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Category: Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit)

Pneumatology (Theology of the Holy Spirit)

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  • Holy Spirit In The New Testament


    In the early church, miraculous workings of the Holy Spirit were normal and normative.
    Today an ever-increasing number of Christians worldwide self-identify as Pentecostal or charismatic. William A. Simmons argues that this means the church needs a Spirit-centered interpretation of Scripture informed by a Pentecostal lens. In The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, Simmons provides an accessible New Testament introduction that discusses themes and passages of particular interest to Pentecostal readers. Each chapter explores the presence of the Spirit in a biblical book, then offers devotional applications to help readers respond to the text. In Matthew, for example, we discover that there is no Messianic era apart from the Spirit. For Paul in Romans, the Holy Spirit is the authenticating power and emotive heart of God. And Revelation is permeated with the illuminating voice of the Spirit from beginning to end. A Spirit-centered reading breaks down divisions between reason and spirit, mind and emotion. This book opens a dialogue between the academy and the church, demonstrating how sound exegesis speaks to Spirit-filled Christians. In the world and writings of the New Testament authors, we continue to encounter the revelatory presence of God.

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  • Welcome Holy Spirit


    As the renowned scholar Thomas Oden noted, No subject of Christian teaching is more prone to fanaticism and novelty and subjectivism than that of the Holy Spirit.

    The Bible’s own metaphors for the Spirit are as elusive as they are evocative–wind, oil, flame, water, dove–making pneumatology a mysterious study. But shying away from the topic is no solution. Gordon Smith encourages us to seek both fresh understanding and fresh experience of the Spirit through openness to learning more, no matter what our theological tradition. In this way, as we hold biblical convictions firmly but gracefully, the guiding principles of discernment and humility will help us intentionally live Spirit-responsive lives day by day. Welcome, Holy Spirit is a much-needed master class with a trustworthy and encouraging teacher. How can we cultivate an understanding of the Holy Spirit that helps us experience the presence of the Spirit in worship, in witness, in joy and sorrow, in seasons of blessing and times of difficulty alike, all the while honoring the fullness of the Trinity? That is the objective of the reflections in this book: an attentiveness to the Spirit, not to replace Christ as the focus of our lives and worship but to bring us truly into the presence of the living and ascended Lord. It is to this end that we pray, Welcome, Holy Spirit.

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  • Keep In Step With The Spirit


    J. I. Packer’s Classic Work on the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit is far from a one-dimensional figure. It is active in many ways throughout the Bible-molding creation, directing history, revealing God’s truth and will, and teaching God’s people. But the foremost-and often neglected-role of the Spirit is to make Christ known to God’s people.

    Keep in Step with the Spirit is a helpful guide to the Holy Spirit that is both conversational in tone and comprehensive in scope, revealing who the Spirit is and how it is active in the lives of believers. In this book, J. I. Packer focuses on how the Spirit is presented in the Old and New Testaments before offering a comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the charismatic movement. Packer presents readers with an alternative position to the Charismatic movement that highlights the direct activity of the Holy Spirit yet tests all things by God’s word.

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  • Your Friendship With Holy Spirit


    Father, Son, and… Who? The third member of the Trinity, Holy Spirit, is often only associated with unusual manifestations and weird stuff.

    In some cases, Scripture and the supernatural have been sadly mishandled, causing many to ignore the Spirit altogether. But Holy Spirit is still a very real part of the Godhead, and desires to be in relationship with us!

    In this interactive guide, author and teacher Sarah Bowling introduces you to Holy Spirit by guiding you through special exercises to help deepen your relational connection to Him. Examining Jesus’ introduction to Holy Spirit in John 14-16, Sarah reveals the wonder of the One who Jesus calls our Helper, Comforter, Counselor, Friend, and so much more!

    More than imparting Biblical truth, Sarah goes one step further, setting you up for deep personal interaction and encounter with Holy Spirit Himself! This interactive guide will help you develop:

    *An understanding of Holy Spirit’s character and duties
    *A desire to know Holy Spirit more
    *Ways to cultivate relationship with Holy Spirit on a daily basis

    Sarah describes her relationship with Holy Spirit like this: I want to thank Holy Spirit for being my relationship anchor, life jacket, sun on the horizon, EMT, steady friend, wise counsel, parent of all parents, and continual companion. I’m alive because of Your genuine love!

    Isn’t it time you got to know our wonderful Holy Spirit this way, too?

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  • Baptism And Fullness


    The Christian life is life in the Spirit, writes John Stott. It would be impossible to be a Christian, let alone to live and grow as a Christian, without the ministry of the gracious Spirit of God. All we have and are as Christians we owe to him. The Holy Spirit continues to be at work around the world, as numerous renewal movements attest. Yet much confusion and controversy remain regarding the Holy Spirit’s activity. In this classic study, John Stott provides clear biblical exposition on the promise, the fruit and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He offers particular guidance on the nature of the baptism of the Spirit and whether certain spiritual gifts and experiences should be normative for all Christians. Always irenic and gracious, Stott points the way to both greater biblical understanding and deeper fullness of spiritual life.

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  • Gift And Giver


    A leading New Testament scholar affirms the validity of spiritual gifts while seeking to restore a biblical emphasis on why the gifts are given.

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  • Y Quien Es El Espiritu Santo


    Un llamado a reconocer los indicios de la obra del Espiritu Santo en nuestras vidas y a ser mas conscientes de su obra en el mundo hoy. Mucha gente encuentra facil entender lo relacionado a Dios y Jesus, pero les resulta dificil entender como y donde el Espiritu Santo encaja en el cuadro. Quien es -l exactamente? Y como trabaja en nuestras vidas? En este accesible volumen los autores explican, de forma clara y simple, lo que podemos afirmar con certeza que la Biblia ensena acerca de quien es el Espiritu Santo y como trabaja en el mundo hoy.

    A call to recognize the signs of the Holy Spirit work in our lives and to be more aware of His work in the world today. Many people find it easy to understand about God and Jesus, but struggle to understand quite how and where the Holy Spirit fits into the picture. Who exactly is he? And how does he work in our lives? This short, readable book explains, clearly and simply, what we can say with certainty from the Bible about who the Holy Spirit is and how he is at work in the world today.

