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  • 5 Christmas Plays


    David L Winters

    Five Christmas Plays (WIth Joy Inside) are suitable for performance by churches, groups and families. The plays are: The Singing Trees, I’ll Be Late for Christmas, Christmas Prayer of Forgiveness, The Christmas Cabin, Grandma Louise’s Christmas Miracle

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  • 3 Elderly Wisemen


    ages and all ages can reenact this traditional celebration. Author, Judy Gattis-Smith takes the traditional Christmas pageant story of the three wisemen and presents it in such a way that all ages can enact, particularly seniors!

    Three Elderly Wisemen is simple to produce, has lines that are easy to learn and, through a Bible story, deals with real issues seniors face. This play considers the wisemen as senior citizens with the same characteristics as senior citizens today. The running time is about one hour and at least fourteen characters are included. The play can also be done as a Readers Theater without costumes, props, or scenery. In this case, the narrator would set the scene, inviting the audience to use their imaginations.

    Some characters included

    Aalijah (wife of Melchior)

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  • Fumbly Bumbly Angels (Revised)


    A complete Christmas program on compact disc. All the spoken dialogue, sound effects, and music are pre-recorded. No worry about learning lines, rounding up musicians, or coaching kids on what comes next! The book includes suggestions for pantomime actions, patterns, costume and prop ideas, publicity clip art, and pageant guidelines. Includes Christmas hymns so the audience gets to sing along. All ages. Four fumbly, bumbly angels set their sights on singing in the glorious Heavenly Choir. But instead, they find themselves singing in the tiny village of Bethlehem. Bonus! Ready-to-use CD clip art for creating publicity fliers, bulletins, and posters!

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  • Psalm Hymns Books 1 2 And 3


    Capture Books Title

    Turning Psalms 1-89 into a modern Psalter, sing or recite uncensored human pleas in fear and tragedy during the odd silences of God. Uses include praise, education, character building texts, dramatic story-telling, a performance portfolio of knock-out scripts, brain teasing memorization, meditations, and laments for liturgy & retreats.

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  • Instant Bible Dramas


    This resource is designed to be used by children’s ministry leaders in introducing scripture stories to elementary children. Each drama is designed to allow children the opportunity to participate in the telling of the story with no rehearsal or planning. The narrator expresses the story and the children provide the action. With 56 dramas the major Bible stories are told in a way that will have the elementary children engaged immediately

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  • Salvation With A Smile


    NYU Press
    Joel Osteen, the smiling preacher, has quickly emerged as one of the most recognizable Protestant leaders in the country. His megachurch, the Houston based Lakewood Church, hosts an average of over 40,000 worshipers each week. Osteen is the best-selling author of numerous books, and his sermons and inspirational talks appear regularly on mainstream cable and satellite radio. How did Joel Osteen become Joel Osteen? How did Lakewood become the largest megachurch in the U. S.? Salvation with a Smile, the first book devoted to Lakewood Church and Joel Osteen, offers a critical history of the congregation by linking its origins to post-World War II neopentecostalism, and connecting it to the exceptionally popular prosperity gospel movement and the enduring attraction of televangelism. In this richly documented book, historian Phillip Luke Sinitiere carefully excavates the life and times of Lakewood s founder, John Osteen, to explain how his son Joel expanded his legacy and fashioned the congregation into America s largest megachurch. As a popular preacher, Joel Osteen s ministry has been a source of existential strength for many, but also the routine target of religious critics who vociferously contend that his teachings are theologically suspect and spiritually shallow. Sinitiere s keen analysis shows how Osteen s rebuttals have expressed a piety of resistance that demonstrates evangelicalism s fractured, but persistent presence. Salvation with a Smile situates Lakewood Church in the context of American religious history and illuminates how Osteen has parlayed an understanding of American religious and political culture into vast popularity and success.
    Instructor’s Guide

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  • Beyond Bethlehem And Calvary


    Beyond Bethlehem and Calvary: 12 Dramas for Christmas, Easter and More! is a collection of brief dramatic presentations that invites everyone, from the novice performer to the most experienced, to share basic Biblical truths in a variety of settings. Flexibility, ease of production, and themes that meet us where we live make this collection suitable for large or small groups, whether in a church setting or on the most rugged mission trip. The themes are universal. They include tough choices and their consequences, acceptance and rejection, and the impact of attitudes.

    Each presentation includes:

    A title that identifies the content focus

    Related scripture

    A brief summary

    Props and costuming suggestions

    Run time

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  • Sticky Bible Skits


    The Skit Guys – the wildly popular comedic duo – deliver 20 slide-splitting skits for children’s ministry. You’ll find entertaining faith-focused skits on a variety of topics you can use as a boost to your messages and lessons for kids. Each skit comes with five discussion questions to engage kids in faith discoveries.

    You’ll get 20 impactful and power-packed skits, including:
    Noah’s Ark
    David & Goliath
    Jonah & the Big Fish
    Daniel in the Lion’s Den
    And 15 additional skits to go with your Bible lessons.

    With Sticky Bible Skits, your kids will have fun presenting – and watching – Bible truths come to life. Kids will be excited to share what they’ve learned and eager to come back next week. Make Sticky Bible Skits a part of your ministry to kids so they’ll learn about the Bible in ways they’ll never forget.

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  • Childrens Dramas For The Church Year


    This reproducible resource consists of very simple Christmas dramas that can be performed by kids of all ages-the younger children can participate in rhymes and recitations that require very little or no speaking, while older children will enjoy the speaking and narration parts. Short poems are also included for use in programs. Most drama selections take no more than en minutes to perform, and the number of children can vary as needed by the size of the church. Props and scenery are minimal, and selections can be performed with little rehearsal.

