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  • God Isnt Finished With Me Yet


    2019 Illumination Book Award, Gold in Christian Living? 2018 Independent Press Award, Aging

    I haven’t finished with my life, and neither has God.

    As we see fewer years ahead than behind, it can be easy to question our value or what we have left to contribute to our communities. How can we continue to give back and live with purpose in our later years? Barbara Lee is living this reality every day, and in this book she describes the intersection of aging with the timelessness of Ignatian spirituality.

    God Isn’t Finished with Me Yet shows readers how God meets us with unexpected grace. In five succinct chapters, Lee shows how Ignatian prayer and discernment offer those in later life a path to discovering previously unknown vocations and new ways of living and being of service.

    You’re still living your life, and God is still revealing His grace.

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  • Joys Of Getting Older


    A straightforward, clear-cut how-to book for putting a spark (or two!) back into your life. It truly describes the magical beauty to be found in the twilight years. –Yule Biyung, author and inspirational speaker

    An inspirational look at the beauty found within the Circle of Life. -The Times

    Thomas and Cindy Senior are the best-selling husband-and-wife team who authored Retiring Gracefully and Senior Sex: How to Rekindle the Sizzle in Your Bedroom. In The Joys of Getting Older the tradition of their previous books, they have collected all their best advice and share their insights into how you can lead a happy and energetic life after reaching that certain age. The Seniors are living out their dream retirement in sunny Florida, where hurricanes and theme parks provide routine stimulation in their lives.

    And not surprisingly, in the pages of this telling tome, readers will find 120 blank pages. Because in reality, getting older sucks!

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  • At The Crossroads


    Discover your purpose, passion, and mission for your retirement years. In recent years we have been hearing our church members ask, What do I need to do to be ready for retirement? I want the next part of my life to the best. I want to make a significant difference!

    As many as 10,000 men and women are retiring each day but many dislike and are anxious about the idea of retirement; they very much would like to be redirected or redeployed to a life in retirement years that is meaningful and significant. Yet, transitioning into retirement without adequate planning can be very frustrating, confusing and stressful for almost everyone.

    For too many there may be an unfortunate lack of purpose, significance and identity. We have seen many people who really are at the prime of their life miss out on opportunities that bring fulfillment and joy. This six week study can offer hope and help! We hear of too many stories about friends and neighbors that fall into a retirement syndrome that may lead to distress, anxiety, depression, divorce, poor health, and even suicide. Many more worry about the increased costs of health care and financial resources necessary to sustain a long life.

    Will the Boomer Generation become a burden or a blessing to our global society? This Bible based six week small group study offers a very positive and encouraging outcome.

    By following biblical principles from the lives of Moses, Abraham, Elijah, Nehemiah, Jesus and Paul, as well as other encouraging Bible passages, participants can discover their purpose, passion, and mission for their retirement years.

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  • Stepping Aside Moving Ahead


    Henri Nouwen’s statement that too many clergy are lonely ministers practicing lonely ministry can be amplified in the years leading up to and immediately following retirement. Although there are books about retirement in general, clergy have unique personal and professional dimensions to retiring. Stepping Aside, Moving Ahead provides a clergy-oriented context. The author begins with letters from clergy nearing retirement about the issues they are facing and structures the book in the following way: Opening Letters from clergy Foundations (the formative dynamics that create a good retirement) Movements (the formative transitions that lead to a good retirement) Actions (the specific behaviors that produce a good retirement) Outcomes (the attitudes which emerge from a good retirement)

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  • Courage To Grow Old


    A best-selling Morehouse author for decades

    * Addresses one of today’s most pressing topics

    * Includes questions for reflection and study by individuals and groups

    Here is Barbara Crafton at her best-funny, warm, direct, honest, and vulnerable-on aging.
    I think growing older is both funny and sad, but mostly it just makes me grateful to be alive
    and able to reflect. I have been an Episcopal priest for 33 years and have had extensive
    experience in ministering with the elderly. Now, I am growing old myself. I hate it when
    people are ashamed of being old. We should be proud! she proclaims. Join her in this
    celebration of life!

    AUDIENCE: For general readers of all faith traditions, including the many fans of Barbara’s
    earlier works.