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  • 7 Fold Spirit Of God


    A Fresh Discovery of the Holy Spirit

    The Bible reveals that there are many dimensions to the Holy Spirit’s character, personality and power. Unfortunately, most believers live in a tragically limited experience of the Spirit’s role. But there is more!

    Keith Miller has operated in the Holy Spirit’s power for decades as a revivalist, revelatory teacher, and witness to the miraculous. But it was a revelation of the Seven-Fold Spirit of God that changed everything:

    The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord. – Isaiah 11:2

    In The Seven-Fold Spirit of God, Keith reveals how the seven functions of the Holy Spirit are the foundation for a more fruitful and exciting walk with God.

    Transform your Christian walk as you rediscover the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of…
    *The Fear of the Lord

    And from the throne proceed lightnings, thunderings, and voices. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God. – Revelation 4:5

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  • Fire And Wind


    The Holy Spirit Like You’ve Never Experienced Him Before

    Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit dwells in every believer (Ephesians 1:13). Because of that promise, you have an Advocate in your life to guide, help, counsel, and convict you as you live and grow into deeper spiritual truths.

    Are you making the most of all the Holy Spirit offers to you? If you yearn to know more about who He is and the powerful ways He can work in your life, Fire and Wind will introduce you to…
    *the different ways the Spirit ministers to you
    *what it means to experience the presence, filling, and power of the Spirit
    *how the Spirit guides and teaches you
    *the spiritual gifts given to you for the benefit of others
    *the inner joy the Spirit makes available to every believer

    As you welcome the Holy Spirit, He can make the sacrifice of Jesus a reality for you today and every day by His constant presence in and through you.

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  • Maravillosa Vida Llena Del Esp


    Vida abundante–Jesus la prometio y nosotros la anhelamos. Sin embargo, son pocos los cristianos que la tienen. A traves de historias personales, exploracion biblica y explicaciones perspicaces, Stanley le presenta al Espiritu Santo. El no es una corriente electrica enorme a la que usted se conecta cuando necesita ayuda adicional, o un concepto teologico, sino es tan real y activo como Cristo. Tiene una personalidad, asi como una descripcion de trabajo especifica y un deseo definitivo de ser una parte activa de nuestras vidas.

    Una invitacion sabia, mesurada y profundamente apasionada a una vida llena del Espiritu.
    Esta usted tratando lo mejor que puede de ser un buen cristiano, pero cree que todavia le falta algo? La paz y la alegria que anhela parecen eludirle? Seguir a Cristo a veces puede parecer mucho trabajo o simplemente no funciona muy bien?

    Mucho ha sido escrito sobre el Espiritu Santo y lo que significa tenerlo como una parte activa de la vida. El doctor Charles Stanley termina con la confusion y ensea la verdad sobre la Tercera Persona de la Trinidad, que es tan real y activa como Dios el Padre y Cristo el Hijo.

    A traves de historias personales, exploracion biblica y explicaciones perspicaces, el doctor Stanley le ayuda a descubrir:
    – Quien es el Espiritu y como desarrollar una relacion con El.
    – Quien no es el Espiritu y como evitar conceptos dainos.
    – Como es que estar lleno del Espiritu realmente funciona.
    – Lo que la Biblia ensea realmente acerca de las seales espirituales como el don de lenguas.
    – Como el Espiritu puede incrementar su capacidad para tener fe, esperanza, amor y transformacion personal.
    – Lo que significa escuchar la voz del Espiritu.
    – Como aprovechar al maximo sus dones espirituales unicos para edificar el cuerpo de Cristo.
    – Lo que sucede cuando se desata el poder del Espiritu en su lugar de trabajo, su familia, amistades y cualquier otra area de su vida.

    Descubra La maravillosa vida llena del Espiritu y el gran regalo que el Padre le ha dado a traves de Su Espiritu Santo.

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  • Incredible Answers To Prayer


    Incredible Answers to Prayer is an exhilarating spiritual experience.

    It will send chills down your spine and make you rejoice that you too serve the Lord of the Impossible.

    Roger Morneau has witnessed hundreds of miracles. Some saved him from an early death. But most were in response to prayers for others. People dying in a hospital get well. A man pronounced dead by his doctor lives. A woman’s shattered relationship is suddenly filled with love and acceptance. Another man’s life and business turn around within days.

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  • Jesus In Me


    The internationally recognized Bible teacher and daughter of Billy Graham unpacks key biblical truths wrapped in personal insights to reveal how the presence of the Holy Spirit shapes the daily life of a Jesus follower.

    In Jesus in Me, Anne Graham Lotz draws on her rich biblical knowledge as well as her personal story–including her recent cancer diagnosis–to help us understand that the Holy Spirit is not a magic genie, a flame of fire, or a vague feeling. He is a Person who prays for us, guides us in our relationships and decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by our side at all times. In this seminal teaching, she explores seven key aspects of the Holy Spirit that will revolutionize how you understand and relate to this vital third Person in the Trinity.

    As Anne writes, One of my deepest, richest joys has been discovering by experience who the Holy Spirit is in every step of my life’s journey. Each name that He has been given–Helper, Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener, and Standby–reveals another aspect of His beautiful character and has provoked in me a deep love for the One who is my constant Companion…Jesus in me.

    Discover how to better love and rely on the person of the Holy Spirit–and embrace how much He loves you.

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  • Spirit Within : Getting To Know The Person And Purpose Of The Holy Spirit


    In what ways has your expectation of the Christian life differed from your experience of living the Christian life? Are you hungry for more? Pastors Rob King and Eric Ferris explore how you can be more comfortable, capable, and joyful in your relationship with God by experiencing an ongoing, renewable, increasing relationship with the Holy Spirit within.

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  • Resting Place : Living Immersed In The Presence Of God


    Become a Resting Place for God’s Presence and Power!

    The key to walking in the supernatural power of the Spirit is positioning yourself as The Resting Place for God!

    We are familiar with the indwelling Holy Spirit-the One who lives within the hearts of every believer. While this is an incredible truth, the fullness of this reality is greater than we can imagine!

