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  • Little Book Of Where To Find It In The Bible


    Have you ever tried to find a Scripture that’s related to a specific topic? Maybe you wanted to know what the Bible says about ambition, crowds, fashion, fast food, or even procrastination. With over 3,700 different subjects, circumstances, and situations The Little Book of Where to Find It in the Bible is the resource everyone needs.

    This Bible reference tool corresponds with most Bible translations including the NKJV, KJV, and NIV. Inside this travel-sized format, you’ll find:

    *A-Z listing of topics in a common-sense organizational format

    *over 3,700 different topics that directly connect contemporary issues, 21st-century topics, subjects, and circumstances to Bible passages

    The Little Book of Where to Find It in the Bible is great for:

    *brand-new Christians or decades-long believers

    *traveling or as an on-the-go reference

    *personal study, teaching, and sermon preparation

    *birthdays, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, holiday gift giving, or as a welcome gift for new church members

    With this brilliant resource you will no longer wonder where the Bible references animal rights, communication, influence, xenophobia, denial, courage, and much much more. This compact Scripture reference makes it possible to quickly find everything.

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  • Eusebius : The Church History


    Next to Josephus, Eusebius is the most widely-consulted reference work on the early church. Much of our knowledge of the first three centuries of Christianity–the terrible persecutions, the courageous martyrs, and the theological controversies–come from the writings of this first century historian.The hardcover edition of this new translation includes more than 150 color photographs, maps, and charts.

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  • Invitation To Biblical Interpretation Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    This four-page study guide distills the essentials of the hermeneutical triad interpretation method for easy consultation. Perfect as a study guide for students and a reference for pastors or anyone doing exegesis. This laminated resource serves as a companion guide to Invitation to Biblical Interpretation, second edition.

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  • 50 Most Important Questions About The Bible


    Don’t leave your questions unanswered.

    The Bible was written in a distant land in a different time, which can make its contents confusing for readers today. It’s understandable to not understand everything about it. In 50 Most Important Questions about the Bible, you’ll find brief but thorough answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Word of God. Dr. Michael Rydelnik brings his knowledge from teaching at Moody Bible Institute and experience as host of the radio program Open Line with Dr. Michael Rydelinik to address each question clearly, thoroughly, and concisely. He addresses topics such as:
    *God, Himself
    *Jesus’ passion on the cross
    *Spiritual life and behavior
    *The Old Testament
    *Biblical prophecy

    From people like Cain and Abel to events like creation and Noah’s flood, from the Law of Moses to the Holy Spirit, you’ll find insightful, biblically-based explanations to help you better understand God’s Word.

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  • Nelsons Illustrated Guide To Religions


    Understand the Religions of the World from Christian Perspective and Be Equipped to Engage their Adherents

    Christians live their faith more than ever in a pluralistic religious context. How should a Christian respond to the complex spiritual alternatives available today? Are all religions the same? Does the New Age fulfill the second coming of Jesus? Is Sun Myung Moon sinless? Is Islam a religion of peace? Is Mormonism true? Is Scientology a religion? How does the Dalai Lama view Jesus? Do witches worship Satan? Is the pope infallible? These and other crucial issues are examined in Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions.

    Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions covers more than 200 religions, sects, and cults, most of them ones the reader might encounter on any given day. Key features include:
    *Historical information on each major religion with detailed timelines

    *Profiles of each group’s primary leaders

    *An inventory of key principles and beliefs of each religion

    *An analysis and critique of religions from a Christian perspective

    *Opinion and commentary on the controversial issues related to specific religious groups

    *Recommended resources- bibliographic information and extensive Internet sources for further study

    *New groups explored-including The Lord Is Our Righteousness Church and the Sold-Out Discipling Movement

    *Ten Tests for Truth in Religions-a set of multifaceted tests that Christians should apply when approaching the faith traditions of others-and their own faith

    This volume offers both description and evaluation of the hundreds of religions in today’s spiritual marketplace and provides basic data on the major world religions:
    *New Age

    Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions also explores the major divisions within Christianity (Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism) and provides an introduction to over twenty-five Protestant denominations. The book examines famous sectarian movements including: the Branch Davidian, Christian Scientist, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, and Unification Church movements. The occult worlds of Witchcraft and Satanism are analyzed as well.

    In addition to basic information, the reader has access to critical analysis of the controversies that arise in the debates about various religious groups and leaders. The author addresses the new evangelical-Mormon dialogue, the Emergent Church controversy, Local

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  • MacArthurs Quick Reference Guide To The Bible


    Study the Bible Deeply, Faithfully, and Effectively

    There is a big difference between simply reading the Bible and studying the Bible well, so it transforms your life. That difference often boils down to having the right resources not just to read but to understand and apply what you are reading to your life.

    In MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible, noted pastor and teacher John MacArthur takes you through the key aspects of the Bible. This valuable companion to reading the Bible has been prepared to help you develop good Bible-reading habits and a better understanding of the depth and breadth of God’s Word.