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  • Promise Fulfilled : A Christmas Drama


    His story changed the world: Jesus — born to Mary and Joseph, worshiped as Savior by the Magi and the shepherds who had found him through divine guidance. We do not dispute the significance of their part in Jesus’ story. We marvel at their obedience. We sing songs recounting their trust and their faith.

    But if we dare allow ourselves to peer just a bit deeper into the pages of scripture, extending just beyond the edges of the nativity story, we find the embodiment of patience and faithfulness – Simeon and Anna, a prophet and a prophetess, who waited for the arrival of the Messiah with an unwavering expectation.

    It is a story that reminds us that a hope placed in God does not disappoint.

    In seven scenes, The Promise Fulfilled presents a simple drama, intertwining the familiar details of the Christmas story with the steadfast hope of Simeon and Anna. Drawing upon the gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke and using extended scripture readings, The Promise Fulfilled invites cast and audience members to marvel at the events surrounding Christ’s birth, taking us into the expected while challenging us to look beyond the well-told storyline found within the walls of the nativity.

    Simple to learn and powerful to present, this short drama will allow youth groups and adult drama teams to develop a rich understanding of the events leading up to Christ’s birth. Easily adaptable for Bible studies and children’s lessons, The Promise Fulfilled offers a fresh perspective to a story that has been changing hearts for over 2,000 years, ushering us into the Advent season with a subtle and powerful proclamation: a transformed world requires an enduring faithfulness anchored in Christian love. Twelve copies of this play are needed for production and copy privileges are included.

    This is David Allison’s first book with CSS Publishing. Pastor Allison received his master of ministry degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Currently Allison is head pastor at Havens Corners Church. He has also been bi-vocational and youth pastor at Havens Corners Church. Allison is married to Karla and they have one grown son. Some of David’s interests are golf, chess, and landscaping.

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  • 5 Little Christmas Dramas For Todays Kids


    Every year, Christmas comes. And every year, in tiny congregations spread throughout the world, a director is stressing over the difficult task of producing a successful children’s play.

    Realizing that church plays are often hard to produce because so few are written to meet children’s needs and interests, Timothy Ayers decided to change that. Writing his own plays for the children within his church, Ayers collected his dramas into Five Little Christmas Dramas for Today’s Kids, hoping to help small churches creatively and freely encourage children to spread the message of Christmas. With titles ranging from A Dress Rehearsal for Christmas to The I Hate Christmas Club, each drama presents a worthy reminder: The true meaning of Christmas is always found in Christ.

    These fun and simple dramas let small churches celebrate Christmas without mayhem and stress, and they empower children to play a pivotal role in highlighting the divine purpose of the Christmas holiday. With minimal set design and diverse roles for children of all ages, this collection of Christmas dramas will bless directors and congregations alike.

    Each drama has listed the approximate length of time the play will take, how many cast members are needed, props, and the stage set-up. This book also has the copy/printing privileges included.

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  • Childrens Dramas For The Church Year


    This reproducible resource consists of very simple Easter dramas that can be performed by kids of all ages-the younger children can participate in rhymes and recitations that require very little or no speaking, while older children will enjoy the speaking and narration parts. Short poems are also included for use in programs.

    Selections take no more than 10 minutes to perform and the number of children can vary as needed by the size of the church. Props and scenery are minimal and selections can be performed with little rehearsal.

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  • Open Hearts In Bethlehem


    Obtaining Permission To Perform Music For Open Hearts In Bethlehem
    Where Was The Manger And What Was The Inn?
    Program Notes
    Stage Notes
    Music Notes
    The Cast In Order Of Appearance
    Scene One
    Scene Two
    Scene Three
    Scene Four

    Additional Info
    The traditional story of Jesus’ birth is well known and beloved. A long journey from home. A pregnant mother. The crisis of birth. Remarkable visitors. But there is more. For the first time, here is a drama that accurately presents what the Bible actually says rather than what tradition and mistranslations of Scripture have portrayed. This fresh Christmas drama from world-renown Middle Eastern and biblical expert Kenneth Bailey is full of wonder and hope. Pastors, Christian educators, musicians and others will welcome the opportunity to present to their congregations this drama of hospitality, grace and joy. Five original contemporary folk songs for guitar and a (SATB) choral anthem are also available to give the production delightful musical accents. InterVarsity Press also provides a musical score as well as a music CD in which all these songs are performed twice, once with vocals and once with accompaniment only that can be used to back up singers in live performance. Without music, the drama takes 25-30 minute drama or 45-50 minutes if music is included Here is a drama that is biblically accurate, heartwarming and perfectly suited for church performance.

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  • Breakdown On Bethlehem Street


    Imagine that it’s Christmas Eve and you’re on your way to the store before the annual candlelight service. Suddenly you find yourself transported back in time to the night of the birth of the Messiah! The places you’re used to seeing are all gone; the usual trappings of modern society don’t work. And, to top it off, you’re placed in a situation where you have to help a young couple deal with having a baby — with no hospital! Yikes!

    This imaginative chancel drama for Advent / Christmas will make the members of your congregation think about the night of Jesus’ birth in a new way. A variety of ages can be used in the production from young children to older adults. The dialogue can be easily modified with local references. Suggested readings and music are included for use between scenes for additional congregational involvement.

    Copy privileges are included.

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  • Holy Saturday : An Easter Chancel Drama In Three Acts


    This dramatization of the hours and days immediately following the crucifixion and its effects on the disciples and other followers of Jesus will captivate the congregation. The audience will be drawn into the events as the disciples struggle through the despair of Good Friday and the hope of Easter Day.

