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  • Doorkeepers Of Revival


    Jesus is coming back for a church in revival! — Kim Owens

    Revival was never meant to come and go, ebb and flow. In fact, it’s not God Who taps out of revival; it’s us. Heaven’s desire is a church that’s burning with passion, alive with the Spirit, and flowing with the supernatural.

    What if it were possible to actually sustain moves of the Holy Spirit in churches, cities and regions? While many are waiting around for a sovereign outpouring of God to come down from Heaven, there is a remnant of believers rising in the Earth who are declaring war on dry places and dead spiritual atmospheres. Many claim to desire revival, but few are willing to keep the door open for the move of God to continue and increase!

    Sustained revival is doing what it takes, no matter how long it takes, to keep the door of revival open and the fire of God burning on the altar.

    Kim Owens is pastor of Fresh Start Church, a thriving church in Peoria Arizona that has been experiencing sustained revival since 2015. It’s not extended services or special meetings that characterizes this revival. It’s far more transferable and applicable to you! Pastor Kim has simply given her life to training everyday believers to live as powerful, Holy Spirit-empowered revivalists.

    In Doorkeepers of Revival, you will learn how to:

    *Press into God, refusing to settle for a passive, substandard Christianity.
    *Create space for the Holy Spirit to move, accommodating Him above everything else.
    *Cross thresholds into new realms of glory, learning how to seize and steward key moments of Holy Spirit outpouring.
    *Follow the Upper Room strategy, prioritizing the power of Pentecost over programs.

    Sustained revival is not only what the Lord desires, but it’s what most Christians and church leaders desire. Even more so, it’s what the world needs to see: a church ablaze with Holy Spirit fire!

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  • Solomon Promise : The Key To Healing America And Ourselves


    If there is anything that characterizes God’s people in America today, it is the loss of the fear of God. If America depended on your prayer life, would there be revival? –Henry Blackaby

    Today, we have a low view of God. The church has emasculated God in a futile effort to make Him more palatable and politically correct, and, in so doing, we have grossly distorted Him.

    With unease on the rise and division causing a rift in the nation, Blackaby reminds believers that while leaders and governments can influence a nation, there is no group of people who can determine the coming years of a nation like God’s people.

    God’s people keep praying for God to transform Washington, Hollywood, or Wall Street, but revival always begins with God’s people themselves. If there ever was a time America needed revival, it is now. Currently, 70% of churches have plateaued or are in decline. More than two-thirds of young people who grew up attending church are leaving the faith before they graduate from college. More than 4,000 churches in America close their doors every year.

    In The Solomon Promise, bestselling author Henry Blackaby shares the path to a revival of faith in America and the restoration of holiness to God’s people.

    How will you respond? Revival waits on the holiness of His people. This book provides the path that will lead us back.

    The Solomon Promise is an excellent book for all Christians eager to deepen their spiritual lives and experience the healing of America and themselves.

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  • Revival Rising : Embracing His Transforming Fire


    Revival happens when passion for God breaks through human restraint and ignites one heart after another with his unquenchable love. Speaking with enthusiasm and vibrancy, Kim Meeder encourages readers to seek transformation of heart, soul, mind, and strength by engaging the holy fire of God’s presence. Within this place, fear and pride melt away and the desire burns brightly to reach all who are losing the battle for hope. Through inspiring true encounters, Meeder challenges each believer to accept Jesus’s commission to carry the living flame of his love wherever he leads.

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  • Purple Pill : God’s Call To His Bride To Make Herself Ready


    Goosebear Press
    The greatest revival the world has ever experienced is aligning, and believers have a vital part to play. Tap into a well of faith, hope, and love by discovering the call of God. See what God sees, not what others see.

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  • Ask For The Rain


    Position Yourself to Experience Holy Spirit Outpouring!
    Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain. (Zechariah 10:1)

    God is pouring out His Spirit and revival rain is falling across the Earth. How should you respond? Ask for more!

    How can revival impact your everyday life? Maybe you’ve thought revival is for super-charged Christians-not for everyday people going through everyday life. Wrong. God wants your everyday to be overflowing with Holy Spirit power.Do you feel like there is more to being a Christ-follower than rhetoric, rules and regulations? The truth is, you were created for a dynamic relationship with the living God. Don’t settle for scattered showers when there is a great outpouring available.