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  • God Me And Being Very Old


    Death and dying are a constant presence in the life and work of care homes. Residents stay, on average, around 20 months (nursing homes) or 36 months(residential/social care homes/assisted living) and die there. The care home is therefore the setting for the last major event of each residents life. Yet these experiences of the very old at the close of their lives have received remarkably little attention either in practice or in research. Nor have churches and theologians given their oldest members anything like the concern for their spiritual wellbeing that they give to the young. The heart of this book will aim to give voice to something similar from some of the oldest old as they reflect on their pilgrimage of faith from the perspective of extreme old age (over 90). In particular the authors explore what this perspective has to say to the other members of their faith communities, particularly in terms of the things that are seen as being of importance and value. The particular significance of reflections arising from the experience of approaching death will be explored. This is one area where religious thinking is often out of step with contemporary imagery and language.

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  • I Love Growing Older But Ill Never Grow Old


    Growing older is a process. Growing old is a conclusion. If you’re growing older you see some hope because you have perspective and you keep learning. If you’ve grown old, you may cynically think that times have never been as bas as they are now, and that they can only get worse.

    This book is about learning how to make peace with where you are right now. It’s about learning from the past and then moving past it. It’s about growing – personally, spiritually, and in our relationships with God and with others. If we think properly about growing older we’ll never have to grow old.

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  • Pilgrimage Into The Last Third Of Life


    From age 60 to 90 and beyond, people face a time of special challenges and opportunities to draw closer to God. This book offers readers Bible-based meditations that address 7 tasks essential to living the last third of life with purpose. Inspiring topics covered include facing limitations, continuing spiritual growth, and leaving a legacy.

    Helpful reflection questions make this book suitable for group use or for personal growth.

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  • Green Leaves For Later Years


    Emilie Griffin reflects on the beauty and the difficulty of aging. Pain mingles with gratitude. With her we learn again how to draw close to the Lord who longs to guide us. Ideal for both individuals and discussion groups, each chapter ends with reflection questions and a prayer. Discover a spirituality that will sustain you in the later years.

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  • Living Your Legacy


    1. Cast Off Security: Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-12
    2. The Possibilities Are Endless: Acts 16:6-15
    3. Revive An Old Dream: Exodus 3:1-22
    4. Rescue The Helpless: Luke 10:25-37
    5. Build Something New: Genesis 6:5-22
    6. Comfort The Downcast: 2 Corinthians 1:1-11
    7. Empower The Poor: Isaiah 58:6-12
    8. When Retirement Isn’t An Option: Genesis 21:8-21
    9. Make A Connection: Deuteronomy 24:19-22
    10. Notice The Children Around You: Mark 9:33-37; 10:13-16
    11. Take The Lead: Joshua 1:1-9
    12. Welcome The Stranger: Acts 8:26-40
    13. Look Ahead: Luke 1:5-25; 57-66

    Appendix: Instructions For Group Leaders

    Additional Info
    No matter what stage of life we find ourselves in, we may wonder if what we’ve done with our time on earth bears any significance. But this question becomes especially important when our expectations for lifelong achievement and ability in later years come face to face with a reality that may not meet those lifelong hopes. It’s common to ask, Who am I now? How should I invest these years? Must I redefine myself, and if so, how? Can I still make a difference?

    Dale and Sandy Larsen found themselves in this place of uncertainty, and they longed to move beyond it into something fruitful and hopeful. Here they offer wisdom born from their experience of finding new, often surprising ways to use their gifts and interests to serve God and those around them. They discovered that even though former roles defined by work and family may be gone or become very different, God still has plans and purposes for their life. And he has plans for your life too.

    Join Dale and Sandy in discovering the exciting ways in which God can use you no matter what your age or circumstances may be. Through interaction with personal narratives, Bible studies, connection points with biblical figures, prayer and exercises designed to help you explore new possibilities, you will learn that there’s much more to life now than you expected. Rather than just living out your later years, you can learn, with God’s help, to live your legacy.

