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  • When Your Best Isnt Good Enough


    Are you an expert at finding flaws within yourself? Do you tend to procrastinate, set unrealistic goals, or continually try to please others? Writing in his warm and direct style, Dr. Kevin Leman shows you how to value your talents and gifts and accept your shortcomings. He shows how the way we develop as a child determines our degree of success or failure as an adult and explains how, regardless of the past, each person can develop a healthy lifestyle today. Dr. Leman also shows you how to apply these same principles in raising children with healthy self-esteem. If you want to make a positive change in your life, this is the place to start.

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  • Como Funciona La Psicologia


    Explore the human mind and understand the science behind how people think and act in a wide variety of everyday situations with this brand-new visual guide to applied psychology.

    Using straightforward definitions and clear, striking visuals, this book makes the workings of the brain easy to understand and shows what happens when things go wrong, with information on disorders such as anxiety and paranoia, as well as explanations of the different therapies that are used to treat them, from CBT to psychoanalysis, group therapy to art therapy.

    How Psychology Works explains hundreds of psychological terms clearly and simply, such as neurosis, psychosis, psychopathy, self-efficacy, flow, human factors, and false memory syndrome. It also includes an introduction to the different approaches psychologists use to understand how we behave and think and a detailed look at how the brain influences behavior and psychological health.

    With its combination of bold infographics and clear, easy-to-understand text, this book explores and explains the various approaches that psychologists use to study how people think and behave, such as behaviorism, cognitive psychology, and humanism, and shows how these approaches can be applied to real-world situations. With examples from the workplace to the sports field, the courtroom to the classroom, How Psychology Works shows how psychology plays a huge role in all of our lives and offers a greater understanding of what influences behavior, thoughts, and feelings in a variety of environments and scenarios.

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  • Book Of Mistakes


    Have you ever wondered why some people seem to catch all the breaks and win over and over again? What do the super successful know? What is standing between you and your wildest dreams?

    The Book of Mistakes will take you on an inspiring journey, following an ancient manuscript with powerful lessons that will transform your life. You’ll meet David, a young man who with each passing day is more disheartened and stressed. Despite a decent job, apartment, and friends, he just feels hollow . . . until one day he meets a mysterious young woman and everything starts to change.

    In this self-help tale wrapped in fiction, you’ll learn the nine mistakes that prevent many from achieving their goals. You’ll learn how to overcome these hurdles and reinvent your life.
    This success parable is packed with wisdom that will help you discover and follow your personal purpose, push beyond your perceived capabilities, and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible. You’ll find yourself returning again and again to a deceptively simple story that teaches actionable insights and enduring truths.

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  • Reaching Your Addicted Loved One


    As a teenager, Victor Torres was a gang warlord and heroin addict on New York City’s violent streets. Through the ministry of David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, Victor had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and came to realize that God had a purpose for his life. Victor has spent the last forty-five years helping tens of thousands of young men and women find freedom from drug addiction and gang life. Now, he answers your toughest questions about your addicted loved one. Without pulling punches or promising easy answers, Victor provides wisdom and expertise that can lead you toward success.
    Some of the questions Victor addresses are…
    -How can I know if my loved one has a substance abuse problem?
    -How can I tell the difference between helping and enabling?
    -What if my loved one refuses to get help?
    -When should I call the police?
    -What should we look for in a treatment program?
    -What can I expect when my loved one comes out of treatment?
    -How do I prepare for relapse?

    God did not create your loved one to be an addict or a loser. On the contrary, God created him or her for a better life. Although, for the moment, it may seem like you are losing your loved one, they still have a God-given destiny and a purpose. No matter how bad the picture may look now, there is always hope.

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  • Make Yourself Cozy


    Embrace the cozy pleasures of life with Katie Vaz’s interactive guide to self-care.

    Freshly baked bread. Cloud-like pillows. Lavender tea. Katie Vaz’s book on self-care shows readers how slow, cozy warmth can help them deal with the anxieties and challenges of everyday life. Filled with tips for creating the perfect atmosphere of coziness (super soft blankets, fluffy robes, and something binge-worthy on TV) as well as sweet, gentle prompts that inspire readers to fill in their own content (Fill these clouds with words that make you feel light and free), this book encourages all of us to slow down and find joy in the little things.

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  • Think Learn Succeed Workbook (Workbook)


    Bestselling author and therapist combines current scientific research with biblical teaching to show how each person has the power to improve their creativity, intelligence, and emotional health, and achieve their goals by utilizing the MTP and 5-step learning process.

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  • More Than Just Pretty



    1. Value
    Am I Who I Know? Friendships/popularity/family/boys
    Am I What I Achieve? School
    Am I What I Look Like? We Are More Than Our Image
    Be You: You Are A Masterpiece (illustration And Exploration)

    2. Beauty
    Am I Enough? Model Culture-nobody’s Perfect
    Am I Pretty? Instagram Perfection Culture, Comparison
    Am I A Selfie Queen? Social Media
    Be Beautiful: You Are A Masterpiece (illustration And Exploration)

    3. Purpose
    Am I What Has Happened To Me?
    Am I Happy? Inner Critic, Don’t Worry
    Am I Significant? Future Plans, Dreaming, The Journey
    Be A Dreamer: You Are A Masterpiece (illustration And Exploration)

    4. #AskJessie – Social Media Wave, Final Advice, Further Support

    Additional Info
    In today’s world, youth are growing up in a society where social media is an integral part of their sense of self. But what are the repercussions of this, and how can we teach young girls where their true worth and identity is found?Jessie Faerber sets out to put the record straight and redefine how girls see themselves. Highlighting the pervasiveness of selfies, the distortion of beauty on social media, and the chase after perfectionism, she offers hope amidst the pressures of internet perfection and reaffirms our identity as God’s masterpiece: original, exquisite, and of infinite value.

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  • Cree En Ti


    Tu reflejo depende de tu espejo. Y segun te ves, atraes. Tu, como muchas personas, no sabes que la mayoria de tus problemas vienen de la imagen que tienes de ti mismo. De ella dependen tus relaciones, como las escoges, como te tratan, y como te comportas. Es mas: tu autoimagen afecta todo aquello que es lo mas importante para ti: el exito en tu familia.

    Hoy vas a dejar de mirarte en el espejo de la auto-imagen pobre y derrotada. En este novedoso libro, Sixto Porras te acompaa en la sorprendente travesia de cambiar tu espejo. Iras descubriendo la persona que realmente eres, y que has escondido por mucho tiempo detras de una auto-imagen que esconde lo mejor de ti.

