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  • Gender Identity And Faith


    Helping people navigate gender identity questions today is complex and often polarized work.

    For clients and families who are also informed by their faith, some mental health approaches raise more questions than answers. Clinicians need a client-centered, open-ended approach that makes room for gender exploration while respecting religious identity.
    Gender Identity and Faith carves out clinical space for mental health professionals to help people who wish to take seriously their gender identity, their religious identity, and the relationship between the two. Drawing from their extensive research and experience with clients, Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky provide a timely, practical resource for practitioners. This book:

    *emphasizes respect for clients’ journeys, without a single fixed outcome, toward congruence between their gender identity and faith

    *describes effective clinical postures, assessment and therapeutic tools, and numerous case studies

    *covers needs and characteristics of children, youth, and adult clients

    *includes worksheets and prompts for clients and family members

    “Integrating personhood and values is no easy feat, especially in our current cultural landscape,” the authors write. Those navigating this intersection need clinicians who seek to understand their unique context and journey with them with empathy. This book helps point the way.

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  • Counseling And Psychotherapy


    This substantially revised and updated edition of a widely used textbook covers the major approaches to counseling and psychotherapy from a Christian perspective, with hypothetical verbatim transcripts of interventions for each major approach and the latest empirical or research findings on their effectiveness. The second edition covers therapies and techniques that are increasing in use, reduces coverage of techniques that are waning in importance, and includes a discussion of lay counseling. The book presents a Christian approach to counseling and psychotherapy that is Christ-centered, biblically based, and Spirit-filled.

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  • Person In Psychology And Christianity


    Integral to a Christian worldview and to psychology are foundational questions about personhood: What characteristics are essential? What is our purpose? Do we naturally incline toward good or bad? Are we accountable for self and responsible for others?

    In The Person in Psychology and Christianity, developmental psychologist Marjorie Gunnoe demonstrates how the integration of theological and psychological perspectives offers a more comprehensive understanding of personhood than either approach alone. Gunnoe opens with a brief summary of biblical and theological perspectives on four organizing themes (human essence, purpose, moral tendency, and accountability). She then examines the intersection of this faith-based depiction with five theories of social development proposed by:

    *Erik Erikson
    *John Bowlby
    *B. F. Skinner
    *Albert Bandura
    *Evolutionary Psychology

    For each, Gunnoe includes a biography, a summary of the theorist’s broad perspective on personhood, and an analysis of the theorist’s stance on the four specific themes. This book is written for a general audience and suitable for undergraduate and graduate instruction.

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  • Theology For Psychology And Counseling


    This book explores the significance of theology and the Christian faith for the practice of psychology. The authors demonstrate how psychology and the Christian faith can be brought together in a mutually enriching lived practice, helping students engage in psychology in a theologically informed way. Each chapter includes introductory takeaways, individual and group reflection questions, and resources for further study and reading.

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  • Making Sense Of Forgiveness


    Cliches, glib answers, and quick solutions are shared all too often with those who are struggling to forgive. We know Jesus calls us to forgive, but it can be hard to know what that looks like in complicated, messy relationships. Pastor and counselor Brad Hambrick helps readers to understand that forgiveness is the start of a journey that doesn’t erase the past, but honestly confronts hurt and clears the way for a hope-filled discussion on how to move toward healing.

    Too often forgiveness is viewed as the culmination of a journey, but when someone says, “I forgive you,” they are not saying, “Things are all better now.” They are saying, “I have decided to relate to your offense towards me differently.” Hambrick helps readers make sense of forgiveness biblically and relationally by addressing a variety of common questions that arise when we have been hurt: Does forgiveness mean restoration of trust? Am I supposed to “forgive and forget”? What is the role of biblical wisdom and boundaries on the road to forgiveness?

    Making Sense of Forgiveness speaks to those who are struggling by acknowledging the seriousness of their pain, explaining the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, and helping readers understand the relationship between forgiveness and emotional freedom. The author explores the characteristics of God’s forgiveness toward us and how that shapes our own forgiveness.

    Includes a foreword from lawyer, activist, and former gymnast Rachael Denhollander.

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  • Biblical Counseling Process


    What makes counseling biblical? What does the biblical counseling process entail? What is the focus of each stage of the process? Lauren Whitman, an experienced CCEF counselor, addresses these questions and more in A Biblical Counseling Process, sharing a process from start to finish that will help guide counselors in reaching the hearts of their counselees and connecting them to Jesus, who brings hope and change.

    Although there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for biblical counseling, Whitman captures the scope of a counseling process and identifies two major tasks for the beginning, middle, and the end. Each of the chapters works together to explain, describe, support, and illustrate these tasks. The author also provides a case study that continues throughout the book, providing readers with an example of how to implement the process.

    As part of CCEF’s Helping the Helper series, A Biblical Counseling Process will equip counselors, pastors, and lay leaders to approach their counseling ministry intentionally so that their work faithfully points people to the Lord, considers who he is, his heart, and what he calls us to. Useful for new and seasoned counselors alike, this resource will equip helpers with a vision for what a progression of counseling looks like.

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  • Church As A Culture Of Care


    We all know people in our world are struggling–eating disorders, addictions, depression, sexual issues, marital problems–the list goes on and on. Can the church help or is that an outdated concept that no longer fits modern problems? In The Church as a Culture of Care, biblical counselor Dale Johnson explains that the church is still the primary place where those who struggle can receive lasting hope and healing.

    Pastors and lay leaders in the church often feel inadequate to address certain needs and are unsure of how to help. This book is designed to help erase the stigma of “mental health issues” in the church and to present the church as the primary haven for answers to deep-seated human problems. Readers will learn that God has designed every function of the church to be an integral part of soul care. God has provided the church with the necessary resources for us to care well for one another. Prayer, the Word, the work of the Holy Spirit, and Christian community are God’s provisions to lead all of us to Christ–even those with the deepest struggles.

