field of church management.

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  • Sticky Teams : Keeping Your Leadership Team And Staff On The Same Page


    Larry Osborne exposes the hidden roadblocks, structures, and goofy thinking that all too often sabotage the health and harmony of even the best intentioned ministry teams. Then with practical and seasoned advice he shows what it takes to get a leadership board, ministry team, and an entire congregation headed in the same direction, sticking together, unified and healthy for the long haul.

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  • Culture Of Honor


    In this powerful, revelation-packed book, Danny Silk describes the significant paradigm shift in church life, government, and relationships that has created and sustained the revival culture at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

    Through many relevant and true-life stories, the church is revealed as a place of freedom, respect, empowerment, and healthy discipline (not punishment). Culture of Honor challenges the status quo of church leadership structure and presents a refreshing view of the five-fold ministry.

    Jesus acknowledged this important principle in Matthew 20:25-26:

    But Jesus called them to Himself and said, ‘You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and those who are great exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.’

    If those with power learn how to empower those around them, then surely it will come to pass that, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

    You can apply-today-the truths revealed in this practical yet supernaturally charged set of principles to relationships in your family, workplace, community, ministry, church-wherever you deal with others.

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  • Indispensable Guide For Smaller Churches


    Annotation: This title complements Ray’s earlier books The Big Small Church Book and Wonderful Worship in Smaller Churches. He expands on the subject by treating subjects such as communal theology as a tool for understanding smaller churches.

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  • Best Advice : Wisdom On Ministry From 30 Leading Pastors And Preachers


    This book gathers a diverse group of leading pastors and preachers and asks them: What is your best advice to colleagues in ministry about preaching and being a pastor? The responses are full of wisdom and practical advice, illuminating and helpful for all who are pastors and preachers.

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  • African American Pastoral Care


    In this major revision of his classic book, Dr. Edward Wimberly updates his narrative methodology by examining current issues in African American pastoral care and counseling.

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  • Ministry Of Administrative Assistants


    This ministry guide has been written to provide information about how to provide support ministry to the people with whom you work. This guide is also for people who work in many different ministry settings, a church or denominational administrative office, a small or medium size church, a parachurch or missions focused organization, and large churches. It will assist them with how they look at their ministry, and the level of support that is needed for their particular setting.
    A call to ministry is an important thing to understand for an administrative assistant; your heart and the way you deal with people and tasks are different if you understand your position as a call to ministry rather than a job for a paycheck. If you understand that you represent not just your pastor and your church, but Christ to every person who calls, stops by, e-mails, etc., you approach your tasks and people differently. Working as the assistant to a pastor, or any person in ministry, you have to approach your tasks with an understanding of who you are serving, and you are serving Christ and his people.
    The position of Administrative Assistant is a vital part of the over-all ministry of your church and the congregation. You are the gate-keeper, bridge-builder, keeper of the information, soother of wounded feelings, and the deliverer of unwanted news. You are the person who has your finger on the pulse of your congregation and your community. You are the person people will come to for answers. You will handle thousands of details related to dozens of different projects and commitments for your pastor. You will help make your pastor’s ministry seamless.
    While all of these descriptions may make your head spin, this is a part of the ministry of being an assistant. You can look at each day as a challenge or an adventure. If you understand your job as a ministry and understand your call to this ministry you are ready for a great adventure. Begin each day with a prayer for wisdom and strength, surrender your mind and will to God, and prepare yourself to work with the heart of a servant.
    As Christ walks alongside you in your daily life,

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  • Preparing For Change Reaction


    Preparing for Change Reaction assists church leaders as they guide their boards and congregations through change.

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  • Leadership Handbook Of Management And Administration (Revised)


    This substantial resource offers pastors and church leaders practical insight into the daily issues of running a church. Conceived and compiled by the editors of Leadership journal, this book covers the full spectrum of ministry practice. Readers will learn about perennial topics such as time management, negotiating the terms of a call, handling crisis and conflict, hiring and managing staff, conducting special fund drives, spending church money, and dealing with tax and law considerations.

    This revised and expanded edition of a proven ministry resource contains new contributions from prominent ministry leaders. Contributors include Leith Anderson, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Luis Palau, John Ortberg, Aubrey Malphurs, and many others.