    Bestselling author and internationally respected pastor Bill Johnson shares the key to living a supernatural lifestyle: welcoming God’s Spirit to abide with you.
    *Learn the difference between the Spirit’s presence within you, and His resting upon you.
    *Experience the multiple dimensions of God’s Presence revealed in Scripture.
    *Uncover the secrets to Holy Spirit saturation, practiced by many revival leaders, including Kathryn Kuhlman and John G. Lake.
    *Discover keys to protecting the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in your life.

    The Holy Spirit is looking for a people upon whom His presence can rest. The invitation is extended to you-how will you respond?

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  • Prophetic Voice Of God


    Embark on a wild and unique prophetic adventure with God!
    The New Testament makes prophecy a priority for all believers. If you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, you are called to hear God’s prophetic voice!
    But if this is true, why do so many believers struggle to hear the Holy Spirit’s language?
    Lana Vawser empowers you to hear God for yourself by tuning in to how he is uniquely speaking to you!
    Through easy-to-understand, revelatory teaching and powerful prophetic examples, Lana illustrates how God has created all believers to hear His voice in their own distinct way.
    The Prophetic Voice of God will mentor you on how to listen to the Holy Spirit speaking especially to you!
    Experience a Breaker Anointing: The simple, practical teaching will break off the fear, striving and anxiety that many feel when it comes to hearing God speak prophetically.
    De-Mystify the Prophetic: Lana makes prophetic hearing accessible to anyone, no matter who you are or what context you come from.
    Discern the Prophetic Voice of God: Learn how to identify freshly spoken words from God and decipher the many different forms they can come in–signs, symbols, numbers, coincidences, pictures, and more.
    Receive Impartation and Revelation: You will be activated to look and listen for God’s prophetic voice everywhere.
    Tune in, and receive your word from the Lord!

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  • Here In Spirit


    1. The Greatest Gift
    2. Culture With The Spirit
    3. More Than A Force
    4. Renewing All Things
    5. The Spirit Of Silence
    6. More Than Conviviality
    7. The Great Companion
    8. Discerning Promptings
    9. Praying In The Spirit
    10. Mission With The Wind
    11. Experiencing The Power
    12. The Shape Of Suffering
    13. Bearing Fruit
    14. The Future Of The Spirit
    Further Reading List
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Living right here in the Spirit is the source of the most meaningful, creative, satisfying life possible. If we relate to the Spirit primarily regarding the presence or absence of his miraculous gifts in our lives and in the world, we distort and limit our understanding of the third person of the Trinity. He should be known for much more. Who is the Spirit? Is he a person or a spiritual force? How are we meant to relate to him? Can we pray to the Spirit? What does being filled with the Spirit look like?These are some of the questions this book will explore. Instead of relating narrowly to the Holy Spirit, this book will broaden your engagement with him by touring often unexplored aspects of his vast character and mission.

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  • Purpose And Power Of The Holy Spirit


    Is Heaven on Earth Really Possible?

    When we struggle with defeat and discouragement, the Holy Spirit is the key to victory and peace. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe shows how to bring order to the chaos in your life, receive God’s power to heal and deliver, fulfill your true purpose with joy, be a leader in your sphere of influence, and be part of God’s government on earth. We have access to the unseen world of the Spirit and can bring heavenly influence to earth. When you receive God’s Spirit into your life, you will find that His gifts are your birthright. Receive the fullness of God’s Spirit and start living in the spiritual power that God has promised you. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you (John 16:7 NKJV).

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  • Spirit Led Preaching (Revised)


    Preaching simply does not happen apart from the Holy Spirit. In fact, preaching is the Spirit’s ministry! Spirit-Led Preaching helps readers understand preaching from the Spirit’s point of view and teaches about the Spirit’s role in both the preparation and delivery process, showing what it means to be truly empowered by the Spirit when you preach. It also explains the crucial connection between Word and Spirit as they depend on each other to bring about spiritual transformation in the lives of the congregation. This revised edition includes a new chapter on the congregation’s role in relationship to the Spirit and preaching–a subject not often mentioned in books on preaching. Spirit-led Preaching is a book written by a pastor to pastors and students of preaching and is filled with personal examples from the author’s own preaching ministry. It has encouraged both novice students of preaching as well as seasoned pulpit veterans for over a decade.

    In 2007, Spirit-Led Preaching won first place for the Pastor’s Soul category from Christianity Today magazine.

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  • Holy Spirit In The New Testament (Student/Study Guide)


    In an area of study that is sometimes neglected and often debated, this book offers readers fresh insight through careful attention to the different ways the New Testament writings present and interpret the Spirit of God. With Carroll’s guidance, readers will gain a sense of the identity and activity of the Spirit manifest in the cultures and literature that informed the New Testament and its earliest audiences. The author also maps the distinctive views of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament books, employing a literary close reading of texts where the Spirit figures prominently. Readers discover that for the writers of the New Testament all of life is touched by the Holy Spirit. And for human beings this life is lived in the awareness God’s presence, sustained in hope through adversity and pain, open to change and new possibilities, and equipped and empowered to act boldly and speak prophetically by wise Spirit shaped discernment. The Spirit in the New Testament is a creative force sustaining, fostering, and restoring life – the first and last word both whispered and even shouted as the divine breath animating embedded and embodied human life and community.

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  • Encountering The Holy Spirit In Every Book Of The Bible


    Unlock new dimensions of the Holy Spirit’s power!

    Many Christians hunger for deeper and more powerful encounters with God’s Spirit, but where can these experiences be found? The answer lies in the pages of Scripture.

    In this groundbreaking work, author and healing minister David Hernandez takes you on an unforgettable journey to discover and experience the Spirit’s powerful presence throughout the entire Bible-from Genesis to Revelation.

    Scripture offers so much more to be discovered than merely a theology of the Holy Spirit… and still more to be experienced! Trade dry theory for a dynamic relationship as you encounter the third Person of the Trinity in the pages of the Bible.

    This book will help you discover…

    Hidden Mysteries. Even in Old Testament books where there is no direct reference to the Holy Spirit, learn to see His presence moving.

    A Fresh Revelation. The different revelations of the Spirit in Scripture reveal unique characteristics of how He wants to move in your life.

    Your Supernatural Identity. Learn what it really means to have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in you.

    Kingdom Power. Discover what it means to partner with the Spirit to release the miracles that Jesus promised.

    Within the pages of Scripture, untapped reserves of Holy Spirit power are waiting to be released. Will you discover them today?