    En la travesia sentiras miedo, tentacion de volver atras, temor a la amenaza de la arrogancia. Es que estas descubriendo al verdadero tu, y aun no te has mirado en el nuevo espejo. Pero el autor te recordara en el camino que tu intencion de ser y de vivir mejor le ganara la partida a tu vieja imagen. Sigue confiado. Llegaras al final ileso y renovado. Te espera una auto-imagen fuerte y fiel a ti, que traera a tu vida las relaciones familiares mas hermosas que jamas soaste…y tu reflejo en un nuevo espejo. Ven, empecemos a caminar.

    Si deseas tener la mejor imagen de ti mismo, permite que sea quien te creo quien hable de ti. Nos mira como a hijos, nos llama por nuestro nombre, nos ama incondicionalmente, y dice que somos el reflejo de su imagen. Definitivamente uno se siente mejor cuando elige el espejo correcto. -Sixto Porras

    Your reflection depends on your mirror-and you attract what you reflect. Like most people, you are not aware that many of your problems are rooted in your self-image. The image you have of yourself determines your relationships: the way you choose them, how you behave, and how they treat you. As a matter of fact, your self-image influences your most important concern: success in family relationships.

    Today, you can stop looking in the mirror at the reflection of a poor and defeated self-image. In this compelling new book, Sixto Porras guides you through the audacious journey of changing your mirror. You will uncover the real you, the you that has been hiding for a long time behind a self-image that has kept you from being your best.

    Throughout the journey, you may feel scared, you may be tempted to go back, and you may even feel afraid of becoming arrogant. That is what self-discovery is all about, since

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  • Raise Your Voice


    Introduction: The Risk Of Silence Versus The Risk Of Raising Your Voice

    Part I: Why We Stay Silent
    1. Seen But Not Heard
    2. Who Am I? How Imago Dei Gives Us Agency And A Voice
    3. Learning To Speak
    4. Fear And Failure

    Part II: How To Speak Up
    5. IRL (In Real Life)
    6. When You Post It: Everyone And No One Will Care
    7. Everyone Has A Part

    Discussion Questions

    Additional Info
    You have a voice. And you have God’s permission to use it.In some communities, certain voices are amplified and elevated while others are erased and suppressed. It can be hard to speak up, especially in the ugliness of social media. Power dynamics keep us silent and marginalized, especially when race, ethnicity, and gender are factors. What can we do about it?Activist Kathy Khang roots our voice and identity in the image of God. Because God created us in our ethnicity and gender, our voice is uniquely expressed through the totality of who we are. We are created to speak, and we can both speak up for ourselves and speak out on behalf of others. Khang offers insights from faithful heroes who raised their voices for the sake of God’s justice, and she shows how we can do the same today, in person, in social media, in organizations, and in the public square.Be silent no more. If you have wondered when and how to speak, hear God’s invitation to you to find and steward your authentic voice, whether in word or deed, to communicate the good news in a messed-up world. As you discern God’s voice calling you to speak, you will discover how your voice sounds as you express God’s heart to others. And the world will hear you loud and clear.

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  • Think Learn Succeed


    Bestselling author and therapist combines current scientific research with biblical teaching to show how each person has the power to improve their creativity, intelligence, and emotional health, and achieve their goals by utilizing the MTP and 5-step learning process.

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  • Self Supporting Ministry


    The distinctive contribution of volunteer clergy has never been more important to the church than it is today.

    Self-supporting ministers are wonderfully non-standard. They have a range of motivations, working patterns and training needs, and are deployed in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes under-used, sometimes overworked, they are often offered few opportunities for role development after their ministry begins. They may feel unrecognized and under-supported, with church leaders making wrong assumptions about their ability and willingness to be involved.

    But as the church turns increasingly to its volunteer minsters, there are encouraging signs of more creative deployment of this great resource. John Lees’ lively, authoritative guide- featuring many stories and case studies-will be welcomed by those already involved in, and those considering, this ministry. Celebrating the gradual reinvention of self-supporting ministry, it offers strategies to greatly improve working practice for those in an associate role.

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  • Girls Guide To Conquering Life (Reprinted)


    Packed full of practical, step-by-step instructions and helpful advice from successful women, this illustrated guide helps girls gain confidence and develop life skills.

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  • Path Between Us


    Eights: Vulnerability Is Not Weakness
    Nines: Risking Conflict For Connection
    Ones: Things Could Always Be Better
    Twos: Your Feelings Or Mine?
    Threes: Being Everyone But Myself
    Fours: Go Away But Don’t Leave
    Fives: My Fences Have Gates
    Sixes: Question Everything
    Sevens: Learning From The Dark
    Further Reading

    Additional Info
    Most of us have no idea how others see or process their experiences. And that can make relationships hard, whether with intimate partners, with friends, or in our professional lives. Understanding the motivations and dynamics of these different personality types can be the key that unlocks sometimes mystifying behavior in others-and in ourselves.

    This book from Suzanne Stabile on the nine Enneagram types and how they behave and experience relationships will guide readers into deeper insights about themselves, their types, and others’ personalities so that they can have healthier, more life-giving relationships. No one is better equipped than the coauthor of The Road Back to You to share the Enneagram’s wisdom on how relationships work-or don’t.

    Why do Sixes seem so intimidated and put off by Eights, who only wish the Sixes would stop mulling things over and take action?
    Why do Fives seem so unavailable, even to their closest family and friends, while Twos seem to feel everybody else’s feelings but their own and end up irritating people who don’t want their help?
    How in the world can Fours be so open and loving to you one day and restrained and distant other times?

    The Enneagram not only answers these questions but gives us a way out of our usual finger pointing and judging of other people-and finding them wanting, perplexing, or impossible. Suzanne’s generous, sometimes humorous, and always insightful approach reveals why all the types behave as they do. This book offers help in fostering more loving, mature, and compassionate relationships with everyone in our lives.

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  • Finding Favor : Gods Blessings Beyond Health Wealth And Happiness


    1. God’s Favor
    2. Involuntary Perseverance
    3. Holy Discontent
    4. Intentional Obscurity
    5. Supernatural Provision
    6. Bodily Affliction
    7. Interpersonal Intervention
    8. Redemptive Poverty
    9. Divine Confirmation
    10. Strategic Failure

    Additional Info
    Why settle for success when you can have God’s favor?

    Deep down everyone wants God’s best for their lives-also known as God’s favor. Unfortunately, most of the time we don’t feel favored when we’re being blessed. It takes perspective to recognize what’s going on. God often uses confusing, painful, and counterintuitive measures to bring us his best in our lives. God is always working for our good, even though we may not recognize it at the time.

    We want immediate success and easy positive results. God wants long-term transformation. Pastor Brian Jones weaves together stories and Scripture to help readers find God’s favor in their own lives.