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  • Ministry Of Defense


    11 Chapters

    Additional Info
    The Ministry of Defense is a practical thorough guide to security in the house of God. Current affairs show an increase of violence against churches and men and women of God. This book will show any security operative how to effectively protect his or her ministry, members and leaders from an extensive list of attacks and events from fire and medical emergencies to armed attackers and explosives.

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  • Administration In The Small Membership Church


    For many pastors, church administration may be their least favorite area of ministry. This book helps pastors create and maintian effective structures that will enable them to spend more time on what they truly value.
    Outlines key steps to organize and manage time, staff, and resources of the small-membership church including multi-point charges

    Gives practical methods for creating and maintaining viable structures for effective church management
    Helps pastors get organized so they can focus on what gives them the most satisfaction in ministry
    Helps church leaders recruit and retain the right people for the right jobs, especially where resources are limited.

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  • Shepherds Assistant : A Handbook For Church Elders Or Deacons


    Originally self-published by Arthur J. Clement, The Shepherd’s Assistants is a handbook to help guide church elders and deacons in the various tasks they are asked by the pastor to perform for the congregation. As the shepherd’s assistants, elders and deacons work closely with the pastor concerning spiritual matters of the congregation. But some of these men may feel inadequate or aprehensive due to their lack of formal training in the ministry of the Word. This manual helps alleviate such feelings by providing the church’s elected with Scripture-based advice and step-by-step actions for handling certain congregational affairs. The author writes to ensure that those who serve in congregations are thoroughly trained and have a reference for how to handle church matters for the pastor. Pastors may find it helpful to use The Shepherd’s Assistants at board meetings. The seven chapters are:
    The Elders as Ministers of Christ and Assistants to the Shepherd (The Pastor); The Elders’ Qualifications, Charateristics, Duties, Do’s and Don’ts; The Elders at Work: Admonishing the Offender; The Elders at Work: Ministering to Delinquents;The Elders at work: Writing Letters Also includes: Addendum One: Presentation of God’s Plan for Our Salvation; Addendum Two: The Law and Gospel; Addendum Three: Responding to Excuses or Objections; Addendum Four: Scripture Topics Index; Addendum Five: Sample Letters; Addendum Six: The Elders Organize; Addendum Seven: Notes and Bibliographies.

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  • Great Leader Great Teacher


    What does God’s Word say about leadership? And how can pastors and lay leaders within the church lead in the way Christ modeled? Gary Bredfeldt unpacks the biblical method of leadership in this concise book. For every pastor and church leader called to be teacher and shepherd.

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  • Respuestas A Preguntas De Past


    Pastors Warren Wiersbe and Howard Sugden tackle practical questions such as – How can I determine whether I am called to the ministry, and how important is the assurance of a special call? How can I get started on the right foot in a new place of ministry? How do you go about removing dead officers and teachers? How can we best assimilate new converts and new members to the church family? How can I be a faithful pastor, husband, and father all at the same time?

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  • New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier


    1. What Are Choice Points?
    2. Common Choice Points
    3. A Choice Point Growth Strategy
    4. The 200 Barrier
    5. Spiritual Preparations
    6. Planning
    7. Implementing
    8. Leading
    9. Conclusion: You Can!

    Additional Info
    Your church can rise from its plateau and Break The 200 Barrier!

    New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier is directed to both the pastor and the layperson and offers insights and strategies that will help your church move beyond the average and into the extraordinary. Based on current church trends, new research, and years of experience, strategist Dr. Bill Sullivan returns to the topic of his earlier work, Ten Steps To Breaking The 200 Barrier (1988), and revisits the challenges churches face when trying to grow beyond an attendance of 200. This time he focuses on how the decisions of the congregation affect the church as a whole. He stresses why it is important to train the people, as well as the pastor and church leaders, to understand and accept the changes that come with growth and the desire to expand Christ’s kingdom.