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  • Grandmas Hands : Cherished Moments Of Faith And Wisdom


    Drawing inspiration from the women in the author’s family, Grandma’s Hands: Cherished Moments of Faith and Wisdom is Dr. Calvin Mackie’s impassioned celebration of the enduring values of our elder generations, whose wisdom and experience bring a humbled perspective and clear direction to the challenges of our daily lives. The text of this book includes over 100 well-known proverbs, accompanied by the original thoughtful reflections of Dr. Mackie, with a direct application to twenty-first-century life. The pages are filled with glorious photographs of mothers and grandmothers in celebration of their unique cultural and maternal identity, surrounded with the love and affection of family. In each section, Dr. Mackie takes a familiar proverb and couples it with a passage from the Bible. The juxtaposition illustrates the biblical root of the common proverb alongside Dr. Mackie’s own deeply personal observances of its truth, presented in relatable modern-day anecdotes from his life and his work.

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  • Vision For The Aging Church


    James M. Houston and Michael Parker believe now is the time for the church to offer ministry to its increasing numbers of seniors and to benefit from ministry they can offer. They issue an urgent call to reconceive the place and part of the elderly in the local congregation, showing that seniors aren’t the problem–they are the solution.

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  • Nunca Es Tarde Para Decirle Is


    An essential resource for the older adult, his family and his church.

    Can you imagine a world where there are more grandparents than grandchildren? Believe it or not, it’s a possibility for the future. In many countries, the group of people with the greatest growth is the age group 75 years and older. Advancements in the medical field, better living conditions, hygiene, nutrition and the prevention of contagious diseases are factors that have contributed to this phenomenon.

    This book is written with two groups of adults in mind: those who enjoy their adulthood and those who reject it; both need to know more about themselves. Each group needs to be aware of the different options available to him/her. Each can learn to have a better life during this stage, probably the longest of their life. Each can make long-term investments for his/her future, a future that can offer satisfaction, hope and abundance.

    This book also helps the family and church better understand the older adult, not only to serve and help them, but to join them in this journey of life, to learn from them, and to provide a ministry for this important group of people.

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  • Living With Purpose In A Worn Out Body (Large Type)


    Buchanan fosters empathy for and expresses the deepest concerns of the frail elderly without tap-dancing around the tough issues. Forty-two short, comforting devotionals offer much-needed spiritual encouragement to the once-vibrant who now cope with daily limitations and failing health.

    The devotions are written in the first person, allowing readers to speak directly to God about the pills they take, the walkers they need to be mobile, the ambulances that take away their friends. Supporting scriptures from the New Testament and Psalms are included with each meditation. Buchanan writes to the experiences of lifelong Christians as well as elderly non-believers who are thinking anew about God.

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  • Godly Grandparent : Living Faithfully And Influencing Your Grandchildren Fo


    13 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Dennis Ellingson’s conversational style, passion, and background – in the trenches of compassion, ministry, and grandparenting – make this a valuable resource for Christian grandparents who long to see their grandchildren walking in the Light. Readers will be encouraged by Ellingson’s examples from the Bible, his own family, and people he has worked with over the years. He offers valuable insights into desirable character qualities of a ‘senior’ Christian, as well as tips for making time with grandchildren eternally rewarding. As a Baby Boomer himself, Ellingson writes perceptively and prophetically to the ’60s generation who want to finish well and make a lasting difference. Read this book and be motivated to live a life of inward and outward godliness that will positively influence your grandchildren and help to transform their world.

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  • Some Things You Just Have To Live With


    Everybody figures it out sooner or later: Even in a Botox world that promises eternal youth, some things-from aches and pains to wrinkles, from menopause to the empty nest-you just have to live with. But despite the challenges, those who are reaching middle age-yesterday’s Baby Boomers-might not want to turn back the clock. Instead, as their bodies change and their priorities shift, they’re looking to cull wisdom from their experience and find spiritual meaning in their re-examined lives. In Some Things You Just Have to Live With, author Barbara Cawthorne Crafton explores the spilled milk of our lives, the physical changes our bodies endure, and the new and energizing purpose we can discover by plunging into the middle of life in a deeper-and sometimes mystifying-relationship with God. A wonderful storyteller, Crafton writes with humor and pathos rather than a heavy hand, allowing readers to see themselves and their own lives in the unfolding pages. Some Things You Just Have to Live With is a source of inspiration-and smiles-to those navigating the turbulent waters of the middle of life.

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  • Savvy Senior Singles


    Who likes being called a Senior Citizen?