    Counselors, ministers, and lay leaders will be empowered to have confidence in God’s purpose for the church, the power of his Spirit, and the sufficiency of his Word for soul care.

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  • Christian Meditation In Clinical Practice


    Christians are hungry for a return to their own tradition to cultivate meditation practices that are both psychologically and spiritually fruitful.

    In recent decades, mindfulness meditation, which originates from the Buddhist tradition, has been embraced in many settings as a method for addressing a plethora of symptoms. What would it look like to turn instead to the Christian faith for resources to more effectively identify and respond to psychological suffering? Over the last decade, Dr. Joshua Knabb has conducted a variety of empirical studies on Christian meditation, focusing on both building theory and testing specific, replicable practices. In this overview and workbook he presents the foundations of a Christian-sensitive approach to meditation in clinical practice. Filled with practical features for immediate use by Christian clients and their therapists, Christian Meditation in Clinical Practice provides:

    *an introduction to the rich resources on meditation from eight major streams of the Christian tradition

    *practices from the early desert Christians, Ignatius of Loyola, Celtic Christians, the Puritans, contemporary writers, and many others

    *guidance for targeting transdiagnostic processes–patterns of cognition, affect, behavior, the self, and relationships that may lead to psychological suffering

    *research-based evidence for the benefits of Christian meditation

    *client-friendly tools for practicing meditation, including step-by-step instructions, worksheets, journaling prompts, and links to tailored audio resources

    Using the approach of Christian psychology, Knabb’s model dually builds on a biblical worldview and integrates the latest research in clinical psychology. As clients engage the variety of meditative exercises in this book, they will move toward healthier responses to difficult experiences and a deeper awareness of, and contentment in, God.

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  • Gospel For Disordered Lives


    The Gospel for Disordered Lives, reminds readers that the gospel-the heartbeat of the Bible-brings life changing hope and power to real people with real problems. The authors believe God in his Word speaks more deeply and more powerfully than the mental health world. This volume provides an introductory guide to the theory and practice of Christ-centered biblical counseling. This book is intended to serve as a foundational textbook for bachelors and masters-level students in Christian colleges, universities, seminaries, and graduate schools. While not aimed at those pursuing state licensure, the book provides a Bible-based perspective that these students can adapt in their broader ministry context.

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  • When Home Hurts


    A pastoral guide to dealing wisely with domestic abuse in the local church.

    This book is intended to equip pastors, church leaders and church members to respond with the heart of God to situations of domestic abuse that occur in their local church. Prioritising the safety of the victim at all times, Jeremy Pierre and Greg Wilson seek to help you be the kind of church leader, church member, friend, parent, sibling, or neighbor who responds wisely. We want the church to be a new normal for those grown accustomed to abuse. A home that doesn’t hurt those inside, but instead welcomes them into the tender care of the Lord.

    Split into three sections, When Home Hurts begins with an overview to provide a framework for understanding abuse and the people caught up in it, before moving on to advice on how to help in the short and long terms.

    This very practical, pastoral book acknowledges the reality and the horror of domestic abuse, but also the reality and power of God to heal. It will be a helpful guide to anyone who suspects abuse within their church family but is unsure how to help without making things worse.

    The five appendices at the end of the book offer helpful answers to difficult questions as well as additional resources.

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  • Counselors Guide To Christian Mindfulness


    Mindfulness is now a therapeutic touchstone for a range of emotional issues, from mild distress to the treatment of trauma, emphasizing quiet, analog practices that balance out the busyness of our daily techno-heavy lives. Christian mindfulness is about making time, on purpose, to turn our whole attention to God so that we can hear His still small voice above the chatter. It is a sense of awareness which encompasses the thought life of the person leading them to become more aware of their thoughts with a conscious, non-judgmental posture.

    In A Counselor’s Guide to Christian Mindfulness John Trent and Regina Trammel offer counselors training in mindfulness-based therapies such as dialectical behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. These therapies have been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of many mental health issues, blending elements in the fields of neuroscience, social science, and religious training. They offer a Christian perspective that will be extremely helpful in helping Christian counselors and therapists to confidently use mindfulness interventions with those they treat and help.

    Christian mindfulness means that we turn our minds to God and he transforms our thoughts and emotions as we unite our will, our mind, and ultimately, our control over to him as the perfecter and healer of our faith.

    The practice of Christian mindfulness can be tremendously helpful in developing biblical skills to help clients manage their intrusive and stressful thoughts, emotions, relationships, and challenges. This book fills a gap for Christian counselors and therapists who are eager for a resource that teaches mindfulness skills from a purposefully Christian and biblical perspective.

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  • Grace Based Counseling


    You speak God’s truth when you counsel. But do you also communicate His grace?

    The Christian counselor or pastor plays an important role in helping people process the trauma they’ve experienced. Too often, a client leaves the counselor’s office with feelings of guilt and shame. They feel the heavy burden of what they did wrong. But somehow, they’ve missed the grace of God that makes things right again.

    A counseling model that stays true to a biblical worldview will overflow with grace . . . not cheap grace, but real grace that acknowledges sin while offering a hopeful path to redemption and healing. In Grace-Based Counseling, professional counselors Richard Fowler and Natalie Ford offer a model that blends the truths of Scripture, the science of psychology, and the everlasting hope of the gospel. In this book you will find:

    *New, grace-based counseling model
    *Detailed application of the model, with case studies
    *Practical toolbox with surveys, assessments, and counseling helps

    A Christian counseling model can’t just be about admonishment. That approach only leads to shame and human efforts that are doomed to fail. But when the gospel is brought to bear in the counseling relationship, real life change is possible. Then the counselor becomes an instrument of divine grace in the hands of a faithful God.

