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Government and Political Science

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  • American Government 14th Edition


    W. W. Norton And Company

    The text that professors trust to get students thinking analytically about American government now does more than any other text to help students understand the quantitative data they encounter in the course and in political news. The tightened and streamlined Fourteenth Edition also applies an analytical perspective to current policy issues in new Policy Principle sections

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  • Bible Americas Source Of Law And Liberty


    In this well researched and thoroughly documented book, Stephen McDowell presents an outstanding record of how God and the Bible are the source of America’s laws, educational philosophy, and transcendent greatness. This book gives indisputable evidence that our country was founded on and made great by our forefathers’ reliance on God and His Holy Word. America’s future well-being and prosperity is dependent upon all citizens learning this great heritage. It is especially important for today’s elected officials to uphold these Biblical principles that were woven into the very fabric of our society and to create legislation in the prism of a Godly worldview.

    Introduction – American Exceptionalism
    1. The Bible: Rock of Our Republic
    2. Law and Liberty
    3. A Liberal Arts Education
    4. Pastors and American Independence
    5. The American Christian Revolution – Religion and Morality: Foundation of America’s Liberty and Independence
    6. The Influence of the Bible on the Development of American Constitutionalism
    7. Separation of Church and State?
    8. The Changing Nature of Law in America
    9. Qualifications for Godly Officials 10. Liberty

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  • Monumental Study Guide Book Only


    America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation the most free, prosperous, and virtuous in history to a nation in decline.

    There are numerous signs of decay in the American culture: the breakdown of the family; the abandonment of sexual morals; the decline of education; the rampant killing of unborn children; the rise of big government; and the growing hostility to Christianity in schools, colleges, the military, business, and government.

    The good news is that we can do something to solve these problems and restore America. We can follow the blueprint that the Founders of the nation gave us to build a free nation.

    Order this book if you are in need of more Study Guides for a small group, bible study, etc.

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  • Whats It Like To Be President


    There are very few books for homeschoolers that explain how the American government works. And there are even fewer that are entertaining, humorously illustrated, and written by someone who has worked in the White House.

    Your child will learn:

    How a bill becomes a law
    What role lobbyists play in legislation
    How leaks to the media shape politics
    How bureaucracy tries to control Congress…and the president!
    How parties can reconcile and act together
    The role that public opinion plays in legislation

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  • Some Dare Call It Theocracy


    Many people have charged Christians with seeking to set up a theocracy in the United States, and imposing their narrow moral views – a from of Christian Sharia law – on the country. According to some, anyone who would dare to allow Biblical truths to inform their world- and life- views, and especially to mention this in context of politics, government and law, are the worst form of theocrats and the greatest danger to liberty in the world. But examining the history of liberty and the work of America’s founders tells a completely different story: the Christian religion and morality are the essential pillars of free, just, and prosperous nations.

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  • 10 Commandments And Modern Society


    Jesus Reiterated what all the Bible teaches: that God’s Law/Word, which is summarized by the Ten Commandments, contains principles that, if obeyed, produce life-life for men and nations- but, if ignored, produce death. Americas laws were based upon God’s higher law. This higher law, as summarized in the Ten Commandments, used to be taught to all Americans, was greatly revered, and all looked to obey it. Today, few obey, revere or even know His commands. Many people are doing all they can to remove any vistige of His law from our nation, claiming they are a great detriment to society. In 1980 the Supreme Court ruled in Stone v. Graham that the public schools of Kentucky could not display the Ten Commandments on the walls. The court said: If the posted copies of the Ten Commandments are to have any effect at all, it will be to induce the schoolchildren to read, meditate upon, perhaps to venerate and obey, the Commandments. About 1.7 million Americans are behind bars today- 1 in every 155. To learn to not steal or murder might not be too bad an idea to help deal with this problem. Marriages ending in divorce have increased exponentially in the last three decades- to learn not to commit adultery seems a pretty good idea. But in order to apply the principles of life contained in the Commandments, we must first know them. If Christians do not thoroughly understand them, they will never be infused in the law and life of our nation.

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  • Crime And Punishment A Biblical Perspective


    Crime is rampant throughout the world and affects everyone. Over 10 million crimes are committed every year in America. Every 3 seconds a crime occurs against someone’s property. Capital and other violent crimes occur about every 35 seconds. America’s response to crime (like most nations) has largely been to build prisons to keep criminals, and this at an annual cost exceeding $30,000 per inmate. These correctional institutions have done little to correct the problem and in many ways have helped develop more professional criminals.