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  • En Honor Al Espiritu Santo


    El renombrado autor Cash Luna presenta una version renovada del clasico best seller En honor al Espiritu Santo.

    El autor basa el contenido de este libro en su experiencia personal. A partir de ella, imparte una profunda ensenanza sobre el poder del Espiritu Santo y como obra en la vida de las personas.

    No existe ninguna otra publicacion impresa que relate su experiencia con la uncion y la forma que esta le hizo crecer como persona, pastor y lider de una congregacion de mas de veinte mil miembros en Guatemala. La obra fue escrita con una estructura y lenguaje amigables que le hacen accesible a todo lector que desee conocer al Espiritu Santo y su uncion, sin importar su denominacion religiosa, su nivel teologico o compromiso con la iglesia.

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  • Essential Training For Preparing For The Glory


    A fresh move of God is on the horizon!

    In the midst of fear, conflict, and unrest, a great Kingdom light is piercing through the darkness. Since the Day of Pentecost, this light of Holy Spirit outpouring has been increasing in brightness and will soon break forth in an unprecedented outpouring of supernatural glory.

    Are you prepared for what God wants to release in these last days?

    Preparing for the Glory is a groundbreaking new work from John and Carol Arnott that shares practical keys, gleaned from over 20 years of leading a global revival movement, that will position you to expect and experience this new move of God!

    Learn how to:

    Pray with prophetic words that announce the purposes and promises of God for increased outpouring.

    Stay hungry for God by maintaining a passionate desire to encounter His presence, no matter how spiritually dry or distant you feel.

    Press in for deeper experiences with the Spirit by feeding yourself on supernatural testimonies of God’s work.

    Embrace the fear of the Lord-the key that will unlock an increase of glory manifestations, unusual miracles, and Holy Spirit fire.

    Prepare your life to be a resting place for the Holy Spirit in this historic hour of glory, presence, and miracles!

    Features: Carol Arnott’s prophetic dream about the next wave of Holy Spirit outpouring-what it will look like and the key to preparing for this imminent visitation of God’s glory!

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  • Encuentro Divino Con El Espiri


    Cuando fue la ultima vez que tuvo un encuentro sobrenatural con el Espiritu Santo?
    Todos los creyentes pueden tener poderosos encuentros divinos con el Espiritu, no como eventos aislados sino como un estilo de vida en el que:
    – El reino sobrenatural es su mayor realidad.
    – Jesus se vuelva real en usted.
    – Es comisionado para demostrar el poder milagroso de Dios.
    – Usted tiene un profundo deseo por mas de la presencia de Dios.
    Para experimentar encuentros divinos, es necesario tener una clara comprension de quien es el Espiritu Santo. El Apostol Guillermo Maldonado aclara dudas y falsos conceptos sobre el Espiritu, al tiempo que muestra testimonios extraordinarios de personas transformadas por encuentros sobrenaturales. Dios desea manifestarse como nuestro Padre, Proveedor, Hacedor de Milagros, Sanador, Liberador y Defensor. Desea que impactemos familias, comunidades y naciones para Cristo. Una relacion intima con el Espiritu Santo, le llenara con el amor de Dios y le dara un corazon compasivo para un mundo herido. Usted no tiene que ser un lider espiritual, ni ser perfecto para experimentar la presencia de Dios y continuar la obra de Jesus en la tierra. Lo que necesita es un poderoso encuentro divino con el Espiritu Santo.

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  • Open To The Spirit


    Conchita gives a vast itinerary of spiritual experience and reflection containing very practical guidance for daily life. This book will help the reader open mind and heart to the inspiration, workings, and gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Paraclete empowers us to be evangelizers and missionary disciples of the risen Lord. Despite our diversity of cultures, languages, and backgrounds the Holy Spirit brings all of us into unity and communion under the Petrine ministry of the Holy Father.

    It is providential that in this moment of history the book Open to the Spirit, excerpted from the book Come, O Holy Spirit!, written by Concepcion Cabrera de Armida, who was in love with the Holy Spirit, be offered to all Christians. But above all, Concepcion Cabrera, moved by the very Spirit, lived a deep spirituality that permeated her life of wife, mother of nine children, and apostle. And thus she contributed with her own spirituality to the building up of our beloved Church. As we read through this book, Conchita alerts us the Holy Spirit is not loved, nor honored, and she cries out He is hardly known! We are impressed by the propitious timing of her words. Miguel and Carmen Ramirez, Coordinators of the Pastoral Team of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Archdiocese of Mexico

    It is time that the Holy Spirit reign in every heart and in all the arteries of the Church. Only thus will Love flower and the world be transformed. No one will be poor with the divine richness of the Holy Spirit. The Father and Jesus will be pleased with this life-giving and vibrant renewal of the entire universe. Be open to the Holy Spirit who renews our minds and hearts! Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (Conchita)

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  • Anointed : Gifts Of The Holy Spirit


    Confirmation is an important milestone in the life of every believer. If baptism is the sacrament of rebirth into a new and supernatural life, confirmation is the sacrament of maturity and coming of age. This confirmation in the power of the Holy Spirit leading to a firm profession of faith has always been the particular effect that Catholic tradition has ascribed to the sacrament. Pope Francis has spoken frequently about confirmation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This volume, developed with young people in mind, is a collection of the Pope’s encouraging words to us on the gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. Compiler Jaymie Stuart Wolfe has added a foreword and a section of prayers that include the Holy Spirit in Scripture, praying with the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the Veni Sancte Spiritus. Designed to engage the young and foster a life-giving faith, Anointed will make the perfect gift for all those celebrating or preparing for the sacrament of confirmation.

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  • Command Of Melchizedek


    The Command of Melchizedek dwells upon often overlooked verses of scripture and the deep spiritual import of these prophetic writings from a theological and deep-thinking perspective; it expands on the person of Melchizedek and the attendant order and command which followed the ascension of Jesus into heaven…which order states, Let all the Angels of God worship him, and also Worship Him, all you gods. It reaches into the mind of Moses when he wrote Genesis, opening with these words from the Torah, Beresiyt Bara Elohim, meaning In the beginning, Gods created… and not God created as we know it. It lights up in our hearts the truth of the creator making Adam and Eve, male and female, expressly in their own image and likeness, after the Father and the Mother.