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  • Integration Of Psychology And Christianity


    Over the course of recent decades, scholars and practitioners have been working to integrate contemporary psychology-related fields and Christianity.

    This project continues to move forward, evidenced in associations, publications, degree programs, and conferences around the world. While much progress has been made, there are still foundational issues to be worked out and aspects of integration the community is just now venturing into. In this expert overview, psychologists William L. Hathaway and Mark A. Yarhouse take stock of the integration project to date, provide an introduction for those who wish to come on board, highlight work yet to be done, and offer a framework to strategically organize next steps. The authors’ attention encompasses five domains:

    *worldview integration
    *theoretical integration
    *applied integration
    *role integration
    *personal integration

    Their comprehensive approach yields insights relevant for non-clinical areas of psychological science as well as for counseling, social work, and other related mental health fields. Done properly, integration enriches our understanding of both Christianity and psychology. Through biblical and theological grounding and numerous examples, Hathaway and Yarhouse demonstrate how synthesis can continue to serve the field and make a difference in caring for individual lives.

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  • Peace After Combat


    It could be your neighbor, your coworker, your son, or the woman sitting next to you in church. When combat veterans return from war, they’re often confused. They struggle to reconnect with their families; the cheering crowds and smothering hugs make them want to jump out of their skin. Sometimes they even long to return to the hell of deployment.

    What they’ve experienced can radically change how they view themselves, others, and the world at large. They may have never seen so much hurt, suffering, death, and destruction. It leaves them asking “Where is God?”

    In Peace after Combat: Healing the Spiritual and Psychological Wounds of War, a veteran officer and board certified clinical psychologist, who has been in countless sessions with soldiers and their loved ones, shares personal first-hand accounts, proven exercises, and Biblical truth to help combat veterans and those who care to heal both emotionally and spiritually.

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  • Christ Centered Biblical Counseling


    Master the essentials of effective biblical counseling

    Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling is a comprehensive resource that will help you understand how to minister from God’s truth to change lives. With the cumulative wisdom of almost 40 contributors with exceptional credentials and experience, you’ll discover a valuable model for counseling that explains…

    The Why of Biblical Counseling:
    *Why the Bible is sufficient and relevant for addressing every issue we face
    *Why biblical counseling is so effective in helping people face life’s struggles in Christ’s strength

    The How of Biblical Counseling:
    *How you can lead struggling, hurting people to the hope and strength available only in Christ
    *How to counsel in a way that is Christ-centered and God-glorifying

    Every chapter provides a wonderful blend of theological wisdom and practical expertise, and is written to be accessible to everyone who wishes to extend Christ’s love to others-pastors, church leaders, counseling practitioners, instructors, lay people, and students.

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  • Helping Couples : Proven Strategies For Coaches, Counselors, And Clergy


    The ultimate guide to marriage mentoring so you can feel confident in offering wisdom, encouragement, and practical help to couples who want to live out a love that lasts!

    Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott and Dr. David Olson–renowned marriage experts and founders of the two largest marriage support organizations, SYMBIS and PREPARE/ENRICH–share what they have learned from decades of research involving more than 5 million couples. Packed with practical and proven methods, data-driven techniques, and immediately usable strategies, Helping Couples includes:
    *The secrets–and the science–behind couples who thrive with lasting love
    *Why romantic love is never enough, and what to do about it
    *Strategies to instantly help reduce conflicts and increase intimacy
    *The game-changing boost scientific assessment tools give couples at any age or stage
    *Four common myths about marriage and how to debunk them
    *The distilled wisdom from hundreds of insightful surveys and studies
    *How you can reduce a couple’s chances of divorce by 31 percent

    The ultimate guide for coaches, counselors, and clergy who want to know what really works!

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  • Heart Of Anger


    How should Christians understand anger, evaluate it, and respond for good?

    Each person experiences anger-in their own hearts and in the words and actions of others. In this doctrinal, pastoral, and practical book, Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley explore the Bible’s teaching about anger through biblical examples such as Moses, Saul, David, and the Ephesian church as well as present-day accounts. Though sometimes right and godly, anger is more often rooted in greed, lust, love of control, or pride. Only once the source of anger is recognized can the gospel of Jesus Christ-God’s perfect wrath poured out on his Son for the sins of many-bring true freedom, transforming a heart of anger into a heart filled with the love of God.

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  • Freedom Starts Today


    Every church is filled with people who are struggling–often secretly–with addictions of all kinds. Porn, pills, food, money, alcohol, social media, body image, status, sex, anxiety–the list goes on and on. John Elmore is no stranger to addiction. Fifteen years ago, he put a loaded shotgun to his head and later had three doctors tell him he was going to die of alcoholism. More than 15 sober years later, he leads the world’s largest weekly recovery gathering, re:generation, where people journey toward healing in Christ.

    In Freedom Starts Today, he makes a huge promise to the addicted: you can be free from your struggle, and much sooner than you may think. Through easily digestible readings grounded in Scripture and the practice of daily surrender, Elmore shows you how to break the cycle of addiction, make war against sin, and find your identity in who you are and not the shame of what you have done–one day at a time.

    Leave behind struggles, addiction, and shame as you walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the love, mercy, and forgiveness of the God who is not only by your side but on your side.

