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  • Easy For Me Bible Verses


    Young children can start memorizing a lot at a young age-from ABCs and numbers to colors and Bible verses-and they often have fun doing so! Easy for Me Bible Verses is a delightfully illustrated board book that includes 24 Scriptures that are fundamental to the Christian faith, such as:
    *In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. -Genesis 1:1
    *The Lord is good to everyone. -Psalm 145:9
    *God, create a clean heart for me. -Psalm 51:10
    *Love your neighbor as yourself. -Matthew 22:39

    In a time when biblical illiteracy runs rampant in our culture, Christian parents want to lead their children to hide God’s Word in their hearts starting early. Easy for Me Bible Verses is a simple way to help parents do just that.

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  • 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know


    Boys and girls aged 5-8 will enjoy memorizing 77 of the Bible’s key Scripture verses in this fun and engaging format. 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know makes memorizing Scripture as easy as 1 – READ it, 2- WRITE it and 3 – COLOR it! Size: 7 x 5 x .4

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  • My Key Verse Bible


    Learning Scripture by heart is simpler when you lead with a story! In this collection, twenty-two essential Bible verses are accompanied by child-friendly illustrations and a story from the Bible that makes the words come alive–creating a mental picture and making it easier to memorize.

    The key verse for every story is listed at the beginning of its chapter. Each ends with a devotional paragraph that explains the key verse and the main point.

    Knowing the truth of God’s promises at an early stage lays a foundation for understanding them on a deeper level later. My Key Verse Bible teaches children the relevance of God’s promises to us through His Word–and helps children recall them when they need them most.

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  • Bible Memory ABCs Activity Book


    A stepping stone to help children start memorizing Bible verses. Includes a fun train memory chart.

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  • Who Says You Cant Memorize


    Lords Press
    Everyone can memorize God’s Word – and ENJOY it! Packed with delightful illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions, this book includes lots of awesome ways to learn Bible verses while having fun with sports, music, puzzles, crafts, art, technology, writing, and more! Bonus: Special Needs section.

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  • Strong : Bible Verse Books


    Bible Verse Books
    A Bible Verse Book for kids, children, and adults. We have taken scripture ( 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV ) and made it into a picture book. 100% of the book is 100% scripture. A great way to memorize Bible verses. Believe in the power of God’s Word and help us give it into every heart and every home. With Bible Verse Books, people of all ages will draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  • Believe Key Verse Cards Adults And Student


    This set of key verse cards, created to correspond to both the Believe adult and Believe student curricula is sure to become a favorite take-away for groups. Each card includes the key idea on one side and the key verse on the other side, making it a perfect companion to help adults and students alike to memorize key scripture verses.

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  • His Word In My Heart


    Memorizing Scripture . . . memorizing passages of Scripture will change you – the way you think, the way you live, the way you know God.

    We want to memorize Scripture, we really do but so many other things become our priority. The kids need to be fed, the laundry done, and a work schedule negotiated. So, we daily strive without doing the most important thing, the best thing – putting God’s Word in our hearts and minds. And then we wonder why – Why am I not growing? Why do I still struggle with this same sin? Why is my family faltering?

    The good news is YOU can do it. In this updated classic, Janet Pope will share practical tips and strategies – including how to harness technology – to enable you to start memorizing the living Word today.

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  • God Is My Refuge


    In this daily devotionals, Kathy Howard combines Scripture reading, insightful commentary, personal reflection, and Scripture memory to help women draw closer to God and experience his help in the midst of life’s trials.

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  • Scripture Code Unlocking Spiritual Wealth


    Do you Scripture Code?Your answer to this question will frame your life as you face the challenges, decisions, and temptations before you today. The goal of The Scripture Code is to erase the words, I can’t memorize, from the vocabulary of God’s people of faith. The outcome of The Scripture Code is growing spiritual intimacy with the Author of the Bible.The discipline of The Scripture Code will…-Stimulate the mind-Enlighten to the truth-Access God’s character and will-Impart wisdom-Encourage godliness-Establish a sure foundation-Accumulate spiritual wealth-Teach faith principles-Enable righteous living-Provide a built-in concordanceToday is tomorrow’s yesterday. Go ahead, say yes to the question, Do you Scripture Code? The next faith generation is banking on it.They asked each other, Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?Luke 24:32The discipline of reading and memorizing God’s Word is the best way to keep my heart aligned with God’s priorities.Mr. Whitney T. Kuniholm,President, Scripture Union/USAAs we meditate on and memorize His Word, our hearts are calibrated to follow His wonderful purpose for our lives.Camilla L. Seabolt,Executive Director, Community Bible Study

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  • Sign And Say


    With illustrations and instructions for hand gestures, Sign & Say Bible Verses for Children is a resource for teaching favorite Bible verses using signs from American Sign Language. The volume features verses from both the Old Testament and the New Testament Children’s Deep Blue Common English Bible. This updated resource contains easy-to-understand instructions and clear illustrations, and can be used with children ages 3–12.