    God is seeking ready ground to pour out His revival rain on.

    Are you ready?

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  • House On Fire


    The Next Great Awakening Begins With Your Family!

    If you are waiting for the great move of God that will powerfully transform your church, city, and nation… look no further than your family.

    Many think that the secret to changing the world is a revived church. This sounds like a huge task for people-like you-who desire personal spiritual awakening now.

    You don’t have to wait for revival-it can start with you and your family!

    Prayer leaders Antonio and Christelle Baldovinos share powerful secrets from their own family life that can help bring your entire household into a place of passionate encounter with Jesus.

    You will discover:
    *Keys to enjoying powerful family worship where everyone can experience the presence of God
    *How to take your children’s spirituality beyond Sunday school stories and teach them to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit
    *Divine strategies that can protect your marriage from being destroyed
    *The secret to passing on the passion and fire of revival to future generations

    Start a movement that impacts a thousand generations and set your family ablaze with the passion and power of God today!

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  • Desperate For Gods Presence


    This is a revelatory book that Bill Vincent has released to be a help to those who want a deeper hunger for the things of God. Desperate for God’s Presence is sure to stir up all who take it and apply it to their lives. Everywhere we look, the Church is in desperate need to get a passion for God’s Presence. After writing a five book series on the presence of God, Bill has learned that there is always more. No matter where you are in the things of God you need more of Him. We Pray that this book will cause you to hunger for what God has available in His Presence. As you read this book you will…. Be changed by God’s Presence. Get revelation of how atmospheres are important in experiencing the Presence of God. Learn how to have your own encounters. See Revival impact our lives, churches, families, schools, governments and businesses today! Understand that obedience is always key to God’s Presence and so much more.

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  • Desperate For Gods Presence


    This is a revelatory book that Bill Vincent has released to be a help to those who want a deeper hunger for the things of God. Desperate for God’s Presence is sure to stir up all who take it and apply it to their lives. Everywhere we look, the Church is in desperate need to get a passion for God’s Presence. After writing a five book series on the presence of God, Bill has learned that there is always more. No matter where you are in the things of God you need more of Him. We Pray that this book will cause you to hunger for what God has available in His Presence. As you read this book you will….

    Be changed by God’s Presence.

    Get revelation of how atmospheres are important in experiencing the Presence of God.

    Learn how to have your own encounters.

    See Revival impact our lives, churches, families, schools, governments and businesses today!

    Understand that obedience is always key to God’s Presence and so much more.

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  • Desperate For Gods Presence


    This is a revelatory book that Bill Vincent has released to be a help to those who want a deeper hunger for the things of God. Desperate for God’s Presence is sure to stir up all who take it and apply it to their lives. Everywhere we look, the Church is in desperate need to get a passion for God’s Presence. After writing a five book series on the presence of God, Bill has learned that there is always more. No matter where you are in the things of God you need more of Him. We Pray that this book will cause you to hunger for what God has available in His Presence. As you read this book you will . Be changed by God’s Presence. Get revelation of how atmospheres are important in experiencing the Presence of God. Learn how to have your own encounters. See Revival impact our lives, churches, families, schools, governments and businesses today! Understand that obedience is always key to God’s Presence and so much more.

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  • Revival Culture : Prepare For The Next Great Awakening


    We all want revival. We talk about it, pray for it, and devise every evangelism strategy imaginable. We read about the Great Awakening and recall the Jesus Movement. And today we stand at the precipice of another sweeping spiritual outbreak that could reach the ends of the earth. But are we ready? Revival Culture is an inspirational, biblical, and empowering manual for the next generation of revivalists. Michael Brodeur and Banning Liebscher have been witnessing a spiritual renewal at Bethel Church in Redding, California, and through Jesus Culture, that goes beyond slogans and high hopes to actually reaching. They have learned that transformation happens when we see the unreached as Jesus sees them and when we make revival a part of our lives rather than an event. This is the full picture of revival culture.

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  • Smith Wigglesworth Prophecy And Greatest Revival Of All Time


    You will have the privilege to see and to participate in the most glorious and mightiest sweeping revival that has ever been known in Christian history! -Smith Wigglesworth

    This revelation was part of a prophecy given in 1936 by legendary evangelist and healing minister Smith Wigglesworth to a young man named David du Plessis. The revival Wigglesworth foresaw was a continuation of the Pentecostal movement into the charismatic renewal that continues to this day.