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  • Rediscovering The Holy Spirit


    For the Spirit, being somewhat forgotten is an occupational hazard. The Holy Spirit is so actively involved in our lives that we can take his presence for granted. As they say, familiarity breeds contempt. Just as we take breathing for granted, we can take the Holy Spirit for granted simply because we constantly depend on him. Like the cane that soon feels like an extension of the blind man’s own body, we too easily begin to think of the Holy Spirit as an extension of ourselves. Yet the Spirit is at the center of the action in the divine drama from Genesis 1:2 all the way to Revelation 22:17. The Spirit’s work is as essential as the Father’s and the Son’s, yet the Spirit’s work is always directed to the person and work of Christ. In fact, the efficacy of the Holy Spirit’s mission is measured by the extent to which we are focused on Christ. The Holy Spirit is the person of the Trinity who brings the work of the Father, in the Son, to completion. In everything that the Triune God performs, this perfecting work is characteristic of the Spirit. In Rediscovering the Holy Spirit, author, pastor, and theologian Mike Horton introduces readers to the neglected person of the Holy Spirit, showing that the work of God’s Spirit is far more ordinary and common than we realize. Horton argues that we need to take a step back every now and again to focus on the Spirit himself-his person and work-in order to recognize him as someone other than Jesus or ourselves, much less something in creation. Through this contemplation we can gain a fresh dependence on the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives.

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  • River : 30 Day Study On The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The World The Church


    Unprecedented Press LLC

    Many people go to church their entire lives and are not introduced to the Holy Spirit. The River by Mike Nicholson is a case for the role of the Holy Spirit in your own life, in the church, and in the world at large. To know the Holy Spirit on a deeper level, set aside the next 30 days, read a chapter a day, and let The River take you along.

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  • Evangelical Sacramental And Pentecostal


    1. The Extraordinary Invitation Of John 15:4
    2. Luke-Acts: The Spirit And The Life Of The Church
    3. The Grace Of God: Evangelical, Sacramental, And Pentecostal
    4. The Evangelical Principle
    5. The Sacramental Principle
    6. The Pentecost Principle
    Conclusion: Some Observations And A Case Study
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Evangelical. Sacramental. Pentecostal. Christian communities tend to identify with one of these labels over the other two. Evangelical churches emphasize the importance of Scripture and preaching. Sacramental churches emphasize the importance of the eucharistic table. And pentecostal churches emphasize the immediate presence and power of the Holy Spirit. But must we choose between them? Could the church be all three? Drawing on his reading of the New Testament, the witness of Christian history, and years of experience in Christian ministry and leadership, Gordon T. Smith argues that the church not only can be all three, but in fact it must be all three in order to truly be the church. As the church navigates the unique global challenges of pluralism, secularism, and fundamentalism, the need for an integrated vision of the community as evangelical, sacramental, and pentecostal becomes ever more pressing. If Jesus and the apostles saw no tension between these characteristics, why should we?

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  • Holy Spirit As Told By God


    A journal to guide you through every verse in the Bible concerning the Holy Spirit. You will observe, respond to, and apply every verse, in context. By the end, I believe you will embody the Spirit the way God intended.

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  • Spirit And Salvation


    This fourth volume in Veli-Matti Karkkainen’s ambitious five volume systematic theology develops a constructive Christian pneumatology and soteriology in dialogue with the Christian tradition, with contemporary theology in all its global and contextual diversity, and with other major living faiths – Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

    Karkkainen constructs a wide and deep theology of the Holy Spirit, examining creation and the sciences, other cosmic powers and beings, the concepts of spirits in other religions, and the Spirit’s place in society and politics. He also goes beyond traditional ways of understanding salvation – election, forgiveness, justification, sanctification, and glorification – and includes discussions of Spirit-baptism, healing and restoration, reconciliation, liberation, and peace-building, carefully comparing Christian perspectives with the salvific views of other religions.

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  • Carriers Of The Glory


    Discover your identity as a carrier of God’s presence, glory and power!

    Do you sometimes wonder how God can consider you a friend in light of your failures and defeats? Does your own insufficiency cause you to wonder whether the Holy Spirit truly dwells within you? Do you wonder why your own faith experience is so different from that of the heroes in the Bible? Scripture makes it clear that communion with the Holy Spirit is the key to living the kind of empowered and authentic Christian life we see modeled in Scripture. The Holy Spirit works within us to form hearts that truly worship, minds that understand of the depths of God’s Word, and hands that accomplish the miraculous. This book will acquaint you with the mysterious third Person of the Trinity, helping you to draw closer to Him so that you may become a carrier of God’s Spirit-a chosen friend of God.

    This book provides answers to some popular questions about the Holy Spirit…
    *What is the Holy Spirit’s purpose and nature?
    *What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and why is it an unpardonable sin?
    *What does the Bible really teach about spiritual gifts?
    *What does it mean to be friends with God?

    If you desire to know God in a deeper and more intimate way, if you want your soul to be set ablaze with a passionate love for Him, if you want to walk in the fullness of all that He has created you for, then this book is for you!

    Draw close to His glory.

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  • Forgotten God : Reversing Our Tragic Neglect Of The Holy Spirit


    In the name of the Father, the Son, and … the Holy Spirit. We pray in the name of all three, but how often do we live with an awareness of only the first two? As Jesus ascended into heaven, He promised to send the Holy Spirit-the Helper-so that we could be true and living witnesses for Christ. Unfortunately, today’s church has admired the gift but neglected to open it.Breakthrough author Francis Chan rips away paper and bows to get at the true source of the church’s power-the Holy Spirit. Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long, and we are reaping the disastrous results. Thorough scriptural support and compelling narrative form Chan’s invitation to stop and remember the One we’ve forgotten, the Spirit of the living God.