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  • Keeping The Cross Central


    Teen Challenge, also known as Adult and Teen Challenge, was founded as an evangelistic outreach to drug addicts in Brooklyn, New York City. As a holistic Christian ministry with the life-changing message of the gospel, this faith-based rehabilitation program was created with the vision that God can redeem the whole person, starting on day one of the program. This unique approach has produced success rates of over 70% for those who complete the rehabilitation program. However, as Teen Challenge has grown worldwide, with over 1,400+ centers in 129 countries, some centers are now turning to secular methods in order to access government funding. As co-founder of Teen Challenge, Don Wilkerson raises a warning flag on this mission drift: the power of the Cross, which brings about a changed life, must be the priority in treating drug addiction; if the Cross is not central to the mission of any Teen Challenge center, then it is not worthy of using the name “Teen Challenge.” The ministry must never lose its vision and focus in bringing men and women to Christ-through the gospel and discipleship-and stay faithful to the original mission which the founders stood upon.

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  • Building Bridges : Biblical Counseling Activities For Children And Teens


    Knowing how to approach children and teens in counseling can be a challenge. Learning to enter into their world and draw them out can sometimes feel impossible. But with Julie Lowe’s Building Bridges–a practical workbook of expressive activities to do with kids and teens in counseling–you will find the biblical tools you’re looking for.

    There are thoughtful, biblically wise, and creative ways we can engage young people. The responsibility lies on us as adults to work hard at drawing kids out. Thankfully, there are helpful, practical ways to speak the gospel into their lives, and by building bridges with young people, we can build bridges with them to the Lord.

    With over fifteen years of counseling experience and by working as a registered play therapist supervisor, Julie Lowe understands there is a need to speak truth and hope into the lives of children and teens in a hands-on, meaningful way. That’s why the activities in Building Bridges can be used over and over in multiple contexts.

    This workbook walks men and women through the rationale for expressive activities, provides examples, and then shows counselors how to do it themselves. By pointing to the Lord through expressive mediums, counselors and youth workers will be able to reach kids and teens in a unique, biblical way.

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  • Caring For The Souls Of Children – A Biblical Counselors Manual


    Coming alongside struggling children can feel like an uphill battle. Yet children struggle with the same desires adults struggle with, are lured by the same lies adults fall prey to, and can find hope in the same source adults can find hope–in Jesus. This manual helps counselors share Christ–the way, the truth, and the life–while tailoring interactions and teachings to the understanding of children.

    Caring for the Souls of Children equips counselors, parents, pastors, and other helpers who want to love children to boldly trust in the sufficiency of Scripture. Edited by counselor and author Amy Baker, this in-depth resource begins with an overview of foundational principles for counseling children and addresses a different counseling topic in each subsequent chapter. Topics addressed include a wide variety of general and specific issues that children face including anxiety, anger, abuse, suicidal thoughts and actions, self-harm, shame, grief, disability, disease, sexual identity, and many others. Articles are written by a wide range of biblical counselors, authors, and pastors who have worked with children for many years including Amy Baker, Julie Lowe, Marty Machowski, Jessica Thompson, Jonathan Holmes, Michael R. Emlet, Garrett Higbee, Edward T. Welch, Kevin Carson, Harvest USA, Charles Hodges, Joni and Friends, Bob Kellemen, and Pam Bauer.

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  • Emerging Gender Identities


    This book offers a measured Christian response to the diverse gender identities that are being embraced by an increasing number of adolescents. Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky offer an honest, scientifically informed, compassionate, and nuanced treatment for all readers who care about or work with gender-diverse youth: pastors, church leaders, parents, family members, youth workers, and counselors.

    Yarhouse and Sadusky help readers distinguish between current mental health concerns, such as gender dysphoria, and the emerging gender identities that some young people turn to for a sense of identity and community. Based on the authors’ significant clinical and ministry experience, this book casts a vision for practically engaging and ministering to teens navigating diverse gender-identity concerns. It also equips readers to critically engage gender theory based on a Christian view of sex and gender.

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  • Unwanted : How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way To Healing


    Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals Our Way to Healing is a ground-breaking resource that explores the “why” behind self-destructive sexual choices. The book is based on research from over 3,800 men and women seeking freedom from unwanted sexual behavior, be that the use of pornography, an affair, or buying sex.

    Jay Stringer’s (M.Div, MA, LMHC) original research found that unwanted sexual behavior can be both shaped by and predicted based on the parts of our story–past and present–that remain unaddressed. When we pay attention to our unwanted sexual desires and identify the unique reasons that trigger them, the path of healing is revealed.

    Although many of us feel ashamed and unwanted after years of sexual brokenness, the book invites the reader to see that behavior as the very location God can most powerfully work in their lives. Counselors, pastors, and accountability partners of those who experience sexual shame will also find in this book the deep spiritual and psychological guidance they need to effectively minister to the sexually broken around them.

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  • Breaking Toxic Soul Ties


    Going through this world in relationship with other people inevitably creates connections in our inner being called soul ties. When these relationships are loving, supportive, and nurturing, positive soul ties are created. But if the relationships become abusive or manipulative, or cause rejection, they can create a toxic brokenness within the soul that we carry with us, even long after the relationship ends. If these toxic inner soul ties are not broken, we will experience failure, fractured relationships, and even health problems throughout life.

    In Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, Tom Brown describes his own story of rejection and the process of inner healing he experienced. He helps you to identify and diagnose toxic relationships as he breaks down the difference between positive and negative soul ties. He also shows why toxic soul ties develop and how they can only be broken by a process of inner healing through confession, forgiveness, and prayer. The truth is, unless your self-image is firmly rooted in the truth of your identity in Christ, you will always be susceptible to bad soul ties. Tom Brown describes the way for you to move forward in life and leave pain and brokenness behind for good!