    For all 66 books in the Bible it highlights:

    *Author and date
    *Key people
    *Background and setting
    *Key doctrines
    *Key aspects of how God’s character is illustrated
    *How Christ can be found in that book
    *Key words in the book
    *Quick overview with a brief outline of contents
    *Historical notes about what else what happening in the world when the book was written
    *Frequently asked questions about the book
    *Questions for reflection

    Other valuable features include :

    *How We Got the Bible section
    *How to Study the Bible section
    *Chronology of the Bible section
    *Appendix with Quick Notes on Theology
    *Chronology of Old Testament Patriarchs and Judges
    *Chronology of Old Testament Kings and Prophets
    *Timeline of the Ministry of Jesus Christ
    *Index of Key Words

    Filled with the fruit of decades of study and teaching MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible is an essential tool for anyone who wants to seriously study the Bible deeply, faithfully, and effectively.

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  • Handbook Of Reading Theological German


    The Handbook of Reading Theological German helps students in biblical studies, church history, Jewish studies, and theology prepare for graduate research or for the comprehensive examination in German for doctoral students.

    Coauthored by Katharina Hirt, a native German speaker and professional linguist, and Christopher Ryan, a native English speaker and doctoral student in biblical studies, this collaboration draws on the latest developments in linguistics to present a cutting-edge teaching methodology for graduate students learning to read German for research.

    Attuned to the specific needs of English speakers learning German, this handbook is well suited for independent study or for use in the classroom. Providing abundant exercises and readings, Hirt and Ryan’s work provides an excellent entry point for students required to learn theological German.

    The Handbook of Reading Theological German provides:
    *An introduction to German grammar
    *Guided readings from the works of six German theologians
    *Further, advanced readings with minimal guidance from the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Jewish studies, and church history or theology, so that students can focus on literature from their chosen field of study

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  • Kids Guide To The Names Of Jesus


    Help Your Kids Get to Know Jesus

    The story of Jesus isn’t confined to the Gospels. He is mentioned throughout the Old Testament, as prophets and scholars eagerly awaited His blessed arrival in Bethlehem.

    Each of Jesus’s names and positions holds a special promise for believers and reveals a part of His human and divine nature. Popular pastor, speaker, and author Dr. Tony Evans helps children (ages 8 to 12) learn what these names mean and how they apply to kids’ everyday lives.

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  • Christians Guide To Evidence For The Bible


    With each passing year, archaeologists and historical scholars uncover more evidence that the people, places, and events presented in the Bible are verifiable historical facts. This engaging, full-color resource presents 101 undisputed examples of those people, places, and events to help ground your reading of the Scriptures in the historic record. The proofs include:
    – Scripture references
    – full-color photos – a brief discussion of the evidence
    – a list of other places in the Bible the person, place, or event is mentioned
    – and a list of sources to consult for further information and verification

    This fascinating volume is not only a strong apologetic for the historicity of the Bible but is also the perfect resource for the layperson who wants to enhance their personal Bible study and for those teaching Sunday school or leading a group study.

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  • Guia De Exploradores De La Bib


    Del principal editor de la Biblia del mundo llega la Guia de exploradores de la Biblia, personas y lugares. Repleto de datos divertidos y fotos, ilustraciones y mapas a todo color, este libro da vida a personajes y lugares biblicos clave como:

    * Las primeras personas: Adan y Eva

    * Reyes y reinas: el rey Salomon y la reina de Saba

    * Guerreros: Debora y Sanson

    * Profetas: Elias y Eliseo

    * El gigante y el pequeo: Goliat y David

    * El mundo antiguo

    * Jerusalen

    * !Y mas!

    La referencia perfecta para lectores reacios y estudiantes visuales interesados ??en descubrir la historia de la Biblia y su gente, la Guia de exploradores de la Biblia, fascinara a los nios de 8 aos en adelante.

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  • Judaism Of The Second Temple Period Volume 2


    David Flusser was an incredibly prolific scholar of ancient Judaism, and his contributions to Dead Sea Scrolls research and apocalyptic literature are inestimable. This English edition makes more of Flusser’s insightful work available to a wider audience than ever before.

    This second volume in Judaism of the Second Temple Period considers why the Book of Daniel was the only apocalyptic work incorporated in the biblical canon. It further addresses the fact that while it is the only apocalyptic book composed before the destruction of the Second Temple, it nonetheless describes events subsequent to the revelation at Sinai.

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  • Quality Research Papers Fourth Edition


    This will be the fourth edition of a time-tested resource for students writing papers in the fields of religion and theology. It provides essential guidance for writing assignments typical in graduate programs in religion and has served as a standard textbook for seminary research courses. The fourth edition is updated to include information on Turabian 9th edition, SBL Handbook 2nd edition, new resource lists, and additional help with online resources and formatting issues.

    Most importantly, this new edition is revised from the perspective of information abundance rather than information scarcity. Today’s research mindset has shifted from find anything and be satisfied with anything to choose intentionally reliable and credible sources. Quality Research Papers will guide students through an overabundance of online and library resources and help them craft excellent essays.

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  • Basic Bible Atlas


    The Bible tells the story of God meeting real people in a real time and place, yet we rarely take the time to wonder, Why there? Maybe we have a hard time even picturing where there is. To begin to fully understand the Bible, we must understand the geographical settings of Scripture and how each place participates in the biblical story.With its colorful maps, The Basic Bible Atlas helps us link geography to Bible study so we can understand how place impacted events in the Bible. From Eden to Egypt, from the promised land to Persia, from Bethlehem to the New Jerusalem, The Basic Bible Atlas is a fascinating guide to the land of the Bible. Your Bible study will never be the same.