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  • Stones Of Remembrance A Spiritual Autobiography




    One Memorial Stones
    Two Early Memories
    Three Longing For Relationship With God
    Four My Teacher Moved In
    Five Revelation Of Worship
    Six Humbled By Fresh Revelation
    Seven Power Over The Enemy
    Eight A New Phase Of Ministry
    Nine Introduction To West Coast Ministry
    Ten Revival And Revelation
    Eleven A New Name
    Twelve A Mandate To Go To The Body Of Christ

    Note P. 158

    Additional Info
    When I was wrestling with the request of others that I write my life story, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me, Stones of remembrance. He caught my attention, and I wondered what He was saying. My mind went immediately to Joshua 4:3 where the Lord commanded the Israelites to take up twelve stones from the middle of the river Jordan, one for each of the twelve tribes. It was important to the Lord that the children of Israel make a memorial so that future generations who had not experienced the power of God could understand and fear the Lord.

    As I pondered that fact, I began to understand that the supernatural experiences I had enjoyed were not just for me to receive revelation of God’s wonderful truths, but to leave them for others who would follow as well. And not surprisingly, I had experienced twelve different revelations!

    I invite you to share with me the memorial stones that have become my testimony. Learn how God, in His great mercy and loving-kindness, will shine His light on the truth of His Word to open your understanding to His ways.

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  • Holy Spirit


    Much more than a personal experience, the Holy Spirit is who God is and what God does as the Trinity, whether we feel it or not. It is the birthday of the church as created through the Spirit, giving the church the task of pointing the world to Jesus. This book will help people recognize what an extraordinary thing has happened to them through baptism and their inclusion in the Body of Christ through the Spirit But to do this the authors will challenge some of the presumptions surrounding discussions about the Spirit in terms of how the work of the Spirit is understood as inspirational. In other words, this book will help people recover a sense of why the Spirit is the third person of the Trinity and how that reality makes possible our inclusion in the Body of Christ in a manner that challenges some of the individualistic and subjectivist accounts of the Spirit’s work.

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  • Holy Spirit


    New Studies in Dogmatics seeks to retrieve the riches of Christian doctrine for the sake of contemporary theological renewal. Following in the tradition of G. C. Berkouwer’s Studies in Dogmatics, this series will provide thoughtful, concise, and readable treatments of major theological topics, expressing the biblical, creedal, and confessional shape of Christian doctrine for a contemporary evangelical audience. The editors and contributors share a common conviction that the way forward in constructive systematic theology lies in building upon the foundations laid in the church’s historic understanding of the Word of God as professed in its creeds, councils, and confessions, and by its most trusted teachers.

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  • Convicted And Transformed


    From the Preface IT WAS MANY YEARS AGO when I first stumbled across a book penned by Myron S. Augsburger. Though our roots in different church traditions, I soon discovered through his writings that he believed in the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints Jude 1:3), was a convinced Evangelical, exuded a contagious love for the Lord Jesus Christ, and honored the Holy Spirit throughout his writings. One cannot read after Augsburger long before realizing that he is a man of God, possessed of a keen mind and a warm heart. By means of both his formal education obtained the classroom, and his Christ-shaped heart and conscience formed by Word and Spirit, Augsburger has written with penetrating insight, informed conviction, and spiritual wisdom and understanding. In addition to ministering effectively in his own Anabaptist tradition, God has given to Dr. Augsburger a wider ministry to much of the church. The Lord expanded his fellowship years ago to embrace all who call Jesus Lord and walk in fellowship with Him. This willingness to fellowship and serve alongside other Evangelicals is evidenced by the fact that Billy Graham (a Baptist) wrote the Foreword to one of his books, and Leighton Ford (son-in-law to Billy Graham and a Presbyterian) another. Some Christians write because they want to be published. Some Christians write because they want to earn money (good luck!). A few men and women of God write because they have something to say. Dr. Augsburger falls into the latter category: he has something to say about the Holy Spirit that the church needs to hear. While Convicted & Transformed (originally titled, Quench Not the Spirit) was first published over fifty years ago, it remains a relevant and vibrant voice to all who will listen. In many respects, the Holy Spirit is the ignored member of the Triune God in the contemporary church. Furthermore, in places where the Spirit is not ignored, His person and ministries are often misunderstood, resulting in much error and confusion. The reader who is eager to learn about the Christian’s relationship to the Holy Spirit will discover in this volume a biblically sound approach, as well as a challenge to one’s conscience. Convicted & Transformed cannot be seriously read without often stopping to lift the heart to God, seeking His understanding and grace. The Christian world is both blessed and indebted to those men and women of faith, who stimulate us to sink our roots deeper into the truth and wis

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  • Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit


    27 Chapters

    Additional Info
    The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit is one of the most powerful books you could ever read. R. A. Torrey methodically explains Who the Holy Spirit is, how the Holy Spirit works in the world and in each believer. He shows why we need the Holy Spirit and how to receive the much misunderstood Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Torrey illuminates the Holy Spirit as a Person in the Holy Trinity empowering Jesus on earth – our example for personal empowerment today. You will come away from reading this book a new person with a new depth of understanding and a refreshed enthusiasm for your walk with God.

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  • Discovering The Holy Spirit


    Discovering the Holy Spirit is an introduction to who the Holy Spirit is. Hermie shares the Scriptures along with many stories and examples to teach who the Holy Spirit is and how He works in and through us today. The book can be used as a small group study or simply read as a book.

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  • Spirit Of God


    Jeffrey Barbeau and Beth Felker Jones edit thirteen essays on the topic of the Holy Spirit in biblical, historical and theological perspective. Contributors include Allan Anderson, Oliver Crisp, Timothy George, Kevin Vanhoozer, Amos Yong and Geoffrey Wainwright.

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  • Spirit Of Grace


    In this volume, the fourth in the Heart of Christian Faith series, Alister E. McGrath looks at the Holy Spirit, human nature, the doctrine of grace, and the place of the church in the Christian life. Full of stories and helpful illustrations, these easy-to-read devotional books offer spiritual consideration of the difference that our belief in God makes to the way in which we think about ourselves and the world. With one volume remaining, McGrath’s series will define mere Christianity to a new generation for many years to come.

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  • Guiame Espiritu Santo


    Sabias que el Espiritu Santo de Dios esta tan cerca de ti como tu proxima respiracion? Si aprendes a reconocer su voz hablando a tu corazon y a tu vida, !nunca seras el mismo de nuevo! De la autora de exitos de libreria, Stormie Omartian, llega una nueva mirada a uno de los mas asombrosos regalos de Dios para los que creen en El: el Espiritu Santo. Con mano segura, Stormie ayuda a los lectores para que vean que el Espiritu Santo quiere que esos que le conocen escuchen su suave voz guiando cuando les habla a su corazon, alma y espiritu.

