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  • 1 Lord Two Hands


    Trying to get your kids out the door while making their lunches or trying to cook dinner and do the laundry can make you feel as if you are playing tug of war. Life is constantly pulling everyone in a thousand different directions and it can be difficult to know which way to go!

    Individuals face this same decision when they are trying to balance their earthly lives and their Heavenly lives. Earthly life is how you navigate and interact in your everyday life as a citizen of your community. Your Heavenly life is how you act as a member of your Heavenly kingdom.

    However, these two kingdoms have contradicting morals, ethics, and differing views on things such as religious freedom. Successfully maneuvering both worlds while upholding your faith can be challenging.

    Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, president of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and Rev. John Pless visit previous essays written on how to maintain this balance.

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  • Serving The Body Of Christ Second Edition


    In Serving the Body of Christ noted liturgical and sacramental theologian Kevin W. Irwin expertly analyzes and summarizes the salient teachings of the Catholic magisterium on the sacraments of the eucharist and orders and offers ideas on ways to apply these teachings for the future. Alternating highly technical summaries with reflective essays based on them, Irwin maintains an awareness that not all magisterial documents carry the same theological weight, and his insightful commentary consistently reflects and respects the distinctions among the various ranks of documents. Updated with documents issued since the first edition’s release in 2013, notably Laudato Si’ and Amoris Laetitia.

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  • Letters And Life


    Writing lays bare the soul. All serious writers know that each word reveals something significant about themselves, granting outsiders a glimpse at their most cherished beliefs and foundational convictions. In this series of intimate reflections on life and writing, critically acclaimed and best-selling novelist Bret Lott explores the author’s craft through five letters covering a range of fascinating topics, from exploring the value of literary fiction to discussing the humility of Flannery O’Connor. In the final and longest letter, Lott contemplates the death of his father and his struggle to convey his complicated thoughts and inexplicable emotions in words. Intensely personal and yet universally relatable, this powerful collection of essays will encourage and enrich writers and aspiring writers everywhere.

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  • Reading With The Grain Of Scripture


    All these essays illustrate, in one way or another, how I have sought to carry out scholarly work as an aspect of discipleship-as a process of faith seeking exegetical clarity. – from the introduction

    Richard Hays has been a giant in the field of New Testament studies since the 1989 publication of his Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul. Now, his most significant essays of the past twenty-five years are collected here, representing the full fruition of major themes from his body of work:
    *the importance of narrative as the glue that holds the Bible together
    *the figural coherence between the Old and New Testaments
    *the centrality of the resurrection of Jesus
    *the hope for New Creation and God’s eschatological transformation of the world
    *the importance of standing in trusting humility before the text
    *the significance of reading Scripture within and for the community of faith

    Readers will find themselves guided toward Hays’s hermeneutic of trust rather than the hermeneutic of suspicion that has loomed large in recent biblical studies.

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  • Future Of Brexit Britain


    Essays from both sides of the Brexit debate that explore how British national identity should be understood in the light of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

    This stimulating collection of essays brings together a range of voices from different sides of the Brexit debate to draw on the legacy of Anglican social and political theology and offer a rich and nuanced response to the crucial, defining question: after leaving the European Union, what does it mean to be British?

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  • Come Thou Long Expected Jesus


    Between purchasing presents and planning travel, enjoying holiday pageants and attending parties, it is all too easy for the busyness of Christmas to crowd out a quiet anticipation of this sacred season. This anthology edited by Nancy Guthrie draws from the works and sermons of classic theologians such as George Whitefield, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, and Augustine, and from leading contemporary teachers such as John Piper, Randy Alcorn, Tim Keller, and Joni Eareckson Tada to help readers enter into the wonder of Jesus’s incarnation and birth.

    Each of the twenty-two essays in this volume expounds on a particular aspect of the Christmas story and includes the appropriate Scripture passage from the ESV Bible. It is sure to awaken people’s longing and prepare their hearts for a fresh experience of the coming of Jesus each and every Christmas season.

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  • Enabling Dialogue About The Land


    Enabling Dialogue About the Land comprises essays from 16 contributing scholars who engaged for several years in the Promise, Land, and Hope research project of the International Council for Christians and Jews (ICCJ), headquartered in Heppenheim, Germany. The team of American, Australian, German, Israeli, Palestinian, and Swedish scholars sought to answer: What understandings might the project develop that could serve as resources for constructive dialogue about Israeli-Palestinian issues? This book is the result of their research and field testing of a dialogue process they named Partners in Hope, which is meant to resource groups of Christians and Jews who gather for discussion in academic and congregational settings, including the ICCJ’s 38 member groups in 32 countries. While not intending to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Enabling Dialogue encourages interreligious conversation that moves away from endless disputes over policies toward engaging with differences as a path toward constructive understanding.

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  • Collected Essays Of N T Wright Set


    Collected Essays of N. T. Wright brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Scripture and hermeneutics, Jesus and the Gospels, and Paul and his Letters over the last three decades.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the New Testament. Each essay in this three-volume collection will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper and more informed appreciation of Scripture and its application to Christian life and thought today.

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  • Renewing Our Hope


    With Renewing Our Hope: Essays for the New Evangelization, Bishop Barron traces the need of the renewal of the Catholic Church through four stages: Renewing Our Mission, regaining confidence to share the Catholic faith by looking to the Church’s intellectual inheritance; Renewing Our Minds, examining that inheritance more closely, including Thomas Aquinas, Hans Urs von Balthasar, John Henry Newman, and Pope Francis; Renewing the Church, overcoming sexual abuse and strengthening the priesthood and family life; and Renewing Our Culture, judgments on politics, society, and art. Bishop Barron demonstrates again in this book his ability to make the fruits of his wide reading accessible to a broad audience, while still giving his academic colleagues much to consider. Includes a bibliography and index of subjects and names–

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  • Interpreting Paul : Essays On The Apostle And His Letters


    Interpreting Paul brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Paul and his letters since the publication of his magisterial Paul and the Faithfulness of God in 2013. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of Paul and the relevance of his teaching to Christian life and thought today.