    Not many. Even though the reaility of age may demand the description, there is a more accurate way to speak of many older people who find themselves alone.

    Author Samantha Landy prefers the phrase Savvy Senior singles for those who are mature but still very much young at heart – and living without a partner. Her practical insights give you the nudge needed to live a successfully fulfilling second-half of life.

    Being a savvy single begins with:

    Reviving old dreams.
    Facing relational issues.
    Exploring new opportunities.
    Not settling for good enough.
    This optimistic but practical vuew of life addresses issues that affect your emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

    You will enjoy this spiritual travelogue of sojourns over hill and dale filled with faith and great expectations.

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  • Retire Downtown : The Lifestyle Destination For Active Retirees And Empty N


    Are you a Ruppie? More and more people are trending toward living downtown. Author Kyle Ezell demonstrates how empty nesters can live out their golden years full of fun and independence in the midst of the city.

    Ruppies–Retired Urban People–are cropping up all over the country. The populations of city downtowns are exploding nationwide. Also known as active retirees, Ruppies are quickly becoming a big part of that population. Downtown living can help them stay active both physically and mentally while keeping them entertained in the process. After all, there’s always a live theater or jazz band playing right around the corner. Author and noted city planner Kyle Ezell has assembled information on living downtown, shopping, eating at exciting new restaurants, getting around, staying active, downsizing to one car, volunteering, keeping faith alive, and much, much more into Retire Downtown.

    Retire Downtown lists the top 20 cities for Ruppies across the nation, with a wealth of facts on each area and a breakdown of each environment.

    Learning how to locate the right downtown neighborhood in which to live, and discovering art galleries, cool hangouts, coffee shops, and farmers’ markets, as well as the unique and trendy ethnic shops, are all exciting parts of Ezell’s book–a must-have for every up-and-coming active retiree!

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  • Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Work I Retired


    Fear the future? You need an easy retirement plan-even fun. Here are principles, delightful applications and sound advice from an experienced professional-a perfect tool for planning your most enjoyable years!

    Using sailing terms, the author, a business professional himself, offers the principles he has shared with many about planning for retirement. To make the transition from work to retirement a ‘smooth-sailing’ experience, there are certain principles and plain ‘good sense’ actions that can be implemented today!

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  • 10 Gospel Promises For Later Life (Large Type)


    May you live to be 120! This old Jewish birthday blessing leads to a question Jane Marie Thibault regularly asks attendees at her workshops and retreats: Would you accept the gift of 120 years with joy and gratefulness, or would your response depend on your circumstances?

    As Thibault is now an older adult herself and has been working with older adults as a clinical gerontologist for nearly 30 years, she has been confronted by the challenge many older adults face in relating to the message of the Gospel in this later season of life.

    The material for 10 Gospel Promises for Later Life emerged as Thibault began to explore questions spawned by this blessing and compiled a list of ten challenges aging presents and the fears that accompany these challenges: fear of being left alone at the end of life, fear of not being good enough to go to heaven, fear of being a burden to others, fear that there’s nothing to live for now that the best years are over, difficulty believing in an afterlife, regretting missed opportunities to use talents, fear that it’s too late to fix relationships, feeling unneeded, wishing life had been different, and fear of extended suffering.

    Thibault then took these fears to the Gospel in a spirit of prayer and meditation. As she read she asked whether the Gospel speaks to the fears of aging, whether there is any good news in the Good News for older adults, and whether aging as a Christian is different from aging in secular society. The message she found is that Jesus offers the promise of abundant life to the older adult. Some of the Gospel promises that emerged were:
    *We are the beloved children of God the good parent.
    *We have a mission and purpose that is lifelong.
    *As spiritual siblings, we are interdependent upon each other for mutual care and assistance.
    *Powerlessness is powerful.
    *All that is, is gift, and God will continue to provide for us.
    *Forgiveness is offered to us, but it must be shared.
    *Suffering can have meaning for ourselves and others.
    *Renewal is necessary for life; it is never too late to grow in wisdom and grace.
    *Death is not the end of life.
    *We will never be left alone; Christ is with us always.