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  • Family Therapies : A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal


    Part 1: Foundational Considerations
    1. A Christian Understanding For Family Therapy
    2. Historical Foundations Of Family Therapy

    Part 2: Models Of Family Therapy
    3. Bowenian Family Therapy
    4. Strategic Family Therapy
    5. Structural Family Therapy
    6. Psychodynamic Family Therapy
    7. Contextual Family Therapy
    8. Experiential Family Therapy
    9.. Solution-Focused Family Therapy
    10. Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy
    11. Narrative Family Therapy
    12. Toward An Integrative Christian Family Therapy

    Part 3: Integration Of Family Theory With Critical Issues In Psychotherapy
    13. Crisis And Trauma
    14. Attending To Marital Conflict
    15. Separation, Divorce And Remarriage
    16. Individual Psychopathology
    17. Substance Abuse
    18. Gender, Culture, Economic Class And Race
    19. Sexual Identity

    Part 4: Casting A Vision
    20. Casting A Vision For Christian Family Therapy
    Author Index
    Subject Index

    Additional Info
    Christian therapists doing family therapy have never had a resource to help them navigate the various family therapy theories from a Christian perspective–until now. In this book Mark A. Yarhouse and James N. Sells survey the major approaches to family therapy and treat, within a Christian framework, significant psychotherapeutic issues. The wide array of issues covered includes crisis and traumamarital conflictseparation, divorce and blended familiesindividual psychopathologysubstance abuse and addictionsgender, culture, economic class and racesexual identity Calling for an integrated approach of “responsible eclecticism,” they conclude with a vision for Christian family therapy. A landmark work providing critical Christian engagement with existing models of family therapy, this volume was written for those studying counseling, social work, psychology or family therapy. Family Therapies will also serve as an indispensable resource for those in the mental health professions, including counselors, psychologists, family therapists, social workers and pastors.

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  • Grieving A Suicide


    Introduction: For Survivors-the Other Victims Of Suicide

    Part I: When Suicide Strikes
    1. Shock
    2. Turmoil
    3. Lament
    4. Relinquishment
    5. Remembrance

    Part II: The Lingering Questions
    6. Why Did This Happen?
    7. Is Suicide The Unforgivable Sin?
    8. Where Is God When It Hurts?

    Part III: Life After Suicide
    9. The Spirituality Of God
    10. The Healing Community
    11. The Lessons Of Suicide

    Epilogue: Going On

    Appendix: Resources For Suicide Survivors And Suicide Prevention
    Questions For Reflection And Discussion
    A Single-Session Discussion Guide For Suicide Survivor Groups

    Additional Info
    A 2003 Finalist in the United Kingdom Christian Book Awards! “Albert,” the neighbor said, “your mom needs you to come home.” That’s how it began for Albert Hsu when his father died. Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide experiences tremendous shock and trauma. What follows is a confusing mix of emotions-anger, guilt, grief, and despair. Suicide raises heartrending questions: Why did this happen? Why didn’t we see it coming? Could we have done anything to prevent it? How can we go on? Many also wonder if those who choose suicide are doomed to an eternity separated from God and their loved ones. Some may even start asking whether life is worth living at all. After his father’s death, Hsu wrestled with the intense emotional and theological questions surrounding suicide. While acknowledging that there are no easy answers, he draws on the resources of the Christian faith to point suicide survivors to the God who offers comfort in our grief and hope for the future. For those who have lost a loved one to suicide and for their counselors and pastors, this book is an essential companion for the journey toward healing. This revised edition incorporates the latest statistics, has expanded resources for suicide prevention and mental health ministry, and now includes a discussion guide for suicide survivor groups.

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  • Deep Impact : Keys To Integrating Theology And Psychology In The Treatment


    Keys to Integrating Theology and Psychology in the Treatment of Complex Traumatic Stress

    Fear. As humans, we experience fear repeatedly throughout our lives. This book goes beyond these times of fear to explore the realm of terror. Terror creates a psychological and spiritual disconnect that has the ability to affect individuals and groups for their entire lives. This is a book about the symptoms and effects of such terror.
    In this book, A. E. Gillies seeks to educate the Christian church (both professionals and laity) to identify the wounded warriors who have suffered such terror in order to hear their stories and to expand our understanding of how repeated terrorization can create complex traumatic stress. It is a book that looks at the psychological and spiritual nature of human attachment and how insecure attachment can develop in childhood due to traumatic experiences.

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  • Spurgeons Sorrows : Realistic Hope For Those Who Suffer From Depression


    Christians should have the answers, shouldn’t they? Depression affects many people both personally and through the ones we love. Here Zack Eswine draws from C.H Spurgeon, ‘the Prince of Preachers’ experience to encourage us. What Spurgeon found in his darkness can serve as a light in our own darkness. Zack Eskwine brings you here, not a self-help guide, rather ‘a handwritten note of one who wishes you well.’

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  • Pastor And Counseling


    Pastors spend much of their time counseling people in crisis-a delicate task that requires one to carefully evaluate each situation, share relevant principles from God’s Word, and offer practical suggestions for moving forward. Too often, however, pastors feel unprepared to effectively shepherd their people through difficult circumstances such as depression, adultery, eating disorders, and suicidal thinking. Written to help pastors and church leaders understand the basics of biblical counseling, this book provides an overview of the counseling process from the initial meeting to the final session. It also includes suggestions for cultivating a culture of discipleship within a church and four appendixes featuring a quick checklist, tips for taking notes, and more.

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  • Counsel For Couples


    You aren’t a licensed marriage and family therapist. You didn’t do a doctoral dissertation on pastoral counseling. You’re simply God’s person caring for God’s people in the local church. And the marriages in your church need help.