    Later, in 1961, God gave Rev. Tommy Hicks a vision of the continuation of that revival: a worldwide movement in which the Awakening Giant-the body of Christ-receives spiritual power and authority on such a scale as has not been seen since the book of Acts.

    This book retells these two amazing prophecies in their entirety and also discusses their implications for the world today. The revival of God’s church continues, but it won’t be complete until every Spirit-filled believer understands his or her unique role in its fulfillment. Study these prophecies and ask God to reveal how He would use you to bring the greatest revival in history to completion.

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  • Law Of Revival


    1. The Lord’s Serving Ones Needing A New Beginning
    2. The Serving Ones Needing To Be Delivered From Living According To Feelings And To Open To The Lord To Bring In A Revival
    3. The Law Of Revival
    4. The Application Of The Law Of Revival
    5. Knowing The Lord’s Resurrection Through Being Broken

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  • Fire From The North


    The central subject of this very special book is a timely vision from the LORD to pastor Juan Francisco about revival in America. This God-given revelation is filled with powerful images and symbols that speak prophetically of things which must shortly come to pass. Be prepared, as you ponder these vital truths, to feel the power of the anointing and to embark on a journey into the supernatural things of God. As the writer narrates his encounters with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you will be strengthened in your faith and encouraged to be a voice for purity and integrity in these challenging times.

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  • Filled Up Poured Out


    Thirsty people are looking to the church for fountains of life-giving water. Too often, they find leaky buckets instead. Pastors, often running on empty themselves, are enticed by the latest fad rather than seeking to serve in the power of the Spirit. And thirsty people walk away empty, convinced the church has nothing unique to offer.

    Pastor Mark O. Wilson says it’s time for the church to rise up in the power of the Holy Spirit to serve this present age. In this book, he challenges and inspires fellow pastors to prepare their hearts to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that they can in turn pour out God’s presence, promise, peace, and power on to their congregations and communities.

    Filled with personal, inspirational stories from Mark’s experience with growing a thriving congregation in an out-of-the-way town, this book will inspire you to seek the replenishing waters of God’s Spirit and show you the pathway to revival for your parched soul.

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  • Old Time Revivals


    This book is an indispensable introduction to revival. First issued by the World Wide Revival Prayer Movement of Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1927. The Hand of God, moving in great revivals, has always brought great change to the lives of men. This book chronicles both some of the notable, as well as lesser-known, revivals of the 17th through the 19th centuries.

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  • Revival In Our Time


    20 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Revival in Our Time: Outside the Box-Inside the Book The purpose of this book is to lay before present-day Christians, not only the possibility, but the probability of revival in our day. The defeatism which has captured so many minds must be rejected and replaced with optimistic faith. Our misunderstandings and misconceptions must be laid aside. The victorious Life of the Lord Jesus is available and accessible. If we are to see Revival in Our Time, we must start thinking Outside the Box and get Inside the Book.

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  • George Whitefield : Gods Anointed Servant In The Great Revival Of The Eight (Rev


    God’s accomplishments through George Whitefield are to this day virtually unparalleled. In an era when many ministers were timid and apologetic in their preaching, he preached the gospel with zeal and undaunted courage. In the wake of his fearless preaching, revival swept across the British Isles, and the Great Awakening transformed the American colonies.

    The previous two-volume work George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival is now condensed into this single volume, filled with primary-source quotations from the eighteenth century, not only from Whitefield but also from prominent figures such as John and Charles Wesley, Benjamin Franklin, and William Cowper.

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  • Power Of Return


    The Power of Return provides a blueprint for the church to return to God. Twelve great biblical awakenings present a model that helps us understand what God expects us to do to prepare for His powerful touch on church and society. A fascinating concept the revival protocol is revealed and sets the stage for us to find our way back to God. This pattern and the wonderful results that follow its application are clearly seen. Riveting accounts of glory clouds and heavenly fire, idols torn from their pedestals and people swept together in powerful times of repentance and worship fill these pages.