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  • Origins Of Catholic Words


    The study of the vocabulary of the Catholic religion may be taken as a definition of the liberal arts. Origins of Catholic Words is a work of reference organized like a lexicon or encyclopedia. There is an entry for each word of importance having to do with the Catholic Church. Anthony Lo Bello gives the etymology of the word, describes what it means, and then adds whatever further discussion he feels is needed; in some cases this amounts to several pages.

    Lo Bello has assembled, over a number of years, lucid and wide-ranging remarks on the etymology and history of the words that occur in the study of the Catholic religion. A true labor of love, this sophisticated, one-of-a-kind dictionary will delight those who take pleasure in learning. Anyone interested in words and language–indeed, in culture, will find something interesting on every page. This is a book one may read and not just consult.

    The author has been ecumenical in his choice of authorities. J. B. Bury, Lord Chesterfield, Mandell Creighton, S. R. Driver, Ferdinand Gregorovius, Dr. Johnson, Henry Charles Lea, Bishop Lightfoot, Thomas Babington Macaulay, John Stuart Mill, Henry Hart Milman, Leopold von Ranke, and Bertrand Russell find their places alongside Alban Butler, Denzinger, Ignaz Dollinger the Abbe Duchesne, Adrian Fortescue, Bishop Hefele, Cardinal Gasparri, Msgr. Ronald Knox, Msgr. Horace K. Mann, John Henry Newman, Ludwig von Pastor, Wilfrid Ward, William George Ward, and Evelyn Waugh.

    There have been many changes in the Catholic Church since 1962, and one of the goals of this book is to describe what will soon be missing from the memories of all living people. Origins of Catholic Words may, Lo Bello hopes, make its small contribution so that the situation not arise, which would convict Newman of error when he wrote, What the Catholic Church once has had, she never has lost.

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  • Who Is Jesus


    The Most Important Question Anyone Could Ask…Who is Jesus?

    For each of 66 names and attributes of Jesus, Who Is Jesus? gives you a ten-word summary, a longer description, a listing of key verses, a practical application, and more. Patterned after the 2 million-copy best-seller Know Your Bible–and written by the same author, Paul Kent– Who Is Jesus? promises insight for believers and seekers of any age or background. Small and easy-to-read, it’s packed with helpful information on Jesus–the Alpha and Omega, Creator, Good Shepherd, and Word Made Flesh, plus 62 other fascinating descriptions. You’ll get to know Jesus better. . .and deepen your relationship with the most important Person of all time!

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  • Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition Volume 2


    The complete, authoritative study guide to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time-the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    This indispensable two-volume compendium of the Dead Sea Scrolls contains newly edited English translations and summaries of all the biblical and nonbiblical scrolls found at Qumran.

    Designed as a practical reference tool to facilitate study of the Scrolls, these volumes will be an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls-from serious scholars to general readers seeking reliable translations of these invaluable ancient texts.

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  • Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition Volume 1


    The complete, authoritative study guide to one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time-the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    This indispensable two-volume compendium of the Dead Sea Scrolls contains newly edited English translations and summaries of all the biblical and nonbiblical scrolls found at Qumran.

    Designed as a practical reference tool to facilitate study of the Scrolls, these volumes will be an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls-from serious scholars to general readers seeking reliable translations of these invaluable ancient texts.

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  • Consecrated Phrases Third Edition


    Consecrated Phrases has been a standard and valued reference work for theology students for many years. This new third edition is expanded by more than fifty percent from the previous edition. It includes many new entries, while entries from earlier editions have been expanded and extensively cross-referenced. The resulting volume functions better as a reliable guide to translation and a primer on the tradition out of which the consecrated phrases arose. The third edition contains many entries from canon and civil law, as well as terms from philosophy and theology.

    While Latin has often been called a dead language, Consecrated Phrases demonstrates convincingly that the tradition continues not just to live but to thrive. This book will aid generations of students yet to come in understanding, appropriating, and developing the best of that tradition.

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  • Guide To Bible Basics


    What’s actually in the Bible? Where do we find the story of Moses or Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son? A Guide to Bible Basics discusses important people, places, and terms for each biblical book so that the reader can quickly see its primary focus. This accessible and concise book introduces the content of the Bible without theological, historical, or literary commentary. Tyler Mayfield provides a summary and chapter outline of each biblical book so as to facilitate quick comprehension of its fundamental story and subject. This book can be used alone to aid readers in their knowledge of the Bible and is great for beginners or those in need of a refresher course.

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  • Bible Guide : Understand And Apply All 66 Books


    The Bible Guide: A Concise Overview of All 66 Books provides a brief and concise overview of each book in the Bible. Included is a concise summary of each book’s Circumstances of Writing, Message and Purpose, Structure, and Contribution to the Bible before a practical take-away is provided as a catalyst to apply a principle from each book into everyday life.

    In addition, there are essays on The Origin, Transmission, and Canonization of the Old and New Testaments and each of the major divisions of the Bible. The concise format, economical price, and easy-to-understand content make this a fantastic and accessible resource for personal study or to give as a gift to a family member or friend.

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  • Where To Find It In The Bible


    Where to Find it in the Bible is a unique topical concordance that helps you find biblical passages that apply to traditional and 21st-century topics.

    *Readily accessible
    *Works with many translations
    *Easy to apply information

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  • Find It Fast In The Bible


    Quickly find over 5,000 of your favorite biblical phrases. Find it Fast in the Bible is a trusted, time-saving resource for personal and group study. This A to Z Resource is the perfect companion for any topical concordance or Bible dictionary.