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  • Tailor Made : Discover The Secret To Who God Created You To Be


    Exchange the lies of hurtful labels and wrong thinking for the truth of who God created you to be!

    From an early age Alex Seeley was told she was an accident, but she also carried the weight of feeling stupid. Labels like these, sometimes spoken over us by well-meaning people, can cause us to believe lies about ourselves that make us question why we were born and what our purpose on earth could be. Yet, according to Psalm 139, God designed us in His image with a unique DNA and amazing characteristics! We are loved and created for a purpose that only we can fulfill.

    In Tailor Made, Alex helps us recognize our wrong thinking often brought on by generational patterns, insecurities, circumstances, lack of forgiveness, and an inaccurate view of God our Father, and offers to replace them with a new view of who God says we are our personal destiny. It’s time to find your own sense of belonging and the path to becoming the original, authentic version of you that God intended!

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  • Unrepeatable Life Workbook (Workbook)


    The Interactive Companion to the book Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person

    Help young people ages 15-25 discover, embrace, and live out their unique callings. Unrepeatable Life is a workbook designed to help youth ages 15-25 identify and live out their personal vocations. It is packed with exercises, discussion questions, and group activities to facilitate the prayerful discernment of each person s God-given mission in the world.

    The workbook can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or in groups churches, families, clubs, and schools (including homeschools) will benefit from using Unrepeatable Life to teach and cultivate the unique calling of every student and child and help build a culture of vocation.

    In a highly practical and engaging way, Miller and Burgis go beyond helping young people discern a vocation to marriage or a vocation to the priesthood or religious life or a particular kind of job. It helps each and every young person understand their unique, created design and the particular way in which they are called to live out their personal vocation in every circumstance and on every path of life.

    The workbook includes innovative approaches to discernment including:

    Open questions to help youth develop a framework for living an examined life
    Narrative-driven assessment that helps youth discover their core motivational drive by telling their story
    Mission Essential Task Lists for the prioritization of daily responsibilities and the ordering of time toward the fulfillment of one’s personal calling
    Writing their personal examination of conscience based on their unique purpose in the world

    Unrepeatable Life is a first-of-its-kind approach, which Bishop Robert Barron says is for every Christian, especially the teacher, counselor, or spiritual director, who is truly serious about sifting through the cultural morass to find the right vocation, covers everything from cultural challenges, listening with empathy, unique motivational design, keys to effective discernment, and practical tools for ongoing discernment.

    Young people are not the only ones who will benefit. Pick up this book to help others, says author Lisa Hendey, but be prepared to rediscover the blessing of your own story too!

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  • Decluttering At The Speed Of Life


    You don’t have to live overwhelmed by stuff-you can get rid of clutter for good!

    While the world seems to be in love with the idea of tiny houses and minimalism, real women with real families who are constantly growing and changing simply can’t purge it all and start from nothing. Yet a home with too much stuff is a home that is difficult to maintain, so where do we begin? Add in paralyzing emotional attachments and constant life challenges, and it can feel almost impossible to make real decluttering progress.

    In Decluttering at the Speed of Life, decluttering expert and author Dana White identifies the mind-sets and emotional challenges that make it difficult to declutter. Then, in her signature humorous approach, she provides workable solutions to break through these struggles and get clutter out-for good!

    But more than simply offering strategies, Dana dives deep into how to implement them, no matter the reader’s clutter level or emotional resistance to decluttering. She helps identify procrasticlutter-the stuff that will get done eventually so it doesn’t seem urgent-as well as how to make progress when there’s no time to declutter.

    Sections of the book include

    Why You Need This Book (You Know Why)
    Your Unique Home
    Decluttering in the Midst of Real Life
    Change Your Mind, Change Your Home
    Breaking Through Your Decluttering Delusions
    Working It Out Room by Room
    Helping Others Declutter
    Real Life Goes On (and On)
    As long as we’re living and breathing, new clutter will appear. The good news is that decluttering can get easier, become more natural, and require significantly fewer hours, less emotional bandwidth, and little to no sweat to keep going.

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  • Blessed Are The Unsatisfied


    Introduction: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    1. Jesus Doesn’t Want You To Be Satisfied . . . Yet
    The Blessing Of Need
    2. Sustainable Faith Is Unsatisfied
    The Blessing Of Perspective
    3. Curses And Blessings
    The Blessing Of God’s Heartbeat
    4. How To Live The Unsatisfied Life
    The Blessing Of Focus
    5. Enjoy A Meaningful Life
    The Blessing Of Company
    6. Look For Fulfillment
    The Blessing Of Growth
    7. Appreciate The Gift Of Pleasure
    The Blessing Of Vision
    8. Embrace Contentment
    The Blessing Of Anticipation
    9. Satisfaction Is Coming
    Discussion Guide

    Additional Info
    We know that our material comforts and temporal accomplishments are not enough to fully satisfy us. Momentary pleasures, whether of pure or darker motivations, are fleeting at best. But Christians often hear the idea that following Jesus means that we should be living a life of full satisfaction. How many of us actually experience that kind of life?

    Amy Simpson wants to debunk this satisfaction myth in the church. After forty years of walking with Jesus, she writes, I am deeply unsatisfied not only with my ability to reflect Jesus, but also with the very quality of my intimacy with him. I strongly suspect that the abyss of my nature has not been entirely satisfied by Jesus.

    Hers is a freeing confession for us all. Simpson explains that our very unsatisfaction indicates a longing for God, and understanding those longings can bring us closer to relationship with him. And that is where true spiritual health and vitality reside. Read on to discover anew what it truly means to be satisfied in Christ.

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  • Life In The Presence Of God



    Part I: The Biblical Basis
    1. The Secret
    2. The Images
    3. The Exemplar
    4. The Walk

    Part II: How To Practice His Presence
    5. Training
    6. Rewiring Your Mind
    7. Reseeing The World
    8. Reorganizing Your Time
    9. Rejoicing Amid Suffering
    10. Repenting Of Sin
    11. Remaining In Community
    12. Reimagining Life

    Additional Info
    God is everywhere and always with us. So why don’t we experience his presence more?

    Life is full of distractions, and our 24/7 news cycles and social media drown out the voice of God. It’s hard to discern God’s presence amid the hubbub. But experiencing God is not just for the super-spiritual or ultra-mature. Every Christian can learn to cultivate a greater awareness of God in the everyday.

    Ken Boa offers a contemporary guide to practicing the presence of God. Using biblical foundations, living and historical examples, and evidence from neuroscience, Ken reveals how we can walk with God and abide in his presence. We need to rethink how we use our time and technology to make room for God, to train ourselves with new habits that deepen our awareness of God. This book offers not a magical technique but dozens of practical exercises and disciplines that help us draw close to God even in the midst of our cacophonous modern culture.