    Holy Saturday was written to be presented as a chancel drama or it can be used as a stand-alone drama. Simple costumes are recommended. Also included in the script is communion for the entire congregation, distributed by the disciples themselves. The audience and cast will find the distribution of communion by the disciples to be a moving experience. The players include Peter; John; Mary, the mother of Jesus; and eleven others but can be adjusted according to the number of people available. This drama will take 35-45 minutes plus the time for communion. Copying privileges by the original purchaser are included.

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  • Awakening The Creative Spirit


    The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

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  • Nativity Dramas The Second Season


    Keith Hewitt is back with a second volume of cleverly developed nativity dramas in which he adapts biblical stories to popular television programs. In the same way Jesus communicated in a context that people of his time could relate to, Hewitt presents four sharp-witted takeoffs on something our culture can really relate to — TV. The humorous yet reverent treatments of these biblical narratives will hold people’s attention and breathe new life into traditional nativity texts.

    All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches, and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. Props are simple and easy to find.

    The four plays in this second volume are:

    A Night for News — Taken from a CNN (Caesar News Network) news broadcast
    Bethlehem Blues — A takeoff of the popular 80s police drama, Hill Street Blues
    Two-And-A-Half Wise Men — A parody of the CBS sitcom Two-And-A-Half Men
    Dirty Jobs: Bethlehem — An adaptation of Mike Rowe’s Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs

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  • Dramas Breves Para La Mujer Y


    When a message reaches us by sight and sound it can create quite an impact. Proof of this is how TV, video, theater and film have influenced our lives. But in the case of the Christian message, there is a much deeper impact, because it has the power to change our lives.

    This book contains 22 short dramas for women and the family which are very useful for:

    Sermon illustrations
    Family-themed programs
    Special church events
    Parents’ meetings
    Married couples groups

    These are brief dramas for women and families that present real-life situations. Despite the harshness of some of them, all end on a note of hope. All are simple and easy to use, with very little or no special scenery or costumes.

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  • Who Is This Man This Jesus


    Take your congregation back in time and put worshipers right in the midst of the events surrounding humanity’s salvation with this collection of three sets of five monologues, each centered around a different perspective on the life and death of Jesus.

    Who Is This Man? looks at the death of Jesus through the eyes of ordinary people who through various circumstances find themselves caught up in the passion story, including a soldier of King Herod, Roman centurions, and Malchus, a servant of the high priest.

    In Women of the Promise, audiences will journey through the Old Testament as five women look with faithful anticipation to the future coming of the Savior.

    Come, Follow Me tells the story of Jesus’ life and death as seen by his followers, including Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and even Judas Iscariot.

    Each series of monologues will be sure to enrich the Lenten observances of any congregation, as well as any small group study throughout the year.

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  • Blueprints For Advent And Christmas


    Using the timeless scene of the Bethlehem stable as a visualbackdrop, Blueprints for Advent and Christmas provides dynamic resources for creating a memorable andinspiring worship experience that will be remembered for years to come. Thereare detailed instructions for replicating the nativity setting, includingblueprints showing exact specifications for constructing scenery – enablingparish craftsmen and artists to use their gifts for a unique public witness.The scene is completed with a live tableau of actors.

    In addition to the stable backdrop, Blueprints for Advent and Christmasoffers a smorgasbord of scenes, activities, and tools that promise to engagethe visual and dramatic imaginations of youth and adults. One set of resources,titled Advent Songs for the Season,is comprised of Advent sketches and homilies that promise toattract and inspire worshipers. The four themes are:

    * When Israel Sang the Blues
    * When Maiden Mary Sang the Magnificat
    * When Teddy Roosevelt Sang Bass
    * When The Angels and All Creation Sang Gloria in Excelsis

    In addition, sets of Advent mini-dramas designed for use withlectionary cycles A and B are also included.

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  • Nuevos Dramas Para Navidad Y S


    There are two historic moments of great significance to the Christian faith: the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the week of His passion and resurrection. Christians around the world have always celebrated both events with joy. And in this celebration drama has had a very special place.

    The Hispanic culture loves theater and drama, and it has many great playwrights. For Christians, this form of art has a more profound motivation than mere entertainment. Christian drama is transformed into a visual sermon that moves the spectator to respond to the power of the Holy Spirit working in his heart through the presentation of dramas.

    The dramas introduced in this book were written by Hispanic authors and have been presented successfully in different places. These dramas were written having in mind the possibilities of different groups; they range from very simple to more elaborate dramas. You will definitely find one that better adapts to your specific situation.

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  • I Spy Christmas


    I Spy Christmas is an excellent resource for pastors and churches that either need to add another element to their Christmas service or are simply in need of a Christmas order of worship. This volume provides both, including three Christmas dramas that are intended for casts of various ages, from children to teenagers to adults. Each play can be produced by congregations of various sizes, providing an attractive mix of humor, wit, and inspiration that will speak to any congregation.

    The plays included are:

    * I Spy Christmas

    * Taking Jesus

    * Open Auditions

    Also included is Shattering Christmas to Find Christmas, a candlelight Christmas Eve service complete with an order of service, liturgical prayers, hymn selections, and meditations.

    I Spy Christmas will enhance your congregation’s Christmas worship experience for years to come.