    *Quick access to meaningful biblical phrases
    *Exact chapter-and-verse locations

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  • Dictionary Of The Proper Names Of The Old And New Testament Scriptures


    Forgotten Books
    Excerpt from A Dictionary of the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament Scriptures: Being an Accurate and Literal Translation From the Original Tongues
    His plan was to arrange the names alphabetically, as spelled in our common English Bibles, attaching the meanings he had found, in the order in which he considered them to have weight, i.e., in the order in which he considered their sources to be authoritative.
    At the end of this part of his work, ere he went to press with his new Onomasticon, it occurred to him to experiment a little with some of the meanings he had secured, in order to see how they would work in the elucidation of some Of those passages which had first suggested the need of his researches.
    The result was as perplexing as it was curious; in some cases no less than twelve different, not to say opposite, meanings were given to the same name, by the same writer. But which, if any one of them, was the English equivalent of the Hebrew or Greek name under consideration?
    About the Publisher
    Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks.com
    This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

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  • Conoce Tu Biblia Desde La A Ha


    Haz tu exploracion personal de la Biblia mas gratificante y transformadora.

    Jim George ayuda a los lectores a obtener una comprension mas amplia y mas rica de la Biblia. Se incluyen mas de 150 temas cuidadosamente seleccionados que ofrecen informacion fascinante acerca de importantes acontecimientos historicos, costumbres y practicas culturales interesantes y personas y lugares importantes. La gran mayoria de los temas incluyen aplicaciones personales para hoy.

    Make your personal exploration of the Bible more rewarding and life-transforming.

    Jim George helps readers gain a wider and richer understanding of the Bible. Included are more than 150 carefully selected topics that provide fascinating insights about important historical events, interesting customs and cultural practices, and significant people and places. The vast majority of the topics include personal applications for today.

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  • Pocket Dictionary Of Christian Spirituality


    Beginning the practice and study of Christian spirituality is like stepping into a centuries-old cathedral. People are praying, prostrating, pondering Scripture, both individually and in groups. As outsiders we may be intrigued but a bit lost, searching for bearings, and a bit fearful of embarrassment. The mix of old and new, of tradition and vitality, inspires awe and longing. How do we find our way around, overcome our awkwardness, join in, and draw near to God?

    The Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality is an A to Z introduction and resource for curious newcomers and novice students of spirituality. From our early call to Abba until we arrive at Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, Don Thorsen charts the Christian spiritual pilgrimage through its many traditions, schools of thought, and tested practices.

    Among the over 300 definitions you’ll find

    terms and ideas
    traditions and movements
    practices and rituals
    texts and theology

    A reliable guide and launching pad for learning, the Pocket Dictionary of Christian Spirituality is a basic resource for the pilgrimage travel bag.

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  • Baker Compact Dictionary Of Biblical Studies


    Bible professors compose an easy-to-use dictionary that includes over five hundred short descriptions of topics, people, biblical events, places, people, languages, and methodologies that are foundational for the close study of the Bible.

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  • Churches Of Christ In The United States 2018 Edition (Annual)


    NOW AVAILABLE! Whether you are traveling, planning a mission effort, interested in church history, or needing to contact a congregation anywhere in the U.S. (including her territories), this is an important reference for your personal or church library. Beginning and continuing since 1973, this book represents an ongoing effort to provide a compilation of current information relative to those congregations aligned with the Restoration Movement which are historically known for their a cappella worship. The most complete listing of Churches of Christ includes: Congregation Names, Fax Numbers, Attendance Figures, Mailing Addresses, Data, Location Addresses, Website Addresses, Statistical Analyses, Telephone Numbers, GPS Coordinates, and Adherents Figures. Also available: Churches of Christ in the United States Software for WindowsTM, Churches of Christ Around the World.

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  • Rhapsody Of Realities Topical Compendium Volume 5


    The Rhapsody Of Realities Topical Compendium Series are comprehensive reference materials that have enhanced word based training among Christians. These series are renowned with inspiring articles that articulate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, and it’s therefore an important tool for the spiritual development of god’s children.

    The rhapsody of realities topical compendium volume 5 is the newest instalment in this series of compilations of choice articles by Rev. Chris Oyakhilome. What’s more, the articles in this volume have been organized under exciting chapters such as:
    – the acts of God
    – the efficacy of God’s Word
    – the lordship of Jesus Christ
    – the Holy Spirit and you
    – the mindset of the just
    – the ministry of reconciliation
    – the glory – life
    – the authority of believers
    – divine benefits

    This is a sure complete resource book, that guarantees your profound walk with the lord through fellowship with his word.

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  • Pocket Pronunciation Guide To Bible People Places And Things 12pack


    Every Bible teacher knows the feeling of reading a Scripture passage out loud and getting to a hard-to-pronounce word–and panicking. Now pastors, Sunday school teachers, and small-group leaders can have at their fingertips information on how to pronounce hundreds of commonly mispronounced words in the Bible. Small enough to fit in a Bible case or a purse, this unique book is perfect for anyone who wants to speak God’s Word with confidence.