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  • Fresh Encounter


    From the multi-million best selling authors of Experiencing God comes Fresh Encounter, a book for church laypersons and leaders that illuminates God’s pattern and plan for personal revival and spiritual awakening.

    Greatly revised from the original 1996 edition with 40 percent new material, Fresh Encounter looks to examples of revival throughout the Bible to better understand what it will take to bring about true and lasting spiritual renewal in the world today. Among the new topics not covered in the first edition are:

    * Why does revival tarry? * Corporate hindrances to revival
    * The role of prayer in revival * Maintaining revival

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  • Lectures On Revivals


    What is a revival? What obstacles stand in the way of such a work? Are revivals a work of God or of man? What means can be lawfully used to produce and promote a revival? How are awakened sinners and young converts to be treated and cared for? What peculiar evils are to be guarded against in times of revival? What are the results of revivals? Lectures on Revival answers such questions as these in an exceptionally fine manner. Dr Sprague’s treatment of the subject is scriptural, theological and balanced. Sprague’s experience of genuine revivals, his faithfulness to biblical theology, and his balanced view, eminently fitted him to write what Dr Lloyd-Jones described as ‘The outstanding classic on this vital and urgently important matter.’ The chapters cover such important themes as The Nature of Revival, Obstacles to Revivals, Divine Agency in Revivals, General Means of Producing and Promoting Revivals, Treatment Due to Awakened Sinners, Evils to be Avoided in connection with Revivals. There is also a large and excellent Appendix comprising letters on revivals by various North American evangelical leaders of the nineteenth century. A special and unique feature of this new edition is the biographical sketch of each correspondent, kindly supplied by Dr James M. Garretson. The original Banner reprint, from which the text of this new edition was drawn, was reproduced from the personal copy of Charles Simeon of Cambridge, who warmly commended the volume to his Executor by recording on its flyleaf the words: ‘A most valuable book . . . I love the good sense of Dr Sprague.’

    William Sprague (1795-1876), an eminent Presbyterian minister, was born in Andover in 1795. He went to Yale College in 1811 and graduated with honours in 1815. The following year he entered Princeton Seminary where he studied for more than two years, after which he gained experience in two pastorates lasting one year and ten years respectively. Subsequent to this he moved to Albany where he remained for forty years.

    A fully committed pastor and preacher, he was also a prodigious author. Besides producing a number of biographies and other volumes, more than 150 of his sermons were to appear in print. Other than his Lectures on Revival perhaps his best known work is his Annals of the American Pulpit.

    As a personality he has been described as an ‘illustrious man; a cultivated elegant, a voluminous, useful, and popular preacher; an indefatigable and successful pastor; an unselfish and d

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  • Azusa Street Revival


    The Azusa Street Revival tells the whole story – the origins and events that surrounded the revival fire that fell at Azusa Street in downtown Los Angeles. Roberts Liardon fills in the blanks left out by other books on Azusa, tracing the events that led up to the revival including the Cane Ridge Revival, Phoebe Palmer and the Holiness Movement, the influence of Alexander Dowie’s precious Zion City in Chicago, the rise of Charles Parham and his student William Joseph Seymour who became the catalyst for the Azusa Street Revival.

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  • Frank Bartlemans Azusa Street


    Frank Bartlemans eyewitness account gives the reader a blow by blow description of the events that happened in the early days of the revival, making you fee like you were sitting on one of those make shift pews inside the Azusa Street building. Also, included is a biography of Frank Bartleman depicting his travels from Pennsylvania until he landed in Los Angeles at the start of the revival, as well as the front page copy of each of the thirteen issues of the Azusa Street newspaper, The Apostolic Faith.

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  • Why Revival Still Tarries


    Revival is the buzz word of 21st century Church, but to the Lord, it is more than a passing fancy. It is the very heart of His purpose for mankind, for you. In this book you will learn: why revival should be a perpetual experience, a way of life; why revival cannot be germinated in a test tube of theology; how you can be truly revived personally; how the miraculous can be the normal experience of your life; how the Church can bring revival to the world. With engaging and challenging skill, author Chad Taylor, a true veteran of revival, shows how we can be revived as well as how we can become instruments or revival for those around us. The words of the Lord are always full of hope, and so are the word of Why Revival Still Tarries. But hope moves us to change, to repents and to begin to respond to the will of God Himself. In this exciting pages of this book, you will discover how this can change and how you hold the key to the most remarkable event ever experienced in the Church: genuine, God-breathed revival!!