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  • Come All Ye Faithful


    Drama can be a wonderful tool for presenting spiritual truths in a fresh and creative way. Come All Ye Faithful is a valuable resource for churches seeking new methods for presenting the joyous message of Advent and Christmas. From an insightful allegory illuminating the symbolism of the Advent wreath to mice depicting the nativity scene in whimsical verse, this resource will appeal to any dramatic preference.
    These plays can be used by congregations of almost any size, with only minimal props and costuming required. Copy privileges are included.
    The plays featured in this volume are:
    * The Living Advent Wreath – a musical allegory depicting a pilgrim’s journey to discover the true meaning of Advent as revealed through the Advent Wreath (sheet music is included).
    * The Mouse Christmas – a lighthearted children’s play written in rhyming verse.
    * The Ad Vent Wheat — a humorous children’s play offering a slightly altered view of the Christmas message.
    Each of these plays will help congregations capture anew the true joy of the Advent and Christmas season.

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  • Greek Myth Plays 3-5


    10 Readers Theater Scripts Based on Favorite Greek Myths That Students Can Read and Reread to Develop Their Fluency

    Help students build fluency and gain confidence as readers with the timeless tales of King Midas, Daedalus and Icarus, Echo and Narcissus, and more. This collection of short scripts features parts that are written to accommodate readers at different proficiency levels-so everyone can participate. Includes tips for putting on the plays and related activities.

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  • Living In The Light


    This anthology for Lent and Easter includes 22 creative components such as monologues
    and skits, services, dialogues, dramas, as well as a service and a litany. Requiring little to no staging and props, each program involves a varying number of participants, perfect for congregations of any size. Included are materials for Ash Wednesday through Holy Week. Copy privileges are granted.

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  • Fun Bible Skits 3


    Bring Bible stories to life with these ready-to-go skits! Each short script is reproducible, and accompanied by tips for discussion and activities. Flexible options for clubs, midweek, retreats, camp, Sunday school, worship or other settings. These Old and New Testament stories will be a welcome resource for teachers, leaders, and pastors. Also available: Fun Bible Skits 1 and 2.

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  • Nativity Dramas : Four Nontraditional Christmas Plays For All Ages


    Everyone knows the nativity story — the inn, the stable, and all the rest. If your traditional Christmas pageant has become a bit stale and you want to give it new life, this collection of engaging plays is sure to fit your needs. Keith Hewitt gives the usual narrative a modern treatment by adapting characters and settings from four popular television series (Blue’s Clues, CSI, Cops, and Trading Spaces) and transferring them to the events in Bethlehem. By twisting the lens a little to change the focus, these sketches tell how common people are affected by incredible events. Audiences will love these entertaining programs, and they’ll have fun watching the characters as they learn a valuable lesson.

    All four plays are specifically designed to be produced in churches, and can be easily staged by congregations of almost any size. There are roles suitable for a range of ages from kindergarten through adult, allowing you to involve the whole congregation in the production. Ewe’s Clues is intended primarily for younger children (although adults and older children will also enjoy it) and has a running time of approximately 30 minutes. Cops: Bethlehem, CSI: Bethlehem, and Trading Spaces: Bethlehem each have a running time of approximately 45 minutes, and are designed for older audiences (though children will get something out of them as well).

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  • It Takes Courage


    With this award-winning collection of scripts for drama, readers’ theater, and a monologue, teachers and drama coordinators will find exactly what they are looking for — plays that touch the hearts of the congregation while also helping the participants to develop their abilities in the fine arts. As an added bonus, the scripts included herein can all be produced without sets or props making them especially suited to be used as dramatic insertions during worship services. It Takes Courage includes:

    Be A Blessing — a drama based on a true story of a unique challenge given to a congregation by its pastor.
    What’s In Your Backpack? — a sketch about a teen who chooses to trust God when wrongly accused and sent to in-school suspension.
    Where Is Courage? — a play which portrays children searching for true bravery.
    Every Knee Shall Bow — readers’ theater based on Revelation 5 and 6.
    This Joy We Share — readers’ theater written for women that explores the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.
    Who Is In Control? — a monologue with one adult woman portraying the mother of the apostle Paul.

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  • Fluency Practice Read Aloud Plays 5-6


    15 Short, Leveled Fiction and Nonfiction Plays With Research-Based Strategies to Help Students Build Word Recognition, Oral Fluency, and Comprehension

    These engaging short plays offer a purposeful and powerful way to encourage the repeated reading students need to build oral fluency. Students are motivated to read and practice their lines so they can perform at their very best. This rehearsal time encourages them to experiment with aspects of fluent reading, such as phrasing, pacing, and expression. Includes research-based mini-lessons, strategies, teaching ideas, and rubrics and checklists.

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  • Fluency Practice Read Aloud Plays 1-2


    15 Short, Leveled Fiction and Nonfiction Plays With Research-Based Strategies to Help Students Build Word Recognition, Oral Fluency, and Comprehension

    These engaging short plays offer a purposeful and powerful way to encourage the repeated reading students need to build oral fluency. Students are motivated to read and practice their lines so they can perform at their very best. This rehearsal time encourages them to experiment with aspects of fluent reading, such as phrasing, pacing, and expression. Includes research-based mini-lessons, strategies, teaching ideas, and rubrics and checklists.

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  • No Stable Too Small


    Here’s a collection of humorous, down-to-earth plays that bring a fresh perspective to the Christmas story through such creative devices as imagining the thoughts and feelings of fringe characters (like an innkeeper or a servant to one of the magi) or by updating the story with contemporary settings and characters. No Stable Too Small offers a variety of practical material for any situation, ranging from shorter plays with small casts and lines that can be easily mastered by younger children to more elaborate pieces with sophisticated themes for older children and adults. And they’re ideal for use with today’s young people — the dialogue reflects the way they really talk, yet never detracts from the biblical message.

