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Father's Day

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  • Berenstain Bears Fathers Day Blessings


    In The Berenstain Bears Father’s Day Blessings, Mama, Gran, and the cubs plan an adventure to honor Papa Bear and Gramps on Father’s Day.

    Papa Bear and Gramps are the best dads in Bear Country and the cubs want to show their love. Working together with Mama and Gran, a special fishing trip and picnic are planned for Father’s Day. Will Papa and Gramps bring in a big catch of fish … or will they catch something else even better?

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  • Gods Words Of Life For Fathers


    Dads can find the strength they need to love their family well with hundreds of verses specifically chosen to uplift them in all seasons of life. Biblical wisdom and insight from Scripture, in a handsome package, makes God’s Words of Life for Fathers a great choice for any dad.

    Whether as a gift for a new dad or a grandfather, God’s Words of Life for Fathers has the eternal truth of Scripture to help equip dads in the journey. Encourage the dads in your life with this book filled with biblical insights on timeless topics such as wisdom, prayer, faith, grace, and patience.

    With a handsome cover and two-color design throughout the book, God’s Words of Life for Fathers is the perfect gift for fathers of all ages and stages for Father’s Day, birthdays, baby gift, Christmas, and all gift-giving occasions.

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  • Joshua 1:9 LuxLeather Journal


    This is my command-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

    This journal has a stunning two-tone debossed luxleather cover. It features inspirational Scripture from Joshua 1:9 and is part of the Strong & Courageous collection. This journal makes a wonderful gift for a dad on his birthday, Father’s day or to encourage a loved one.

    This journal has a zipped closure, two-tone brown flexcover with debossed Strong & Courageous emblem on the cover and Joshua one verse nine debossed on the back cover. There is an attached ribbon page marker and a presentation page for gift-giving.Each 400 lined page carries an inspirational passage.

    Size: 6.4 (W) x 8.7 (H)
    400 Lined Pages
    Soft LuxLeather Cover
    Attached Ribbon Page Marker
    Debossed Cover Text & Design
    Zipper Closure
    Presentation Page for Gift-Giving

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  • Gods Gift For Fathers


    Thank your father for his powerful influence in your life through the timeless truths found in Scripture and in God’s Gift for Fathers. Men will be empowered and encouraged through the spiritual wisdom found in the promises God makes specifically to fathers in His Word. The Bible is rich with descriptions and stories of godly fathers, and in God’s Gift for Fathers bestselling author Jack Countryman walks you through more than 60 different ways that God leads and instructs fathers. Read through God’s intention for fatherhood and learn from those who were good fathers in the Bible-and those who failed. You will find a crises Scripture guide with counsel for the hardships that you and your family may come across, and be encouraged as you see how God listens to prayer, keeps you secure, and comforts you in your times of need as a father. Mediate on the Scripture passages, and inspire your heart as you delve into the promises God has made just for you. With a modern design, timeless content, and the words of the New King James Version, God’s Gift for Fathers is a classic in the making. This book will bring peace and wisdom to your heart and would also make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, and as a just because! gift to share with the special fathers in your life. God strengthens fathers. He promises to walk alongside His sons as they raise future generations to know His name. Lean in closer to hear His promises and the rich blessings that He offers in God’s Gift for Fathers.

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  • New Kid


    In this baseball novel from New York Times bestselling author Tim Green, it’s hard to be the new kid, both on and off the field. Perfect for fans of Mike Lupica or Dan Gutman’s Baseball Card Adventure series.

    Tommy’s the new kid in town-who now goes by the name Brock-and he’s having a hard time fitting in. Thanks to a prank gone wrong, he may be able to settle in on the baseball team. But can he prove himself before he becomes a new kid . . . again? New York Times bestselling author and former NFL defensive end Tim Green delivers another baseball tale with sports action and emotional heart that will keep kids on the edge of their seats.

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  • Robin Hood


    The legendary outlaw and his merry men spring to life again, thrilling young readers with feats of daring and valor. Join Robin, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and the other Sherwood Forest denizens in their struggle against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and their pursuit of freedom and justice.

