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Marriage Preparedness

Marriage Preparedness

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  • Before You Say I Do


    Is marriage on your mind? Have you found “the one”? This popular and helpful interactive workbook is designed to strengthen your love relationship and deepen your bond. You’ll find all you need for fun and thoughtful discussions as you explore vital areas, including:

    -What does the Bible teach about marriage?
    -What makes you feel loved?
    -How do you handle conflicts?
    -Do you plan to have children? Why or why not?
    -What are your priorities when it comes to money?

    Drawn from years of marriage preparation seminars and counseling sessions, these insightful questions will help you build a solid future together. With Jesus as your cornerstone, your partner and you can create a loving, successful marriage.

    More than 500,000 couples helped!

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  • Letters To A Romantic On Engagement


    Engagement! If you’ve reached this point, you already know a thing or two about navigating a romantic relationship. But this in-between period raises new questions: How should you and your intended make decisions together? How can you handle all the advice you’re getting? Should you just elope? What if you’re beginning to think you shouldn’t marry after all? The pressure is intense, the anticipation is greatand God’s Word is crucial for you to hear right now. Sean and Spencer (and sometimes their wives, Jenny and Taylor) have written short letters to you full of biblical wisdom for this exciting stage of life. Direct and to the point, they answer these questions and many more, from the details of wedding planning to the big picture of your future lifelong relationship.

    Find clarity amid engagement and come to your marriage prepared!

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  • Getting Ready For Marriage Workbook


    The saying goes “When you marry, you don’t just marry an individual, you marry a whole family.” But more specifically, you are marrying the influences that family has had on your spouse. Our families have shaped our views on everything from religion to finances to sex, and, whether helpful or harmful, these views are brought to our marriage and can unknowingly affect it.

    Getting Ready for Marriage Workbook helps engaged couples and newlyweds:
    *learn what “ghosts” they bring to marriage
    *examine their family backgrounds
    *determine guidelines for their own marriage

    Through interactive exercises, couples discover the roots of their beliefs, sight potential problem areas, and learn how to successfully work through problems. Couples are then encouraged to make their own covenants in specific areas such as financial matters, resolving conflict, religious orientation, and family planning & children-essential in building a strong marriage partnership.

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  • Vertical Marriage : A Godward Preparation For Life Together


    Your marriage is approaching — among the myriad of preparations you can make, what is most important for a lasting, healthy relationship?

    Understanding that marriage is not eternal, but its fruit is, Mike and Anne Rizzo, seasoned marriage counselors, turn our gaze Godward. A vertical focus, on God, becomes the best foundation for building a beautiful, life-long relationship with your future spouse.

    Vertical Marriage is a practical premarital manual for use by engaged couples, marriage counselors, or those already married, who desire to establish a powerful partnership of eternal significance.

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  • Ready To Wed


    Rings. Dress. Cake.You’re engaged, and the checklist for the day of your dreams is a mile long. In the who, what, where, and how of planning, the why can be forgotten.

    Ready to Wed discusses 12 Traits of a thriving marriage and offers a variety of topics to guide and advise those preparing to say, “I do!”

    Learn to:
    *Define a vision statement unique to your marriage.
    *Positively engage conflict to build a foundation of trust and forgiveness.
    *”Leave and cleave,” even if you are a child of divorce.
    *Manage expectations-and your in-laws!
    *Navigate hot-button issues including, sex and the chore wars.
    *Cope with change, stress, and crisis-especially in your first year.
    *Build a community of support and find mentors.
    *Assess your progress using the Couple Checkup.

    Loaded with advice, tips, and instructions, this valuable resource is ideal for soon-to-be-newlyweds and those who support them!

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  • Getting Ready For Marriage Workbook


    Delivered in nine potent sessions, each rooted in key biblical and relational truths, Jim Burns and Doug Fields craft a premarital model that equips participants to confront big issues prior to their wedding day. A thoughtful gift or family ministry resource, the workbook also includes an appendix for use as a counseling centerpiece. Topics include communication, finances, spirituality, and intimacy.

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  • Getting Ready For Marriage


    In Getting Ready for Marriage, relationship experts Jim Burns and Doug Fields pour decades of experience into a fresh, current, and practical guide tailor-made for couples approaching marriage. Explorations of family history, communication styles, money matters, and sexual intimacy help couples define and prepare for the work and rewards of a healthy union. Easy to navigate and including meaningful exercises and conversation starters, this book is designed to guide relationships for the long haul. It will also appeal to pastors and marriage counselors.

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  • Considering Marriage : Are You Fit To Be Tied


    What does the Bible say about Christian marriage? Should we get married now or wait? Are we really ready? When is the timing right? What if one of us is unsure? This 96-page mini-book, Considering Marriage, provides premarriage counseling that will help you on your journey of making the decision and preparations before you say, I do.” Marriage is a beautiful covenant made between a man and a woman, so how do you know when it’s right to get married? Includes Christian marriage counseling and premarital counseling questions, such as Will his quirks drive you insane? Will her weird habits become a daily annoyance? Are you becoming more confident in your direction, or less?

