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Dating and Sex

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  • Art Of Online Dating


    Whether you’re an old pro at online dating or new to the scene, professional stylist Alyssa Dineen can teach you how to put your best self forward.

    It’s a world that Alyssa had to navigate herself, when she found herself a divorced single mom of two.

    Through sharing her personal experiences and client stories, Alyssa provides readers with a capsule course on the basics of styling an effective online profile, including:

    *Wearing the best clothes for your body type in your profile pic
    *Crafting a bio that conveys your authentic self
    *Taking a selfie you’re proud to post
    *Choosing the right dating app

    Ultimately, The Art of Online dating is about so much more than finding true love. It’s also about rediscovering your personal style–and yourself.

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  • How Should A Christian Date


    Pitch the Christian dating rulebook out the window. There’s a better way!

    No matter what you might have heard, God didn’t mandate a divine way to date. What He did do, in the Bible, is lay out principles for wise and healthy relational living among believers. His boundaries for us are wise and good. But exactly how you apply God’s principles to your dating life is up to you to figure out. All you need is guidance, not micromanagement.

    How Should a Christian Date? doesn’t try to boss you around. It just offers wisdom about the relevant principles in God’s Word. Eric Demeter-a single guy who has given this subject a lot of thought-separates the truths of Scripture from the baggage of Christian dating subculture. He talks to you like a big brother or favorite uncle, not your mother. You’ll cover topics such as:

    *Busting 12 Myths of Christian Dating
    *How to Meet People & Have a Good First Date
    *Clearing the Fog in Sex and Physical Affection
    *Getting the Best from a Breakup
    *Take Dating One Stage at a Time

    There isn’t one Christian way to date. But there are ways that Christians should handle themselves while dating . . . and those are the truths to live by.

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  • Dont Believe The Swipe


    Modern dating is not for the faint of heart. Texting, online dating, dating apps, ghosting, social media, and cancel culture have made what was already an emotionally fraught endeavor even more complicated. It can take a toll on your self-esteem and self-worth.

    But the good news is, you can learn to date with dignity, to refuse to let the swipe rule your life, and to stand confident and not settle for less than what you deserve. In this funny, in-your-face, and self-affirming book, Mandy Hale gets honest about common frustrations, fears, foibles, and anxieties about modern dating. She offers life-tested advice about how to flip the script on dating, showing you how learning to love yourself first makes all the difference.

    Dating isn’t just about finding someone you can be happy with in the future, it’s about discovering the amazing, dynamic, whole person you are right now, today. So don’t believe the swipe. Let Mandy help you find love without losing yourself.

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  • Outdated : Find Love That Lasts When Dating Has Changed


    Everyone wants to be loved–to find someone who will stick with them through all of life’s ups and downs, someone who is in it for the long haul. But in a world where dating is increasingly based on split-second decisions and geared toward casual relationships rather than marriage, it’s easy for single people to feel discouraged, used, or unworthy of true love and lasting affection. Reality just never seems to match up with our (often wildly unrealistic) expectations.

    Jonathan JP Pokluda has counseled thousands of young singles through the pain and heartbreak of dating the world’s way. Now he wants to dispel the myths, misconceptions, and fairy tales you’ve believed about dating and replace them with the truth from the One who invented marriage, created you to crave relationship, and is the very embodiment of true love. With plenty of true stories about relationships healed and love found, this practical book explains God’s purposes for singleness, dating, and marriage and covers why you should date, who you should date, and how you should date.

    If you’re ready to trade the world’s way of dating for the way that actually works, it’s time to begin dating well.

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  • Grown Womans Guide To Online Dating


    Does the thought of joining a dating site invoke feelings of fear and anxiety-or, worse, insecurity or unworthiness? If so, then The Grown Woman’s Guide to Online Dating is the book for you. In it, New York Times bestselling writer and funny lady Margot Starbuck describes her own experiences with online dating-from the often-absurd to the sometimes-serious-and the insights that helped her embrace who she truly is.

    Four years after an unexpected divorce and at the urging of friends, Margot Starbuck ventured into the unknown waters of online dating. Now, sixteen different dating sites and far too many membership fees later, Starbuck offers an inside look into the wild, surprising, and endlessly fascinating world of virtual courtship.

    With practical advice about how these sites work, what to expect, and when to join and quit, along with proven tips for making the most of them, the Grown Woman’s Guide will equip readers with all they need to take the plunge. They’ll discover how to:

    *embrace who they are as women already beloved,
    *create irresistible profiles that highlight what makes them unique,
    *assess what they like and dislike in men’s profiles,
    *write a message that is most likely to get a response,
    *recognize sixteen red flags so that they stay safe, and
    *understand and avoid the practices of ghosting and catfishing.

    Starbuck’s honest and reassuring voice is like that of a close girlfriend who cheers on her readers with both humor and biblically based advice. Even as she shares the personal and spiritual growth she experienced in her own journey-including coping with her feelings of loneliness, rejection, and pressure-she reminds them of the unchanging truth that they have always been the beloved of God.