    Practicing God’s presence is not just for the professionals. It’s for ordinary people like us. And the more we live in God’s presence, the greater our abiding peace and joy.

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  • Practical Help For Stressed Christians


    Stress is now a huge factor in modern living, with one-third of British workers likely to suffer from it some stage in their careers. Christians are not immune. Indeed it is arguable that they are even more vulnerable to overstress or burnout than secular people because of behavioural expectations relating to God, Church, society, work and the prevailing culture. In order to address these particularities, each short chapter in this engaging book responds to a commonly asked question or typical statement, such as How can I tell if I’m overstressed?’; I’m so disillusioned and swamped at work. I don’t know how long I can carry on.’; I’m not managing time for God as I used to.’ etc. The authors then offer basic information, followed by material for meditation or reflection; encouragement of some sort, and finally something for the reader to work on.

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  • Little Book For New Bible Scholars


    Introduction: A Noble Calling
    1. Fall In Love
    2. Have More Stuff And Less Fluff
    3. Hold Your Horses
    4. Don’t Play Marbles With Diamonds
    5. Speak The Local Language
    6. Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing
    7. Don’t Get Puffed Up
    8. Remember That Biblical Studies Is An Equal Opportunity Vocation
    9. Stay The Course
    Conclusion: Don’t Miss The Forest For The Trees
    Name And Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Many young Bible scholars are passionate for the Scriptures. But is passion enough? In A Little Book for New Bible Scholars, Randolph Richards and Joseph Dodson encourage young students of the Bible to add substance to their zeal-the kind of substance that comes from the sweat and toil of hard study. Just as we should avoid knowledge without love, they write, we should also avoid love without knowledge. Aimed at beginners, this concise overview offers a wealth of good advice, warns of potential pitfalls, and includes wisdom from a variety of other biblical scholars as well as stories from the authors’ own long experience in the guild. Full of warmth, humor, and an infectious love for Scripture, this book invites a new generation of young scholars to roll up their sleeves and dig into the complex, captivating world of the Bible.

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  • Oola For Women


    If you haven’t heard of the ‘Oola phenomenon’ yet, it’s time to catch up. First, though, you need to understand what it is: Oola is that state of awesomeness you experience when your life is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being. It can be a noun or a verb. It can be a destination or a feeling. It can be as complex as a life growing and balanced in fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends, and fun (the 7 F’s of Oola), or as simple as a sunset, a quiet book on the beach, or a special moment with a child. It is that place we all shoot for in life. That feeling we experience and that we celebrate in our successes along the way. In short, Oola is cool.

    Since the first copy of the original book, Oola: Find balance in an Unbalanced World, rolled off the presses a few years ago, the Oola Lifestyle has become a literal phenomenon–a dynamic movement. OolaPalooza live events have been routinely sold out since the day they were started, and the Oola message has been taken to countless cities across America and to every major city in the world via 700,000+ Oola fans on social media. In their 1970s VW Surf bus, authors Troy Amdahl and Dave Braun have taken their OolaDream tour on the road, from coast-to-coast, collecting dreams and goals for a balanced life from people who adorn their vehicle with colorful Oola stickers.

    The OolaGuys know that women are the ultimate multitaskers. While a circus performer might spin seven plates in a single show, women spin seven plates–figuratively–every day. They not only juggle kids, family, and home life, they also juggle work responsibilities, customers and clients, make constant business decisions, handle professional events and so many related activities that it’s truly mind-boggling how much a woman can pack into a 24-hour day. In this Oola especially for them, the book shows, through the experiences of 54 inspiring women, how to overcome unexpected hardships, and transform the juggling act of everyday life into a dream lifestyle of simplicity, tranquility, abundance, and opportunity. That’s what ‘living Oola’ means–and it’s not only an attainable goal, but a well-deserved reward.

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  • Destination Life : Navigating Your Future With Jesus – 40 Devotions


    Here’s Your Just-Graduated Survival Guide

    Here’s how to double your closet space in the dorm. Nail a job interview. Make a tasty meal out of next to nothing.

    And thrive spiritually-by keeping your focus fixed on Jesus.

    Dig in and you’ll find:
    * 40 Jesus-Centered devotions that ask the two questions that matter most: Who does Jesus say you are, and who do you say Jesus is?
    * Stuff you need to know: How to study, avoid speeding tickets, upgrade noodles, stretch a budget, and dozens more quick tutorials and life hacks. And…
    * Journal Here options-convenient spots to capture what you’re hearing from Jesus.

    Because you will be hearing from Jesus-and it’ll change your life.

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  • 7 Mistakes Christians Make And The Benediction


    12 Chapters

    Additional Info
    A self-help, spirituality-and prayer-based and ministry-empowered Christian gift which acts as a watch dog; searching the lives of Christians, identifying certain wrongs and proffering bible-based remedies to them.

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  • Steps To Online Dating Success


    What You Need to Know About Online Dating… First! Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a person has to know about online dating before one gets into the intricacies of it. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not.

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  • Wait Of Success


    Passion without purpose leads to frustration.

    Purpose without passion leads to procrastination.

    Passion with purpose leads to success.

    Overnight success–and its delusions of grandeur–have caused many hopefuls to quit pursuing their dreams. Like an iceberg with only 10% of its splendor visible above water, the real magnificence of success is the 90% that occurs below the surface. Sweat equity, failures, sacrifice and discipline are weighty matters that affect success.

    With stories from medical doctors, entrepreneurs and educators, The Wait of Success: How to Become an Overnight Success in 7,300 Days provides realistic insight into what it takes to experience tangible, quantifiable success in a fraction of the time.

    In this anthology, you will discover

    Purpose-driven methods to reduce your wait time to success
    How to define success on your own terms
    Proven techniques from a self-made millionaire
    Strategies to overcome the weight of success including failing forward
    Biblical principles and practical tools to keep you encouraged and focused

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  • Self Aware Leader


    1. Seeing The Race Before Us
    2. Seeing Your Self
    3. Seeing Your Past
    4. Seeing Your Temptations
    5. Seeing Your Emotions
    6. Seeing Your Pressures
    7. Seeing Your Conflicts
    8. Seeing Your Margins
    9. Seeing Your Best

    Additional Info
    Effective ministry begins here. You’ve studied what you think you need to know before entering a career in ministry. Is there anything that is more important than knowing about hermeneutics, homiletics, theology, exegesis, and everything else you have likely learned in seminary and church ministry so far? Yes, there is. How well do you know yourself? You need to build your ministry career on the right foundation of an objective understanding of self. If you don’t comprehend your strengths and weaknesses, then you won’t be fully prepared to enter the crucible of ministry. Serving as a pastor is one of the toughest calls there is. But it can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding, especially if you have taken the time to examine both your gifts and vulnerabilities. The church needs leaders who have the clear-eyed courage to pursue the hardest part of the ministry journey: seeing yourself. The Self-Aware Leader will help you to do just that.