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  • Interpreting Jesus : Essays On The Gospels


    Interpreting Jesus brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Jesus and the Gospels over the last three decades. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of the recent advances in Jesus studies, and their significance for theology today.

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  • Interpreting Scripture : Essays On The Bible And Hermeneutics


    Interpreting Scripture brings together N. T. Wright’s most important articles on Scripture and hermeneutics over the last two decades. Many of the included studies have never been published or only available in hard-to-find larger volumes and journals.

    Here is a rich feast for all serious students of the Bible. Each essay will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive, and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper, and more informed appreciation of Scripture and its application to Christian life and thought today.

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  • Voting And Faithfulness


    How do I, as a faithful Catholic, apply the teachings of my faith to the act of voting? There are fifteen essays in this volume on five different themes by respected Catholic theologians and professors that discuss the riches of church teaching that a faithful American Catholic should consider in order to inform his or her conscience before they vote. That conscience, once informed, is the highest moral authority that an individual can look to. That informed conscience is the goal of this work.

    The five different themes of the essays are these:
    1. A Catholic perspective on current political issues.
    2. How Catholics perceive and talk about issues.
    3. Individual life issues.
    4. Character issues.
    5. Bishops and their relationship to the laity on political issues.

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  • When We Pray


    The essays in this volume from liturgists in mainstream Christian churches in Australia and New Zealand gladly acknowledge that when we pray, we join with others.

    We share a history, a way of worshipping, often a common language and established forms, with authorised prayer books designed to retain the theological and liturgical emphases of the various churches. Yet it is a subject that can divide as well as unite; with a variety of experiences, attitudes and aspirations, especially in a world where forms of worship are readily accessible from internet sources.

    If worship and prayer express what we believe, who authorises forms of worship; who determines the authenticity of liturgy; what principles underlie and surround how people of faith worship in formal gatherings? These are some of the issues that inform the essays in this practical and ecumenical resource.

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  • Sex Love And Families


    Six years into the papacy of Pope Francis, Catholics are still figuring out how to respond to his image of the church as a field hospital–a church that goes into the streets rather than remaining locked up behind closed doors. Marriage and family are primary sites of the field hospital, called to meet people’s need for healing and accompaniment with compassion and love. The all-lay authors of this collection–a mix of single and married, traditional and progressive Catholics–take up this work. They offer practical wisdom from and critical engagement with the Catholic tradition but avoid rehashing decades-old theological debates. Instead, their essays engage with and respond to realities shaping contemporary family life, like religious pluralism, technology, migration, racism, sex and gender, incarceration, consumerism, and the call to holiness. The result is a collection that envisions ways that families can be places of healing and love in and for the world.

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  • In The Footsteps Of Jesus Volume 2


    Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is a tremendous privilege, but a privilege with significant responsibilities and challenges. Following Jesus is a process that begins with the realization that Jesus first calls the believer to walk with him despite the trials of our contemporary society.

    In the Footsteps of Jesus provides a method to follow the call of the Lord in the daily walk that all Christians are asked to make with the Lord. This volume focuses on three themes: Jesus Seeks Us, Responding to God’s Call, and Placing Our Hope and Trust in God.

    The content of this second of two volumes, like the first volume, will inspire believers in their daily walk with the Savior. Spending 15 minutes in Bible reading along with this companion book will help to provide spiritual guidance for the day. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each reflection will help to challenge the reader, sometimes raising deep and profound issues.

    Useful for sermon illustrations, this book will also benefit individual or group study as well as personal reading and reflection.

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  • Future Of Orthodox Anglicanism


    Anglicanism is the fastest growing Christian communion in the world today. It is attracting evangelicals who hunger for connections to the early church and for mystery, sacraments, and liturgy. But many people, even Anglicans themselves, don’t really understand what sets today’s Anglicanism apart from some of its history and distinguishes it from other Christian denominations. In 11 essays by leading Anglican scholars representing perspectives from East Africa, North Africa, and North America, this book clarifies what distinguishes Anglicanism from both Roman Catholicism and other Protestant denominations, reflecting on the tradition’s rich legacy in the past while offering a winsome proposal for the future.

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  • Truth And Hope


    In this varied collection of essays, Walter Brueggemann provides a lens into biblical teachings concerning the present age of fake news, lies, and alternate realities. Compiled and edited by Louis Stulman, professor of religion at the University of Findlay, these essays carry a common theme of truth and hope. As Brueggemann writes in the preface, there is no doubt that the prophetic tradition regularly engages in truth-telling in order to expose social reality as a systemic act of ‘falseness’ that contradicts the purposes of God. The prophetic tradition of Jeremiah, for instance, is preoccupied with truth-telling that exposes ‘falseness.’ The prophet exposes the deceit of dominant culture.

    That same prophetic tradition (like many others) turns eventually to the work of hope-telling. Such hope does not doubt that the faithful God can create futures, a way out of no way. The sequence from truth to hope in the book of Jeremiah is characteristic of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. These several prophetic voices (that gave canonical shape to the prophetic books) knew that this sequence is definingly important. There can be no hope until truth is told. Our temptation, of course, is to do the work of hope without the prior work of truth.