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  • Revival Praying : An Urgent And Powerful Message For The Family Of Christ


    A challenge to all who long for a spiritual awakening in their nation. One of the twentieth century’s greatest authorities on revival, Leonard Ravenhill exhorts believers to pray if they want to see revival. Calling prayer faith in action and the most essential element in starting a revival, he urges Christians to become people of prayer. This fast-paced book, filled with illustrations of biblical, and more recent, examples of effective praying, presents a model for those who would devote themselves to prayer. His message is as critical today as it was when first published more than forty years ago.

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  • Rend The Heavens


    16 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Rend The Heavens was written to stir spiritually hungry saints to the dire need for revival in our land. Genuine revival is an invasion from Heaven which brings to men a conscious awareness of God. It changes churches and transforms society. This is what it means for the Lord to Rend The Heavens. The greatest spiritual advances the church has ever made were accomplished through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The God of revival has transformed cities and nations in the past and He will do it again!

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  • Spiritual Awakening : How To Respond To The Emerging Hunger For God


    In A Spiritual Awakening, revivalist Tommie Zito releases Christians to do the will of God with fearless faith. With years of successful evangelism to his credit, the author boldly decries the state of the Sunday morning ritual:

    The voice of the Lord is relegated to pointless sermons and denominational drivel.
    Religion has paralyzed the passion and desire of the believer to do the will of God.
    The Church is suffocating under a spirit of slumber, while believing all is well.
    You and millions like you have the call, the passion and the desire to do what religion and its accompanying litany of legalism can never accomplish. You can change the world, your country, your city, your neighborhood, your home.

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  • India : One Act Of Kindness


    The true account of revival in India and how it began with ‘One Act Of Kindness.’

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  • Why Revival Tarries (Reprinted)


    Leonard Ravenhill’s call to revival is as timely now as it was when first published over forty years ago. The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. This book contains the heart of his message, A.W. Tozer called Ravenhill a man sent from God who appeared at (a) critical moment in history, just as the Old Testament prophets did. Included are questions for group and individual study.

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  • Praying Together For True Revival


    Makes accessible Edwards’ call for Christians internationally to unite in prayer for those great effusions of the Holy Spirit that shall advance Christ’s kingdom.

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  • When God Breaks Through


    144 Pages

    Additional Info
    Vance Havner used the Word of God like a sword. You pick any one of his books and you could sense the presence and power of the Holy Spirit leaping off those pages. _Billy Graham

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  • Counterfeit Revival Expanded And Updated (Expanded)


    The book that goes behind the scenes to uncover the contradictions, false experiences, spiritual deception, and seductive allure of esoteric experiences masquerading under the banner of truth.

    Hank Hanegraaff documents the danger of looking for God in all the wrong places and goes behind the scenes into the wildly popular and bizarre world of contemporary revivalism. Hanegraaff masterfully exposes the stark contrast between these deeds of the flesh and a genuine work of the Spirit by contrasting modern revivals with the scriptural examples of God’s movement among His people.

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  • 10 Greatest Revivals Ever


    Over the centuries God has touched the earth with revival, lifting men and women into His presence in extraordinary ways. And in some epochs the divine hand seems to have rested on us longer and to have caused more profound changes in the church and the culture. Authors Towns and Porter have studied revival areas throughout history in order to identify the ten that seem to have been the greatest of all time.

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  • Power Of Pentecost (Student/Study Guide)


    This may be the most complete Bible study on the question of the fullness of the Spirit written in modern times. It is a vigorous scriptural analysis of the meaning of Pentecost. Here is scholarly yet simple discussion of terms like filled with the Spirit. This is a kindly and thoroughly satisfying analysis of the tongues matter as well.

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  • Church Planting : Laying Foundations


    1. Church Planting: Listening To The Critics
    2. Church Planting: A Theological Framework
    3. Church Planting: A New Testament Practice
    4. Church Planting: A Historical Perspective
    5. Church Planting And The Task Of The Church
    6. Church Planting And The Shape Of The Church
    7. Church Planting And The Ethos Of The Church
    8. Church Planting And The Structures Of The Church
    9. Church Planting And The Leadership Of The Church
    10. Church Planting: Models And Methods

    288 Pages

    Additional Info
    Describing his church planting ministry, the apostle Paul writes,

    I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow. . .For we are God’s fellow-workers; you are God’s field, God’s building. By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no-one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.