    Included in this easy-to-read marriage counseling handbook are dozens of exercises that are excellent tools for opening the door to meaningful communication. Learn what each partner’s definition of love is, or their concept of the role and responsibilities of a wife and husband. These marriage quizzes will help you and your significant other maneuver through potentially tough and thought-provoking questions with ease.

    Get biblical answers from a Christian counselor to questions like:
    *Is it important to be romantically attracted to the person I want to marry?
    *When does age difference matter?
    *What is the root causes for marrying the wrong person?
    *What if my non-Christian parents disapprove of my Christian fiance?
    *Will God stop a marriage if it’s not His will?
    *And many more.

    Knowing why marriage was created and what a Christian marriage is will make life after the wedding so much more fruitful and satisfying.

    This christian marriage counseling guide covers the basics: More than just “tying the knot,” Christians need to know-
    *The biblical requirements for faithfulness within marriage
    *Why marrying someone who is an unbeliever is a problem
    *What the Lord says about marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian.

    Learn the secrets to a Christian marriage, and the ups and downs to expect as you travel through the reality of marriage after the honeymoon. Includes a checklist of unrealistic expectations about marriage, such as:
    *Myth: Romance will sustains a marriage forever
    *Myth: Engaging in premarital sex will have no effect on a marriage, or the far other extreme myth: Premarital sex is the unforgiveable sin.
    *Myth: My spouse will always make me feel loved.
    *Myth: We will never have serious disagreements.
    *Myth: Religious differences will be insignificant

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  • 12 Questions To Ask Before You Marry


    Today, marriages have a 50 percent chance of lasting. Longing to improve those odds, pastor Clayton King, author of the popular Dying to Live, and his wife, Charie, reveal a revolutionary biblical perspective-at the heart of a godly union is a heart of service. Love is more about understanding one’s spouse than being understood.

    Offering wisdom from God’s Word and beneficial advice from their decade of marriage, the Kings present 12 relationship-building questions for couples to ask before they wed. They guide and encourage couples to discuss their:
    religious backgrounds
    past relationships
    desires for family and future
    financial habits and goals
    vocational aspirations

    These questions reveal expectations and concerns and help each person understand the needs and hopes of their loved one. A great resource for churches, counselors, dating couples, and young men and women who dream of a forever marriage.

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  • What Every Woman Wants In A Man


    This book was written for those men and women who are contemplating marriage and to those who are seeking the ultimate relationship with their marriage partner. Much has already been written encouraging the woman to submit to her mate. Since the subject has already been well covered, What Every Woman Wants in a Man does not deal with this. What Every Woman Wants in a Man is directed to the man, showing him practical, specific ways of learning to live with the mysterious being, woman. Most every woman is eager to please her mate and is awaiting the day that her partner will become the tender, loving man she has already dreamed of.

    The secret to successful marriage and having a great love life is being in right relationship to God and each other.

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  • Lady In Waiting


    With humor, honesty, and biblical truths, the authors help point women to being the right woman and not just finding the right man. By studying the biblical character Ruth, women learn the characteristics that every woman of God should develop. This expanded edition of the original best-seller includes a personal journal and study guide.

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  • 101 Questions To Ask Before You Get Engaged


    More than half of all couples who become engaged this year will never make it to the altar. Why? Leading experts believe it’s because couples fail to really get to know their potential mate before getting engaged. Relationship expert and noted couples counselor Norm Wright steers potential brides and grooms through a series of soul-searching questions to discern if they’ve really met “the One.” A dynamic book with a great message for people who seek God’s guidance in finding a perfect lifetime companion.

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  • Before You Remarry


    1. What Is Marriage?
    2. Remarriage – Are You Ready
    3. Uniqueness And Acceptance In Marriage
    4. Love As A Basis For Marriage
    5. What Do You Expect From Marriage?
    6. A Vision Statement
    7. Fulfilling Needs In Marriage
    8. Roles, Responsibilities, And Decision Making
    9. In-laws Or Outlaws – It’s Your Choice
    10. Communication
    11. Conflict (Or “Sound The Battle Cry!”)
    12. Finances
    13. Sex In Marriage
    14. Your Spiritual Life Together
    104 Pages

    Additional Info
    All couples who remarry intend to be happy and fulfilled, but few plan for their happiness. Well-known marriage and family counselor H. Norman Wright has developed Before You Remarry to help you learn more about your future spouse’s values, interests, and previous experiences. Practical ideas, insightful questions, and inspiring thoughts make this remarriage guide ideal for helping you create a solid foundation for a successful, long-lasting marriage. You and your partner will discover how to –

    *make sure you’re ready to remarry
    *create a loving, trusting relationship
    *address roles, responsibilities, and decision-making
    *use the positive and overcome the negative experiences from your previous marriage
    *handle common problem areas, including present and previous in-laws, blended families, money concerns, and sexual issues.

    Before You Remarry promotes thorough interaction on the major issues of marriage and will help you and your future spouse build a love that will last a lifetime.

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