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  • Learning Wrap Ups Geology Keys


    Geology Wrap-ups have 120 problems that deal with: World’s Greatest geological features, MOHS Hardness Scale, Ores & Elements, Volcanic Features, Oceanic floor features,Vertabrate Fossils, Fossil Names and similiarities, Geological land forms, Weathering features and Invertabrate Fossil names.

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  • Building Blocks In Earth Science


    Discover how God’s world and God’s Word agree about Earth’s history and Earth’s destiny!

    To understand earth science, it requires teamwork, combining the methods and evidences of both science and history. And if you also use the history book of the world, the Bible, you can make sense of the Earth’s surface – altered, formed, and weathered over time, the landscapes and vistas we enjoy today.

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  • Big Book Of Earth And Sky Teachers Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Quick Key To Big Book Of Earth & Sky Panels

    Intro To Speleology (Cave Studies)

    Intro To Oceanography (Ocean Studies)

    Intro To Meteorology (Weather Studies)

    Intro To Paleontology (Cultural Studies)

    An Educational Adventure

    Cave Quiz!

    Seek And Find Quiz


    Quick Index Of Big Book Panels

    Big Book Answer Key

    Earth & Sky-related Resources For Further Reading

    Additional Info
    How to Use this Resource
    The Big Book of Earth & Sky can be used as a reference tool or it can be a springboard to a myriad of educational activities that involve reading, writing, science, and biblical studies.
    Sample activities and additional terms to know are included within this study guide to serve as a starting point or source of ideas for ways you can use the Big Book of Earth & Sky
    in your education program. This includes information on caves, weather, and oceans, as well as some extras on archaeology, which explores how people have lived and thrived on God’s earth since the Garden of Eden. There are word matching quizzes in the back, as well as a search and find quiz that covers the Big Book top to bottom!

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  • LifePac Select Geology Teachers Guide 7-12 (Teacher’s Guide)


    The courses in this series have been compiled by schools using Alpha Omega’s LIFEPAC Curriculum. These courses are an excellent example of the flexibility of the LIFEPAC Curriculum for specialized teaching purposes.

    The inique design of the worktext format has allowed instructors to mix and match LIFEPACs from five core subjects (Bible, Language Arts, Science, and History & Geography) to create alternative courses for junior high abnd high school credit.

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  • LifePac Select Geology 5 LifePac Set


    Created to offer depth to your curriculum, LIFEPAC Select Sets of Astronomy, Composition, Geography, Geology, Life of Christ, Life Science, and Mankind: Anthropology & Sociology were designed using a selection of LIFEPAC worktexts. These worktexts were taken from four core LIFEPAC subjects (Bible, Language Arts, History & Geography, and Science).

    Purchased individually, each subject set contains five unit worktexts and a teachera(TM)s guide and is equivalent to a half semester of study. LIFEPAC Select sets use the unique design of worktext formats, allowing teachers to mix and match LIFEPACs to provide alternative semester courses for junior high and high school students. These flexible courses work well as unit studies, supplementary electives, or for meeting various school or state requirements. LIFEPAC Select Sets contain five worktexts and a teachera(TM)s guide that may be purchased individually.

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  • Geology Book : Includes Pull Out Poster


    1. Planet Earth
    2. The Ground We Stand Upon
    3. The Earth’s Surface
    4. Geological Processes And Rates
    5. Ways To Date The Entire Earth
    6. Great Geological Events Of The Past
    7. Questions People Ask
    8. The Future Earth
    80 Pages

    Additional Info
    Rocks firmly anchored to the ground and rocks floating through space fascinate us. Jewelry, houses, and roads are just some of the ways we use what has been made from geologic processes to advance civilization. Whether scrambling over a rocky beach, or gazing at spectacular meteor showers, we can’t get enough of geology!
    The Geology Book will teach you
    -What really carved the Grand Canyon.
    -How thick the Earth’s crust is.
    -Why the Earth is unique for life.
    -The varied features of the Earth’s surface – from plains to peaks.
    -How sedimentary deposition occurs through water, wind, and ice.
    -Effects of erosion.
    -Ways in which sediments become sedimentary rock.
    -Fossilization and the age of the dinosaurs.
    -The powerful effects of volcanic activity.
    -Continental Drift Theory.
    -Radioisotope and Carbon Dating.
    -Geologic processes of the past.
    Our planet is a most suitable home. Its practical benefits are also enhanced by the sheer beauty of rolling hills, solitary plains, churning seas and rivers, and majestic mountains – all set in place by processes that are relevant to today’s entire population of this spinning rock we call home.

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  • Janice VanCleaves Rocks And Minerals


    What are fossils? How do stalactites and stalagmites form? Can rock melt? Rocks and Minerals includes 20 fun and simple experiments that allow you to discover the answers to these and other fascinating questions about rocks and minerals, plus dozens of additional suggestions for developing your own science fair projects See how sedimentary rock is formed using two pillows, a yardstick, and some masking tape. Make models of rocks and minerals with gumdrops, toothpicks, and plastic bags. Learn what carbonate minerals are and how to identify them using a glass jar, some vinegar, and an egg. All experiments use inexpensive household materials and involve a minimum of preparation and clean up.

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  • Janice VanCleaves Volcanoes


    How do scientists predict volcanic eruptions? Where are most volcanoes found? Do volcanoes exist on other planets? Kids will learn the answers to these questions along with other fascinating facts on this subject. Contains activities on making a model of an erupting volcano, launching a potato cork, creating mock lava rock plus scores of ideas for successful science fair projects.

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