    Readers will find this collection of essays to be theologically rooted in the concept of prophetic tradition as a means of truth-telling. Brueggemann explores that, without God, truth-telling is nothing more than harping, and hope-telling is only wishful thinking.

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  • Dogma And Ecumenism


    The conversation of this book is structured around five major documents from the Second Vatican Council, each of which Barth commented upon in his short but penetrating response to the Council, published as Ad Limina Apostolorum. In the two opening essays, Thomas Joseph White reflects upon the contribution that this book seeks to make to contemporary ecumenism rooted in awareness of the value of dogmatic theology; and Matthew Levering explores the way in which Barth’s Ad Limina Apostolorum flows from his preconciliar dialogues with Catholic representatives of the nouvelle theologie and remain relevant to the issues facing Catholic theology today. The next two essays turn to Dei Verbum, the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation; here Katherine Sonderegger (Protestant) reflects on scripture and Lewis Ayres (Catholic) reflects on tradition. The next two essays address the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, which touches upon central differences of Catholic and Protestant self-understanding. Christoph Schwobel (Protestant) analyzes visible ecclesial identity as conceived in a Protestant context, while Thomas Joseph White (Catholic) engages Barth’s Reformed criticisms of the Catholic notion of the Church. The next two essays take up Nostra Aetate Bruce Lindley McCormack (Protestant) asks whether it is true to say that Muslims worship the same God as Christians, and Bruce D. Marshall (Catholic) explores the implications of the Council’s reflections on the Jewish people. The next two essays take up the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes: John Bowlin (Protestant) makes use of the thought of Aquinas to consider the promise and perils of the document, while Francesca Aran Murphy (Catholic) engages critically with George Lindbeck’s analysis of the document. The next two essays explore Unitatis Redintegratio Hans Boersma (Protestant) asks whether the ecumenical intention of the document is impaired by its insistence that the unity of the Church is already present in the Catholic Church, and Reinhard Hutter (Catholic) systematically addresses Barth’s questions regarding the document. The noted ecumenist and Catholic theologian Richard Schenk brings the volume to a close by reflecting on true and false ecumenism in the post-conciliar period.

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  • In The Footsteps Of Jesus Volume 1


    Walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ is a tremendous privilege, but a privilege with significant responsibilities and challenges. Following Jesus is a process that begins with the realization that Jesus first calls the believer to walk with him despite the trials of our contemporary society.

    In the Footsteps of Jesus provides a method to follow the call of the Lord in the daily walk that all Christians are asked to make with the Lord. This volume focuses on three themes: Jesus Seeks Us, Responding to God’s Call, and Placing Our Hope and Trust in God.

    The content of this book will inspire believers in their daily walk with the Savior. Spending 15 minutes in Bible reading along with this companion book will help to provide spiritual guidance for the day. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each reflection will help to challenge the reader, sometimes raising deep and profound issues.

    Useful for sermon illustrations, this book will also benefit individual or group study as well as personal reading and reflection.

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  • Full Of Your Glory


    This collection of essays explores the rich and diverse intersections between the world of liturgy and the worlds of creation and the cosmos. The intersections highlighted here include biblical, historical, visual, and musical materials as well as contemporary theological and pastoral challenges for worship today. The essays gathered in this volume were first presented at the 2018 Yale Institute of Sacred Music Liturgy Conference and are here made available to a wider audience. These essays are responses to the unprecedented attention to ecological and cosmological concerns, which call for sustained engagement by scholars and practitioners of liturgy.

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  • Christian Moses : From Philo To The Qur’an


    As it developed an increasingly distinctive character of its own during the first six centuries of the common era, Christianity was constantly forced to reassess and adapt its relationship with the Jewish tradition. The process involved a number of preoccupations and challenges: the status of biblical and parabiblical texts (several of them already debatable in Jewish eyes), the nature and purposes of God, patterns of prayer (both personal and liturgical), ritual practices, ethical norms, the acquisition and exercise of religious authority, and the presentation of a religious face to the very different culture that surrounded and in many ways dominated both Christians and Jews.

    The essays in this volume were developed within that broad field of inquiry, and indeed make their contribution to it. For, among the many issues already mentioned, there was also that of persons. What was Christianity to do, not just with Adam or Noah, say, but with Abraham, David and Solomon, the great prophetic figures of Jewish history–and, of course, with Moses?

    As we move, chapter by chapter, across the early Christian centuries, we see Moses gradually changing in Christian eyes, and at the hands of Christian exegetes and theologians, until he becomes the philosopher par excellence, the forerunner of Plato, the archetype of the lawgiver, the model shepherd of the people of God–yet all on the basis of a scriptural record that Jews would still have been able to recognize.

    Written by a range of established scholars, younger and older, many of them highly distinguished, The Christian Moses will appeal to graduate and senior students, to those rooted in a range of disciplines–literary, historical, art historical, as well in theology and exegesis–and to everyone interested in Jewish-Christian relations in this early era.

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  • Worship And Church


    These essays cover historical, systematic, spiritual, and spiritual aspects as well as social justice issues in relation to liturgy.

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  • Categories : Historical And Systematic Essays


    This volume addresses the subject of categories: What are they? How are they used in speaking and thinking? What role do they play in our moral deliberations? Why are there different sorts of categories? And are categories independent of our thinking and speaking, giving objective form to the world we aim to think and speak about? These and other questions concerning categories have been part of philosophy from the very beginning, and they raise foundational issues in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and other branches of philosophy. Yet pursuing answers to these questions has proven difficult, because investigations into categories push us to the very limits of what we can know.