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  • Gods Path For Selecting A Love That Lasts


    Leah Heling Title

    Selecting a Mate without the Heartaches

    God’s Path for Selecting a Love that Lasts reveals dating guidelines for choosing a suitable spouse. Selecting an appropriate mate can increase the likelihood of a thriving marriage and reduce the risk of divorce believes Leah Heling, educator, author, and parent. Her Scripture-based instruction guide will help singles avoid the heartaches and dangers of modern dating.

    What Are Your Dating Concerns?
    *I doubt I will ever find a Christian to marry.
    *How will I know when I meet the right person?
    *In the past I was promiscuous, but for years I have remained pure.
    *Because I don’t want to be hurt again, I have given up dating.

    Find answers to these and other concerns when you read the book. You will:
    *Read about God’s principles for selecting the most appropriate spouse and when.
    *Discover how to remain faithful to a potential future spouse.
    *Learn biblical approaches to sexual purity and the benefits of secondary virginity.
    *Discover the risks of flirting and immodesty.
    *Understand the importance of sequential bonding before marriage.
    *Examine God’s basic three-fold design for marriage to keep in mind while dating.
    *Realize God’s principles that will prepare you for a lifelong, satisfying marriage.
    *Appreciate God’s truths for living happily single.

    Book Features
    *Bible verses and principles
    *True-life stories
    *Assessments for personal reflection and growth
    *Study questions after each chapter

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  • From Single To Serious


    Rutgers University Press

    Malone shines a light on friendship, dating, and sexuality, in both the ideals and the practical experiences of heterosexual students at U. S. evangelical colleges. She examines the struggles they have in balancing their gendered presentations of self, the expectations of their religious campus community, and their desire to find meaningful romantic relationships.

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  • Love That Lasts


    In Love That Lasts, New York Times bestselling author of Jesus > Religion Jefferson Bethke and his wife, Alyssa, expose the distorted views of love that permeate our culture and damage our hearts, minds, and souls.

    Drawing from Jeff’s prodigal son personal history and from Alyssa’s True Love Waits experience, the Bethkes point to a third and better way. Blending personal storytelling with biblical teaching, they offer readers an inspiring, realistic vision of love, dating, marriage, and sex.

    Young people today enter adulthood with expectations of blissful dating followed by a romantic, fulfilling marriage only to discover they’ve been duped. They learned about love and sexuality from social media, their friends, Disney fairy tales, pornography, or even their own rocky past, and they have no idea what healthy, lifelong love is supposed to be like. The results are often disastrous, with this generation becoming one of the most relationally sick, sexually addicted, and divorce ridden in history.

    Looking to God’s design while drawing lessons from their own successes and failures, the Bethkes explode the fictions and falsehoods of our current moment. One by one, they peel back the lies, such as the belief that every person has only one soul mate, that marriage will complete you, or that pornography and hook-ups are harmless.

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  • Single Dating Engaged Married


    Navigating the Four Critical Seasons of Relationship

    The vast majority of young people will still pass through the key phases of singleness, dating, engagement and marriage in their twenties. Yet they are delaying marriage longer than any generation in human history. Why?

    For the first time in history, the average age for an American woman having her first child, 26, is younger than the average age of her first marriage, 27. More children than ever are growing up in fatherless homes, despite the overwhelming evidence that in every measurable way this is bad for the child. The Center for Disease Control also recently reported a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted disease nationwide. In Rhode Island alone, since the onset of online dating, reported cases of Syphilis has risen 79%, and HIV has increased by 33%. Though many young people can avoid early pregnancy and STDS, most cannot dodge the depression and feelings of isolation that characterize this modern generation. Studies show a dramatic rise in self-reported loneliness among the young. All of our technological connectivity has not made us feel more connected. In many ways, the very screens that are meant to link us to others have become shields blocking us from the deep intimacy we crave. Many have discovered that where there is a lack of intimacy,addiction often rises to take its place. How can a young person navigate such troubled waters? Is there hope out there?

    Like a sailor on turbulent seas, we need to look up and see the North Star: the fixed points in the sky whereby we might navigate the objective realities in life. We need the skill-set to know how to journey through life and how to select the right people to journey alongside. In this book we will chart a course through the four relational phases that the vast majority of human beings on the planet will pass through in their twenties: singleness, dating, engaged and married. In each of these phases, we will look at what eternal purposes should be pursued in each stage, and how to pursue them.





    Our desires for intimacy are powerful. This power can be constructive or destructive. Our satisfaction and our safety will be ensured if we can aim these powerful desires toward divine purposes.

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  • Everyday Princess Daughter Of The King


    Kaio Publicationos Inc

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a real princess forever? God invites believers to be just that, and then gives them the perfect instruction manual for becoming His child and living like a courageous daughter of the King. This 13-chapter book is a great tool for real talk with teenage girls about becoming and living as God’s princess.

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  • Steps To Online Dating Success


    What You Need to Know About Online Dating… First! Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a person has to know about online dating before one gets into the intricacies of it. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not.

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  • 10 Myths Of Teen Dating


    In The 10 Myths of Teen Dating, this father and daughter team combines the latest scientific research with poignant, personal stories to help parents engage their daughters in wise conversations. Weaving in solid biblical truths with practical application and discussion starters, Daniel and Jacquelyn seek to equip parents to teach their daughters how to date for today and tomorrow.