    New Perspectives On Breaking the 200 Barrier will help your church:
    * Examine the decisions made toward church growth and understand how to make better choices
    * Develop a strategy for dealing with tacit assumptions that remain fixed and unresponsive to change without placing all of the responsibility on the pastor
    * Focus on prayer and faith with new insight
    * Recognize that the gate of change is locked on the inside and it is the congregation that holds the key

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  • African American Church Management Handbook


    Highly regarded pastor Floyd Flake; his wife, co-pastor, author, Elaine Flake; and church chief financial officer Edwin Reed offer a design based on key needs in the black church, and their experience at one of the nation’s most respected and largest black churches, Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in New York. This unique, detailed, and thorough resource for black churches of any denomination covers virtually all aspects of church management from the theoretical and theological to the practical nuts and bolts of church administration. The authors include a special section offering principles for economic development, an area in which Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral has experienced extraordinary success. The African American Church Management Handbook is sure to find a permanent place on the desks of African American pastors, seminarians, and church leaders for many years to come.

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  • Organic Church : Growing Faith Where Life Happens


    About Leadership Network.

    Part One: Roots Of The Organic Church.
    Part Two: The Organic Nature Of The Kingdom Of God.
    Part Three: From The Microscope To The Telescope.
    Part Four: The Epidemic Kingdom And How It Spreads.
    Part Five: The Call To Organic Church.

    About The Author.
    Subject Index.
    Scriptural Index.

    Additional Info
    Churches have tried all kinds of ways to attract new and younger members – revised vision statements, hipper worship, contemporary music, livelier sermons, bigger and better auditoriums. But there are still so many people who aren’t being reached, who don’t want to come to church. And the truth is that attendance at church on Sundays does not necessarily transform lives; God’s presence in our hearts is what changes us. Leaders and laypeople everywhere are realizing that they need new and more powerful ways to help them spread God’s Word. According to international church starter and pastor Neil Cole, if we want to connect with young people and those who are not coming to church, we must go where people congregate. Cole shows readers how to plant the seeds of the Kingdom of God in the places where life happens and where culture is formed – restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, parks, locker rooms,and neighborhoods. Organic Church offers a hands-on guide for demystifying this new model of church and shows the practical aspects of implementing it.

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  • Leading From The Second Chair


    About Leadership Network.
    Foreword (Greg L. Hawkins).


    1. Living In The Paradoxes.

    2. Am I A Second Chair Leader?


    3. Taking It From The Top.

    4. Crossing The Line.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Subordinate-Leader Paradox.


    5. A Matter Of Perspective.

    6. Building The Team . . . One Relationship At A Time.

    7. Putting It Into Practice.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Deep-Wide Paradox.


    8. Contentment In The Second Chair.

    9. Dreaming In The Second Chair.

    10. Leaving The Second Chair.

    A Word To First Chairs On The Contentment-Dreaming Paradox.


    The People Behind The Stories: Profiles Of Second Chair Leaders.



    About The Authors.


    Additional Info
    LEADING FROM THE SECOND CHAIR will raise awareness of the need for strong leaders in secondary positions. It will describe the value they can bring to their organization and to primary leaders when they are serving at their full potential. It will reshape the way they view their role, with an emphasis on their own responsibility as leaders. It recognizes the unique challenges and frustrations of serving in a subordinate position and equips these leaders with the attitudes and skills that they will need to survive and thrive in this new paradigm.
    Because of the scarcity of resources for second chair leaders, particularly those in the church, this book will offer a practical way to improve the performance of any organization. Leading Congregational Change discussed the importance of a vision community–a diverse group of key members who discern and implement the vision for a congregation–to guide the transformation of a church. This work will extend the theme of an empowered leadership team as we explore how individual clergy and laity can lead effectively.

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  • Understanding Church Growth (Revised)


    Author Donald A. McGavran is considered a founder of the Church Growth Movement in America. In this 3rd edition of his standard work, McGavaran analyzes the causes, methods and strategies for successful church growth both in America and abroad.

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  • Culture Shift : Transforming Your Church From The Inside Out


    About Leadership Network.
    Foreword (Erwin Raphael McManus).


    PART ONE: Awakening To Culture.

    1. Why Culture Matters.

    2. Your Destiny In Seed Form.

    3. What You Think Is What You See.

    PART TWO: Birthing The Culture.

    4. Totems: Identifying Your Church’s Culture.

    5. How To Shift Your Church’s Culture.

    6. Divine Partnership.

    PART THREE: Growing The Culture At New Hope O’ahu.

    7. Identifying New Hope’s Totems.

    8. Culture Setters.

    9. Plug-and-Play Subculture Vs. Authentic Culture.

    10. Creating And Re-Creating Culture.

    PART FOUR: Growing The Culture At Fellowship Bible Church.