    Mixing his metaphors, Paul speaks of the church in Corinth as both a field and a building. Church planters are co-workers with God, planting seeds from which churches grow and larying foundations on which they are built. God is the life source of these churches. Jesus Christ is their foundation. Other workers, like Apollos, water the seed which has been planted and build on the foundations which have been laid. The role of the church planter is to ensure that good seed has been sown and firm foundations laid.

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  • Joy Unspeakable : Power And Renewal In The Holy Spirit


    1. Baptism With The Spirit And Regeneration
    2. Blessed Assurance
    3. Something That Happens To Us
    4. Filled With The Spirit
    5. The Sense Of His Presence
    6. Joy, Love And Understanding
    7. Bold To Speak
    8. Baptism With The Spirit And Sanctification
    9. The Sealing Of The Spirit
    10. Something Worth Striving For
    11. Receive The Spirit
    12. Seeking The Baptism With The Spirit
    13. When Discouragement Comes
    14. Blessed Are They That Mourn
    15. The Church And Pentecost
    16. The Way To Revival

    Additional Info
    Revival: The church’s greatest need

    The church in the West is desperately in need of revival by the renewing power of the Holy Spirit. So says Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in this new book that illuminates the work of the Holy Spirit–a subject that has sorely divided Christians everywhere. The author challenges us to examine without prejudice what the Scriptures teach about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    The world is not going to pay much attention to all the organized efforts of the Christian church. The one thing she will pay attention to is a body of people filled with a spirit of rejoicing…When the Holy Spirit is operating, this is the inevitable result–a joy which is unspeakable and full of glory.

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  • When The Spirit Comes With Power


    What do you make of powerful signs—uncontrolled shaking, sudden falls during prayer, healings? White conducted many interviews and researched past revivals to determine if signs are psychological, demonic, or divine. This biblical book handles controversial issues evenly while drawing important conclusions.

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  • Revival Themes


    The outlines for this book have been chosen from some of the most respected preachers in history. Each book in the Bryant Sermon Outlines Series contains thirty or more outlines focusing on one theme. These outlines on revival themes are designed to spark an idea, provide an initial structure, and/or furnish a fitting illustration.

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  • Word And The Spirit


    1. The Remarriage Of The Word And The Spirit
    2. The Role Of The Word
    3. The Role Of The Spirit
    4. The Preaching Of The Word And The Spirit
    5. A Post-Charismatic Era
    6. The Word And The Name

    87 Pages

    Additional Info
    This book will challenge your traditions, emotions, convictions, and maybe even your faith. Will you continue to sit back and take sides? Or will you move forward into a holy unity of the Word and the Spirit, on your way to a glorious last day revival.

    In October 1992 at a conference in London, England, speakers Paul Cain and R.T. Kendall put together a series of sermons prophetically describing what God may have in store for His people in these last days. It will be a revival much deeper than anything we have ever experienced. A revival not based on feelings or emotions, but inspired through the irrevocable truth of God’s Word, fulfilled through the conviction and direction of the Holy Spirit.

    In the past there have been those who live their spiritual lives by biblical explanation only. At the same time, others have based their theological dispositions on signs and wonders characterized by the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. In this exciting and controversial deliberation, Cain and Kendall give us new insight into this move of God that will bring unprecedented glory as the people of God marry together the Word and the Spirit.

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  • Cross In The New Testament A Print On Demand Title


    From time to time in the study of theology it becomes necessary to evaluate what Scripture has to say on certain crucial doctrines of the faith. Leon Morris presents here a survey of the vast subject of atonement as it is considered in the New Testament, also taking into account the most significant work that has been written on the subject.

    While Morris is concerned to emphasize the necessity of appreciating the many strands that are woven into the Christian doctrine of the atonement, he does not hesitate to criticize the views of modern scholars when those views are not wholly in accordance with the New Testament teaching. Here is a valuable apology, from an evangelical point of view, for the biblical doctrine of the atonement in the face of modern liberalism.