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  • Pocket Pronunciation Guide To Bible People Places And Things


    Every Bible teacher knows the feeling of reading a Scripture passage out loud and getting to a hard-to-pronounce word–and panicking. Now pastors, Sunday school teachers, and small-group leaders can have at their fingertips information on how to pronounce hundreds of commonly mispronounced words in the Bible. Small enough to fit in a Bible case or a purse, this unique book is perfect for anyone who wants to speak God’s Word with confidence.

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  • Evangelical Dictionary Of Theology


    This thoroughly updated and substantially revised edition of a standard reference tool offers today’s students cutting-edge overviews of key theological topics.

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  • Dictionary Of Latin And Greek Theological Terms


    This indispensable companion to key post-Reformation theological texts offers clear and precise definitions of Latin and Greek terms. Now updated and revised throughout.

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  • Zondervan Handbook Of Biblical Archaeology


    The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology is a reference resource for anyone interested in archaeology and its relevance to biblical, theological, and apologetic studies. Illustrated with full-color photos, charts, and maps, this handbook provides readers with a wealth of information that complements and supplements the historical context of the Bible.

    The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology includes an introduction to the field of archaeology for readers who might not be familiar with the methods, practices, and importance of this area of study. Included in this section is an annotated bibliography of important biblical archaeological reports, books, and journal articles for further study. The rest of the handbook is devoted to a book-by-book (Genesis through Revelation) presentation of the most significant archaeological discoveries that enhance our understanding of the biblical text, including a section on the intertestamental period. A rich array of visual images including photos of excavations sites, coins, maps, artifacts, and historic structures allows readers to immerse themselves in the world of the Bible. This monumental work gives readers the opportunity to visit ancient sites and historical places while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

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  • Bosquejos Expositivos De La Bi


    El objetivo de esta serie es llevarlo a traves de la Biblia en un estudio de cada libro y sus capitulos estrategicos de manera que aprenda la revelacion que Dios nos ha dado de Cristo y su obra redentora. Los estudios son concisos y generales, sobre todo apropiados para clases de Escuela Dominical y grupos de estudio biblico que deseen examinar la Palabra de Dios sistematicamente. Este tomo cubre Esdras-Malaquias.

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  • Bosquejos Expositivos De La Bi


    El objetivo de esta serie es llevarlo a traves de la Biblia en un estudio de cada libro y sus capitulos estrategicos de manera que aprenda la revelacion que Dios nos ha dado de Cristo y su obra redentora. Los estudios son concisos y generales, sobre todo apropiados para clases de Escuela Dominical y grupos de estudio biblico que deseen examinar la Palabra de Dios sistematicamente. Este tomo cubre Colosenses – Apocalipsis.

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  • Bosquejos Expositivos De La Bi


    El objetivo de esta serie es llevarlo a traves de la Biblia en un estudio de cada libro y sus capitulos estrategicos de manera que aprenda la revelacion que Dios nos ha dado de Cristo y su obra redentora. Los estudios son concisos y generales, sobre todo apropiados para clases de Escuela Dominical y grupos de estudio biblico que deseen examinar la Palabra de Dios sistematicamente. Este tomo cubre Hechos-Filipenses.

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  • Bosquejos Expositivos De La Bi


    El objetivo de esta serie es llevarlo a traves de la Biblia en un estudio de cada libro y sus capitulos estrategicos de manera que aprenda la revelacion que Dios nos ha dado de Cristo y su obra redentora. Los estudios son concisos y generales, sobre todo apropiados para clases de Escuela Dominical y grupos de estudio biblico que deseen examinar la Palabra de Dios sistematicamente. Este tomo cubre Genesis-2 Cronicos.

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  • Bosquejos Expositivos De La Bi


    El objetivo de esta serie es llevarlo a traves de la Biblia en un estudio de cada libro y sus capitulos estrategicos de manera que aprenda la revelacion que Dios nos ha dado de Cristo y su obra redentora. Los estudios son concisos y generales, sobre todo apropiados para clases de Escuela Dominical y grupos de estudio biblico que deseen examinar la Palabra de Dios sistematicamente. Este tomo cubre Mateo-Juan.

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  • 2017 Episcopal Clerical Directory


    The Episcopal Clerical Directory is the biennial directory of all living clergy in good standing in the Episcopal Church-more than 18,000 deacons, priests, and bishops. It includes full biographical information and ministry history for each cleric.

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  • Atlas Biblico De Tyndale


    La Biblia describe acontecimientos que tuvieron lugar en tierras con caracteristicas geograficas especificas, y estas son parte integral de la trama y el mensaje de la Biblia. El Atlas biblico de Tyndale ilumina el contexto geografico y revela su importancia fundamental en la narrativa biblica. Mediante mapas multicolores, fotografias actuales y comentarios informativos, el autor resalta diversos factores ambientales que influyeron en los desarrollos politicos y sucesos historicos que dieron forma a la historia biblica. El recorrido de sucesos clave empieza en el jardin del Eden e incluye, entre mas, la salida de Abraham de Ur, el exodo de Egipto, el asentamiento de Canaan, los tiempos de los jueces y los reyes, los exilios y regresos, el periodo intertestamental, el ministerio de Jesus y los viajes misioneros de Pablo.

    El Atlas biblico de Tyndale es un tesoro que le abrira los ojos y le llevara a descubrimientos frescos en la Palabra de Dios. Es un recurso indispensable para la preparacion de sermones y lecciones y tambien para el estudio personal.