    These flexible scenes offer a mix of speaking parts for all age groups, from preschool through adult, and are especially valuable for small congregations that lack the resources to mount large-scale productions. No sets are required, and only simple costumes and minimal props are needed. The plays can be performed by smaller churches with as few as 8-10 cast members, or parts can be easily divided to accommodate groups as large as 25-30. And with a running time of approximately 20-25 minutes each, it’s easy to fit them within a Christmas Eve or Advent Sunday worship service.

    Some of the charming presentations include:
    * Love Finds a Way
    * It Wasn’t the Hilton, You Know
    * Christmas Eve at Angel School
    * Because God Said So, That’s Why
    * No Small Parts
    * Unto Us a Child Is Born… Next on Omar
    * Miracles? No Problem!
    …and eight more!

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  • 6 Advent Plays For Children


    So you’ve just been asked to put together your church’s Christmas pageant — are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don’t worry… Six Advent Plays For Children provides you with all the tools you need to make this ministry an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone. In addition to six delightful programs designed for children of preschool age through sixth grade (including a synopsis and stage directions), this book provides comprehensive, easy-to-follow guidelines that walk you through the entire process of planning, rehearsing, and presenting your holiday production. There’s even a step-by-step worksheet to keep you organized and on top of all the details. The material is suitable for congregations of any size: props, sets, and costumes are kept simple for maximum flexibility, and most of the programs require no more than a dozen participants. With all these practical resources, your children’s Christmas program this year is bound to be successful — Six Advent Plays For Children has all the help you need in one convenient volume. Copying privileges are included.

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  • Sampsons First Christmas


    Sampson’s First Christmas is a charming play that’s perfect for a holiday children’s program in small congregations. The story details the attempts of Sampson Squirrel to discover Christmas. After overhearing a conversation between the rustic characters of Ma and Pa, Sampson asks his forest friends where to find this wonderful place. When they are unable to help, Ma and Pa show Sampson the true meaning of Christmas.

    This adaptable piece can accommodate any number of actors, and can be presented as a play, a puppet show, or a readers’ theater. The characters, plot, and message appeal to all ages, with dialogue that’s easy for youngsters to learn and memorize. Costumes are affordable and easy to assemble — and clear and concise directions with reproducible patterns are provided to help you make distinctive animal hats that children will love. Instructions are also included for creating simple Christmas tree decorations that accentuate the animal theme. With all these craft ideas plus production suggestions, Sampson’s First Christmas is bound to be a hit with your church!

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  • Spotlight On Jesus


    Looking for a novel approach to the children’s sermon — something more creative than a simple story or object lesson? This collection of 40 dramatic sketches in readers’ theater format will teach your young people about the events of Jesus’ life — while also actively involving your members in the worship service. Each scene vividly relates a story from the Gospels in easy-to-read dialogue that can be performed with minimal rehearsal by teenagers or adults — providing a memorable illustration that’s certain to captivate the attention of everyone in your congregation. Discussion questions accompany each skit, so you can maximize the educational value by focusing youngsters’ attention on the main themes. Ideal for use during the children’s moment in Sunday morning worship, these brief pieces are also a perfect resource for children’s church, Vacation Bible School, youth meetings, and many other settings.

    Sketches include:
    * Jesus And The Shepherds Of Bethlehem
    * Jesus And The Devil
    * Jesus Preaches In Nazareth
    * Jesus’ Parable Of The Prodigal Son
    * Jesus And The Rich Young Man
    * Jesus Predicts Things To Come
    * Jesus In The Upper Room
    * Jesus On The Road To Emmaus
    …and many more!

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  • Dinner With The King


    Here’s a set of six chancel dramas that will captivate young people (and the entire congregation) while helping them to learn the deeper significance of the sacramental meal at the heart of Christian worship — and what it means to be invited guests at the Lord’s Table. Originally conceived for middle-school age youth, these flexible pieces can be adapted for any size group; some can even be performed by adults. Minimal props and costumes are required, so the sketches are perfect for smaller churches — yet they lend themselves to more elaborate presentation as well. These insightful dramas are excellent not only for presentation during worship, but also for congregational programs, youth nights, classroom instruction, or individual devotional reading.

    Titles include:
    * Dinner With The King
    * Passover
    * Jesus Food
    * Partytime
    * Youth Retreat
    * The Evening Good News

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  • Ready To Go Scripture Skits


    Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits engages young people in an active form of learning that is hard to beat. It achieves MLP (maximum learning potential) through FLP (full laugh potential). And the skits are so off-the-wall that involving everybody in a group is easy.

    Each of 10 sessions uses an intentional three-act process to help young people explore the Scriptures and apply them to their lives today: grabbing young people’s attention through an outrageous and spontaneous Scripture skit, leading them to deeper insight through the historical context and meaning of the story’s key elements, and helping them apply the story’s meaning to their lives.

    The sessions are perfect for religious education classes, youth groups, campus ministry events, retreats, lock-ins, and intergenerational and family programs. Ready-to-Go Scripture Skits are just that: ready to go, using few props and lines that can be read in a moment’s notice.

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  • Cinema Divinite : Religion Theology And The Bible In Film


    Cinema Divinite sets out various critical approaches to the study of film, religion and theology. It provides introduction to major concepts in film studies such as cinema spectatorship, the nature and application of film theory and includes discussion of the extensive literature which has been published recently on film and religion. Here readers will also find in-depth case studies of specific films, filmmakers and genres – from Clint Eastwood to Luis Bruel, from animation to film noir. The final part looks specifically at the significance of religion within film, with a concluding discussion of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

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  • Peacefakers Peacebreakers And Peacemakers Kit


    Kit Includes:
    Peacefakers Peacebreakers And Peacemakers Member Book
    Peacefakers Peacebreakers And Peacemakers Leader Guide
    Peacemaker Tradebook
    VHS Video

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  • Scriptwriting : Building A Ministry For The Church And Beyond


    There’s uniqueness to crafting scripts for the church that writers with any level of experience need to know and embrace. Combine a widely published and performed writer with a writer and editor of thousands of scripts, and you find out just how to get a grip on creating a writing ministry in your church and beyond. Paying particular attention to short scripts with concepts that cover all the bases of scriptwriting, Scriptwriting teaches skills while reminding the playwright of the calling that goes with writing for the church audience. In addition, top writers in the field offer advice in writing process, development, revisions, passion, and more. Every writer will benefit from this knowledge-packed book.