    Did you know that God s Holy Spirit is as close as your next breath? If you learn to recognize His voice speaking to your heart, your life will never be the same again! From bestselling author, Stormie Omartian, comes a brand-new look at one of God s most amazing gifts to those who believe in Him: the Holy Spirit. With a sure hand, Stormie helps readers to see that the Holy Spirit wants those who know Him to hear His gentle leading when He speaks to their heart, soul, and spirit.

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  • Astounding Promise : God Restores To Us The Fullness Of His Spirit


    Do you want God’s Spirit to come into your spirit and make you a new creation in Christ Jesus? Do you long for the Holy Spirit to come upon you, fill you to overflowing, and empower you to be a witness of Jesus and His great salvation?

    Astounding Promise: God Restores to Us the Fullness of His Spirit reveals the great Holy Spirit of God, promised by God as part of the New Covenant. Author John G. Hutchinson describes his own experiences with the Holy Spirit and shows how God’s astounding promise is very real, experiential, and practical for all His born-again children.

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  • Essential Guide To The Power Of The Holy Spirit


    The Holy Spirit Wants to Work Through You!

    Because of division over these controversial questions, many Christians have embraced a major deception about the Holy Spirit-that He is no longer powerfully at work in the world today.

    Randy Clark has been an eyewitness to the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit and a key participant in watching Him powerfully transform lives across the Earth. This easy-to-read guide equips everyday believers to understand and activate the Spirit’s power in their lives today.

    The Essential Guide to the Power of the Holy Spirit will help you:
    *Discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are still in operation and available to you today
    *Recognize an authentic move of God in your church, community, and life
    *Understand how miracles, signs, and wonders play a key role in you sharing the Gospel

    To fulfill your destiny, you must unlock the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. He is God on the Earth and He wants to use you to release His Kingdom today!

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  • Raising A Red Flag


    Religious, political, and social movements are not new to society. It seems to be part of our human nature to seek a better way of doing things. However, when it comes to the church, do we tread on dangerous ground when we seek a better way of doing things by incorporating ideas from other religions and movements into Adventism?

    Raising a Red Flag examines two unrelated movements that simply share the same name-The One Project-and the same concept of transformation. One is a secular project that promotes shared global values and New Age concepts; the other is run by Adventists and promotes focusing solely on Jesus. By studying these two movements, Pastor Jan Voerman hopes to stimulate discussion and cause us to analyze the messages that fight for our attention and call us to change our thinking.

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  • Illumination In Basil Of Caesareas Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit


    1. Introduction: Basil And Knowledge Of God
    2. The Illumination And The Holy Spirit
    3. In Divine Light-Baptism As Illumination
    4. The Divine Light Over Creation
    5. The Divine Light Over Scripture
    6. Conclusion: To Speak Of The Spirit Of God

    Additional Info
    Although Basil of Caesarea was the first to write a discourse on the Holy Spirit, many scholars have since questioned if he fully believed in the Spirit’s divinity. Timothy P. McConnell argues that Basil did regard the Spirit as fully divine and an equal Person of the Trinity. However, Basil refused to use philosophical terminology to make the point, preferring to use what the Spirit revealed through divine act and Scripture. Thus, illumination becomes the primary paradigm for Basil, which later theologians would come to call revelation, setting the stage for this study’s high relevance for contemporary thought.

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  • Overwhelmed By The Spirit


    Get ready to Experience the Holy Spirit Like Never Before!

    If believers want to accomplish the Great Commission and see nations brought to Christ, it is absolutely essential that they work with the Holy Spirit. His presence and power is non-negotiable!

    God the Father is in Heaven. Jesus is seated at His right hand. The Holy Spirit is God on the Earth, purposed to fill and empower you to bring heaven’s supernatural plans to pass in your life and in the lives of those around you.

    In this book, James Maloney draws from years of theological training and powerful testimony, to help you:
    *Scripturally understand Who the Holy Spirit is and how He works
    *Discover your gifts and callings
    *Experience supernatural strength in areas of weakness
    *Walk in the miraculous and lead others to Christ

    To fulfill your divine destiny, you need the Holy Spirit. Get ready to experience His presence and power like never before!

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  • God I Never Knew


    Who is the Holy Spirit, and exactly what does He do?

    Many people find the Holy Spirit mysterious, confounding-even controversial. Why is the third person in the Godhead-the one Jesus said would be the believer’s ultimate source of truth and comfort-the source of such confusion?

    In The God I Never Knew, Robert Morris clearly explains that the Holy Spirit’s chief desire is for relationship–to offer us the encouragement and guidance of a trusted friend. This insightful and biblically-based book moves beyond theological jargon, religious tradition, and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life:
    * Dwell within you
    * Be your helper
    * Guide you into all truth
    * Comfort you
    * Pray for you
    * Show you things to come
    * Never leave you

    It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way-to meet the God you may have never known.

    Includes a small group study guide!

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  • Holy Spirit Here And Now


    The Holy Spirit is deeply at work in you, right at this moment, wherever you are. As Hudson shares his own struggles and joys in being more responsive to the Holy Spirit, readers will realize that the Spirit is accessible to them and can transform their lives. Each chapters includes a simple exercise to help readers connect with the Holy Spirit in their daily lives.

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  • Holy Spirit : Can You Live Without Him


    * Have you ever had a question about God’s Holy Spirit?
    * Just what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    * Are the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit for today?
    * When and how are we filled with the Holy Spirit?
    * Does talking about the Holy Spirit make you uncomfortable?
    * Are you offended by God’s Spirit because of the abuses of others?
    * Is there a counterfeit spirit at work today?
    * Do you worry that maybe you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit?
    * Have unmet expectations left you disillusioned with God’s Spirit?
    * Has uncertainty caused you to put off the Holy Spirit?
    * Are you afraid of the Holy Spirit because of what He might make you do?
    * What is speaking in tongues? Is it real, and is it necessary?
    * Have you ever considered what the baptism of the Holy Spirit means for eternal life?
    * Why do so many in our churches either reject or misrepresent the Holy Spirit?
    This book seeks to answer these questions and more in the most direct and simple way possible.