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  • Dating Bible


    Are you single and searching or dating and dissatisfied? Do you think you’re ready for a new, hot date? Ty Adams says, Think again. With humor, love, and a lot of straight-talking, Dr. Ty Adams takes your dating questions back to the beginning: What are we here on earth for? By rediscovering God’s purpose and plan for yourlife, she honestly navigates through the many issues Christians bring to the dating table: relationship abuse, missionary dating, dating as a single parent, dating addictions, sexual fantasies, shacking up, promiscuity, unsafe online dating, commitment phobia, pornography, masturbation, messy hook-ups and messy break-ups, lack of accountability, and more. In this follow-up to her best-selling Single, Saved, and Having Sex (cowritten with Dr. Myles Munroe), sex expert Ty Adams pulls from personal experience and the thousands of dating veterans she’s heard and counselled to create an indispensable dating manual that includes these helpful lists and quizzes: Are You Ready to Date?What’s Your Dating Style?10 Things That Destroy RelationshipsMyths about Singles Who Are Waiting Until Marriage to Have SexIs He/She the One?13 Things I Wish I’d Known about DatingThe 10 Commandments of DatingWhether girl or guy, single or not, The Dating Bible will pull you out of me-centered relationships and into God-centered, relational hop

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  • Prude : Misconceptions Of A Neo Virgin


    SEX. LOVE. VIRGINITY? In the dating game, the V-word has become as strange and complicated as the L-word, with purity as outdated as pay phones. What is an ex-athiest, post-porn addict, unorthodox Christian girl to do these days? How can she create boundaries without scaring off every available guy? Is purity even possible without being puritanical? In this candid, humorous account of the true-life trials of Christian dating, the author shares the wisdom she’s gleaned in her quest for love in a modern world. She guides with grace and honesty through the often hush-hush topics of sex, porn, shame, female competition, misconceptions about purity, and those dreaded waiting till marriage: conversations.

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  • Redefining Sex In Dating


    God is raising up a new generation of incredibly passionate and radically pure teenagers and young adults! They are seeking to live bold lives that STAND in the face of compromise, immorality and seduction to proclaim a life of TRUTH! Well, here’s a handbook that, when paired with the Word of God, will motivate, empower and equip them to live the joyful and powerful life of abstinence. Healthy marriages and families begin when we choose to be set-apart for God’s divine purpose in our youth.

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  • 12 Smart Choices For Finding The Right Guy


    Are you frustrated with dating? Wondering how to find the right one? Christian psychologist and life coach Georgia Shaffer reveals how to avoid unhealthy people, build vibrant relationships, and find romance! These 12 smart choices will help you… pinpoint the qualities you want in a mate determine if someone has integrity and is trustworthy deepen your capacity to connect romantically minimize emotional reactions that can block intimacy create a social network that makes life satisfying right now Whether you’re dating or just getting ready to, you’ll discover how to steer clear of losers and find emotionally and spiritually healthy people with great relationship potential.

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  • And The Bride Wore White Companion Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    Companion guide to And the Bride Wore White.

    Don’t let your youth be a cultural statistic. Youth leaders and parents will be glad to see the training materials available for the bestselling And the Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh. Perfect for individual and small group study, the DVD, leader’s guide, and study guide will complement perfectly. DVD includes bonus tracks.

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  • New Rules For Love Sex And Dating


    Are you who the person you are looking for is looking for? – Andy Stanley

    Single? Looking for the right person? Thinking that if you met the right person everything would turn out right? Think again.

    In The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating, Andy Stanley explores the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century. Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic.

    Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating challenges single Christ followers to step up and set a new standard for this generation!

    If you don’t want a marriage like the majority of marriages, says Stanley, then stop dating like the majority of daters!

    Part One: The Right Person Myth – 1 Corinthians 13:4-5
    Part Two: Gentleman’s Club – 1 Peter 3:7
    Part Three: Designer Sex – 1 Corinthians 6:18
    Part Four: If I Were You – Proverbs 14:8

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  • Emotional Virtue : A Guide To Drama Free Relationships


    Drama-free relationships…Do they exist?

    Today’s dating scene is more complicated than ever, especially with social media, texting, and the endless pressure of the world’s expectations. How can men and women overcome the interior and exterior battles and discover the love they desire?

    From Hey to I do – as well as the inevitable gray areas along the way – Emotional Virtue offers a compelling blueprint for how to thrive in every stage of a relationship – not just survive.

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  • New Lady In Waiting


    1. Lady Of Reckless Abandon
    2. Lady Of Diligence
    3. Lady Of Faith
    4. Lady Of Virtue
    5. Lady Of Devotion
    6. Lady Of Purity
    7. Lady Of Security
    8. Lady Of Contentment
    9. Lady Of Conviction
    10. Lady Of Patience

    Additional Info
    You Are Worth Waiting For!

    In a world consumed with quick-fixes, superficial romances, and hookup relationships, maybe you’re asking-

    What’s the benefit to actually waiting for God’s best?
    Is there a perfect plan for my future-or is it just a fairy tale?
    Should I just settle like everyone else?