    Caracteristicas especiales:
    *Un estudio exhaustivo de los lugares biblicos importantes y los sucesos que ocurrieron alli, desde el jardin del Eden hasta la expansion del cristianismo por todo el Imperio romano
    *Un indice de mapas para encontrar el mismo sitio en diversos mapas
    *Un indice general para localizar informacion acerca de personas y temas importantes
    *Un indice de referencias biblicas
    *Cientos de notas finales que proporcionan informacion y documentacion adicional

    The Bible describes events that took place in a particular land possessing specific geographical features, and these features are integral to the Bible’s storyline and message. The Atlas biblico de Tyndale [Tyndale Bible Atlas] illuminates these geographical contexts and reveals their critical influence on the biblical narrative. Through multicolor maps, current photographs, and informative commentary, the author highlights the diverse environmental factors that influenced the political developments and historical events that helped shape the biblical storyline. The presentation of key events begins with the Garden of Eden and includes, among others, Abraham’s journey out of Ur, the exodus from Egypt, the settlement of Canaan, the period of the judges, the time of the kings, the exiles and returns, the intertestamental period, Jesus’ ministry, and Paul’s missionary journeys.

    The Atlas biblico de Tyndale is a treasure that w

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  • Holy Land For Christian Travelers (Reprinted)


    Biblical scholar and guide with over twenty years of experience helps readers connect what they’ve read in the Bible to their Holy Land tour as they visit sacred places, see biblical sites, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

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  • Spiders Of North America 2nd Edition


    American Arachnological Society

    The 2nd edition of this beautifully illustrated guide to the spiders of North America, north of Mexico, provides completely updated keys and information about this important part of North American fauna. This is an indispensable reference for anyone interested in spider diversity or identification. This updated edition provides more than 1,400 illustrations and keys to the genera in 71 spider families. Over 600 genera are included. Taxonomic changes since the publication of the 1st edition in 2005 are reflected in every chapter. The manual includes 76 chapters and a wealth of information including an introduction to spider morphology, natural history, collecting techniques and preservation methods; an overview of the current status and most recent developments in spider phylogeny and evolutionary history; a key to the families of spiders found in North America, north of Mexico; keys to the genera in each of these families; an etymological dictionary explaining the derivation of the names of spider genera and families; a well-illustrated glossary; a pronunciation guide to the names of common taxa; and a complete bibliography. This is the first completely revised version of the manual since its original publication in 2005. Note that this is not a photo-ID guide to spiders; it is intended to aid in accurate identification and to do this one must become familiar with some of the details of spider morphology/anatomy. To aid in this task, a guide to morphology used in classification is provided in the introduction. The information on spider biology and identification make this manual especially suitable for both amateur naturalists and professional arachnologists.

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  • Complete Topical Guide To The Bible


    Produced by highly regarded authors and scholars, this topical reference work unpacks the great biblical themes throughout Scripture, helping readers trace the unfolding of God’s redemption plan and appreciate anew the unity of Scripture.

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  • Students Vocabulary For Biblical Hebrew And Aramaic Updated Edition


    A Student’s Vocabulary for Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic has been a standard resource for students of Hebrew and Aramaic for over 30 years. This new edition has updated formatting and transliterations to be more useful and user-friendly for students. Unlike other vocabulary lists, this book includes a complete list of biblical Hebrew and Aramaic words in the Hebrew Bible grouped by frequency. The vocabulary lists provide: The basic meaning of each word Syllabification in transliteration Key information about the word’s part of speech The number of times each word appears in the Hebrew Bible A separate section of the vocabulary list contains all Aramaic words appearing in the Hebrew Bible Essential indices are also included in the back This resource is a proven and effective tool to aid students in Hebrew and Aramaic vocabulary acquisition.

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  • Writing And Self Publishing Christian Nonfiction


    Do you love to read and have you ever toyed with the idea of writing and publishing your own work someday? Do you have a vision to change people’s lives for the better? Each person has a story to tell and given the right opportunity, would love to share it with others. There is so much to say and a willing audience is waiting for that inspiration that only you can provide. The dream to write is one that can easily be a reality with determination, the right knowledge and tools at your fingertips.

    In this book, Matthew shares his best practices to help you make that dream come true. The tips he gave are simple and practical, all a product of his own experiences and designed to help you avoid the difficulties that a lot of new writers fall into. He will show you how passion, perseverance and a lot of love poured into any work can bring forth excellent results. You will read about how it is possible to overcome obstacles that may appear in your path with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    The books you write may not be perfect. It may not turn out to be what you envisioned it to be, but if it can change the life of just one person, the effort will be worthwhile.

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  • Did Jesus Use The Septuagint


    Chapter 1 – Path To A One-World Bible

    Chapter 2 – ‘But I Trust The Scholars’

    Chapter 3 – How Did That Get There?

    Chapter 4 – Origen-al Sin

    Chapter 5 – Was There A BC Septuagint?

    Chapter 6 – Examining The Witnesses Of A BC Septuagint

    Chapter 7 – The ‘Christian’ Witnesses

    Chapter 8 – The Letter Of Aristeas

    Chapter 9 – The Dead Sea Scrolls

    Chapter 10 – The Most Likely Suspect


    Additional Info
    Did Jesus read the Septuagint?

    That’s what they may have taught your pastor in college. Do you know why?