    Many pastors feel ill-equipped to handle the challenges that arise when a couple is going through marital difficulties. They feel lost and inadequate. What do you say? What counsel do you offer? Should I say anything or just listen? Do I schedule a follow-up appointment? Do I ask questions? What questions?

    If you are or have been in this situation before, this book offers you a practical guide to get started with the first sessions and then offers specific guidance on nine of the most common topics that come up in marriage counseling. Author and pastor Jonathan Holmes offers a solid, biblical theology and methodology to help you navigate through the world of marriage counseling with the fundamental conviction that God’s word is powerful enough to address the deepest of marital issues, and robust enough to handle whatever might come your way. In each chapter, you’ll meet a new couple dealing with a different issue, much like the people in your church, office, and neighborhood. Through the book you’ll also hear advice from several respected voices in the biblical counseling community.

    Whether you’re a novice or already knowledgeable, Counsel for Couples provides theologically sound and biblically practical tools to help you as you help couples in need.

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  • Trials : God’s Refining Fire


    Everyone faces trials. Whether it’s losing a job or losing a loved one, when trials hit they often make us wonder Why-why this? Why now? Why me? Packed with easy-to-understand explanations, key Bible verses, and biblical encouragement, this 96-page book shows how God uses the trials of life to refine us, to strengthen us, and to transforms us into His glorious image. Find out how to stand on God’s promises during tough times and be encouraged as you begin to see your “problems” as God’s “possibilities.”

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  • Self Centered Spouse


    Anyone who is married is already a self-centered spouse…but when this all-too-common sin becomes severe and chronic, it results in a marital environment of abuse or neglect – leaving the victimized spouse feeling trapped and hopeless. But how might this hopelessness change if we knew that Jesus addressed just such chronically broken relationships?

    Brad Hambrick examines Jesus’ teachings about relationships to show us how we can turn the other cheek while keeping away from unhealthy and destructive paths. He identifies different types of self-centered spouses to show us what we are dealing with, shared strategies for interacting with them, and points to evidences of genuine change to bring hope to anyone living with a chronically self-centered spouse.

    This booklet is part of The Gospel for Real Life series by the Association of Biblical Counselors (ABC) and applies the timeless hope of Christ to the unique struggles of modern believers.

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  • Freedom From Sinful Thoughts


    It’s one of those topics most of us would rather avoid in conversation — why would anyone want to reveal private jealousies, resentments, fantasies, temptations, or other weaknesses? Yet steady sales of this valuable little book attest that there are plenty of us who struggle with sinful thoughts — and desire help. For anyone who wavers at times between obeying the voice of the conscience and giving in to the lower nature, this book offers sage advice for coming through the struggle. Drawing on years of experience as a pastoral counselor, Arnold guides the reader from the throes of frustration and guilt to a life of freedom and joy.

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  • Biblical Counseling Reference Guide


    An A-to-Z guide to what Scripture says about the real-life problems we all experience! Respected counselor and radio host Hunt offers a comprehensive list of all the Bible verses related to more than 100 different issues people struggle with, including anger, conflict resolution, depression, forgiveness, guilt, loneliness, purpose, singleness, temptation, and worry.

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  • Quick Scripture Reference For Counseling Youth


    Drugs and alcohol. Self-injury. Eating disorders. Puberty. Suicide. Sexual purity. These are just a few of the challenges facing teens and young adults today. This concise, topical guide to the Bible is the perfect tool for parents and youth pastors wanting to provide scriptural guidance to youth regarding the issues they face in their formative years. Now updated, revised, and expanded with new topics.

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  • Quick Scripture Reference For Counseling Women


    For counselors, pastors, women’s ministry leaders, and any Christian woman who wants a user-friendly quick reference guide to Scripture, here is an essential resource! Scripture passages are conveniently gathered under ninety topics that concern today’s women, including adoption, birth control, career, contentment, dating/courtship, depression, friendship, prodigal children, self-worth, singleness, an unsaved spouse, worry, and more. Perfect for counseling or for personal study and memorization, this revised and updated edition includes new topics and features an attractive new cover design.

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  • Quick Scripture Reference For Counseling


    Now in its fourth edition, this classic reference book helps counselors, pastors, and individual Christians with specific personal needs find sound scriptural guidance for resolving problems and growing in faith. The updated cover and packaging will attract new buyers to this already popular reference tool.

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  • Finally Free : Fighting For Purity With The Power Of Grace


    If you have struggled personally against the powerful draw of pornography, or if you have ever tried to help someone fighting this battle, you know how hard it is to break free. But real freedom isn’t found by trying harder to change. Nor is it found in a particular method or program. Only Jesus Christ has the power to free people from the enslaving power of pornography.

    In Finally Free, Dr. Heath Lambert, a leader in the biblical counseling movement, lays out eight gospel-centered strategies for overcoming the deceitful lure of pornography. Each chapter clearly demonstrates how the gospel applies to this particular battle and how Jesus can move readers from a life of struggle to a life of purity.

    If you or someone you care about is fighting this battle, there is good news: No matter how intense or long-standing the struggle, Jesus Christ can, will, and does set people free from the power of pornography.

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  • Making Peace With Your Past


    Much of who we are, what we do, and how we feel is determined by our past. Whether they’re relationships from our childhood or pressures from recent years, the events of the past can have a significant impact on our current behavior.

    A continual bestseller now re-launched with a new look for new readers, this insightful and perceptive book shows readers how to face and move beyond the negative events and feelings of their past. Writing from a compassionate, Christian perspective, H. Norman Wright helps readers understand who they are, who is responsible for their character, and how they can let go of the things of the past in order to live with confidence and enthusiasm.