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  • Holy Spirit : Can You Live Without Him


    * Have you ever had a question about God’s Holy Spirit?
    * Just what is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
    * Are the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit for today?
    * When and how are we filled with the Holy Spirit?
    * Does talking about the Holy Spirit make you uncomfortable?
    * Are you offended by God’s Spirit because of the abuses of others?
    * Is there a counterfeit spirit at work today?
    * Do you worry that maybe you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit?
    * Have unmet expectations left you disillusioned with God’s Spirit?
    * Has uncertainty caused you to put off the Holy Spirit?
    * Are you afraid of the Holy Spirit because of what He might make you do?
    * What is speaking in tongues? Is it real, and is it necessary?
    * Have you ever considered what the baptism of the Holy Spirit means for eternal life?
    * Why do so many in our churches either reject or misrepresent the Holy Spirit?
    This book seeks to answer these questions and more in the most direct and simple way possible.

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  • Holy Spirit : A Guide To Christian Theology


    A compact discussion of the Holy Spirit in Christian theology written by a leading expert in the field

    This volume in the Basic Guides to Christian Theology series presents a compact discussion of the Holy Spirit in Christian theology. Written by a leading expert on this doctrine, it begins with biblical perspectives on the Holy Spirit, and moves on to describe how the Spirit was understood through the major periods in the history of Christian thought, from the early church to the present. It is global in approach and considers contributions from theologians throughout the world. This brief volume provides an excellent overview of how the Holy Spirit has been and is currently understood in Christian theology.

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  • Lead Me Holy Spirit


    From bestselling author Stormie Omartian comes a brand-new look at one of Gods most amazing gifts to those who believe in Him: the Holy Spirit. Readers can walk in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in every area of life. With a sure hand, Stormie helps readers to see that the Holy Spirit wants those who know Him to hear His gentle leading when He speaks to their heart, soul, and spirit. He wants to help believers enter into the relationship with God they yearn for, the wholeness and freedom God has for them, and the fulfillment of Gods promises to them. He wants to lead them. As readers trust in the Holy Spirit and His great love for them, they will be filled with His mind, knowledge, wisdom, understand their special calling, and sense His guidance in the way they should go.

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  • Encounter The Holy Spirit


    An introduction to the person and work of the Holy Spirit

    This book is written for new and young Christians to provide simple steps in how to receive, use, and develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Its simple, easy-to-follow format encourages readers to engage with the Holy Spirit through prayers and exercises. An initial introduction to the person and nature of the Spirit is followed by explanations of the gifts of tongues, words of knowledge, prophecy, and miracles and healing, and concludes with an introduction to prayer ministry.

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  • Like Spring Rain


    Looking at key concepts such as sealing, regeneration, indwelling, filling, baptism, spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues, this book seeks to set the Pentecostal and Toronto experiences on a biblical, doctrinal basis which is both evangelical and conservative.

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  • Like Spring Rain


    Looking at key concepts such as sealing, regeneration, indwelling, filling, baptism, spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues, this book seeks to set the Pentecostal and Toronto experiences on a biblical, doctrinal basis which is both evangelical and conservative.

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  • Embarking On An Intimate Journey With The Holy Spirit


    Pastor Frankie Dean-Deliu learned from the Holy Spirit how to build up her faith and activate this awesome power of prayer by embarking on an intimate journey with the Holy Spirit to the throne of grace. So after her faith began to grow, so did her prayer life. The more it grew, the more anointed it became. She also received from the Holy Spirit the gift of faith and a tenacious and unwavering belief in the power of prayer.

    For many years, she has operated in the ministry of an intercessor and welcomed every opportunity to seek the face of God on behalf of those who see situations that need supernatural intervention or for situations that can be turned around only by the supernatural power of Almighty God through the ministry of intercession and by speaking faith-filled words that release the POWER in prayer. This journal is intended for those who might be bound by a spirit of religious tradition and have not found the courage or the freedom in prayer that their heart longs for. Pastor Frankie’s aim and the prayer of her heart is that after reading this journal/workbook, you will gain a newfound freedom in prayer, find the courage to speak to your Heavenly Father from the heart, and seek a one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit, so that your prayer life will ascend to the next awesome level.

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  • Holy Spirit : Activating Gods Power In Your Life


    Exactly who is the Holy Spirit, and what does He do? In this classic volume, Graham offers a sensitive and comprehensive portrait of this much discussed but often misunderstood member of the Trinity.

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  • What You Need To Know About The Holy Spirit


    What does the Holy Spirit do today? Should I ask for Him to give me a particular gift or do a miracle? How can I experience Him on a daily basis? Come to terms with the most misunderstood member of the Trinity. In twelve lessons for individual or small group study, you will watch the Holy Spirit at work from the earliest times to the present, moving through the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. You will get to know Him as your comforter in times of pain, your encourager in moments of defeat, and your teacher in times of confusion. And, finally, you will learn how to receive His power for service to Christ and let His guidance and direction anchor them in the will of God. The Max Anders What You Need to Know About… series is made up of ten, 12-lesson study guides covering the fundamentals of Christianity. The ten books in the series together form a Basic Knowledge program for seekers, new believers, and veteran believers who want a stronger foundation in the Christian faith.

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  • Consumed : An Introduction To The Holy Spirit


    1. Who Is The Holy Spirit?
    2. What Is The Work Of The Holy Spirit?
    3. How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit?
    4. What About The Gifts Of The Spirit?
    5. How Can I Bear The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit?
    6. What Is The Impact Of A Spirit-Filled Life?

    Additional Info
    The Holy Spirit is not someone to fear.

    If you’re a Christian, He is part of you.

    There is a current explorion of interest in the spiritual realm by people from all religious backgrounds. Yet the Holy Spirit is the least known and understood member of the Godhead. Because we fear what we do not understand, many of us have chosen to simply avoid the subject entirely.

    The Holy Spirit makes real in us what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf when He died on the cross and rose to life again. A personal relationship with Him is not only possible, but critical to understanding and experiencing God’s purpose for life.

    In this account, Fuller corrects popular misconceptions about the Holy Spirit. Consumed will educate you about the Holy Spirit and look at what the Bible teaches. See the difference He can make in your life and discover a dimension of God you’ve never experienced before.

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