    The essays in this volume, written by a mix of well-established and younger philosophers, bridge divides between historical and systematic approaches in philosophy as well divides between analytical, continental, and American traditions. They offer new interpretations of Aristotle, Confucius, Aquinas, Buridan, Kant, Pierce, Husserl, and Wittgenstein, and they challenge received views on normativity, the value of set theory, the objectivity of category schemes, and other topics.

    This volume, the first to offer a comprehensive examination of the subject, challenges mainstream positions on category theory. It will be of particular interest to philosophers and others concerned with how the world is divided.

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  • Themes In Kants Metaphysics And Ethics


    Intended for those interested in Kant’s contribution to philosophy, this volume provides an overview of Kant’s arguments concerning central issues in metaphysics and ethics. Arthur Melnick argues that the key to all of Kant’s arguments is his constructivist theory of space and time. Melnick shows that Kant’s arguments for causation and for substance, as well as Kant’s refutation of Cartesian skepticism, are far more cogent than usually thought. Further, this theory distinguishes Kant’s idealism from phenomenalism, verificationism, and internal realism. For Kant, metaphysics is tied to cognition; thus one must understand his account of cognition in order to fully grasp his metaphysics. Melnick argues that for Kant, thoughts or cognitions are rules for situating oneself with regard to reality-contacting procedures. In accord with this account, Melnick defends both Kant’s conception of categories and a robust correspondence theory of truth.

    The essays on ethics revolve around the notion of practical reasoning. Melnick contends that Kant is correct that such reasoning cannot be causally determined. This undercuts any compatibilist account of freedom of action as action controllable by practical reasoning. Kant’s moral theory is claimed to be a version of social-contract theory. This explains some troublesome aspects in Kant’s formulations of his categorical imperative. Melnick claims that such theories, even with Kant’s connection of them to autonomy, do not function well as motivational justifications of morality. He offers a different version of a categorical imperative that is supposed to avoid this problem.

    Arthur Melnick is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois, Urbana. A specialist in the philosophy of Kant, Melnick is the author of Kant’s Analogies of Experience, Space, Time and Thought in Kant, and Representation of the World: A Naturalized Semantics. He has also published numerous articles and book reviews.

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  • Vices Virtues And Consequences


    Vices, Virtues, and Consequences offers a broad study of the basic and universal issues in ethics and politics, the issues of what the human good is and how to attain it and avoid its opposite. These questions have long been debated and are no less debated today. However, according to author Peter Phillips Simpson, within the mainstream of Anglo-American modern philosophy they have been debated too narrowly. This narrowness is one of our modern vices, and it does much to encourage other vices, in particular that of despair of universal and objective reason. The essays in this collection not only attack these vices, but also attempt to replace them with the contrary virtues.

    The volume begins with an overview of modern Anglo-American moral philosophy and critiques the work of contemporary thinkers–specifically Alasdair MacIntyre and John Rawls–and the work of historical thinkers such as Machiavelli, Kant, and Hobbes. The author then explores ancient and medieval sources, and applies their concepts to discussions of modern problems.

    The book closes with chapters that discuss the direct consequences of contemporary vices in both thought and action, in particular the vice of failing to educate the morals of citizens. Simpson rejects the contemporary liberal dogma that political authority should not be involved in the moral education of citizens. Violence in Northern Ireland and the crime of abortion are among the issues discussed.

    Peter Phillips Simpson is professor of philosophy and classics at the Graduate Center and the College of Staten Island, City University of New York. He is the author of numerous articles and books including The Politics of Aristotle, A Philosophical Commentary on the Politics of Aristotle, and Karol Wojtyla.

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  • Sightings : Reflections On Religion In Public Life


    For the past twenty years, Martin Marty and the editors of Sightings, a digital publication of the University of Chicago Divinity School’s Martin Marty Center, have published informed, accessible, and witty commentary on religion in current events. Featuring more than seventy authors-including Marty himself, Eboo Patel, and Krista Tippett-this book collects one hundred of the best essays that originally appeared in Sightings.

    Religion in public life fluctuates in temperature, but in the last twenty years, the religious climate has produced some harsh and extreme conditions that make the need for public discussion and understanding of religion more vital than ever. In this volume writers intelligently engage and elucidate many critical trends, issues, and practices of faith in our pluralistic world. Rich food for thought awaits readers here.

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  • Voices Rising : Women Of Color Finding And Restoring Hope In The City


    Servant Partners Press

    A wide-ranging collection of essays by Christian women of color serving in urban poor contexts.

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  • Gospel In Dorothy L Sayers


    Uncover the profound subtext lurking just below the surface of some of the greatest murder mysteries of all time.

    For almost a century, a series of labyrinthine murder mysteries have kept fans turning pages hungrily as Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane discover whodunit, again and again.
    Detective novel enthusiasts may not know that for almost as many years, Christian thinkers have appreciated the same Dorothy L. Sayers for her spiritual insight as an essayist, playwright, and preeminent translator of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

    Now, for the first time, an anthology brings together the best of both worlds. The selections uncover the gospel themes woven throughout Sayers’s popular fiction as well as her religious plays, correspondence, talks, and essays. Clues dropped throughout her detective stories reveal a religious sensibility that was subtle but neither accidental nor peripheral.
    Those who know Sayers from her philosophical writings may wonder how she could also write popular genre fiction. Sayers, like her friend G. K. Chesterton, found murder mysteries a vehicle to explore the choices characters make between good and evil – those decisions that separate us from, or draw us closer to, God. Along with C. S. Lewis and the other Inklings, with whom she maintained a lively correspondence, Sayers used her popular fiction to probe deeper questions. She addressed not only matters of guilt and innocence, sin and redemption, but also the cost of war, the role of the conscience, and the place of women in society.