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  • Little Things : Why You Really Should Sweat The Small Stuff


    Have you ever wondered why we spend so much time and energy thinking about the big challenges in our lives when all the evidence proves it’s actually the little things that change everything? That’s right… Absolutely everything. New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews is known for his strong storytelling and unequaled perspective on principles that empower the human mind and spirit. The Little Things embodies his own approach to life and work, detailing for the first time some of the exclusive material that he uses to teach and coach some of the most successful corporations, teams, and individuals around the world. In his unique humorous style, Andy shows how people succeed by actually going against the modern adage, don’t sweat the small stuff. By contrast, Andy proves that it is in concentrating on the smaller things that we add value and margin. In a world where so many feel powerless, wouldn’t it be great to feel in control? Then know this. Perspective can be more important than basic answers. I am more passionate than ever about my search to notice that one thing . . . that one tiny thing that, when understood and harnessed, allows us to create a life of extraordinary purpose and powerful results. It’s less about drive and will power than it is about understanding certain principles and why they work . . . every time. Andrews provides common-sense perspective and a game plan for meeting various challenges, such as: Managing life in a society that seems to be constantly offended by something or someone Creating change that is permanent and not short term Dramatically increasing results by harnessing the fraction of margin between second place and first Understanding our spiritual connection with God and how that affects planning and outcome Identifying the very moment when asking the question why? multiplies the success of an endeavor Recognizing the smallest details that ensure the greatest success

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  • Bible Of Truths


    Robert J. Evans is proud to present The Bible of Truths. The Bible of Truths is Evans’s self-help guide to teach others how to best eliminate the evil forces of life from their environment. This book contains Evans’s truths in many forms with the hope of helping people to become honorable and loving citizens of this world for the rest of their lives. Evans reveals his beliefs concerning marriage, equality, religion, society, and much more in his book, and strives to provide his readers with his facts of love and life.

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  • Happy Within : Happiness Starts On The Inside


    Happy Within: Happy Starts on the Inside combines faith and real-life experiences and focuses on finding happiness within yourself. Through her own process of trial and error, author Jannelle C. Hanni demonstrates that the quality of our relationships with others is directly related to how we feel about ourselves and we only need to be concerned with the way we are because we cannot change other people–or many situations we find ourselves in. There is so much to be joyful about if we choose to focus on the positives rather than the negatives; when we love ourselves unconditionally, we are more lovable, and it works like a chain reaction in the world as we engage with others. Being happy starts on the inside!

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  • Connect : How To Know If Hes Really Your Man


    Becoming trapped by the toxic emotions of our past can weigh down our spirit and sabotage any chance we have at happiness today or in the future. Connect is a light but powerful little book that provides humorous yet effective ways to address key issues facing serious relationships.

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  • Finding Gods Blessings In Brokenness


    Broken. Blessed. How can those two words possibly go together? Considering just how shattering life’s blows can be, can we honestly believe God will bring good out of our most heartbreaking crises? It’s difficult to discern the blessing in the midst of brokenness, says Dr. Charles Stanley. Certain circumstances in life hurt, at times so intensely that we think we will never heal. The catalysts for brokenness all possess a wrenching pain and the power to forever alter our life. But they also possess one thing more: the potential for discovering a richness in living we otherwise never would know. Perhaps you’ve already experienced circumstances so shattering you may wonder today whether it’s even possible to pick up the pieces. And maybe you can’t. But God can. After brokenness, we can experience God’s greatest blessings. In Finding God’s Blessings in Brokenness, Dr. Stanley will carry you through the hard times and show you how God’s glory is consistent throughout and always available. A gentle, encouraging way to explore God’s purpose and power as only experienced through the darkest times of life, this book will encourage you as you journey through the dry seasons. Set amidst beautiful photography and a timeless design, Dr. Stanley’s words of encouragement and hope will guide you to growth and the joy of the Lord. Finding God’s Blessings in Brokenness is a thoughtful and inspiring gift to encourage anyone struggling through a dark season, as well as a thoughtful gift for anyone going through loss.

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  • 7 Days To Change Your Life


    When did being too busy and going through the motions become a way of life? It’s no surprise that the rush between meetings and e-mails, sports practices and church functions is tiring, even exhausting. It’s time to stop running and start following. Jesus’s call to Follow Me was not just an invitation to faith; it was a prescription for living well. Walking through the seven Follow Me statements in the Gospel of Matthew, author Josh Moody explores Jesus’s teachings of hope, life, truth, freedom, humility, greatness, and glory in 7 Days to Change Your Life. In each statement and with each teaching, Jesus gets closer to Calvary and closer to the cross, and you get closer to finding a focus for your life-no matter how hectic it may be. Although following Jesus is not a new concept to believers, following Jesus completely becomes difficult when life moves faster and faster. Organized to be read a chapter a day, Josh meets you in your busy, hectic schedule and reveals a biblical plan to revitalize your life in as little as seven days.

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  • Power Of 100


    Too broke or broken, too old or young, too stressed or busy to make your dreams reality? Join Shaun King and walk the transformative path to overcoming adversity and achieving success as he reveals practical steps to a life of unlimited possibility.
    Have you lost a job that you loved, or never even gotten the chance to start? Are you in a rut of mediocre, status-quo living, too tired and stressed to find a way out? Do you wonder whatever happened to the dreams you once dared to dream?
    Shaun King has been there, and he wants you to know that it s not too late. Shaun knows firsthand what it s like to see your dreams fade away right before your eyes; he s lived through brutal spinal surgeries, had to survive on food stamps, worked four jobs at once, and he nearly died in a car accident that required over 400 stitches on his face alone. But he s also emerged stronger and overcome the odds to become a successful businessman, social media pioneer, and humanitarian. Now he wants you to know that you can still take the dreams God has placed in your heart, craft them into goals, and actually make those goals into your reality.

    In an entertaining and conversational style, Shaun King shares the trials, research, and years of practice that have helped him form practical principles and effective strategies for overcoming adversity and achieving success. He encourages you to grasp the truth that your life has more potential than you understand; you just need to face your weakest points and unlock that potential.

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  • Change Agent : From 30000 Feet


    The loss of his sister to an infamous killer created forced order changes in Bruce Barcomb’s life. It is from this beginning that the change agent was born. His book, The Change Agent – From 30,000 Feet, is firmly rooted in recovery and transcending grief, including forgiveness.

