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Category: Pre-Algebra Algebra I and Algebra II

Pre-Algebra Algebra I and Algebra II

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  • Mastering Essential Math Skills Pre Algebra Concepts (Revised)



    This book includes all topics necessary to be successful in Algebra.

    * Sets

    * Integers

    * Positive and Negative Fractions

    * Positive and Negative Decimals

    * Exponents

    * Square Roots

    *Order of Operations

    * Properties of Numbers

    * Scientific Notation

    * Ratios & Proportions


    * Number Theory

    * Number Lines

    * Coordinate Systems

    * Slope of a Line

    * Graphing Linear Equations

    * Solving Equations

    * Algebra Word Problems

    * Probability

    * Statistics

    Also Included:


    * Glossary

    * Important Symbols and Tables

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  • Horizons Pre Algebra Student Tests And Resources Book


    Solidify your child’s pre-algebra skills with the Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests and Resources Book from Alpha Omega Publications! This handy resource improves concept comprehension of lessons with easy-to-use, tear-out materials that include hands-on activities, 80 review worksheets, 16 tests, and four exams

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  • Horizons Pre Algebra Student Book (Student/Study Guide)


    Introduce your junior high student to the world of advanced math with the Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book from Alpha Omega Publications! Containing 160 colorful lessons with perforated pages for easy removal, this workbook teaches your child volume and surface area of solids, four operations with monomials and polynomials, representations of data, trigonometric ratios, and more. A tests and resources book is sold separately.

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  • Horizons Pre Algebra Teachers Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    Make your homeschool math lessons more fun with the time-saving Horizons Pre-Algebra Teacher’s Guide! This step-by-step guide includes daily lesson plans, helpful teaching resources, material lists, exciting hands-on learning activities, and answer keys for all 160 lessons in the Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book. The guide also includes solutions keys for worksheets, tests, and exams in the Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests & Resources Book

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  • Horizons Pre Algebra Complete Set


    Give your child a smooth transition into advanced math with the Horizons Pre-Algebra Set! This popular math curriculum builds on basic math operations with hands-on lessons in basic algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and real-life applications. The set includes a full-color student workbook with 160 engaging lessons, a user-friendly teacher’s guide, and a separate tests and resources book for evaluating student progress.

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  • Pre Algebra Data Analysis And Probability


    Middle School Collection Math: Pre-Algebra uses a unique approach to teach new skills while building on what students already know. The diagnostic assessment helps you pinpoint each student’s strengths and weaknesses; then use the strategically designed, step-by-step lesson format to customize instruction and practice for maximum results.

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  • Pre Algebra Power CD ROM


    With all those Xs and Ys, algebra can be very intimidating. But with the right preparation, algebra is as easy as 1-2-3! Building on your knowledge of basic math, The Standard Deviants eliminate the intimidation factor by presenting the material in an easy-to-understand manner using plenty of examples and computer graphics. With The Standard Deviants, you’ll be factoring in no time! PC compatible. Requires Quicktime (included).

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  • Learning Wrap Ups Pre Algebra Intro Kit


    5 Sets Of Wrapups
    1 Each For:
    KPA1 – Adding And Subtracting Integers
    KPA2 – Multiplying And Dividing Integers
    KPA3 – Soving For The Unknown
    KPA4 – Expressions
    KPA5 – Algabraic Rules And Mental Math

    Additional Info
    This kit contains 600 problems and answers in all, that will help students master the basic concepts of pre-algebra. Concepts that are covered include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of positive & negative numbers, solving for the unknown variable, algebraic expressions, mental math, prime factoring, perfect squares, exponents and formulas for perimeter, area and volume.

    All LEARNING WRAP-UP products utilize a unique patented learning process which utilizes the students VISUAL, TACTILE, and AUDITORY learning senses, (by saving the problems aloud). Additionally, immediate feedback is provided through a built in SELF-CORRECTING feature.

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