    None of these themes proved any hindrance to spinning a captivating yarn. Her murder mysteries are more reminiscent of Jane Austen than Arthur Conan Doyle, with all the tense interpersonal exploration of the modern novel.

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  • Urban Ministry Reconsidered


    Christian ministries often struggle to account for urbanization’s growing force, complexities, and reach-and to formulate theologically and sociologically appropriate responses. Urban Ministry Reconsidered features a collection of original essays by leading scholars and practitioners that explores current issues and challenges in urban communities.

    Together these articles consider how cultural and structural frameworks have led to new conceptualizations and configurations of urban ministry. In addition, they examine the degree to which the social, spiritual, and organizational priorities of urban ministries have been reconceived in response to these shifts.

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  • Fullness Of Divine Worship


    This volume offers a selection of essays from the pages of Antiphon: A Journal for Liturgical Renewal, the official organ of the Society for Catholic Liturgy. The Society was founded in 1995 as a multidisciplinary association of Catholic scholars, teachers, pastors, and ecclesiastical professionals in the Anglophone world, with the aim of promoting the scholarly study and practical renewal of the sacred liturgy.

    This collection is inspired by the confident affirmation of the Second Vatican Council, taking its cue from an ancient prayer of the Roman Rite, that in Christ, the fullness of divine worship was given to us (Sacrosanctum Concilium, no. 5). The contributions gathered in this single volume cover a range of topics and offer different perspectives. They are united by their grounding in the rich history of Catholic worship, by their theological awareness and reflection, and by their concern for the liturgical life of the Church today.

    Alcuin Reid considers the role of liturgical law in the twenty-first century and explores the theological dimensions of ars celebrandi. Ryan J. Marr relates the seminal thought of Rene Girard to contemporary discussions on the sacrificial character of the Eucharist and on liturgical reform. Uwe Michael Lang offers a fresh reading of Augustine’s conception of sacrifice in City of God, Book X, a historically charged text that continues to generate interest among theologians and liturgists. Michael P. Foley sheds light on the origins of the rite of peace in the Roman tradition and discusses its significance and practice in contemporary liturgical celebrations. Madeleine Grace, C.V.I. makes a compelling case from biblical, liturgical and canonical sources to recover the spiritual benefits of Eucharistic fasting. Daniel G. Van Slyke compares and contrasts the current Order for Blessing Water Outside of Mass with its immediate predecessor. Clinton Allen Brand presents the language of the liturgical books approved for the Ordinariates according to the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus as an idiom of worship that resonates with Anglophone culture and provides an opportunity for evangelization.

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  • How To Pray


    The revered teacher and bestselling author of such classic Christian works as Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis here offers wisdom and lessons that illuminate our private dialogue with God-prayer-in this collection drawn from the breadth of his writings

    C. S. Lewis’s insights on Christianity and his reflections on Christian life continue to guide us more than fifty years after his death. How to Pray showcases Lewis’s enduring wisdom on prayer and its place in our daily lives.

    Cultivated from his many essays, articles, and letters, as well as his classic works, How to Pray provides practical wisdom and instruction to help readers nurture their spiritual beliefs and embrace prayer in all its forms. While many people would like to speak to God, they often don’t know how to begin. Lewis guides them through the practice, illuminating the significance of prayer and why it is central to faith.

    A welcome addition to the C. S. Lewis canon, How to Pray offers a deeper understanding of our personal tradition of prayer, our faith, and what is means to be a Christian.

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  • My Southern Journey


    From celebrated New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Rick Bragg, comes a poignant and wryly funny collection of essays on life in the south.

    Keenly observed and written with his insightful and deadpan sense of humor, Bragg explores enduring Southern truths about home, place, spirit, table, and the regions varied geographies, including his native Alabama, Cajun country, and the Gulf Coast. Everything is explored, from regional obsessions with college football and fishing, to mayonnaise and spoonbread, to the simple beauty of a fish on the hook.

    Collected from over a decade of his writing, with many never-before-published essays written specifically for this edition, My Southern Journey is an entertaining and engaging read, especially for Southerners (or Southerners at heart) and anyone who appreciates great writing.

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  • Free Society


    Most Americans think they live in a free society. They think that because they can find fifty varieties of salad dressing at the grocery store, choose from among a hundred types of wine at the liquor store, select a television channel from over 1,000 choices, download any movie or song they want from the Internet, and sit at home for hours playing the latest video game that they live in a free society. They are oblivious to the extent of government encroachment on their freedoms. They are complacent when it comes to government edicts. And they are ignorant as to what a free society really means. The truth is, Americans live in a relatively free society, not an absolutely free society. And on top of all that, Americans live in a nanny state. We have a government full of politicians, bureaucrats, and regulators, and a society full of statists, authoritarians, and busybodies, who all want to use the force of government to impose their values, hinder personal freedom, re-make society in their own image, destroy personal and financial privacy, restrict economic activity, compel people to associate with people they may not want to associate with, define and enforce morality, tell you how to live your life, and limit the size of soft drinks you can purchase at a convenience store. The 127 essays in this book make the case for a genuinely free society.