    An early draft of this book was mailed to a serial killer in 2016 as part of an effort to encourage the killer to identify additional victims. To date, Barcomb’s outreach has gone unanswered, but the book is not about death so much as it is about life. It’s about the ability to change and create paradigm shifts in behaviors in order to arrive at a different outcome.

    Barcomb’s writing is about the human spirit, social justice, and awakenings–change agents. His humorous, interesting, and open dialogue is refreshing and enlightening. It will leave you inspired, laughing, and thinking about maximizing the desires of your heart. This book is rich in cultural awareness and history.

    Barcomb is a victims’ rights advocate. In honor and memory of those victims identified in his writing and for those murders that are unresolved or unknown, he is donating ten percent of the proceeds of this book so that others can find a path of healing and hope and a new life.

    Barcomb is pragmatic, analytic, and existentialistic as he covers the fundamental philosophy of life and death. In 2005, he wrote to his sister’s killer to negate a trial and bring other victims’ families closure. He was featured in a 2010 LA Weekly article during the sensationalized trial, and quotes from Barcomb’s Victim Impact Statement were front page news across the nation. So infamous was the trial that actress Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award for portraying a female serial killer, attended the actual sentencing. After the trial, Barcomb wrote the initial family biography for The Dating Game Killer, a book addressing the murders. He was interviewed for various television crime news programs, magazines, and print media. He also appeared on the Dr. Phil episode, Snapshots of a Serial Killer. Barcomb’s writings are influenced by Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, B.F. Skinner, Augustine, C. S. Lewis, Socrates, Robin Williams, and Dante.

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  • Takin Care Of Business


    The intent of this book is threefold: to inform; to inspire; and to foster self-reliance.

    It is a must-read for high school seniors whose post-graduation goal is simply to find employment. It is a should-read for individuals who are presently incarcerated and scheduled for release in the near future. Hopefully, this little book will be the catalyst that causes many people to seriously consider the benefits of entrepreneurship.

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  • Knowing : A Help Book


    I hope to see my book as helpful in times of adversity. When yourself or someone you love is ill, the last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with trying to remember when your last CAT Scan was done, when you received your flu shot, or what your doctor’s address is. Knowing: A Help Book is about having that knowledge at hand.

    Drawing on her experiences with her own family’s hardships with illness and hospital stays–her mother’s stroke, her father’s cancer, her husband’s industrial accident–Linda Cirilo-Torres has created a blueprint for documenting each visit and procedure, as well as personal information, likes and dislikes, and photographs, all of those things that make us more than just a patient in a bed. The more insight you can give doctors, she writes, the sooner you or your loved one can heal.

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  • Why Men Depress Women


    A close, confiding relationship is the single thread that explains successful marriages and strong families. Marital intimacy can be facilitated through the self-disclosure of personal constructs.

    Dr. Edward M. Waring’s experience as a psychiatrist taught him that most depressed women who consult a psychiatrist will be offered individual psychotherapy or antidepressant medication, but not a couples’ assessment. Individual psychotherapy may result in the relationship ending and ADM will not address issues of intimacy. Evidence suggests marital therapy may reduce depressive symptoms and improve the relationship.

    Why Men Depress Women allows readers to understand why men depress women, evaluate their own level of intimacy, and consider a specific type of marital therapy or time for a better marriage.

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  • How To Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind


    Bring your home out of the mess it’s in and learn how to keep it under control. The dirty little secret about most organizing advice is that it’s written by organized people, says blogger, speaker, and decluttering expert Dana K. White. But that’s not how my brain works. I’m lost on page three. Dana blogs at A Slob Comes Clean, chronicling her successes and failures with her self-described deslobification process. In the beginning she used the name Nony (short for aNONYmous), because she was sharing her deep, dark, slob secret. Now she has truly come clean-with not only her real name but the strategies she has developed, tested, and proved in her own home. She has learned what it takes to bring a home out of Disaster Status, which habits make the biggest and most lasting impact, and how to keep clutter under control. In How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind, Dana explains that cleaning your house is not a onetime project but a series of ongoing premade decisions. Her reality-based cleaning and organizing techniques debunk the biggest housekeeping fantasies and help readers learn what really works.

    Chapter titles include:
    My First Step: Giving Up on the Fantasy
    The Worst Thing About the Best Way
    Just Tell Me What to Do
    Conquering Laundry
    Get Dinner on the Table
    Putting an End to the Never-Ending Weekly Cleaning Tasks
    Don’t Get Organized
    How to Declutter Without Making a Bigger Mess
    Fighting the Perceived Value Battle
    But Will It Last?

    With a huge helping of empathy and humor, Dana provides a step-by-step process with strategies for getting rid of enormous amounts of stuff in as little time (and with as little emotional drama) as possible.

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  • Planning For Organizational Success


    Planning for Organizational Success: A Leadership Guide to Achieving Success with a Plan provides an in-depth and unique look at organizational strategic planning. Dr. Richard D. Schooler uses his extensive experience as a health care executive to take the reader through a step by step process that emphasizes not just how to write a plan, but how to achieve success with a plan. The critical dynamics of leadership, culture, collaboration, and finance, along with plan adaptability and sustainability are presented in a practical and proven model designed to achieve real-world success.

    Dr. Schooler urges the reader to never lose sight of mission, vision, and values and demonstrates how they serve as a foundation for any well-constructed plan. His planning model provides a platform for collaboration, leadership development, and a culture of accountability. This book is a must-read for any future executive in today’s business climate.

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  • Sabbatical Of The Mind


    In this humorous account, a successful Christian businessman in Washington, D.C. begins to have debilitating anxiety attacks, which lead him to take a sabbatical and explore life s biggest questions. After five months, he returns to work with new drive and purpose. Selected as one of the top Indie nonfiction books for 2016 by Foreword Reviews.

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  • Essence Of Resilience


    When trauma enters the lives of the unsuspecting, it steals from their very soul. It not only robs them of peace and joy, it can take years and decades from their lives while they desperately try to fill the hole in their heart, pretending that their soul isn’t leaking out of it. No one is ever prepared for trauma and no one is ever left unchanged by traumatic events.

    In the face of such adversity, what allows one person to find the gift in their wound and another to suffer endlessly? Enter Tanya Lauer and Kathleen Parrish, professional counselors at the internationally renowned residential treatment center, Cottonwood Tucson.

    With over 40 years combined experience helping people survive trauma and find the gift in their wound, Lauer and Parrish offer The Essence of Resilience–an urgent and vital answer to this all-too-common marauder. Topical tools for healing include: Story, Relationships, Trust, Compassion, Gratitude, Animals and Pets, Nature, Humor, and Spirituality. Through stories, compassion and understanding, they guide readers straight to the heart of resilience–that place where we learn to heal and thrive.