    With all-new insights from Jackie Kendall, a new generation will answer these questions and discover what made Lady in Waiting a life-changing encouragement to over half a million readers worldwide.

    You will learn to:

    * Step into your royal identity as a daughter of the King and experience contentment, security, and patience in your life
    * Protect your purity as you see how God sees you-valued, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind
    * Take advantage of the waiting process and use it to become a woman of devotion, faith, and conviction
    * Refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than God’s best for your life

    Enjoy the wait, embrace the journey, and experience the extraordinary power of being a Lady in Waiting!

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  • 10 Commandments For Kissing Gloria Jean


    Enter into the life of Gloria Jean Wisnewski: a 14-year-old girl who comes up with a very specific set of rules for what thou shalt and thou shalt not do to be granted her long-awaited first kiss.

    Between best friends, lip gloss, boys, homework, pimples, fashion, cliques, and gossip, Gloria Jean has a lot to keep up with as an eighth grader. Oh, and her public school has just started Sex Ed, which only complicates things even more because she is also taking her first year of Confirmation studies. STIs, STDs, TOB, the four Fs…what does it all even mean?

    As if all of this isn’t enough to deal with, Gloria Jean has The Troubles: cringe-inducing stomach problems that ruin her very first date and cause the most embarrassing moment ever in school. These run-to-the-bathroom bouts are nothing to laugh about-especially when Gloria Jean gets diagnosed with Celiac disease and realizes her condition not only means that she must follow strict dietary rules and avoid contamination from certain products (and people!) but also that she can’t receive the Body of Christ! How could this be-a Catholic who can’t receive Communion? After all, God made her body. And why does the Catholic Eucharist have to be made out of wheat? What do all of these rules mean, anyway? Looks like Gloria Jean has some figuring out to do…

    Themes include: faith, choices, and sex & relationships.

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  • Sex And The Single Christian Girl


    Straight Talk on Sexual Temptation and the Tools to Overcome It

    True love waits…but then what? Many Christian women pledged as teenagers to remain pure for marriage, but the rhetoric falls short as they enter adulthood and encounter more serious romantic relationships. Bombarded with images of Hollywood’s version of romance, women facing real-world temptation may be wondering what they’re missing and if the wait is really worth it.

    Marian Jordan Ellis has been there. She struggled with the same temptations, the same questions, the same challenges of being a single Christian adult in today’s anything-goes culture. Now she wants to share what she learned. Emphasizing that women are cherished by God and their purity is worth fighting for, Marian offers much-needed advice on triumphing over the sexual pitfalls of dating and romance.

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  • Sex Plus Faith


    Talking with your child about sex can be scary! Sex + Faith helps parents incorporate their faith values with sexual information so they can answer questions, discuss sexuality at each stage of childhood, and show support of sexual differences. Section one explains how faith relates to sexuality and the essential role parents play in forming healthy, faithful, sexual children . The second section designates a chapter for four age groupings of children from infancy through high school. Each chapter explains the biological and developmental issues of the age, answers questions children tend to have, provides relevant Biblical and faith stories helpful to discuss with children of that age, and lists five to ten key educational issues for parents to keep in mind. Shaded text boxes are interspersed throughout the book with real life, practical questions that parents and children ask. Expertly written by Kate Ott, Sex + Faith is an easy to use reference guide for parents of kids of all ages.

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  • Pure Manhood Secular Edition


    Every day boys and young men are bombarded with messages and images that encourage them to make sexual impurity a way of life. But Jason Evert’s Pure Manhood will help them to see things in a new light. Answering the toughest questions- What do girls want? How far is too far? Safe sex? and more.

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  • Pure Manhood


    Young men deserve straight answers to tough questions about women, dating, sexuality, and authentic masculinity, including: What do girls want? How far is too far? What’s wrong with just thinking about it? What’s wrong with porn? What if it’s just a swimsuit magazine? What about safe sex? Shouldn’t I be free to do whatever I want? How do I stay pure? Pure Manhood answers these questions and more, while offering practical strategies to help young men to grow in the virtue of chastity.

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  • Bare Naked Truth


    The Truth About Sex and Waiting … Uncovered and Revealed Purity. Sex. Boys. Waiting. Something about those words makes everything complex in a heartbeat. Is there something wrong with me if I don’t kiss a boy after a date? Or am I doomed if I did? Is waiting a one-way trip to life as a crazy cat woman? And what if I, um, think about a certain boy a certain way? It seems the lady at church and your friends have two very different opinions on the subject. And the purity talks aren’t always cutting it. Bekah Hamrick Martin knows the waiting game isn’t easy or straight-forward. In The Bare Naked Truth, she lays everything on the table—including some embarrassing moments—as she explores the honest, naked truth behind what God means by purity. With additional entries from popular authors, you’ll see the bare naked approach to waiting isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the risk.

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  • Get Lost : Your Guide To Finding True Love


    What’s the secret to finding love that satisfies? Gresh says that a girl’s heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him to find her! Challenging society’s dating assumptions, she reveals the dangers of romance, joys of pursuing your heart’s deepest desires, reasons why happily-ever-after stories spring from friendship, and more. 192 pages, softcover from Waterbrook.