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  • Gabriels Horn : Readers Theater For Advent


    Looking for something fresh and creative for the Advent season? Here’s a charming set of five lighthearted plays that’s sure to engage audiences and set the holiday spirit while remaining focused on the scriptural message. Written in whimsical rhyming verse, the scenes detail the prophecies of the Messiah and the story of the Incarnation through the interaction of three angels (Gabriel, Wonderful, and, Marvelous) with several biblical characters.

    Congregations of any size will find these sketches easy to use — only a small cast is needed, and the readers’ theater format means no extensive costuming or staging is required.

    Scenes include:
    * Gabriel’s Horn (Last Sunday of Pentecost)
    * The Honeymooners (Advent 1)
    * The Cleanup Crew (Advent 2)
    * The Reading Club (Advent 3)
    * Step Up To The Plate (Advent 4)

    Two of the angel characters reappear after a 33-year vacation in M.I.H. — Missing In Heaven, an Easter verse drama (also written by Frank Ramirez) included in the CSS anthology Roll Back The Stone.

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  • Beastly Christmas : A Comedy For All Ages


    Centering around the theme of the familiar song The Friendly Beasts, this intriguing program depicts what the animals who witnessed Jesus’ birth might really have been thinking — if they had human minds. There’s humorous interplay among camels, sheep, cows, and the donkey that carried the pregnant Mary as they share their unique perspective on the nativity. This complete presentation allows many different parts of the congregation to participate; speaking roles can be performed in a readers’ theater format by adults or youth, young children can portray the humans at the manger in a silent tableau, and musical selections allow the choir to be involved as well. A special feature is more than 70 reproducible drawings that can be projected for audience viewing. (Purchase of this book includes access to a downloadable PowerPoint file for use in performances.) This adaptable drama is ideal for use not only in church settings, but also in schools or for children’s programs.

    A five-copy package of supplementary coloring books for young children based on the imagery in the PowerPoint file is also available.

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  • Night Before : Two Christmas Eve Services With Childrens Sermons


    Comprised of two compelling services plus a pair of delightful children’s messages, this complete set of Christmas Eve resources provides everything you need to create a special worship experience that your congregation will remember long after the holiday decorations have been stored away.

    A Christmas Gift contemplates Christmas Eve’s mixture of madness and magic through a creative weaving together of carols, prayers, scripture readings, and several brief meditations. By highlighting some of the diverse moments, memories, and traditions that contribute to the gift of Christmas, this worship service evokes the powerful mystery and miracle of the nativity.

    O Come, Emmanuel is a moving candlelight service which utilizes the ancient antiphons of Advent to explore the longing behind our search for the Messiah. As the service unfolds, the singing and reading of each antiphon leads worshipers to reflect on the hopes and desires that bring us to Bethlehem, culminating in the joyful announcement that God has come among us. The service employs two readers and a solo quartet, along with congregational singing of several traditional hymns. An original choral arrangement of the Christmas antiphon is included.

    Two inspiring messages for the children’s moment are also included. Featuring an interactive, conversational style that involves young people, these lessons can be used with either service or separately. One message helps children think about where Jesus might be in their town or neighborhood if he were born today, while the other celebrates how Christ’s birth draws us all together.

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  • Why Did Jesus Die


    What really motivated the main characters in the events surrounding Jesus’ death? Was Judas merely a pragmatic man dealing with the unpleasant realities of everyday life in an occupied land? Was Herod an honorable leader of the Hebrew people who was concerned with saving lives? Was Pontius Pilate a talented and efficient representative of Rome who was simply trying to keep the peace? Or did they all intentionally participate in the wrongful execution of an innocent man?

    Written in an easy-to-present format, this fascinating drama series will have your congregation pondering how they would answer these and many other questions. Six biblical characters come to life in new and revealing ways as they take the witness stand in a contemporary grand jury inquiry into the meaning of Jesus’ death. While attempting to explain their thoughts and actions, Judas, Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Mary Magdalene, and Peter face intense questioning by a state’s attorney. The innovative grand jury approach makes audiences active participants in the drama, as they are challenged to determine the true significance of the crucifixion.

    Why Did Jesus Die? is an enlightening six-part resource that’s perfect for weekly Lenten worship, but it can also be easily used as a single dramatic production. Several thought-provoking questions relating to each witness’s testimony are provided to spark follow-up discussion, and a closing argument by the state’s attorney summarizes the evidence pointing to Jesus’ innocence ? and our sinful guilt.

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  • Roll Back The Stone


    Create memorable services that help worshipers experience the profound sadness of the crucifixion as well as the marvelous joy of the risen Christ with this diverse collection of ready-to-use dramatic material. With ample selections for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter, there’s something special here for congregations of any size or worship style. Copying privileges are included for all segments. Included are:

    * A Travesty Of Justice: In The Shadow Of The Cross (Kathy Martz), a series of six meditations in which an unusual assortment of eyewitnesses – the thorn, robe, nail, spear, shroud, and stone – tell about their extraordinary encounters with Jesus. Designed for use in Lenten vesper services, these spiritual contemplations examine the events leading up to the crucifixion from a unique perspective. Each user-friendly monologue comes with a brief scripture reading and a prayer.