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  • Men Chase Women Choose


    Love is one of our strongest biological drives, but it can be frustratingly elusive and misunderstood. Music, literature, and movies are filled with common folklore about love and millions of TV viewers tune in to shows like The Bachelor and read the latest relationship tome with one simple hope: to uncover some nugget of mystic wisdom that will help them understand the exciting, addictive, insane experience called ‘love’.

    Men Chase, Women Choose, is the first book to offer cutting-edge research that explains how the brain works when two people first meet, start to date, fall in love, and then move into long-term, real love. Maslar’s unique approach brings together the latest and most relevant neurological, physiological, and biochemical research on the science of love while incorporating stories and examples of composite characters based on participants of her popular classes and seminars. She explains that ‘love’ is actually neural activity as well as the presence or absence of certain neurotransmitters that bathe the brain, and it follows a precisely timed path of four, easy-to-understand phases: the exciting norepinephrine-charged meeting phase; the addictive dopamine dating phase; the insane falling-in-love and losing your mind phase; and finally, the safe, warm and wonderful, true, long-term love phase.

    For the past decade Maslar has made it her mission to learn all she can about the science behind falling in love, including its evolutionary benefits. Her goal–and the purpose of this book–is to help men and women find and maintain love by understanding and applying the science behind it.

    The bottom line? We actually can have long-lasting, nourishing, exciting, passionate love with little or no risk!

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  • Photosynthesis Catalyst Of Life


    When L.E.D. came on the market, author Marvin Ira Miller was involved with indoor operations dealing with producing medical plants. Quickly it became apparent to apply them properly. He had to have an understanding of what light is and what photosynthesis is. After a month of research it seemed nobody seemed to know and as for light, it all depends on who you talk to. Science has branched off so many directions. Their language has gotten to the point that if you ask a physicist, a chemist and a biologist to describe how to boil a cup of water they will all end up with a 20 page formula filled with hundred dollar words. They will pass their paper to the right and they all sit there quietly, pretending like they knew what the other scientist was saying. Then you walk in and grab a cup, fill it with water, throw it in the microwave for a minute and turn to see them glaring at you. It’s no wonder with photosynthesis you have to have an understanding of a number of different fields and how they fit together.

    Miller’s background is more in engineering. If there was a room filled with equipment where you put this in here that comes out there, he was the one they called when everyone else was scared to go in. As with everything else complicated in life, break it down to its simplest components and it becomes easy when you never use the word ‘can’t.’

    This book is meant to pass on what Miller discovered and tell it in a way the guy who put the cup in the microwave could understand. The goals are simple. First is to leave you with a comprehension of light, since there are many other areas its properties can be applied. Second is to give you the knowledge of what photosynthesis is and use words the rest of us people without all the big words understand. Once you have an understanding of these two things, by the end of the book you will start to understand the true value of L.E.D. systems besides power savings.

    By knowing desired outcomes and chemical makeup you will see the ability to alter the chemical direction for things such as color, taste, smell, or pharmaceutical direction just by adding or subtracting different frequency combinations. And, finally, when a light salesman comes up to you and says for five dollars more you can get this lamp because it has 50 more lux you can look at him laughing and say what does that have to do with growing plants. Marvin Ira Miller hates sales people.

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  • What To Do When There Is An Emergency At School


    What to Do When There Is an Emergency at School! was written so that Pre-K to 2nd grade classroom teachers can help prepare their students for emergencies that could happen at school. This is part of a comprehensive school safety procedure. The book can also be used for older students who have intellectual challenges as well.

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  • What To Do When There Is An Emergency At School


    What to Do When There Is an Emergency at School! A Story for Preparing Children in Schools for Emergencies and Drills, with A.L.i.C.E.(c) Procedures Included was written so that Pre-K and elementary classroom teachers can help prepare their students for emergencies that could happen at school. This is part of a comprehensive school safety procedure. The book also includes A.L.i.C.E.(c) or Enhanced Lockdown Procedures.

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  • Hope Prevails : Insights From A Doctors Personal Journey Through Depression (Rep


    Neuropsychologist Offers Hope to Those Struggling with Depression

    As a board-certified neuropsychologist, Dr. Michelle Bengtson sees the devastation of depression. Early on, she practiced the most effective treatments and prescribed them for her clients. But when she experienced depression herself, she found that the treatments she had recommended were lacking. Her experience showed her the missing component in treating depression.

    In Hope Prevails, Dr. Bengtson writes with deep compassion, blending her training and faith, to offer readers a hope grounded in God’s love and grace. She helps readers understand what depression is, how it affects them spiritually, and what, by God’s grace, it cannot do. The result is an approach that offers the hope of release, not just the management of symptoms.

    For those who struggle with depression and those who want to help them, Hope Prevails offers hope for the future.

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  • Take Charge Of Your Destiny


    Take Charge of Your Destiny by Jim Donovan

    Take Charge of Your Destiny teaches how you can create a compelling vision for your future, eliminate any subconscious blocks in your way, and design a life of abundant health, success, prosperity and joy. Exactly the kind of life you were born to live.

    Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:
    *How to break the illusions that are holding you back.
    *How to easily uncover the resistance that is blocking your progress.
    *Why you’re never too old to pursue your dreams.
    *How a simple question can improve interpersonal communication.
    *How to create your own personal health team with you as captain.
    *What to do if you’re not rich yet.
    *How to attract more money into your life easily and joyfully.
    *How to feel better no matter what happens.
    *How taking a few simple steps can lead to ultimate success.

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  • 1st Aid For Your Emotional Hurts Veterans


    This booklet provides hope and healing for veterans and their families who are suffering the invisible wounds and scars of war. Moody and Trogdon provide helpful information to understand the struggles and offer effective ways to find a brighter future of purpose and peace. Topics include: PTSD, traumatic brain injury, stress of war, transitioning to home, and many more. The authors’ writing flows out of experience and a genuine appreciation for those who have served to protect our country’s freedom.

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  • Overcoming Anxiety Worry And Fear (Reprinted)


    Compassionate, Practical Approach to Coping with and Eliminating Anxiety
    Fretting over seemingly inconsequential daily headaches? Constantly worrying about family members’ health or safety? Weighed down by negativity from the 24-hour news cycle? It’s a wonder anyone can escape anxiety. Unchecked, anxiety can swiftly rob us of our sense of safety, well-being, and peace.

    Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear offers a whole-person approach to coping with and eliminating anxiety. This compassionate combination of common sense, biblical wisdom, and therapeutic advice will help readers unchain themselves from constant worry so that they can be anxious about nothing (Phil. 4:6). Trusted author Dr. Gregory L. Jantz helps readers identify the causes for their anxiety, assess the severity of their symptoms, and start down avenues for positive change.