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  • Cinderella Rule : A Young Womans Guide To Happily Ever After (Reprinted)


    Stop Looking for Prince Charming–Let Him Look for You Of all the fairytale princesses we know and love, Cinderella is the one who got it right. She knew the spell was about to break, and ran out of the castle just in time to keep her mysterious identity a secret. Prince Charming couldn’t help himself! He had to pursue her, to track her down and invite her to be his queen.The Cinderella Rule is your guide to letting your prince do the work. Whether he knows it or not, the man God has for you longs to experience the thrill of the chase . . . and that means running out of the castle before you give away all your secrets! Find out how to be a woman of mystery who lets herself be pursued, knowing you are worth every ounce of effort. The Cinderella Rule will show you how to be the queen your prince is already looking for.

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  • You Lost Him At Hello (Expanded)


    1. It’s Not Him, It’s You!
    2. A Winning Strategy
    3. The Product: You
    4. Finding Him
    5. Getting Him Interested
    6. Keeping Him Interested
    7. Closing The Deal
    8. Maintaining The Right Mentality

    Additional Info
    Since writing the original edition of You Lost Him at Hello, Jess McCann has helped hundreds of wanna-be brides walk down the aisle using relationship building skills used in the sales world. By practicing what she preached to her clients, Jess herself is now enjoying wedded bliss herself. In this newly revised book, she teaches daters even more ways to apply successful sales tools to their dating lives. She’s proven over and over with hundreds of clients that simple sales tactics can and do work for winning relationships. Jess will teach you to what it means to Fill Your Funnel as well as:
    — Know and love your product before you sell it (that’s you!)
    — Prospect for new clients–where to find them and how to catch their eye.
    — Read his buying signs and gauge his interest.
    — Use the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) and keep him engaged in conversation.
    — End your date at the Height of Impulse so he always makes plans to see you again

    Plus some NEW TRICKS and techniques that Jess has up her sleeve which weren’t in the first book!

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  • Sexo Y Juventud


    Know what pressures you are going to have to face regarding sex and learn how to avoid the pitfalls

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  • Truth About Breaking Up Making Up And Moving On


    Breaking up is hard to do, and it affects almost every teen at some point. This third addition to Chad Eastman’s bestselling series will be a great resource for teens.

    Ending a relationship, or being broken up with, is a common experience for teenagers, but they don’t always know how to deal with those situations in a healthy way. Using humor, Scripture, and practical advice, this book will give girls the tools they need to handle these events in their life and give them some fresh perspective as well. This is also a great resource for parents, youth leaders, school counselors, and anyone working with youth to equip them to walk with the teens who are experiencing heartache and tough decisions about relationships.

    The way people handle relationships as teenagers can set a precedent for how they relate with others for the rest of their lives; this book will give teens a foundation for a lifetime of healthy relationships.

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  • Noviazgo Que Glorifica A Dios


    (Courtship That Glorifies God) Cual es su opinion sobre lo siguiente? Las costumbres comunes respecto al noviazgo; la edad ideal para comenzar; la parte de los padres; el noviazgo como diversion; los besos y el tomarse de las manos; el noviazgo con un cristiano descarriado; lo que significa el compromiso, y su duracion. Este libro aborda estos temas desde la perspectiva de los principios de la Biblia. Es posible que algunos no esten de acuerdo con todos los consejos del autor, pero se veran estimulados a examinar sus propias opiniones.

    Este libro es una reimpresion del capitulo 3 del libro La vida de una familia cristiana.

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  • Dating And The Single Parent (Reprinted)


    Single parents who are dating or want to begin a dating relationship wonder, How will dating affect my children and my parenting? They probably have figured out that dating in a crowd is complicated. Now they’re looking for help. Ron Deal, who has counseled single parents and remarried couples for many years, helps single parents–as well as those who date them–navigate the potential pitfalls involved. He gives perspective on when a relationship may be harmful to the children as well as how it can be a blessing to all. Always at the forefront is the goal of strengthening families. Includes questions for individual or group study.

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  • Dating After Divorce


    Starting over…it’s not as easy as it sounds, is it? But, you ve made it through the pain of divorce, and you are eager for a new beginning. God stands ready to help He is the God of possibilities. As you look toward the future, you may begin to ask questions about what a new life might look like. Will I ever remarry, you wonder. Do I want to remarry?

    There are other questions: How much time should pass after a marriage ends before it s wise to explore a new friendship or romance? Am I ready-emotionally, spiritually, financially? Is my family prepared? Do I need to be completely put-back-together before I can think about dating again or being remarried?

    Dave and Lisa Frisbie have spent 20 years studying the post-divorce family, and have been dubbed America s Remarriage Experts. In Dating After Divorce, they share stories of adults who chose to remain single after divorce and explore why that choice might make sense for you. They also share stories of people who chose to begin dating and eventually to remarry. Dating after Divorce will help you gauge your readiness and evaluate your options, as you move forward to discover a new life and embrace all God has in store.