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  • My Adventures With Zippy Tadpole Tales


    What is a tadpole? Do you know? After reading My Adventures with Zippy Tadpole Tales by Sherry Riddle, you will find out the answers to these questions and more. This delightful educational book is about a little boy who sets out to catch some frogs and Zippy his dog who scares them away. Their adventure leads to the discovery of tadpoles and raises a lot more questions. Join the adventure and learn about frogs and tadpoles as you enjoy this fun little book. My Adventures with Zippy Tadpole Tales is the first in a series of adventure stories about a boy and his dog who playfully unlock the mysteries of the world around them. The next in the series will be, My Adventures with Zippy Dreamland.

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  • God Has Smiled On Me


    Daniel Whyte III’s father, Rev. Daniel White, Jr., was not a perfect man but he loved his family dearly. And even though there were many problems in the family, Rev. White did what so many black fathers today do not do-he stayed with his family through thick and thin. This book is a tribute to him-a father who stayed.

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  • Dear Papa : Letters To My Father


    …the glory of children are their fathers.
    –Proverbs 17:6

    Father’s Day is a very special day for fathers and their children. Unfortunately, it only comes around once a year. On this day, fathers are recognized and honored by those who love them the most–their children. However, in my opinion, fathers should be honored and celebrated every day of the year. Fathers who choose to stay in the lives of their children and who help to improve the lives of their children should not just be honored on one day but on every day… May I encourage you not to take your father for granted. Show love and appreciation to him while you are together. And remember that father’s day is not just one day out of the year but should be celebrated every day!

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  • Tao Of Dad


    The Tao of Dad celebrates the nobility and courage of men-the leaders, the thinkers, the teachers, and the soldiers-who shape our world today. Real words about real life show us how we can be wiser and happier, when we open our hearts and minds. -Taro Gold, The Tao of Dad

    Author Taro Gold’s life has been enriched by the guidance and comradeship of many great dads-from his father and stepfather to his grandpa-and great-grandpa. The Tao of Dad is a fountain of insightful gems inspired by these men and many more dads around the world and across the ages.

    Illustrated with bold and stunning watercolor art, this compendium of wise words offers important lessons and hope-filled visions from both Eastern and Westerndads.

    * Physical force is temporary, as the body is transitory. But spiritual power is permanent, as the spirit is everlasting. –Mahatma Gandhi

    * Peace, like charity, begins at home. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

    * A day without laughter is a day wasted. –Grandpa

    The Chinese word tao means way and implies teachings or wisdom, making The Tao of Dad the way to great, wise fathers. With more than 400 uplifting and thought-provoking quotes with Eastern sensibilities, The Tao of Dad will remind readers of the cherished moments, important lessons, and forward-looking visions that they have shared with the dads in their lives.

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  • Dear Dad : Father Friend And Hero


    Dear Dad is the companion collection to its namesake, Dear Mom. Artfully combining poignant animal photographs with gentle humor and heartfelt words, this homage to dads is treasured by fathers of all ages.

    Millions of people worldwide have shown Mom how much they love her by giving her the remarkable New York Times bestselling book Dear Mom.

    Perfect for those who struggle to find the right words to tell Dad just how they feel, Dear Dad is a masterful blend of poignant pictures and special thoughts that will convey to Dad how much he means. Bradley Trevor Greive’s witty and whimsical, yet moving, pairing of thoughts and images will effortlessly communicate your appreciation and love for all Dad’s efforts over the years. He points out that dads might sometimes be far from perfect, but by embodying the fatherly paradox of strength through gentleness, they are still and always the beloved anchor, safely holding fast to all that family means today and in the future.

    With its infectious humor, poetic insights, carefully chosen words, and charming animal photographs, Dear Dad gets straight to the heart of the role fathers play in our lives. Dear Dad is proof that the most truthful, meaningful things are best expressed simply, and with a chuckle.

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  • Dadisms : What He Says And What He Really Means


    This Parent-to-English guidebook is a hilarious primer on understanding the true meaning of parental communication.

    Those who suspect that their fathers took closely guarded secret courses instructing them on the significance of enigmatic utterances won’t be surprised to learn there are indeed clandestine languages for Dads. And here is the book that deciphers them.

    Finally, Dad’s ambiguous responses like Go ask your mother, cryptic commands such as Don’t make me pull this car over, and the puzzling question, Do you think I’m made of money? are explained in comic detail in this handy reference. Interpreted for the new century, each one is translated with tongue-in-cheek humor and insight.

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  • Mothers Day And Fathers Day


    This program builder includes readings, recitations and skits for Mothers and Fathers. Good for a church or formal setting but also well suited for individuals who want ideas in appreciating mother and father.

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