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  • Popular Encyclopedia Of Christian Counseling


    Seasoned counselors and professors Tim Clinton and Ron Hawkins provide a landmark reference that offers a capstone definition of the emerging profession and ministry of the Christian counselor. Appropriate for professional counselors, lay counselors, pastors, students, and teachers, it includes nearly 300 entries by nearly 100 top Christian counselors. At approximately 500 pages, this practical guide focuses on functional aspects of Christian counseling and explores such important topics as…
    *Christian counseling as a profession, ministry, and lay ministry
    *Spiritual and theological roots
    *Social, emotional, and relational issues
    *Skills and essentials in Christian helping
    *Ethical and legal considerations
    *Intake, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning
    *Premarital counseling, family therapy, and substance abuse

    Counselors will also find up-to-date information on solution-based brief therapy, cognitive therapy and biblical truth, and trauma and crisis intervention. An essential resource for maintaining a broad and up-to-date perspective on helping others.

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  • Helpful Truth In Past Places


    Has secular Psychology left you stumped? Yet you still need advice on how to comfort and counsel those who are struggling with difficulties each day, be it struggling with sin; finding purpose in life, emotions that you dont know what to do with. The Puritans have much advice to give us today as they sought to make their teaching relevant to those facing issues such as poverty, loss of children, abuse and alcoholism. The truths they proclaim are as relevant to us today as they were then whether you are the one struggling or the one counselling. At the same time they did not allow experience to be their final authority but Scripture. Mark Deckard uses specifically chosen Puritan books and seeks to apply their principles to Biblical Counselling concerns to a contemporary setting.

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  • How People Change


    What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? If you’ve ever tried, failed, and wondered why, you need How People Change. This book explains the biblical pattern for change in a clear, practical way you can apply to the challenges of daily life. But change involves more than a biblical formula: you will see how God is at work to make you the person you were created to be. That powerful, loving, redemptive relationship is at the heart of all positive change you experience.

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  • Curing The Heart


    Dedication ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. 7
    Acknowledgments …………………………………………………………………………………… 9
    Section One – The Need For A Biblical Approach…………..13
    Chapter 1 What Do The Heavens Declare? …………………………………………… 15
    Chapter 2 The Bible As The Voice Of God ……………………………………………. 19
    Chapter 3 The Bible As Living And Dynamic ………………………………………. 29
    Chapter 4 The Bible As A Counseling Tool ………………………………………….. 35
    Chapter 5 An Approach That Targets The Heart …………………………………. 45
    Section Two – The Need For A Biblical Counselor…………53
    Chapter 6 The Counselor As Theologian …………………………………………….. 57
    Chapter 7 The Gifts Of The Counselor …………………………………………………. 65
    Chapter 8 The Character Of The Counselor …………………………………………. 71
    Section Three – A Model For The Counseling Process…79
    Chapter 9 The Session Overview …………………………………………………………. 81
    Chapter 10 The Counseling Session As Relationship Building …………… 89
    A. Building Involvement In Biblical Counseling …………………………… 89
    B. The Data Gathering Process ………………………………………………………. 98
    C. Isolating The Problem ……………………………………………………………….. 105
    D. Determining Direction …………………………………………………………….. 110
    E. Reframing The Problem …………………………………………………………….. 119
    F. Confronting The Counselee ………………………………………………………. 129
    G. Giving Hope To The Counselee ………………………………………………… 138
    H. Gaining A Commitment From The Counselee …………………………. 145
    I. Assigning Homework To The Counselee …………………………………… 151
    J. Evaluating The Counselee’s Homework ……………………………………. 158
    Chapter 11 Evaluating The Counseling Process ………………………………

    Additional Info
    This book is really a text book for anyone involved or interested in Christian counselling. Both the authors teach the subject at a theological seminary in the States. Their influences include Jay Adams, a leading Christian psychologist, and Francis Schaeffer. Section 1 helps to make a case for a different style of counselling, based on the Bible and on Christian principles. Only a Biblical framework can explain the “why?” of human behaviour. The approach is therefore holistic as it tackles the heart of the human problem – the problem of the human heart. Section 2 gives background as well as practical
    guidelines to those interested in becoming Christian Counsellors. Section 3 outlines the Counselling Process and give practical worksheets and guidelines for helping someone out of their situation. This model of psychology is very much more prescriptive than anything in secular counselling, or in many Christian circles, but the authors are consistent in their approach and they have been teaching the material for many years. There are good appendices to aid the reader.

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  • Christian Counseling 3rd Edition


    This proven “course” in pastoral counseling has been extensively expanded and revised by the author to include recent developments and research, new resources, and attention to newly urgent needs such as AIDS and eating disorders. Written with clarity and warmth, this volume builds on biblical foundations and reflects the author’s practical experiences.

    –This text refers to the Paperback edition.

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  • Biblical Guide To Counseling The Sexual Addict


    From One Of The Most Well-respected Teachers In This Area Of Ministry Comes A Book That Takes Dealing With Sexual Sin To A New Level.