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  • Dating Fast : 40 Days To Reclaim Your Heart Body And Soul


    Offering Catholic women a Christ-centered approached to love and healing, this guide taps into the latest trend on college campuses and church grounds across the country in mapping out a 40-day fast from dating that provides frustrated women an opportunity to regain their clarity about romantic love. With each day structured with brief affirmations and practical activities-such as prayer, reflection, forgiveness, and thanksgiving-Catholic women will find a cleansing ritual sure to resolve the emotional trauma of painful pasts, and reaffirm an orthodox belief in romantic love.

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  • Somos Novios Y Ahora Quien Pod


    In this book, the authors answer questions such as: Will you be one of those who failed in this great pursuit? Will we be one of those who suffer loss? What sets those who have found happiness and their soul mate apart from those who haven’t? If you are one of those whose deepest desire is to find the love of a lifetime, and are ready to start investing in it now, then this book is for you! Welcome to the incredible adventure.

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  • Is This The One


    In Is This the One?, Steve Arterburn—an award-winning author and the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries, the largest faith-based broadcast counseling and treatment ministry—has created a ‘how to’ plan for happier, stronger marriages. He contends that living in a ‘no regrets’ relationship can be as simple following this spiritually solid and personally drawn plan before the first ‘I do’ is even spoken. Host of the number one Christian radio broadcast, ‘New Life Live!,’ Arterburn draws a painfully personal portrait of the devastation divorce has on a family. Rather than aiming at marriages already in jeopardy, Arterburn focuses attention on the beginning of relationships—before the commitment, before the emotional investment, before the children. He prescribes three sets of ten carefully devised dates designed to help couples reveal their true colors and clarify whether or not they are a compatible match. This practical, personal, and positive plan can impact marriages—and ground the skyrocketing divorce rate—as no other book has.

    Is This the One? is a must read for engaged or dating couples, happy singles, concerned parents, and anyone who wants to make better decisions about who to marry and who to leave behind.

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  • Before You Meet Prince Charming Study Guide


    A young lady who is pure will shine with a radiant brightness in this world of darkness. How can a young lady stay physically and emotionally pure as she waits for God’s best in marriage? What should be her primary focus? How can she build close relationships with her parents? How can she be growing daily in her walk with Christ? What are some practical ways she can deal with a crush? What principles should she remember in her friendships with young men? How can she be wise in her internet usage?

    Recommended for individual or small group use, this study guide is a helpful companion to the book Before You Meet Prince Charming. Including memory verses, personal reflection, discussion questions, and suggested activities, it challenges girls to dig into God’s Word for themselves, seek to know the Lord and learn His ways, and evaluate their own lives based upon His truth.

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  • Truth About Guys


    Okay, it’s a fact. God made guys and girls different in more ways than just the physical.

    But how different could we really be? After all, we are all made in His image, right? Well, yes, but let’s just say that guys and girls view the world in such different ways, that it’s a miracle we communicate at all. What’s worse is that girls this age often think they know what makes guys tick. That couldn’t be more wrong!

    Chad Eastham tells it like it is . . . to girls . . . from a guy’s perspective. As a popular presenter at Revolve conferences, he is known for his ability to speak truth and to give girls clearer perspective about guys and themselves as well as understand their own value. Chad explains, You are incredibly valuable and worthy simply because God created you.

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  • Principio De La Pureza


    Discover the happiness of living under the purity principal. We can choose a life of blessings, hope, joy, peace, and laughter. Or choose a curse like unhappiness, scars or a mound of ashes. Learn to live a life of purity!

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  • Catholic Handbook On Sex


    A survey of church teaching about sex, written in a breezy but staunchly orthodox style, that will both appeal to and challenge young adults.

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  • GLAM Girls Guide To Sex


    Sex is everywhere.You can turn off the television, never buy another magazine, and keep your children home until their grown, but we absolutely cannot keep them from learning about sexuality…and it would be wrong if we tried. Often people still grasping at some form of morality over-react to our sex saturated society and stick their heads in the sand, letting people make God’s gift to a man and his wife, dirty. Our young people want to learn about this subject, and if their mentors zip their mouths and make it uncomfortable, they will go to other sources. The G.L.A.M. Girl’s Guide To Sex is a book to teach young ladies that they need to prepare their hearts for purity so when they are faced with (and they will be at some point) the temptation to yield to the lust of the flesh, they will instead stand up for Christ.

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  • Keepsakes : Courtship Meditations And Memories


    With 52 meditations written to inspire courting couples in their devotion to God, Keepsakes challenges couples to the highest of Christian ideals. But this book goes beyond instruction and guidance. It also recognizes that courtship is a special time of making memories, some of which can, with passing time, slip away unless they’re duly recorded. With space for recording those memories, Keepsakes is not only a mine of inspiration and instruction, but a storehouse of cherished memories, a personalized and treasured book designed to last a lifetime. ..

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  • What Is He Thinking


    In WHAT IS HE THINKING??, Rebecca interviews a range of men from high-profile types to the guys next door, men that every woman can relate to. Although the interviews focus on single guys ages 20-35, Rebecca also includes words of wisdom from older mentors she respects who have been successfully married for years, people like her dad, life coach, and pastor.