    God has a better way to deal with law breakers. The Bible reveals to us the cause of crime and why crime flourishes, but more importantly how to deal with crime. It gives us both preventative and corrective measures. The emphasis of God’s Word in dealing with criminal acts is restitution to the victim and restoration of Godly order. This booklet examines Biblical restitution, the death penalty, theft by voting, and much more.

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  • Easy Simulations How A Bill Becomes A Law 5-12


    A Complete Tool Kit With Background Information, Primary Sources, and More to Help Students Build Reading and Writing Skills-and Deepen Their Understanding of How Our Government Works

    By Pat Luce

    Help students gain firsthand knowledge of how our government works with this easy-to-implement, weeklong simulation. After brainstorming real school issues, students form committees, write, present, and revise bills, then vote on them-following the actual steps Congress takes to enact a bill into law. Includes step-by-step directions, plus reproducible student worksheets, primary sources, and rubrics.

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  • Expandables Government Unit


    This Unit Study Helpers will expand your knowledge of the chosen subject with loads of fun-filled ideas. Includes complete listing of websites, books, videos, worksheets, games, etc… and where to locate these materials. Some suggestions are divided into age-appropriate participation.

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  • Contending For The Constitution


    This companion to Defending the Declaration presents the case that the Constitution is based on Biblical principles and Christian influence. Using primary source evidence, the authors give an easy-reading history of the Constitutional Convention and the Founders’ emphasis on religion as being necessary for its success. Evidence is given how the spirit of the Constitution has greatly diminished today and a call for its defense.

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  • US Government


    Used as a companion to an encyclopedia, this activity book takes students on a fun-filled fact-finding tour of all aspects of American government. Each of the 24 lessons features a crossword puzzle, definitions, fill-in-the-blanks, and matching tests. Evaluate questions challenge students to explore topics further and make their own value judgments. Includes a glossary and answer key. Grades 6 and up. 102 perforated reproducible pages

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  • Are You Liberal Conservative Or Confused 2nd Edition (Revised)


    Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? discusses political labels. What do they mean? Liberal, conservative, left, right, democrat, republican, moderate, socialist, libertarian, communist-what are their economic policies and what plans do their promoters have for your money? Clear, concise explanations. Facts and fallacies. Does inconsistency to the original American philosophy endanger liberty?

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  • Whatever Happened To Justice (Revised)


    Whatever Happended to Justice? explains the Legal Model and explores America’s legal heritage. This book is selling all over the world. Readers tell us it causes them to think like nothing has in years. Whatever Happened to Justice? shows what’s gone wrong with our legal system and economy and how to fix it. It also contains lots of helpful hints for improving family relationships and for making families and classrooms run more smoothly. Discusses the difference between higher law and man-made law, and the connection between rational law and economic prosperity.

    Whatever Happened to Justice? introduces the Two Laws: 1) Do all you have agreed to do, and 2) Do not encroach on other persons or their property.

    Richard Maybury examines: 1) There is a higher law than any government’s law. 2) The government’s law often contradicts Higher Law. 3) individuals must choose which law they will support and defend.

    Ages 14 through Adult.

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  • Bluestocking Guide Political Philosophies (Teacher’s Guide)


    Bluestocking Guide: Political Philosophies is designed to reinforce and enhance a student’s understanding of the subject matter presented in the primer, Are You a Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?

    Comprehension Questions are given for each chapter – these include Definition, True/False, and Short Answer/Fill-in questions. The answers are located in the back of the study guide.

    Application Exercises are also given – generally, these ask the student to apply the knowledge he/she learned from a given chapter to real world situations so that the student may personalize the information and better retain and apply the knowledge gained from the primer. Application Exercises include Discussion, Essay or Research assignments. Suggestions for further reading are also provided.

    In addition to assisting the student in the retention of the subject matter, the study guide will serve as documentation of course completion.

    Highly recommended for courses in government and politics. Ages 14+

    Are You a Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? is the fourth book in Richard Maybury’s Uncle Eric series.

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  • Bluestocking Guide Justice (Teacher’s Guide)


    Bluestocking Guide: Justice is designed to reinforce and enhance a student’s understanding of the subject matter presented in the primer, Whatever Happened to Justice?

    Comprehension Questions are given for each chapter – these include Definition, True/False, and Short Answer/Fill-in questions. The answers are located in the back of the study guide.

    Application Exercises are also given – generally, these ask the student to apply the knowledge he/she learned from a given chapter to real world situations so that the student may personalize the information and better retain and apply the knowledge gained from the primer. Application Exercises typically include Discussion, Essay and Research assignments and may also include suggestions for further study (books, movies, etc.).

    In addition to assisting the student in the retention of the subject matter, the study guide will serve as documentation of course completion.