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  • Moral Vision And Tradition


    This volume offers a comprehensive philosophical study of Confucian ethics-its basic insights and its relevance to contemporary Western moral philosophy. Distinguished writer and philosopher A. S. Cua presents fourteen essays which deal with various problems arising in the philosophical explication of the nature of Chinese ethical thought. Offering a unique analytical approach, Cua focuses on the conceptual and dialectical aspects of Confucian ethics. Among the topics discussed are: the nature and significance of the Chinese Confucian moral vision of tao; the complementary insights of Classical Taoism, namely of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu; and the logical and rhetorical aspects of Confucian ethics. Perhaps more relevant to contemporary East-West ethical discourse, several essays present an introduction to a systematic Confucian moral philosophy. Cua explains the idea of a living, Confucian, ethical tradition and highlights the problem of interpreting the cardinal concepts of Confucian ethics as an ethics of virtue. Much of the effort is spent in shaping concepts such as jen (humanity), I (rightness), and li (ritual propriety) in the light of the Confucian ideal or vision of tao. Cua concludes with a discussion of the possibility of reasoned discourse, aiming at a resolution of intercultural, ethical conflict. This book will appeal to a broad spectrum of scholars interested in ethics, Chinese philosophy, comparative Chinese and Western ethical thought, and Confucianism.

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  • Karl Barth The Jews And Judaism


    How Jewish was Karl Barth?

    With this provocative question David Novak opens Karl Barth, the Jews, and Judaism-a volume that brings nine eminent Jewish and Christian theologians into direct and respectful dialogue on a crucial aspect of Barth’s thought and legacy.

    Highlights of the volume include a personal exchange between Novak and Eberhard Busch; classic essays by Thomas Torrance, C. E. B. Cranfield, and Hans Kung; and a concluding reflection by Ellen Charry on ending enmity. These scholars not only make a noteworthy contribution to Barth studies but also demonstrate creative possibilities for building positive Jewish-Christian relations without theological compromise.

    *David Novak on the extent to which Barth thought like a Jew
    *Eberhard Busch on three Jewish-Christian milestones in Barth’s life
    *George Hunsinger on Christian philo-semitism and supersessionism
    *Peter Ochs on Barthian elements in Jewish-Christian dialogue
    *Victoria J. Barnett on Barth and post-WWII interfaith encounters
    *Thomas F. Torrance on Israel’s divine calling in world history
    *Hans Kung on moving from anti-semitism to theological dialogue
    *C. E. B. Cranfield on pertinent Pauline texts
    *Ellen T. Charry on addressing theological roots of enmity

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  • In Christ In Paul


    Nineteen biblical scholars and theologians in this volume explore the notions of union and participation within Pauline theology, teasing out the complex web of meaning conveyed through Paul’s theological vision of being in Christ.

    With essays that investigate Pauline theology and exegesis, ex-amine highlights from reception history, and offer deep theological reflection, this exemplary multidisciplinary collection charts new ground in the scholarly understanding of Paul’s thought and its theological implications.

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  • Pope Francis Lexicon


    SKU (ISBN): 9780814644195Editor: Joshua McElwee | Editor: Cindy WoodenBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 2018Publisher: Liturgical Press

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  • Of Human Life (Anniversary)


    Fifty years after its release, the importance and prophetic nature of Humanae Vitae has become more apparent than ever. Pauline Books & Media has released a new edition of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical letter in honor of its 50th anniversary to enable modern readers to more fully understand and participate in the document’s wisdom and guidance.

    This new annotated edition includes a foreword by Helen Alvare, providing historical context and pointing out several ways Paul VI has been proven prophetic in his teaching. Notes provided by Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP, give brief explanations at points where contention and misunderstanding have been present regarding the document’s meaning.

    Features & Benefits:

    original English translation
    foreword by Helen Alvare, highlighting the historical context and present relevance of the document
    notes by Sr Marianne Lorraine Trouve, FSP, to orient the reader and provide helpful background and explanations of terms
    inexpensive edition in handy booklet format
    is at the center of the Pauline Books & Media’s resources on the Theology of the Body

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  • Facing The World


    This collection of essays on political theology, including one by its inspiration, Johann Baptist Metz, accepts the challenge of how to live mercifully in difficult times. The authors respond to the call of Pope Francis to respond with mercy, compassion, and solidarity to a global culture of indifference.

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  • Redeeming The Life Of The Mind


    All facets of human knowledge fall under the lordship of Jesus Christ. This is the inevitable conclusion of a consistently Scripture-centered worldview. In honor of Vern Poythress’s many years of faithful contribution to evangelical scholarship, twenty leading scholars have come together to write a set of essays with the aim of demonstrating the central point of his work: that every area of knowledge can and must be redeemed by Christ. Scholars, pastors, and interested lay readers will find this book to be a powerful testimony to the authority of Christ and the centrality of Scripture for all of life.

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  • For A Missionary Reform Of The Church


    Thirty essays presented at a symposium that deal with reform of the church and reforms in the church, according to the vision of Pope Francis.

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  • Not So Unexciting Life


    This volume, written by eighteen monks, nuns, and lay scholars from seven countries and four continents, aims to recognize the contribution that Michael Casey has made to Cistercian and Benedictine life over the past forty years. Acclaimed as one of today’s the most significant writers in the Benedictine and Cistercian tradition, Casey has published over one hundred articles and reviews in various journals, written more than eighteen books, and edited many more books and journals. He is a world-renowned retreat master, lecturer, and formator.

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  • Being A Chaplain


    Chaplaincy – a place for those who have sold out, can’t hack church ministry and don’t believe in mission? Against the negative stereotypes, this book argues that chaplains are a valuable resource to the Church. Embedded in places as diverse as prisons, hospitals, educational establishments and the armed forces, chaplains often encounter social trends well in advance of the institutional churches. Their experiences and expertise can be very helpful for thinking about ministry, ecclesiology and the engagement with contemporary society. The first five parts of this book gather together stories of 22 chaplains working in a wide variety of contexts and from a range of Christian churches. The final part consists of four essays on key themes: multi-faith issues; the core skills needed by a chaplain; models of chaplaincy; and tensions that can arise in the work. This book is for chaplains, students, clergy and all those who are considering becoming a chaplain or have dealings with people in the role. It will be of considerable interest to anyone who wonders what exactly chaplains do, how and why they do it and what the churches can learn from their experiences.