    The men share their thoughts on topics like how women can respect themselves and the men in their lives, modesty, purity, taking it slow, friendship, letting guys lead, and more. This book gives them the floor to say what they would really like women to know.

    The men respond candidly to questions such as:
    *What is the most attractive quality to you in a woman?
    *Is modesty truly attractive?
    *Is neediness a turn-off?
    *What do you find beautiful?
    *How can we be dependent on God for our identity, not on you?
    *How can we help you with boundaries physically?

    Rebecca also discusses her own dating life, speaking openly about the single life, her struggle with loneliness, and her hope for the future. She challenges women to see the men in their lives as brothers in Christ and to trust God with their dating lives.

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  • Spirit Slowly Fading


    Brandy, a powerful young woman born in the 70’s, navigates her way through the many challenges teen – aged girls and young adults face in a world where women can be anything a man can be. Full of hope and determination, Brandy possesses the courage, intelligence, and heart to do anything she chooses. Unaware of her own talent, Brandy believes she will only be complete when she finds her soul mate. She longs for a traditional romance that holds all of the passion and love she only dares to dream exists. Left feeling hopeless and abandoned by those she trusted and loved at a very young age, Brandy faces one challenge after another in her relationships and in her life. Each new challenge brings about opportunities to grow and sometimes failure. Completely unaware of the power she holds within, Brandy allows each failure, along with every hurt, pain, and rejection she endures to define and limit her. As her own worst critic, Brandy convinces herself she will never be enough. She discovers on one dark and stormy night that she is traveling in a downward spiral, giving up, piece by piece the powerful spirit she entered this world with in search of love and hope; never knowing its always been within.

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  • How Far Can We Go


    A guide to dating and sexuality for young people.

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  • Lo Que Me Hubiera Gustado Sabe


    El reconocido escritor y consejero matrimonial, Gary Chapman, que lleva mas de 35 aos aconsejando a parejas, cree que el divorcio es el resultado de la falta de preparacion para el matrimonio y de la incapacidad para aprender a trabajar juntos como compaeros de equipo intimos. Este libro practico esta lleno de sabiduria y de consejos para poder disfrutar de un matrimonio afectuoso, en el que ambos se apoyan y resultan beneficiados. Es el tipo de informacion que al mismo Gary le hubiera gustado tener antes de casarse. Las parejas que estan saliendo o que estan prometidas disfrutaran de las secciones Hablemos de ello, de los numerosos recursos y de un apendice intelectualmente estimulante ademas de un revelador ejercicio de aprendizaje. Entendiendo y equilibrando los cinco aspectos claves de la vida, las parejas que estan saliendo pueden experimentar una relacion sana.
    Best-selling author and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, with more than 35 years of counseling couples, believes that divorce is the lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as intimate teammates. This practical book is packed with wisdom and tips to develop a loving, supportive, and mutually beneficial marriage. It’s the type of information Gary himself wished he had before he got married. Dating or engaged couples will enjoy the Talking It Over sections, extensive resources, a thought-provoking appendix, plus a revealing learning exercise! By understanding and balancing the five key aspects of life, dating couples can experience a healthy dating relationship.

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  • Youre Worth The Wait


    Divine Purpose Publishing

    This is a must read. In a world full of perversion this book has been designed to help young ladies discover their true identity. This book deals with subjects such as low self esteem, healthy vs unhealthy relationships, definitions of common STD’S, learning how to love yourself and not compete with others, celebrating others and much more. This book has over 50 Worth The Wait Questions, a crossroad puzzle, journal, and much more.This book is a perfect tool for youth leaders, mentors, educators, counselors, and parents, to encourage abstinence.

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  • Truth About Dating Love And Just Being Friends


    Chad Eastham, with his typical wit and wisdom for teens, brings much sought after advice on girls’ favorite topics including dating, love, friendship, and other important stuff.

    Chad shines some much-needed light on these major issues for teens. Rather than let their feelings navigate them blindly through their tumultuous adolescence, Chad offers clarity, some surprising revelations, and answers to some of their biggest questions: How do I know who to date? When should I start dating? How should I start dating? Is this really love? And, Why do guys I like just want to be friends?

    Packed with humor that adds to the sound advice, this book will help teens make better decisions, have healthier relationships, and be more prepared for their futures. Just a few things girls will learn include: Five things you need to know about love; Eight dumb dating things even smart people do; Ten reasons why teens are unhappy; and Ten things happy teens do.

    Any teen can live a happier, healthier life: they just need to hear The Truth.

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  • How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul


    In your quest for love, don’t lose yourself along the way. While navigating through the dating scene, every woman begins to wonder: How do I know when a guy really loves me? Am I being too picky? Do I even deserve love? Is my relationship worth keeping? Is love worth the risk? Are any decent guys left? Single women often feel left alone to find answers to their deep questions about love and intimacy. Some hang out and hook up, hoping for love. Others are afraid even to hope. At some point, every woman needs reassurance that she and her standards are not the problem. In How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul, you’ll discover twenty-one strategies to help you raise the bar, instead of sitting at it, waiting around for Mr. Wonderful.