    * Live From Jerusalem (John O. Eby), a short Palm Sunday play that helps audiences envision what it would have been like to be on the scene of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Tying biblical prophecy together with a contemporary view, television-style news anchors and correspondents vividly portray the chaos and uncertainty of the first day of Passover while speculating on how simmering conflicts will be resolved – leaving audiences to ponder the question What comes next?

    * Maundy Thursday Testimonies (David H. Covington), a brief set of dramatic readings depicting the Passion events and their meaning from the viewpoint of four characters: Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Judas, and Peter. An excellent vehicle for members to participate in worship, these moving monologues provide an especially powerful contribution to the Maundy Thursday service.

    * God On Trial, Or…? (John O. Eby), a courtroom drama for Good Friday which portrays Jesus’ trial before Pilate ? with the novel twist of Beelzebub as the prosecutor, questioning several witnesses who level accusations against Jesus. While it is ostensibly Jesus who is on trial, it gradually becomes clear that everyone else (including all of us) is actually on trial before him ? giving new and deeper meaning to Christ’s plea, Father, forgive them, for they do not understand what they are doing!

    * Sons Of Thunder (Carol Secord), a brief Good Friday sketch in which James and John struggle to come to grips with the stark reality of the crucifixion. As they bitterly lash out in anger and frustration at those who abandoned Jesu

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  • 12 Fabulously Funny Folktale Plays 2-4


    Motivate even your most reluctant readers and boost fluency, vocabulary and comprehension with this irresistible collection of read-aloud fractured folktale plays!

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  • Ready To Go Scripture Skits


    This book engages young people in an active form of learning that is hard to beat. It achieves MLP (maximum learning potential) through FLP (full laugh potential). And the skits are so off-the-wall that you will have no problem involving just about everybody in your group one way or another (actually most of the participants will have no choice in the matter!). Each of the ten sessions in this book uses an intentional three-act process to help the young people systematically explore the Scriptures and apply them to their lives today. The sessions are perfect for religious education classes, youth groups, campus ministry events, retreats, lock-ins, and intergenerational and family programs. Best of all, the Ready-to-Go Scripture skits are just that: ready-to-go. Few props are used, no lines need to be memorized, and no characters have to be developed.

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  • My Way Or Thy Way


    Ever overhear a pre-teen or early teen conversation? It can be pretty dramatic — in fact, young people and drama go together like … God and the Bible! If you’re looking for quality material that draws middle school/junior high age young people into the scriptures, here’s an invaluable resource. My Way Or Thy Way is a collection of 12 brief plays that bring familiar Bible stories to life in contemporary conversation that’s easy to understand.

    By focusing on the choices made by the main characters — and their consequences — the scenes help young people make better choices in their own lives. I want to do it my way, not thy way was the struggle of these biblical personages, and many of us face similar issues today. Each skit lets participants walk in the sandals of ordinary people who faced extraordinary choices.

    Designed for versatility, these scenes can be given full dramatic performances with props, scenery, and costumes, or presented in readers’ theater format for use as dynamic classroom discussion starters. Each drama is accompanied by questions and a variety of related activities. My Way Or Thy Way is an excellent supplement to a Sunday school, Bible school, or Bible study curriculum, and is especially useful for youth groups.

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  • Christmas At Uncle Phils Diner


    New Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach–It’s Christmas at Uncle Phil’s! Third in the series, this play continues the excitement with interactive scenes, holiday food, and 50’s fun. The diner is packed because P.J., Uncle Phil’s nephew, has overbooked the restaurant with Christmas parties. New and familiar characters navigate the chaos by keeping the crowd entertained with music, games and holiday spirit. The wait staff even throws in a nostalgic gift for Uncle Phil and stages the Nativity as a final touch to the evening. Join in on the fun! Stage the holiday edition of Uncle Phil’s this Christmas.

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  • Troubled House : A Play In Three Acts


    Troubled House is a timely reminder that intolerance is not exclusive to religion–and that naturalistic philosophy masquerading as science has become the new orthodoxy. Teachers who truly want to challenge students to think independently will find Troubled House inspiring and challenging. This play will fuel great discussion about the definition of science, intolerance, academic freedom, and integrity. Dan Schwabauer has a rare talent for putting his finger on heart of hypocrisy.

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  • Drama Team Sketchbook


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    We need drama in our ministries, in our churches and on our college campuses. We need drama that helps us tell the story of Jesus so that people can hear and respond. Here are some scripts of Gospel stories, from the nativity to the resurrection, that will help those who have ears to hear the Word of God.

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  • Speaking Of Christmas


    If you want to celebrate the birth of the Savior by participating in a Christmas play but have a limited budget and want to avoid long rehearsals, you’ll want to have this fascinating collection of twelve short plays in readers’ theater format. Whether you’re a novice or have plenty of experience, you’ll find these scripts, varying from humorous to deeply religious and ranging from 5-20 minutes in length, to be easy to stage yet packed with meaning. Suitable for worship services, prayer groups, religious education classes, retreats, or for entertainment at parish social functions, these flexible dramas can be staged in a sanctuary, classroom, lounge, or any large space, and require no scenery, costumes, or special lighting. Brief background essays on the Christmas play and on readers’ theater are also included, along with a list of other helpful resources.