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  • 100 Creative Ways To Learn Memory Verses


    Karen Holford, author of 100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids, draws from years of experience and oodles of ingenuity to help kids delight in God’s Word. Multisensory activities such as Alphabetti Verse, Secret Codes, Stepping Stone, Recycled Tunes, and Edible Verses make spiritual concepts real and exciting to kids of all ages.

    Take your pick–the ideas crammed into this book will suit a variety of interests, skills, learning styles, group sizes, and available materials. Best of all, kids come away from each activity with God’s message to them embedded firmly in their hearts and minds!

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  • Scripture By Heart


    Memorizing Scripture can seem overwhelming–like one more task on a checklist. But pastor Joshua Choonmin Kang has discovered what happens when we do spend time memorizing God’s Word: We grasp a larger, truer picture of God. Pastor Kang also knows that memorizing Scripture isn’t easy. Scripture by Heart is therefore his help for your growth in this important practice.

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  • Apacienta Mis Corderos


    Feed My Lambs Bible Verses For Kids made fun! Includes six softcover colorful books with a total of 90 Bible verses on key Christian topics, simplified to make them easy for cildren to understand and learn. Each verse has a lively illustration that helps children relate the verse’s meaning to their everyday lives. Feed My Lambs also doubles as a complete Scripture memorization course, and can help make this sometimes difficult task easy and enjoyable for your children.

    Includes a booklet for parents and teachers with hlepful notes and tips on how to get the most out of this package, an audio CD with all 90 Bible verses put to music, bookmarks, stickers, award certificates, and a finger puppet. Available also in Spanish! For ages 3 years and up.

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  • New Mind New You


    In this unique book, you are challenged to memorize 52 essential scriptures so that God’s Word will become hidden in your heart and expressed through a changed life. In addition, you will discover the steps necessary to have the mind of Christ in you.

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  • Sistema De Memorizacion De Ver


    This system offers a simple way to memorize 60 key verses, which relate to several different topics. Verse cards included.

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  • Truth And Grace Memory Book 3


    A solid plan for Scripture memory, exposure to great hymns and catechetical instruction.

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  • Truth And Grace Memory Book 2


    A solid plan for Scripture memory, exposure to great hymns and catechetical instruction.

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  • Truth And Grace Memory Book 1


    A solid plan for Scripture memory, exposure to great hymns and catechetical instruction.

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  • 52 Ways To Teach Memory Verses


    1. Bible Verse Time
    2. Memory Verse Surprises
    3. Spin-The-Verse
    4. Bible Roll Call
    5. Memory Verse Ladder
    6. Spelldown
    7. Memory Verses On A Can
    8. Fill The Blanks
    9. Envelope Race
    10. Chalkboard Erase
    11. Bible Verse Memory Rings
    12. Life Response
    13. Bee Line For Bible Verses
    14. Shining Verses
    15. Memory Verse Bible
    16. Stop And Go
    17. Preschool Memories
    18. Lost Sheep And Sheepfold
    19. Illustrated Bookmarks
    20. Bible Verse Baseball
    21. Shout The Word
    22. Stars In My Crown
    23. Pick And Choose
    24. Memory Verse Musical Chairs
    25. Bible Pick-Up Sticks
    26. Scattered Words
    27. Spin And Go
    28. Back And Forth
    29. Through The Bible – A To Z
    30. Clue Review Contest
    31. Let’s Go Fishing
    32. Memory Verse Calendar Booklet
    33. Ski The Slopes
    34. Name That Verse
    35. Memory Verse Tic-Tac-Toe
    36. God’s Creation Picture
    37. One Word Choral Recitation
    38. Family Dinner Memories
    39. See It And Say It
    40. Scripture Puppet
    41. Standing Bible
    42. Ten Commandment Tables
    43. Break The Balloon
    44. Memory Mobile
    45. Harvest Time
    46. Thanksgiving Togetherness
    47. Tree Of Stars
    48. Bible Flower Garden
    49. How To Lead A Child To Christ
    50. Commandment Clip
    51. Fill The Beehive
    52. Bible Target Practice
    Suggested Memory Verses

    Additional Info
    Sports fans recite batting averages. Teens dial number after number by memory. To Christians, God’s Word should be even more vital and meaningful. The reproducible pages in this book are filled with 52 exciting ways to assure that children age 2-12 will remember, understand, and know how to practice verses in their lives.

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  • Sigueme Una Guia Practica Para (Student/Study Guide)


    Student’s guide. An eleven-week study course. Offers practical helps to memorize

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