    Simple: the Septuagint contains the Aprocrypha, and there are people who want your pastor (and you) to have the Apocrypha in your Bible, too. Why? So you will accept Catholic superstitions like:

    Purgatory and prayers for the dead
    Payment to forgive sins
    Angels as mediators

    In this new book, David Daniels takes each of the proofs promoting a BC Septuagint and shows why they can’t be trusted. He shows that Jesus read the same Hebrew Scriptures read by every other devout Jew.

    Don’t be fooled by the push for One World Bible for One World Religion.

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  • Charting The Bible Chronologically


    Filled with powerful stories that still speak today, the Bible unfolds the biographies of men and women of faith, follows the rise and fall of kingdoms and governments, covers millennia of ancient history, and reveals God’s plan for humanity. Charting the Bible Chronologically gives readers a clear, panoramic view of how biblical events all fit together as an accurate and historical account.

    In this theologically sound yet easy-to-understand resource, authors Thomas Ice and Ed Hindson give readers historical context for their favorite Bible stories. Included in this book’s 50-plus full-color charts are timelines of biblical history, overviews of major empires and events, and a master foldout chart of the entire Bible.

    From In the beginning to the final proclamation, this visual resource provides the big picture of what God has done, is doing, and will do. For new believers and Bible scholars alike, Charting the Bible Chronologically brings clarity to the historical order of biblical events.

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  • Holman Concise Bible Commentary


    With solid scholarship and exceptional clarity, the Holman Concise Bible Commentary gives readers a feel for the key themes and intentions of all 66 books in the Bible. But don’t mistake concise for incomplete; this volume also contains detailed introductions to the ten major units of Scripture (the Gospels, Paul’s letters, etc.), maps related to biblical history, informational charts, and in-depth sidebars. It’s a perfect resource for adding an extra level of insight to Sunday school lessons, sermons, and personal devotional times.

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  • Holman Concise Bible Dictionary


    The Holman Concise Bible Dictionary is the right resource when you just want the basics about a certain subject in Scripture. It easily covers all the traditional Bible dictionary topics-summaries of books in the Bible, major characters, places, animals, plants, etc.-with clarity and convenience. Plus, the volume features more than 2,800 articles on a variety of contemporary topics, including abortion, assisted suicide, child abuse, birth control, credit cards, animal rights, career, and dinosaurs. In all, this book offers more than 4,000 entries.

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  • Church Representaiton Rules 2017


    Church House Publishing

    Church Representation Rules is a vital tool for all involved in parochial, deanery, diocesan and national Church governance. Full of essential information and guidelines, this 2017 edition has been extensively revised to reflect the most recent changes up to and including the provisions of the Safeguarding and Clergy Discipline Measure 2016.
    Also included are the rules governing:
    * the formation and revision of the electoral roll;
    * the minimum qualifying age for election to the Parochial Church Council or the deanery synod and methods of voting at the Annual Parochial Church Meetings;
    * chairmanship of the Parochial Church Council and the number and term of office of its lay members;
    * membership of deanery and diocesan synods and how the number of lay members to be elected to them is calculated;
    * membership of, and elections to, the House of Laity of the General Synod.

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  • Greek For Everyone


    Who Says You Have to Attend Seminary to Learn Greek? Reading the New Testament in its original language is one of the most effective ways to gain a greater understanding of the message of the Bible. Even though Greek is important to preparation for preaching and teaching, many who are called to ministry will not be able to dedicate years of study to master the language. But a lack of mastery of Greek should not exclude us from gleaning important insight and inspiration from reading Scripture in its original language. Now pastors, Bible study instructors, Sunday school teachers, and serious lay students of the Bible can learn the basics of biblical Greek at their own pace. Greek for Everyone explains how the Greek language works and introduces the Greek alphabet, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, equipping readers to understand the original meaning of the New Testament. By focusing on the takeaways that most impact interpretation, this accessible book provides a working knowledge of biblical Greek for the study of Scripture.

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  • Find It Fast In The Bible


    Want to know more about a specific concept in Scripture without having to dig through multiple reference books? Find It Fast in the Bible is an innovative and comprehensive reference guide that makes it easy to discover what the Bible teaches.

    Look up the concept you want to know more about and discover a list of corresponding verses. With this user-friendly format, readers can find what they’re looking for in seconds, such as…
    *Adoption into God’s Family
    *By faith in Christ-Galatians 3:26
    *The Father allows us into His family-1 John 3:1, 2
    *Gentiles in God’s family too-Ephesians 2:19
    *Jesus firstborn of many brothers-Romans 8:29
    *Jews and Gentiles heirs together-Ephesians 3:6
    *The Lord disciplines us as His children-Hebrews 12:6-9

    With more than 100,000 copies sold, this guide to Scripture is ideal for the busy, on-the-go reader. It’s like having your own reference library right at your fingertips!

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  • Key Ideas Bible Handbook


    From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is full of truth. But to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word, we need to go beyond merely knowing the facts and learn how to apply these truths to our life.In this new resource, noted author and biblical scholar Ron Rhodes takes readers through each biblical book, breaking down the factual concepts into practical applications and offering commentary and explanation for each.

    Key concepts of 1 John include:
    *Our fellowship with God hinges on walking in the light as He is in the light.
    *When we fall into sin and fall out of fellowship with God, confession to God is the remedy that restores our fellowship.
    *Fellowshipping with God goes hand in hand with loving our Christian brothers and sisters.