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  • 35 Silent Business Killers


    35 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Will Your Business Become A Casualty? In business there are both winners and losers. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start business fail within the first 18 months. Why do a whopping 80% of them crash and burn?

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  • Youve Been Tweeked 2nd Edition


    Why me? people cry out. Why can’t I get ahead? Why I can’t I overcome my addiction? Why is my marriage a mess? Why can’t I change my behavior?

    In You’ve Been Tweeked, a fun but bizarre story, author Bruce Lengeman takes readers to the root of their life-crippling maladies. His story will expose the secret battle inside every human mind that determines why some people succeed and others fail, why life is blessed for some and seemingly cursed for others.

    Use You’ve Been Tweeked as a discussion catalyst for your small-group series in church, prison meetings, substance abuse groups, or group counseling sessions. The story reveals the foundational truths behind all self-help programs that will unlock a wonderful doorway to a productive life.

    Bruce Lengeman has invested several decades of his life in the people-helping arena as a church-planter, youth pastor, senior pastor, counselor, business consultant, and writer. He and his wife, Ruthie, have nine children and a fast-growing number of grandchildren.

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  • Principios Del Exito


    Desde su primera publicacion hace una decada, la guia practica e inspiradora de Jack Canfield ha ayudado a miles de personas a transformarse a si mismo para el exito. Ahora, ha revisado y actualizado su guia esencial para reflejar nuestros tiempos cambiantes. En este libro, el cocreador de la fenomenal serie best seller Caldo de pollo para el alma, te ayuda a llegar de donde estas a donde quieres estar, ensenandote como aumentar tu confianza, vender retos diarios, vivir con pasion y proposito y darte cuenta de todas tus ambiciones. Lleno de historias memorables e inspiradoras de CEOs, atletas de talla mundial, celebridades y gente comun, muestra los 64 principios perpetuos utilizados por hombres y mujeres exitosos a traves de la historia -principios comprobados y estrategias que pueden adaptarse a tu propia vida, ya sea que quieras ser el mejor vendedor en tu compania, convertirte en un arquitecto lider, sacar buenas notas en la escuela, perder peso, comprar la casa de tus suenos, tener millones, o simplemente volver a mercado laboral.

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  • Celebrate Recovery The Journey Continues Participants Guide Set Volumes 5-8


    A Program for Implementing a Christ-Centered Recovery Ministry in Your Church Alcoholism – Divorce – Sexual Abuse – Codependency – Domestic Violence – Drug Addiction – Sexual Addiction – Food Addiction – Gambling Addiction and others. There is a way the church can help the hurting move beyond their wounds to experience the healing and forgiveness of Christ. Since 1991, more than 200,000 people have participated in the Celebrate Recovery programs offered at more than 3,500 churches, prisons, and rescue missions. Drawn from the Beatitudes, Celebrate Recovery helps people resolve painful problems in the context of the church as a whole. This shrinkwrapped four-pack contains one each of the four advanced step participant’s guides, volumes 5-8.

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  • Basics Of Doing Your Own Home Inspection


    For years, author Thomas O’Connor has accumulated interesting, and often hilarious, stories from numerous home inspections. Many are for first-time buyers for whom he has done several home inspections together before they find one that passes.

    Some of the problems an inspector repeatedly sees are obvious to the professional (wet basements, roof leaks, mold, electrical wiring done by a non-electrician, gas leaks, etc.). This book teaches buyers what to look for before they pay a professional inspector to find a house that passes. If buyers knew a little bit more about what to look for, they would save lots of money!

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  • Beginners Photography Guide (Revised)


    The Beginner’s Photography Guide, 2nd Edition is DK’s bestselling manual for any novice photographer who wants to unlock the potential of their new digital camera.

    Assuming no prior knowledge, this guide’s easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout makes it accessible as it takes you through every technique you need to create stunning images, from exposure to flash to image enhancement. Handy checklists provide a quick rundown of the equipment and camera settings for each technique, and at-a-glance comparison images show how camera settings can produce remarkably different results. Hundreds of inspirational images provide even more motivation to reach your goal.

    Fully updated to reflect all the latest developments in technology and creative trends in digital image-making, The Beginner’s Photography Guide, 2nd Edition will empower you to achieve your full potential as a digital photographer.

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  • Unlayered And Free


    TAKE IT ALL OFF! That is my desire for you as you commune with the words resting in your spirit through this journal. Take off all of the layers that burden you, add weight to your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical beings. Take off societal, familial, romantic and even religious expectations – become UNLAYERED AND FREE!

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  • Stopping The Noise In Your Head


    25 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Of course, worry can be an important asset when it forces our attention on problem-solving. But anxious worrying can cause us to unnecessarily focus on threat, to retreat and avoid, and to seek reassurance and safetywhich is no way to foster a life of growth and excitement. In his fifth published book, Dr. Reid Wilson proposes a groundbreaking, paradoxical approach to overcoming anxiety and worry by moving away from comfort, confidence, and security and willingly moving toward uncertainty, distress and discomfort. Through the use of unconventional strategies, readers will learn how to confront anxiety head-on and step forward into the face of threat. Drawing on a range of sourcesfrom firefighters and fitness instructors to Sir Isaac Newton and Muhammad AliStopping the Noise in Your Head demonstrates the importance of shifting our perspective and stepping toward our challenges in order to regain control of our lives.

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  • Landlords Complete Guide From A To Z


    After being successful landlords for over 30 years, the authors have put together a collection of some of their most valuable advice to assist other landlords and those aspiring to be landlords. When researching the industry for a guidebook for owners of long term apartments, none could be found except those written by lawyers from a legal perspective. Bob and Linda decided to write their book when a fellow landlord called them regarding a non-paying tenant issue. Bob and Linda skillfully navigated him through the eviction process, but their friend witnessed someone else’s failure on the court docket due to a technicality that Bob and Linda had wisely warned him about. The authors hope that readers will use this book as a guide and learn from it while enjoying the experiences discussed in each chapter. There are great advantages to holding onto apartment buildings for the long run, perhaps the greatest being the extra revenue. This extra income can change your life and allow you to live your dreams and adventures.

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  • When My Well Ran Dry


    Written for anyone working to recover from an emotionally painful experience, When My Well Ran Dry is an inspiration. With a focus on marriage and relationships, Racquel D. Innis-Shelton, MD writes from personal experience. She tells of the path she took during her day-to-day struggle with grief, all the while carrying on with everyday responsibilities.

    Her words are inspirational for anyone who finds themselves in the midst of despair, whatever the cause, with no obvious way out. It can be difficult to suffer alone, but her experiences let us know we are not alone in our struggles and that there is a pathway out.

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