    11. Identifying Fellowship Bible’s Totems.

    12. The Power Of A Disciplined Vision.

    13. Learning To Spot Opportunity.

    14. Courageous Adjustments To Safeguard The Values.

    PART FIVE: Advancing The Culture.

    15. Irresistible Culture.


    Appendix One: Involvement And Satisfaction Survey.

    Appendix Two: Sample Pages From A Life Journal.



    About The Authors.


    Additional Info
    Culture Shift, written for church leaders, ministers, pastors, ministry teams, and lay leaders, leads you through the process of identifying your church’s distinctive culture, gives you practical tools to change it from the inside-out, and provides steps to keep your new culture aligned with your church’s mission. Real transformation is not about working harder at what you’re already doing or even copying another church’s approach but about changing church culture at a foundational level.

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  • Help Im A Pastor


    Richard Armstrong and Kirk Morledge present this practical guide for pastoral ministry, offering counsel about a wide range of topics related to a pastor’s professional ministry and personal life. Topics include beginning a new ministry, balancing one’s personal life and ministry, wrestling with conflict, worrying about church finances, and preaching. This introduction to ministry can function as a textbook as well as an invaluable handbook or desk reference for pastors in the midst of congregational ministry.

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  • In Search Of Timothy


    This 246-page book written by Tony Cooke explains how you were created by God to make a significant impact in helping your local church.

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  • Church Safety And Security


    (with John M. Edie, Dennis K. Lewis, Edward L. Spain & Donna M. Washburn)

    The church has always been regarded as a safe haven – a spiritual sanctuary where people can come to worship God free from worries about violence or unethical behavior by those involved in church ministry. But our culture is changing, and church leaders can no longer assume that it won’t happen in my church. Like the rest of society, churches need to ensure the safety and security of their facility, staff, and worshipers.

    This book provides a wealth of practical information on preparing for and responding to the challenges of a dangerous world. Robert Cirtin draws on more than two decades of law enforcement and investigative experience, and with his team of professionals outlines a how-to approach full of specific proactive steps churches can take to protect themselves and reduce the risk of costly lawsuits. Church Safety And Security is a must-have resource for anyone participating in or preparing for church leadership.

    Topics covered include:
    ? Utilizing background screening to protect your congregation
    ? Safety and security issues for church-run preschool and day care programs
    ? Preparing for and responding to medical emergencies
    ? How to deal with issues pertaining to child abuse
    ? Legally mandated responsibilities of church staff members
    ? How to utilize security/surveillance cameras in the church facility
    ? Organizing a church security officer program
    ? Effectively coping with intruders
    ? Responding to violent acts when they occur
    ? How to conduct a thorough investigation

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  • Catholic Parish : Hope For A Changing World


    Through pastoral insights, moving stories, theological insights, and practical suggestions, this book offers a vision and road map for parish teams to examine and renew pastoral ministry in today’s world.

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  • Lost Art Of Walking On Water


    With bursting congregations, shrinking ranks and a priest sexual abuse scandal in the headlines, no group seems more beleaguered of late than Roman Catholic priests. This book of essays by a priest is candid, thoughtful, honest, sometimes funny and filled with hope and practical suggestions for parish priests today. Facing such challenges as prayer, obedience, celibacy, depression and church leadership, he offers a call to greater transparency and trusting faith. Even turbulent times are graced. Father Heher believes priests can do more than survive this difficult time; they have the capacity to grow more resilient, relaxed, effective and loving.

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  • Heart Of A Servant Leader


    These letters by a seasoned, influential pastor address a variety of ministry issues, as well as physical suffering, overcoming sin, learning to forgive, spiritual warfare, etc. We learn that a leader should be the cheif servant, and that right attitudes come only from a heart changed by an encounter with God.

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  • Deacons And The Church


    Deacons and the Church is a comprehensive overview of the permanent diaconate that provides a unique combination of theological reflection, historical analysis, and pastoral problems and issues. Written by a permanent deacon, it sets as point of departure the restoration of the diaconate at Vatican II. From there, it follows the history of the diaconate from Jesus onward, pausing to consider those who serve as stellar examples of deacons for deacons: Lawrence of Rome, Ephrem of Nisibis, Francis of Assisi, and Nicholas Ferrer of Little Gidding. He discusses the deacon and liturgy, reflects on the spirituality of the deacon, the dysfunctional deacon, and the interface between the sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony.With its one-of-a-kind combination of theological, historical, and pastoral emphasis, enhanced by the personal experience of the author, this book is a must-have for deacons and anyone interested in the diaconate.