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  • Christ Centered Therapy


    1. Values And Worldview Clarification
    2. Reclaiming A Biblical Psychology
    3. Diverse Strategies In Christian Counseling
    4. The Integration Of Theology And Psychology
    5. God, Client, And Therapist In Christian Counseling
    6. A Biblical Strategy For Christian Counseling
    7. Practitioner And Client Assessment
    8. Resolving Root Issues In The Marketplace
    9. Counseling Assistance Tool Kit
    10. Professional Christian Therapy And The Church Community
    11. Professional Accountability Relationships With Authority

    432 Pages

    Additional Info
    Christ-Centered Therapy by Dr. Neil Anderson and co-authors Dr. Terry E. and Julianne S. Zuehlke is a first-of-its-kind text that attempts and successfully accomplishes a full integration of psychology and theology with the goal of endorsing a biblical psychology that can guide Christ-centered counseling for Christian professionals and counselors. In order to put Christ back into counseling and therapy, a practical theologian, Anderson, and two practicing psychologists, the Zuehlkes, have with this book bridged the gap between theology and psychology by integrating the two disciplines, their methodologies, and their values clarifications. In today’s counseling environment, Christian counselors are for the most part not doing Christian counseling. They are counseling from a Christian perspective but have not integrated the truth of Christianity and the practices of psychological counseling. They are Christian counselors or licensed counselors but not both. In order to fully practice counseling based on the freedoms in Christ, values and world view clarification have to take place up front, based on a Christian world view, along with the integration of counseling methodology and understanding of personal and spiritual conflicts. This is the basis of the book, equipping the professional Christian counselor to offer a bridge from the world to the church. The book is meant as a textbook and resource for professionals and care-givers, something that can equip counselors, pastors, and key lay people in their work with those who come to them for counseling. The goal is to get Christ back into the therapy and make Christ-centered therapy the goal of Christian counselors. The book’s primary use is for educational Christian counseling and pastoral care programs, continuing education for professional counselors, and lay counselor training, but it is written in popular language.

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  • Biblical Basis Of Christian Counseling For People Helpers


    1. What Makes Counseling Christian?
    2. The Bible And Counseling: Revelation
    3. Interpreting The Bible
    4. God And Counseling
    5. Human Nature And Counseling
    6. Sin And Counseling
    7. Christ And Counseling
    8. Guilt And Forgiveness In Counseling
    9. The Holy Spirit And Counseling
    10. Supernatural Agents And Counseling
    11. The Church And Counseling
    12. The New Age In Counseling
    13. Spirituality And Counseling
    14. Keeping Perspective In Christian Counseling

    Additional Info
    Are you a people helper?

    Virtually anyone with a desire to help others can be a people helper, but often those Christians who feel most called to counsel are unsure of how to use the Bible to ease another person’s problems.

    This book is designed to guide you to a practical, working knowledge of Scripture and the basics of the Christian faith-the core of what Christian counselors must know to be truly effective in helping others. Writing for counselors, students, professionals, and lay people who desire to give genuine Christian help, the author discusses:

    *What is meant by “Christian worldview” and why it’s essential to your counseling.
    *The existence of God, how to know Him, and what His goodness can mean in the lives of those you help.
    *The true message of Jesus Christ and its implications.
    *The power of forgiveness.
    *The roles of church and community in care-giving.
    *How to apply biblical wisdom to issues not addressed in the Bible.

    Most of the problems encountered in counseling are far too diverse and complex to be solved by quoting a Bible verse or by applying some pat biblical formula. But certainly the Bible, God’s revelation, gives a number of specific directions and many clear principles that can give us a framework for counseling and can form the basis of our Christian worldview.

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  • From Bondage To Bonding


    1. Codependency: A Self-Focused Way Of Life
    2. Self-Forfeiture: Resigned To Helplessness
    3. Self-Contempt: Inclined To Feet Worthless
    4. Self-Aggrandizement: Desperate To Control
    5. Self-Sufficiency: Determined To Stay Safe
    6. Self-Deception: Committed To Denial
    7. Fervent Longings
    8. Painful Losses
    9. Self-Protective Pretense
    10. Autonomous Independence
    11. The Healing Of Grief
    12. The Wonder Of Grace
    13. The Freedom Of Surrender
    14. Reciprocal Grace: Free To Love And Forgive
    15. Courageous Vulnerability: Free To Abandon Denial
    206 Pages
    16. Mutual Freedom: Free To Relinquish Control
    17. Spiritual Vitality: Free To Trust And Obey
    18. Sacrificial Love: Free To Risk And Suffer

    Additional Info
    Codependency is a hot topic these days; dozens of new books about it appear each month. Trouble is, many of them deal only with escaping damaging codependent relationships—not with healing and rebuilding them. Groom (author of Married Without Masks) takes a more biblical approach. In uncomplicated language, she helps you see how codependency is actually bondage to sin and how the Gospel can restore you to healthy biblical bonding with God and others.

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  • Competent To Counsel


    11 Chapters

    Additional Info
    This is a classic in the field of Christian counseling.

    This book has helped thousands of pastors, students, laypersons, and Christian counselors develop both a general approach to Christian counseling and a specific response to particular problems.

    Using biblically directed discussion, nouthetic counseling works by means of the Holy Spirit to bring about change in the personality and behavior of the counselee. As the author points out in his introduction, “I have been engrossed in the project of developing biblical counseling and have uncovered what I consider to be a number of important scriptural principles….There have been dramatic results….Not only have people’s immediate problems been resolved, but there have also been solutions to all sorts of long-term problems as well?

    This book establishes the basis for and an introduction to an approach to counseling that is being used in pastors’ studies, in counseling centers, and across dining room tables throughout the country and around the world.

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  • Christian Counselors Casebook


    This companion volume to Competent to Counsel and The Christian Counselor’s Manual is designed to help the user assimilate and apply the principles of nouthetic counseling. It is an excellent tool for any Christian counselor who is striving to develop a scriptural approach to counseling. Because it is a workbook based upon actual counseling experiences, the cases are typical of the variety of problems according to biblical norms, practice in laying out biblical plans of action, and familiarity with a variety of types of problems. By working through the many cases provided, the counselor will be better able to identify and respond to the issues that typically confront Christian counselors. This is not merely a book for the classroom; it is a tool for all sorts of training and personal development programs.

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