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  • On Sexuality And Scripture


    * Of interest to biblical scholars, students, and those following the international debate on same-sex issues * Internationally-known authors * Demonstrates serious students of Scripture can find good news for LGBTQ people and churches that affirm them in the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus The Chicago Consultation has sponsored consultations in South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana on Scripture and sexuality. With papers, Bible studies, and personal essays from American, African, and other international scholars, this book offers a new way of approaching sacred texts to discover what the Bible does and does not say about human sexuality. The Chicago Consultation has developed a reputation for civil conversation among those on multiple sides of issues related to gender equality. Their work in Africa builds on that reputation, now reaching international biblical scholars and students.

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  • Lantern Bearers And Other Essays


    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) is best known as the author of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, and Kidnapped, but his essays comprise an oft-overlooked trove of gems, intriguing in their content and generous in their scope. This collection of nearly three dozen of Stevenson’s best essays the only anthology of its kind spans his brief life and includes many of his most celebrated pieces and some others previously unpublished.

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  • Culture Of The Incarnation


    n this collection of essays, distinguished Australian theologian Tracey Rowland takes up the relationship of Christ and culture, broadly understood. She contrasts the principles undergirding what St. John Paul II called a culture of death with those required for the flourishing of a humanism that flows from the grace of the Incarnation.

    Rowland returns frequently to the theological insights of Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI, to whose thought she is deeply indebted. Drawing upon the Augustinian and Thomist traditions of political theology, she offers a trenchant theological critique of liberalism in all its forms, with attention to our modern attraction to false utopias and accommodationist impulses.

    The nine essays in this volume engage such perennial topics as the place of natural law, the theological status of the world, and the nature of true humanism, along with timely topics such as the retrieval of the sources of Catholic resistance to Communism and what is now commonly called cultural Marxism. Rowland’s inimitable voice, keen wit, and penetrating insight into the distinctiveness of Catholic truth make this book a landmark volume as the Church today revisits anew its relationship to the world.

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  • Contemporary Art And The Church


    The church and the contemporary art world often find themselves in an uneasy relationship in which misunderstanding and mistrust abound. On one hand, the leaders of local congregations, seminaries, and other Christian ministries often don’t know what to make of works by contemporary artists. Not only are these artists mostly unknown to church leaders, they and their work often lead them to regard the world of contemporary art with indifference, frustration, or even disdain. On the other hand, many artists lack any meaningful experience with the contemporary church and are mostly ignorant of its mission. Not infrequently, these artists regard religion as irrelevant to their work, are disinclined to trust the church and its leaders, and have experienced personal rejection from these communities. In response to this situation, the 2015 biennial conference of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) facilitated a conversation between these two worlds. The present volume gathers together essays and reflections by artists, theologians, and church leaders as they sought to explore misperceptions, create a hospitable space to learn from each other, and imagine the possibility of a renewed and mutually fruitful relationship. Contemporary Art and the Church seeks common ground for the common good of both the church and the contemporary art world.

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  • Renewal Of Mystical Theology


    The Renewal of Mystical Theology is a memorial volume of important, original essays honoring the life and work of the late John N. Jones. Jones was a major figure in the renewal of mystical theology in the contemporary world, partly through his own writings, but especially through his generous help and sagacious care in soliciting, editing, and producing a wide range of books on spirituality and mysticism. Jones was an academic, trained in the critical study of religion at Yale University, after which time he became one of the country’s leading editors in the field of mysticism. Although he published important essays on Dionysius, Jones’ real vocation as a nurturer of the revival of interest in mystical theology emerged during his years as editor. The volume will appeal to teachers and students involved in Christian mysticism, as well as clergy, intellectuals, and educated lay readers. College and university instructors, as well as seminarians, can use the essays as a valuable teaching tool.

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  • Disarming Beauty : Essays On Faith Truth And Freedom


    University Of Notre Dame Press

    In 2005, Father Julian Carron became the leader of the global ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation, following the death of the movement’s founder, Father Luigi Giussani. Disarming Beauty is the English translation of an engaging and thought-provoking collection of essays by one of the principal Catholic leaders and intellectuals in the world today. Adapted from talks given by Fr. Carron, these essays have been thoroughly reworked by the author to offer an organic presentation of a decade-long journey. They present the content of his elaboration of the gospel message in light of the tradition of Fr. Giussani, the teachings of the popes, and the urgent needs of contemporary people.

    Carron offers a broad diagnosis of challenges in society and then introduces their implications in contexts such as families, schools, workplaces, and political communities. In a dialogue with his listeners, he inspires and encourages them to lay out a new path for the Catholic church and the world. Throughout his essays, Carron addresses the most pressing questions facing theologians today and provides insights that will interest everyone, from the most devout to the firm nonbeliever. Grappling with the interaction of Christian faith and modern culture, Carron treats in very real and concrete ways what is essential to maintaining and developing Christian faith, and he invites an ongoing conversation about the meaning of faith, truth, and freedom.

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  • Human Origins And The Image Of God


    How did human beings originate? What, if anything, makes us unique? These questions have long been central to philosophers, theologians, and scientists. This book continues that robust interdisciplinary conversation with contributions from an international team of scholars whose expertise ranges from biology and anthropology to philosophical theology and ethics.