    Recommended for ages 14+ for use in courses on Government and Law. Whatever Happened to Justice? is one of the foundational books to understand Uncle Eric’s Model of How the World Works.

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  • Fandex First Ladies


    Lemonade Lucy. The Lady Bird Express. Queen Nancy. The two Mrs. Wilsons. The Petticoat Government. Abigail Adams, who according to Harry Truman, would have made a better president than her husband-and Jackie, the epitome of chic and dignity. As much fun as it is to learn about the American Presidents, wait until you meet the FIRST LADIES. From the regal (Julia Tyler who wore crownlike headdresses and received visitors while seated on a platform) to the retiring (Jane Pearce’s epithet a shadow in the White House), here is a chronological field guide that brings the world of Laura, Dolley, Barbara, Eleanor, Mamie and Martha to your fingertips.


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  • Liberating The Nations


    How do we go about liberating the nations? By infusing into them the principles contained in the Bible. History has shown that the most free and prosperous nations have been those that most accurately applied the principles of Christianity in every sphere of life. Learn Biblical principles of education, government, economics, law and family life. Examine the role of the church, the family, the media, and civil government in a nation, and learn what you can do to bring Godly reform. This book is being used by thousands of people in scores of countries.

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  • Fandex Presidents


    New, updated edition for 2009 featuring the 44th President of the United States – Barack Obama.

    Fandex Family Field Guides: Presidents presents a chronological field guide to all 44 of America’s chief executives. Which President made the Louisiana Purchase? Which President won a Nobel Peace Prize?

    Which President also served as chief justice of the Supreme Court? Who was in office during the Teapot Dome scandal, and who endured the childhood nickname Useless?

    From the historic Founding Fathers (three of whom died on the Fourth of July) to the 19th-century forgettables (Fillmore, Tyler, Pierce et al.) to our current leadership, Presidents lets you finally get it straight.

    * 51 Die-Cut Cards
    * Full Color Throughout
    * Knowledge at Your Fingertips
    * For the Whole Family

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  • Defending The Declaration


    After ten years of research and four years of writing, Dr. Gary Amos reveals that the evidence from primary sources is irrefutable: underlying the Declaration of Independence is a foundation of Biblical principles and Christian influence. The Bible and Christianity-not deism and secularism-were the most important influences on the framers. Amos laments that America’s educational system denies or ignores almost all of this evidence; evidence he believes to be undeniable.

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  • Federalist : The Gideon Edition


    If you want to appreciate the meaning of the original Constitution and the intent of the Constitutional Convention, it is crucial that you read The Federalist. Originally written under the shared pseudonym of Publius as a series of essays in support of the ratification of the Constitution, this text is the fundamental commentary on the United States Constitution.

    This reprint of the Gideon edition of 1818 contains corrections by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay. Several other helpful additions include:

    *An extensive introduction by the editors;

    *A Reader’s Guide that outlines the arguments of the essays in The Federalist;

    *The original preface to the Gideon edition;

    *Eighty-five essays by Hamilton (51), Madison (29), and Jay (5);

    *A glossary;

    *Ten appendixes that include such important documents as the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Proceedings of the Annapolis Convention; and

    *The Constitution of the United States and Amendments with marginal cross-references to pertinent references in The Federalist.

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  • In Search Of Democracy


    Many people think democracy is necessary to correct the problems in their nations but don’t really know what democracy is or what makes it work. This booklet examines seven fundamental principles that are necessary to support a democracy, the power and form of a biblical government, and the historical development of biblical government and law.

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  • Elections Bulletin Board


    Display red white and blue election icons to extend lessons that introduce students to the voting process. Vote piece measures 22×15. Includes 18 pieces plus 76 stars.

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  • Childrens Companion Guide To Americas History


    A history book that you can trust. Taken from the original documents, the text and illustrations have been thoroughly researched to endure accuracy.

    While particularly good for home schools and Christian schools, this valuable resource is also excellent for parents of public school children to sue as a history supplement. With so many history books having purposely removed any reference to God and Christianity, make sure you are teaching your children the truth!

    This Book Includes:

    31 lessons covering the founding period of America.
    Text from the original writings, documents and quotations of founding fathers.
    Illustrations taken from original paintings and sculptures.
    Study questions, assignments and Bible memorization verses related to our nation’s Christian history.
    Answers to study questions for teachers and parents.
    Definitions of terms from Noah Webster’s original dictionary.
    Bibliographic information.
    Historic guide to Christian heritage sites for school field trips, home school, family or church group.

    In This Book Children Will Learn:

    The great Christian landmarks of America’s history.
    The Biblical principles upon which or nation was founded.
    The true meaning of the First Amendment Clause – Separation of church and (from interference by) the State.

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