    At the heart of this doctrine is the idea of substitution, Morris believes, and his thorough examination and defense of this view contribute to making this volume a theological treatise of great usefulness and significance.

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  • Digging The Wells Of Revival


    Do you know that just beneath your feet are deep wells of revival? Are you aware that you are standing on bottomless geysers and founts of the anointing and mandates of our spiritual forefathers and mothers that are just waiting to be released afresh to you? God is calling us as instruments today to unstop the wells and reclaim the spiritual inheritance of our nations. As America stands on the brink of the judgment of God for her sins, revival is our most glorious hope. This book is a prophetic call from the heart of a pastor in Los Angeles who calls his city, his country, and you to renew covenant with God, reclaim our glorious roots, and believe for the greatest revival the world has ever known. Are you ready to dig the wells?

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  • Prayer That Brings Revival


    The author shares key principles to having the kind of prayer life that will move your mountains and stir revival in home, church, and community. This book will show you how prayer produces power; teach you the key to prayer and fasting; prepare you to wait on the Lord; help you to pray longer, with more persistence; and instruct you on how to listen for God’s voice.

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  • God Says But I Think


    Has God’s Word taken a back seat to our opinion?

    What do you believe in and why? Who is setting your spiritual agenda? The pastor? Church leaders? Our church institutions? Or you yourself? And as you consider these questions, ask yourself one more: Who cares what God says anymore?

    The question is valid because an increasing number of Christians today are depending on someone else to do their spiritual thinking for them. As a result, we are becoming a highly opinionated, confused, and spiritually weak people who are vulnerable to deception and to every wind of doctrine blowing about today.

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  • If My People Pray


    Randy Maxwell’s If My People Pray, a book infused with a passion for prayer as God’s chosen method for establishing His kingdom through us and supplying our greatest needs, will challenge you to respond to God’s eleventh-hour call to pray as never before

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  • Penecost Today : The Biblical Basis For Understanding Revival


    Fresh thinking from Scripture on the theology of revival.


    Some today find no justification for a theology of revival in the Bible and see the whole revival emphasis as a distraction from the duty of seizing present opportunities: for them the subject has been worn out by its advocates and discredited by unfulfilled hopes. Yet others remain convinced that revival is the only answer and that a renewed fulfillment of 2 Chronicles 7:14 ought to be our great expectation. Against the background of these different views – and accepting neither of them – lain Murray argues for fresh thinking from Scripture.

    Pentecost showed that the gospel is able to win sudden acceptance despite the strongest opposition. But if – as some believe Pentecost is a permanent reality, how is it that Christianity can often differ so much from the apostolic pattern? And how are we to explain those epochs in history when men, filled afresh with the Spirit of God, saw advances which were indeed comparable with those of the early church? Did the secret he in renewed obedience, in prayer, or simply in the sovereign intervention of God? And if the action of God is the sole explanation where does Scripture’s strong emphasis on human responsibility come in?

    Answers to these questions involve profound mystery. But Scripture is clear on what is given more abundantly to those who pray for the Holy Spirit – stronger faith in the truth and hearts enlarged in love are always the foremost evidences of his power. Pentecost-Today? is a different approach to questions crucial to the present state of the church.

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  • Lessons Of Azusa Street On Revival


    The move of the Holy Spirit at the Asuza Street Revival began in Los Angeles in 1906, and the rumblings are still felt today. The fire that blazed at the Asuza Street Revival was recorded daily in the Apostolic Faith newspapers. Now you can use the miraculous testimonies and anointed teachins in your own daily life. Each individual Bible study in the series incorporates a variety of study tools, exercises, teaching insights, key verse studies, devotional thoughts, prayers, and discussion questions.

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  • Continuous Revival : The Secret Of Victorious Living


    1. The Walk
    2. Brokenness
    3. Cups Running Over
    4. Conviction, Confession, Cleansing
    5. Testimony
    6. Exhortation
    7. Revival

    Additional Info
    This companion volume to The Calvary Road is a compelling, revolutionary approach to personal and corporate revival, based on the author’s exposure to the Revival Movement in Rwanda, E. Africa.