    Some of the intriguing presentations include:
    * A Discussion Among Angels
    * The Tree That Didn’t Get Trimmed
    * Million Dollar Christmas
    * Hoodoo McFiggin’s Christmas
    * Home For The Holidays

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  • Worship Innovations 3


    Dedicated to providing fresh ideas for busy ministers and worship planners in a variety of settings, the Worship Innovations series offers practical resources that will bring the Bible to life and brighten your worship services. The easy-to-produce dramas and programs can be used in any size church, yet are flexible enough to fit almost any worship style. And each user-friendly resource comes with detailed instructions, including a complete list of everything you need to prepare for.

    In this Worship Innovations volume, the focus is on the Lent and Easter season. Like the first two books, this is a rich storehouse that will supply you with many seasons worth of compelling, scripturally authentic material. Included are:

    * The Paths to Calvary — a series of six short dramatic monologues for the weeks leading up to Easter in which biblical characters tell of their encounters with Jesus
    * Our Place at the Table — a dramatic re-enactment of the events preceding the Last Supper, culminating in a congregational communion service
    * A Passover to Remember — a complete Maundy Thursday service with a modified Passover seder as the centerpiece
    * A Growing Darkness — a Good Friday tenebrae service featuring seven readings about the day’s events, brought to life with several costumed monologues
    * Seven Words to Die By — based on Christ’s seven last words, this tenebrae service finds meaningful truths in the somber events of the crucifixion through monologues, scripture readings, music, and prayers
    * Surprise at Sunrise — an Easter sunrise service depicting the resurrection discovery in four vignettes using child actors
    * The Week of Weeks — a set of interactive scripture readings for each of the Sundays between Easter and Pentecost

    Other titles in the Worship Innovations series:
    Hanging The Greens For Christmas
    Easy Bible Drama

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  • Drama Team Handbook


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a skit may be wortheven-more–especially when you are trying to make the Gospels come alive for a modern audience! Alison Siewert’s Drama Team Handbook helps you do just that. This resource features 11 attention-grabbing scripts to illustrate passages in Matthew, Luke, and John–including sketches for Christmas and Easter. Perfect for evangelism, urban ministry, youth outreach.

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  • Birds And Other Plays


    The plays in this volume all contain Aristophanes’ trademark bawdy comedy and dazzling verbal agility. In The Birds, two frustrated Athenians join the birds to build the utopian city of ‘Much Cuckoo in the Clouds’. The Knights is a venomous satire on Cleon, a prominent Athenian demagogue, while The Assembly Women deals with the battle of the sexes as the women of Athens infiltrate the all-male Assembly in disguise. The lengthy conflict with Sparta is the subject of Peace, inspired by the hope of a settlement in 421 BC, and Wealth reflects on the economic catastrophe that hit Athens after the war.

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  • Everything New And Whos Who In Clown Ministry


    1. Who’s Who Clowns Of God
    2. Clowns Across America
    3. Clowns Around The World
    4. Everything New Skits For Clowning Around
    5. Skits For Clowning Around

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  • Sermons Alive : 52 Short Dramatic Sketches For Sunday Worship


    1. All I Want For Christmas
    2. Back To Back With Benny
    3. A Ball Game
    4. The Bible Study
    5. The Bonsai Tree
    6. Bringing My World To God
    7. The Choir Member
    8. Christianity Lite
    9. The Christian Plant
    10. Counting The Cost
    11. The Dream
    12. Fat Jack
    13. The Fisherman Etc.

    Additional Info
    A sketch a week companion to sunday worship services. The 52 3 to 7 minute dramas included in this book are ideal for introducing sermons. These entertaining sketches illustrate prayer,giving,peer pressure,eternal life,dealing with failure and others. Minimal to no props or set pieces required. Right and permission to reproduce sketckes is included.

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  • Best Of The Jeremiah People


    1. Preface
    2. Introduction
    3. Why A Drama Ministry
    4. Part I Production Techniques
    5. Getting Started
    6. Acting Exercises And Games
    7. Staging Your Sketch
    8. Part II Sketches

    Additional Info
    One of America’s best Christian repertory groups tells how you too can have a first-class drama troupe. The popular Jeremiah People group has successfully used drama to impart Christian truths to audiences nationwide for over twenty years. This book outlines their expertise on topics such as theatre games, rehearsals, organization, blocking, lighting and sound on a budget. Includes audience-tested sketches from many on-the-road performances, all in the group’s trademark style. Performance rights and permission to reproduce sketches are included with the purchase of the book.

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  • Clown Skits For Everyone


    1. Clown Skits For Everyone
    2. The Road To Clowntown
    3. Silly Solos
    4. Dizzy Duets

    Additional Info
    Everything you need to know to be a performing clown – written by a performing clown! The author, Happy Jack Feder, is an accomplished mime and clown. Advice and ideas plus thirty-two easy-to-perform skits for one or two clown acts. Talks about gestures and actions, rehearsals and routines, talking and miming, modifying skits and the mechanics of performance. Tells about how to make props and the best techniques for beginners. All of the thirty-two skits included in the book have been performance-tested – simplified for easy memorization. Delightfully illustrated throughout by Lafe Locke.

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  • Stagecraft For Christmas And Easter Plays


    1. Some Design Principles Of Space Staging
    2. Typical Biblical Scenes
    3. Building Scenery With Simple Tools
    4. The Finding And Making Of Props
    5. Painting Scenery
    6. Lighting The Church Play
    7. Glossary

    Additional Info
    A method of simplified staging for the church by James Hull Miller. All the basic knowledge for staging almost any religious play is now in one book. The book gives examples of typical biblical scenes, shows how to build scenery and props with simple tools, and explains techniques for painting realistic scenery. Many illustrations throughout. Effective scenery brings plays to life.

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