    The fourteen chapters in this volume are organized around Wentzel van Huyssteen’s pioneering work in human rationality, embodiment, and evolutionary history. Bringing a variety of diverse perspectives to bear on a hotly debated issue, Human Origins and the Image of God showcases new research by some of today’s finest scholars working on questions regarding human origins and human uniqueness.

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  • Hidden And The Manifest


    Rowan Williams says that David Bentley Hart can always be relied on to offer a perspective on the Christian faith that is both profound and unexpected. A new collection of this brilliant scholar’s work, The Hidden and the Manifest contains nineteen essays by Hart on theology and metaphysics.

    Spanning Hart’s career both chronologically and topically, these essays cover such subjects as the Orthodox understanding of Eucharistic sacrifice; the metaphysics of Paradise Lost; Christianity, modernity, and freedom; death, final judgment, and the meaning of life; and many more.

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  • Coming Home : Essays On The New Heaven And New Earth


    The Bible has a lot to say about Christ’s return-it is mentioned more than three hundred times throughout the New Testament. We often downplay this doctrine because the precise details are debated. However, these passages are in Scripture to build our hope and joy in the here and now. This compilation of expository messages from eight leading Bible teachers, including Tim Keller, John Piper, and D. A. Carson, explores the theme of redemption from Genesis to Revelation-stirring up within us a longing for our future home and filling us with joyful hope in light of Jesus’s return.

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  • Gun Control And The Second Amendment


    These nine essays appeared in a variety of places online during the period from July 2010 to March 2017. Throughout these essays, there are ten things relating to gun control and the Second Amendment that resonate: 1. Criminals aren t deterred by gun-control laws. 2. The Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions didn t institute gun freedom. 3. The Second Amendment has no exceptions. 4. The Second Amendment is irrelevant. 5. The right to keep and bear arms is a private property issue. 6. The Constitution authorizes no federal gun laws whatsoever. 7. The ATF shouldn t exist. 8. The Second Amendment hasn t prevented a single gun-control law from being passed. 9. Most Republicans are enemies of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. 10. The answer is gun freedom.

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  • Beyond Dogmatism And Innocence


    Prior to the Second Vatican Council, neoscholastic approaches to the interpretation of the scriptures, dogmas, and tradition came to reflect and represent the position of the official magisterium. Since the council, we have witnessed, on the one hand, the proliferation of methodological developments in the fields of hermeneutics and critical theory, while, on the other hand, the current contested interpretation of the council has brought the term hermeneutics back onto theology’s front burner.

    This collection of scholarly essays has three aims. The first is to identify dominant trends in philosophical hermeneutics and in critical theories that have been influential in Catholic theology since the time of Vatican II. The second is to identify the most important disputed issues in hermeneutics and critical theory that bear upon the work of the theologian. The third is to develop constructive proposals that would set the stage for our ongoing discussions in the field and would point to specific applications of hermeneutical and critical-theoretical understandings in theology.

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  • Catholicism And Intelligence


    Catholicism and Intelligence is a collection of essays that challenge the reader to see God in what-is, in the reality of our world. Engaging some of the finest minds of the past-Chesterton, Plato, Augustine, and even Charlie Brown-Schall speaks to the present with incisive clarity, illustrating how revelation informs and strengthens the natural light of reason, enabling humanity to see reality most clearly. Catholicism and Intelligence affirms that a truly Catholic mind is radically and uniquely capable of sifting through competing worldviews.

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  • On Stories And Other Essays On Literature


    A repackaged edition of the revered author’s collection of essays on writing fiction.
    C. S. Lewis–the great British writer, scholar, lay theologian, broadcaster, Christian apologist, and bestselling author of Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many other beloved classics–was a professor of literature at Oxford University, where he was known for his insightful and often witty presentations on the nature of stories. This collection assembles nine essays that encapsulate his ideas about fiction, including On Stories, The Death of Words, and On Three Ways of Writing for Children, as well as eleven pieces that were unpublished during his lifetime.

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  • Present Concerns Journalistic Essays


    Although C.S. Lewis professed never to read newspapers and recommended doses of good literature as an antidote to news, he himself was an occasional journalist. All but two of the nineteen essays in this volume, previously uncollected, first appeared in newspapers or magazines. They have in common Lewis’s characteristic sanity and persuasiveness. Those written between 1940 and 1945 reflect largely on questions generated by the war: democratic values, the need for an updated chivarly, and the cynicism of the modern soldier. Other essays examine the threats to educational and spiritual fulfillment; while Sex in Literature and On Living in the Atomic Age address literary censorship and our very survival, issues debated even more passionately today than in Lewis’s lifetime.

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  • Of Other Worlds Essays And Stories


    A repackaged edition of the revered author’s treasury of essays and stories which examine the value of creative writing and imaginative exploration.
    C. S. Lewis–the great British writer, scholar, lay theologian, broadcaster, Christian apologist, and bestselling author of Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, The Chronicles of Narnia, and many other beloved classics–presents a well-reasoned case for the importance of story and wonder, elements often ignored by critics of his time. He also discusses his favorite kinds of stories–children’s stories and fantasies–and offers insights into his most famous works, The Chronicles of Narnia and the Space Trilogy.

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  • Circles


    Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson’s 1841 essay Circles reflects on the endless circles found in nature, and the fluidity of the universe. He encourages the embracing of new thoughts and ideas: No truth so sublime but it may be trivial to-morrow in the light of new thoughts. People wish to be settled; only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them.

    This short work is part of Applewood’s American Roots, series, tactile mementos of American passions by some of America’s most famous writers and thinkers.

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