    A helpful timeline, word studies, quotes, cross-referenced passages, and more are included throughout each chapter to help readers dig deeper into each transformational concept.

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  • Christian Writers Manual Of Style 4th Edition


    The standard style guide of the Christian publishing industry, The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, 4th Edition, compiled by veteran Zondervan editor Robert Hudson, contains clear guidance on style questions related to religious writing, including many topics not addressed in other references or online. Nearly half of this fourth revision is made up of new material, including information about turning blogs into books, the effects of digital media on writing, adverbial doubles, vanishing accents, word-choice strategies, endorser guidelines, and much more. It also contains an all-new Word List which makes up more than a third of the book. The most needful information remains-entries on capitalization, abbreviation, citations, fictional dialogue, and more-but it has all been updated to keep pace with changes in English language usage. This fourth edition also corresponds with The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition (2010), though it isn’t afraid to chart new territory where that reference is unhelpful on issues of religious writing. Comprehensive yet easy-to-use, The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, 4th Edition, is a go-to resource for Christian authors, pastors, teachers, copy writers, editors, proofreaders, publishing and ministry professionals, executive assistants, and students-anyone who writes or edits as a part of their work or study-and for grammar aficionados everywhere.

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  • Guia Biblica Ilustrada


    Una obra practica de referencia, facil de comprender y con ilustraciones a todo color. Posee descripciones detalladas de cada tema. Excelente para el estudio personal, la instruccion en la escuela dominical o para reuniones de estudio biblico.

    A practical, easy-to-use reference work with full-color illustrations. Contains detailed descritpions of each topic. Excelent for personal Bible study, seminary and teaching.

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  • Old Testament Textual Criticism (Reprinted)


    A Readable, Updated Introduction to Textual Criticism
    This accessibly written, practical introduction to Old Testament textual criticism helps students understand the discipline and begin thinking through complex issues for themselves. The authors combine proven expertise in the classroom with cutting-edge work in Hebrew textual studies. This successful classic (nearly 25,000 copies sold) has been thoroughly expanded and updated to account for the many changes in the field over the past twenty years. It includes examples, illustrations, an updated bibliography, and a textual commentary on the book of Ruth.

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  • Guide To Biblical Commentaries And Reference Works


    A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works, by John F. Evans, summarizes and briefly analyzes all recent and many older commentaries on each book of the Bible, giving insightful comments on the approach of each commentary and its interpretive usefulness especially for evangelical interpreters of the Bible. A Guide to Biblical Commentaries and Reference Works is essentially an annotated bibliography of hundreds of commentators. More scholarly books receive a longer, more detailed treatment than do lay commentaries, and highly recommended commentaries have their author’s names in bold. The author keeps up on the publication of commentaries and intends to update this book every three to four years.

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  • New Dictionary Of Theology


    This classic one-volume reference work has been appreciated for decades. It is now substantially expanded and revised to focus on a variety of theological themes, thinkers and movements. From African Christian Theology to Zionism, this volume of historical and systematic theology offers a wealth of information and insight for students, pastors and all thoughtful Christians. Over half of the over 800 articles are with hundreds more thoroughly revised. Fully one-third larger than its predecessor, this volume focusing on systematic and historical theology has particularly added entries and material on theological writers and themes in North America and around the world. Helpful bibliographies have also been updated throughout. Over 300 contributors form an international team of renowned scholars including Marcella Altaus-Reid, Richard Bauckham, David Bebbington, Kwame Bediako, Todd Billings, Oliver Crisp, Samuel Escobar, John Goldingay, Tremper Longman III, John McGuckin, Jennifer McNutt, Michael J. Nasir-Ali, Bradley Nassif, Mark Noll and N. T. Wright. This new edition combines excellence in scholarship with a high standard of clarity and profound insight into current theological issues. Yet it avoids being unduly technical. Now an even more indispensable reference, this volume is a valuable primer and introduction to the grand spectrum of theology.

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  • Historical And Theological Foundations Of Law


    The Law! What is it, and where does it get its authority? Because someone with a crown and scepter has commanded it? Because a council has adopted it? Because a judge has upheld it?

    Or is law law because a Higher Authority has ordained it so? The Laws of Nature? And of Nature’s God? Do echoes of Eden remain, faintly reminding us of an Original Plan?

    What is the Common Law? When did it begin? Is it relevant or binding today?

    And what of the Laws of the ancient Hebrews-an irrelevant footnote, or the cornerstone of all true Law?

    With unparalleled scope and minute detail,Historical &Theological Foundations of Law studies the legal systems of ancient societies all across the earth, explores their common threads and differences, and traces their development through history, and notes common trends that should cause hope or alarm today.

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  • Proverbs Project


    Clarity Publishing
    The Proverbs Project was undertaken in order to help you get the most out of the Old Testament book of Proverbs. It is a complex book loaded with hundreds of verses of useful advice covering a wide variety of subjects including wisdom, emotions, character, relationships, behaviors, and money. For those of you who have read all or part of Proverbs, you may have felt overwhelmed due to the pithy, rapid-fire, and seemingly unorganized nature of much of the book. The Proverbs Project was written for you! The Proverbs Project organized the 900 verses into 150 topics and then grouped those topics into nine general categories that compose the chapters of the book. This book can be used as a study guide, a reference guide, or to simply strengthen your faith. It’s like having a personal appointment with God and asking Him anything.

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