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  • Signs Of Love


    In this unique resource, author Lori Buck offers a thorough introduction to Deaf culture and practical guidelines for developing a deaf ministry that goes beyond learning American Sign Language and interpreting Sunday morning worship.

    Key features:
    *Lays out the history of the Deaf in the church, including the first deaf church in America.
    *Offers step-by step instructions on how to plan, structure, and implement a ministry with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing.
    *Provides real world ministry models from actual churches, spanning a variety of demographics.

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  • Sign And Say


    With illustrations and instructions for hand gestures, Sign & Say Bible Verses for Children is a resource for teaching favorite Bible verses using signs from American Sign Language. The volume features verses from both the Old Testament and the New Testament Children’s Deep Blue Common English Bible. This updated resource contains easy-to-understand instructions and clear illustrations, and can be used with children ages 3–12.

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  • Religious Signing : A Comprehensive Guide For All Faiths (Revised)


    The bond between sign language and religion dates to the 11th century where it was developed by French monks. This totally new guide contains all the vocabulary and information you need to communicate effectively with the deaf in any religious setting.

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  • Signing Everyday Phrases (Revised)


    Fully illustrated and completely revised and updated with 32 pages of all-new signs for the digital age.

    The most convenient and concise way for learning commonly used phrases in sign language. Perfect for anyone-both deaf and hearing-from teachers and students to friends and family to anyone who wants to learn how to communicate better with hearing-impaired people. Features easy-to-follow instructions and simple, effective illustrations, and is conveniently arranged by topic, including:

    – Computer and technological terms
    – Greetings and introductions
    – Everyday expressions
    – Family and friends
    – Shopping and colors
    – Money and numbers
    – Leisure and sports
    – Food and restaurants
    – School, religion, and government
    – Time, holidays, and weather
    – Nature, science, and animals
    – Health conditions and medical emergencies

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  • Signing For Kids (Revised)


    Fully illustrated in a large format with clear, easy-to-read instructions, this book features the clearest instructions and easiest-to-follow instructions of any signing book available. Is relevant to today’s young readers as it is easy-to-use, with a new 16-page section of computer and technology terms.

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  • Joy Of Signing Complete Learning Package


    Packages The Joy of Signing, Second Edition; The Joy of Signing Puzzle Book 1 and 2 together as a set.

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  • Sign Language Made Simple (Reprinted)


    Deafness And Sign Language
    Preface To The Second Edition
    Using This Book
    Lessons 1-25
    Lessons 26-30: Signs Used For Church
    Word Index

    Additional Info
    Communicate from the very first lesson!

    Sign Language Made Simple’s unique format enables beginning signers to quickly and easily learn to communicate using signs and the manual alphabet. Ideal for independent study or as a classroom textbook, its 30 lessons introduce more than 1,500 American Sign Language signs in the context of 600 English sentences. All signs are clearly illustrated above their English equivalent, making the transition from English to signing relatively simple.

    Sign Language Made Simple has been an invaluable learning tool for thousands of students. In this revised edition, the original format has been preserved and enhanced. Additional learning tools include memory aids, fingerspelling drills, practice sent3nces, and a complete index of the signs.

    Discover Sign Language Made Simple’s practical method for leaning to sign and enjoy ready communication with individuals who are Deaf.

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  • Joy Of Signing (Reprinted)


    The Joy of Signing is one of the most comprehensive guides available for mastering the current basic signs used to communicate with the deaf people in either the word order of the English language or in the American Sign Language pattern. It provides the basic vocabulary needed for persons entering interpreter training programs. Families as well as professionals communicating with deaf children and adults will appreciate this manual’s conceptually based vocabulary.

    Over 1500 signs have been clearly in this guide and grouped by chapter into their natural categories. An enjoyable and rewarding experience waits you as you study the line drawings and step by step descriptions of hand positions and movements. Helpful and interesting information is provided about the origins of signs as well as the correct usage of signs in context.

    Included in this manual are sections on the history of sign language and fingerspelling, the art of signing, language patterns of signs, and an illustrated guide for fingerspelling.

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  • Signing Made Easy


    SKU (ISBN): 9780399514906Rod Butterworth | Mickey FlodinBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1989Publisher: Penguin Group USA

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