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  • Single Parents Guide To Love Dating And Relationships


    SKU (ISBN): 9780768436631Shae CookeBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2011Publisher: Destiny Image Print On Demand Product

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  • Making Sense Of Sex


    Having sex can be a loving and delightful experience, but it can also be emotionally, physically, and spiritually devastating. Many singles struggle to sort out how to make their own sexual experiences physically and emotionally healthy ones. This book can help. Duffy offers a thoughtful guide to sexual decision-making for single twentysomethings, exploring ten issues readers should consider when deciding whether and when to have sex. Appropriate for non-Christians and Christians alike, Duffy’s work is as relevant to those who have already had sex as it is to those who are considering it for the first time.

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  • Virginity : A Positive Approach To Celibacy For The Sake Of The Kingdom Of (Repr


    Young people are shown how to live the charism of virginity and celibacy as a gift, in all humility, with joy and perfect freedom.

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  • How To Get To I Do


    Ten years of eye-opening experiences on the Christian dating scene equipped Amy Bonaccorso to offer hard-hitting advice that will help you get real, get practical, and get married. As a happily married woman, she knows what works (internet dating), and what doesn’t (living a nun-like existence), and gives you the confidence to date strategically with an eye toward marriage. Forget about Prince Charming because he doesn’t exist, but plenty of good men are waiting for a woman like you to throw away the checklist of idealized mate material and settle down with a real man.

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  • Things I Wish Id Known Before We Got Married


    Most people spend far more time in preparation for their vocation than they do in preparation for marriage, Dr. Gary Chapman

    No wonder the divorce rate hovers around fifty percent.

    Bestselling author and marriage counselor, Gary Chapman, hopes to change that with his newest book. Gary, with more than 35 years of counseling couples, believes that divorce is the lack of preparation for marriage and the failure to learn the skills of working together as intimate teammates.

    So he put together this practical little book, packed with wisdom and tips that will help many develop the loving, supportive and mutually beneficial marriage men and women long for. It’s the type of information Gary himself wished he had before he got married.

    This is not a book simply to be read. It is a book to be experienced. The material lends itself to heart-felt discussions by dating or engaged couples. To jump-start the exchanges, each short chapter includes insightful Talking it Over questions and suggestions. And, the book includes information on interactive websites as well as books that will enhance the couples experience.

    Dr. Chapman even includes a thought-provoking appendix. By understanding and balancing the five key aspects of life, dating couples can experience a healthy dating relationship. A revealing learning exercise for dating couples is included at the end.

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  • Freedom To Love Starter Pack


    The world tells us that freedom is the ability to do what you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. But has this led to strong relationships, strong families, or strong communities? In reality, since the days of the sexual revolution, the exact opposite has played out. Every day we see rampant sexual chaos, exploitation, broken families, and a lot of pain – all as a result of an abuse and misunderstanding of freedom.

    Recognizing the world’s confusion, Pope John Paul II proclaimed the Theology of the Body (TOB) – a profound message of love and human sexuality. He turned the notion of freedom on its head, declaring it to be selfless rather than selfish. He says freedom exists for the sake of love, meaning that freedom is the means and love is the end. Therefore, authentic freedom always asks what is the good of the other person, not what’s in it for me?

    In this powerful five-part study for young adults, popular author and presenter Christopher West lays out a convincing and refreshing road map to living a life of freedom. The concepts presented in this study will change everything, including your worldview. Freedom to Love is ideal for college campus and parish young adult ministries.

    Freedom to Love addresses critical questions, including:

    * What is the Theology of the Body and how can it change my life?
    * What does it mean to live a life of freedom?
    * What does love look like and how do I live it?
    * How can I tell the difference between love and lust?
    * What is the problem with pornography?
    * Doesn’t contraception make me free?
    * Does God have a plan for my future?

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  • Please Dont Marry A Caterpillar


    It is the purpose of this book to help girls of all ages make the right decisions for their lives so that the memory of Morgan Benton is as she would have wanted, for others.

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  • When Love Ends And The Ice Cream Carton Is Empty


    SKU (ISBN): 9780802483522Jackie JohnsonBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2010Publisher: Moody Publishers

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  • Tal Para Cual


    Presents practical principles to help youth correctly interact with peers of the opposite sex, and find the partner God has for them. The book deals with four fundamental topics: Friendship, dating, sex and purity. It also includes issues on unfaithfulness during the courtship; domineering boyfriends; Internet pornography and how to break the addictive circle; inappropriate sexual relationships and its consequences.

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  • Why Wait : What Singles Need To Know About Sex And Dating


    find the answers. Why Wait? What Singles Need to Know About Sex and Dating is written for you and answers the most common and often controversial questions you have about sex.

    These questions and more are answered:

    ?Isn’t no sex before marriage just for nerds?
    ?What’s so special and sacred about sex, anyway?
    ?Why is premarital sex sometimes called sin?
    ?What’s the big deal about losing my virginity?
    ?How far is going too far?
    ?QUIZ: Is my dating relationship healthy?
    ?What if I’ve already had sex?
    ?How can I keep from having sex until I’m married?

    Everything you ever wanted to know about sexuality is discussed-so you can make up your own mind about where you stand on premarital sex.

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