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  • Bivocational Pastor : Two Jobs One Ministry


    Succeed in bi-vocational ministry. Bi-vocational ministers face unique challenges. Often times, you are called to lead smaller churches with few resources, many of which have plateaued or are in decline is looked at by some as a second-class ministry performed by people who do not have the opportunity to serve a larger church. Along with your family and church responsibilities, your second job also requires a large amount of time each week.

    But you have a special calling, as both of your jobs can provide opportunities for ministry. In his new book, Dennis Bickers provides solid advice to help you succeed in bi-vocational ministry. You’ll learn how to:
    *Manage time wisely
    *Define success on your own terms
    *Develop a vision for your church
    *Maintain a passion for the ministry
    *And much more!

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  • Walking The Small Group Tightrope


    A time-tested resource for pastors and small group leaders to help them understand how to manage the tensions that result when a variety of good objectives compete for a group’s attention Foundational resources such as Building a Church of Small Groups and The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry were written for those who launch and lead small group ministries. Now there is a proven resource from Willow Creek created specifically for small group leaders who serve in the trenches of small group life. Walking the Small Group Tightrope applies polarity management training to group life. Polarity management teaches that in every area of life we must learn to manage the tension that exists between two good things rather than choosing one over the other. There are six challenges or tensions every small group leader faces and must learn to manage well. Each challenge must be met by managing two good values that exist along a continuum: * Learning Challenge: Truth_Life Continuum * Relational Challenge: Friendship_Accountability Continuum * Development Challenge: Care_Discipleship Continuum * Reconciliation Challenge: Kindness_Confrontation Continuum * Impact Challenge: Task_People Continuum * Connection Challenge: Openness_Intimacy Continuum

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  • Search To Belong


    A practical guide for those struggling to build a community of believers in a culture that wants to experience belonging over believing Who is my neighbor? Who belongs to me? To whom do I belong? These are timeless questions that guide the church to its fundamental calling. Today terms like neighbor, family, and congregation are being redefined. People are searching to belong in new places and experiences. The church needs to adapt its interpretations, definitions, and language to make sense in the changing culture. This book equips congregations and church leaders with tools to: * Discern the key ingredients people look for in community * Understand the use of space as a key element for experiencing belonging and community * Develop the chemical compound that produces an environment for community to spontaneously emerge * Discover how language promotes specific spatial belonging and then use this knowledge to build an effective vocabulary for community development * Create an assessment tool for evaluating organizational and personal community health

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  • Reglas Parlamentarias


    How to conduct a meeting or business session.

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  • New Altar Guild Book (Large Type)


    Offers a lively blend of liturgical history, sacramental theology, and practical hints to help parish altar guilds carry out their ministry.

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  • Starting A New Church


    15 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Starting A New Church is perfect for
    A church that is considering a new church plant
    A small church pastor who wants to re establish his church in the community
    A church that has launched a new network and needs fresh ideas
    Starting A New Church gives you all the tools you need to plant a church successfully!
    Lead your core group through this program to help them catch a vision and teach them to contribute to the project in significant ways. This easy to use notebook includes a leader’s guide and reproducible student worksheets. In addition, this kit includes a DVD designed to stimulate study and discussion. Each of the 15 chapters is enhanced by a 2-5 minute video clip, usually featuring an actual church planter whose story is told in the chapter.

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  • Pastor And People


    The relationship between the pastor and the people is integral to a congregation’s life and ministry. This timely resource offers key insights on tending to various aspects of this relationship, including reflections on the ministry of clergy and laity, the role of a pastor, ministry review, performance evaluation, and much more. Suitable for pastors, congregational leaders and councils, call committees, and anyone involved in church ministry.

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  • Our Structure : Carrying Out The Vision


    Leading effectively in a congregation begins with identifying a vision for the future and then carrying it out. This book shows a variety of ways to organize your congregation, promote hospitality, set boundaries, recruit volunteers, plan work, and build a team.

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