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  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs : Six Principals For Risking Renewal


    This book tells the story of an innovative pastor and leadership team who intentionally led their church to take spiritual risks. By using six principles, renewal can come to any church, asserts Slaughter. These six principles are focused on Jesus Christ, the Bible, new forms of worship, a commitment to membership, equipping lay people for ministry, and spiritual leadership.

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  • Like A Mighty Wind




    1. In God We Trust
    2. A Mighty Wind
    3. God Deals In A Deep Personal Way
    4. The Age Of Miracles
    5. God’s Children
    6. The Simplicity Of The Word
    7. The Now Jesus
    8. Life From Death
    9. Demonic Power
    10. God Burns Idols
    11. God Provides Our Needs
    12. Life More Abundantly
    13. I Hate Tongues
    14. A New Understanding
    15. God Speaks In Many Ways
    16. The Calling Of The Lord Jesus
    17. First To The Jungle

    How To Receive The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit P. 176

    Additional Info
    The Revival Continues

    This is the book that appeared on best seller lists for 13 consecutive months. It sparked immediate discussion; some reviews were favorable, others critical. Articles for and against the book appeared in many religious magazines.

    In the midst of all the controversy, God through His Holy Spirit continues His work on the island of Timor and throughout Indonesia. Now in paperback, LIKE A MIGHTY WIND persists in its claim that the God of the miraculous New Testament has not changed.

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  • Awakening In Wales (Revised)


    A newly revised and contemporized edition of this first-hand account of the Welsh revival of 1904-1905. All who read these pages will experience a longing to see God work again in similar or greater ways and will find themselves praying with the psalmist, Wilt Thou not revive us again?

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  • Successful Home Cell Groups


    Paul Yonggi Cho describes his church as both the smallest and the largest in the world. The plan of home cell groups developed there has brought about not only phenomenal growth, but also intimate fellowship and involvement. He details everything you need to know to make home cell groups work.

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  • Revival


    Revival is the lifeblood of a vital church. Without the fervor revival brings, the church cannot accomplish its mission in the world. Yet today’s church is rife with apathy. How can revival be rekindled? Clearly and forcefully, Dr. Lloyd-Jones describes the circumstances which produced past revivals, discerns why each generation needs revival, and shows how revival will come about today.

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  • Lets Have An Evangelist


    Kempf offers clear, practical guidance for sponsoring evangelistic meetings in a local church.

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  • Jonathan Edwards On Revival


    This volume contains one of Edwards’ most analytical treatises on revival, Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God, and his famous Narrative of Surprising Conversions, a detailed account of the famous revival of religion at Northampton, Massachusetts.

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  • Ultima Llamada


    21 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Want revival? Over 100 years ago, God used Charles Finney as revival swept America. Today, we need another revival. This practical revival handbook contains Finney’s burning words from his great book Revival Lectures, and cartoon drawings by Jack Chick. If you are serious about revival in your life, your home or your church, this is the book for you.

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  • 9 OClock In The Morning


    Nine O’clock in the Morning is the story of what took place in Dennis Bennett’s church in Van Nuys, CA., after he preached a Sunday morning sermon on April 3, 1960 about the underground Pentecostal Movement that was quietly racing through so many churches in America. When he then announced that he, himself, had spoken in tongues, an instant explosion went off in his church. The story was later carried in the local newspapers, various wires services picked it up, and the news swept the country. Time carried the story. So did Newsweek.

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  • Soul Winners Fire


    Dr. Rice wrote about three principal thoughts throughout 18 different chapters: first, that every Christian ought to win souls; second, that we ought to have a holy passion, a tearful and compelling earnestness, an apostolic fervor for souls; third, that we must have a divine enablement of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Last Call : A Revival Handbook


    21 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Want revival? Over 100 years ago, God used Charles Finney as revival swept America. Today, we need another revival. This practical revival handbook contains Finney’s burning words from his great book Revival Lectures, and cartoon drawings by Jack Chick. If you are serious about revival in your life, your home or your church, this is the book for you.

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  • Last Call : A Revival Handbook


    21 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Want revival? Over 100 years ago, God used Charles Finney as revival swept America. Today, we need another revival. This practical revival handbook contains Finney’s burning words from his great book Revival Lectures, and cartoon drawings by Jack Chick. If you are serious about revival in your life, your home or your church, this is the book for you.

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