    In each chapter Thibault addresses a particular fear, giving an example of how it has affected the daily life of a person in a negative way. She then presents a response, a promise of the Gospel. After examining the promise and discussing how it provides a message of hope in later life, she p

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  • 101 Ways To Love Your Grandkids


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Bob and Emilie Barnes, beloved authors and grandparents, encourage other grandparents to embrace the blessing of this important role. The 101 ideas, prayers, and stories inspire grandmothers and grandfathers to share their legacies of faith, life, memories, and love. A blend of inspirational meditations and practical ideas, this is an ideal resource for the countless baby boomers who are now grandparents and anyone ready to share their heart with a child.

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  • Designing An Older Adult Ministry (Revised)


    Are you doing everything you can to mobilize and involve the older adults in your church? This updated edition of Gentzler’s bestselling ministry guide offers valuable insights on the specific needs and issues of later life and includes helpful ideas for expanding your ministries to today’s active older adults.

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  • Power Of A Godly Grandparent


    14 Chapters

    Additional Info
    You may or may not have material wealth to leave your grandchildren, but you have a rich heritage to pass on.

    Give your grandchildren the power of unconditional love. Give your grandchildren the power of your own testimony of faith, and show them how God will be faithful through the coming generations. Give your grandchildren the power of your prayers. Give your grandchildren a spiritual legacy.

    Whether your grandchildren live across the country, down the street, or down, the hall, Stephen and Janet Bly will show you how to be a grandparent your grandkids can count on.

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  • Caring For Elderly Parents


    The author explores many issues related to caring for elderly loved ones and offers practical advice about things we can do to repay our parents for the love they shared with us. This booklet provides general reading and includes several discussion questions at the end of each chapter to help you focus the message on your own life. Four chapters.

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  • Dont Call Me Old Im Just Awakening


    Through the clever use of letters and interior dialogue, this book of wisdom leads readers into spiritual awakening as part of the aging process.

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  • Forgetting Whose We Are


    FORGETTING WHOSE WE ARE by David Keck Compassionate and theological response to questions of identity and humanity posed by Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Lenten Prayers For Seniors (Deluxe)


    Lent offers seniors a special opportunity to look at faith from a new perspective, one that fosters fresh interpretation and heightened spiritual awareness.

    The perfect gift to give or to keep, Lenten Prayers helps seniors connect their life experiences with the liturgical season of Lent and the joyful celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and helps seniors renew faith, hope, and love for this most wondrous time of year.

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  • When Our Parents Need Us Most


    Your parents are entering their senior years. How can you, as a caregiver:

    *help them face retirement?
    *assist them in financial decision making?
    *handle your own emotions while parenting your parent?
    *cope with sickness and physical changes?
    *encourage them to reflect on their spiritual lives?

    Dr. McKenna speaks powerfully from his own experiences with four aging parents, two of whom lived in his home. He offers comfort and guidelines for times of transition, and explores in everyday terms the biblical meaning of caregiving.

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  • Very Present Help (Student/Study Guide)


    Having found a strong correlation between themes in the psalms and the personal and spiritual issues that older adults deal with everyday, Miriam Dunson selects ten of the best-known psalms for in-depth studies exploring issues of particular concern to older people. She opens avenues for study and reflection by including in each chapter a discussion of the psalm’s background, its meaning, and how it relates to the lives of older persons.

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  • Catch The Age Wave


    1. The Church Of Tomorrow
    2. The Senior Surge
    3. Developing A Christian View Of Life And Aging
    4. Ageism – Is It Real In The Church?
    5. New Beginnings For Your Senior Adult Group
    6. Target-Group Evangelism
    7. Practice Oikos Evangelism
    8. Incorporate Newcomers
    9. Establish A Small-Group Network
    10. Stimulate Spiritual Growth
    11. Provide Recreational, Social, And Physical Activities
    12. Stimulate Intellectual Development
    13. Make It Happen
    184 Pages

    Additional Info
    Senior adult ministry isn’t what it used to be. The comfortable assumptions and recycled programs that were the basis for local church ministry are being challenged. Baby boomers are hitting middle age and retirement. And their own parents are living longer. Authors Win and Charles Arn have updated and supplemented Catch The Age Wave with ideas, examples, and advice to help the local church leader start and maintain a senior adult program. In addition, they have added practical program ideas to use in any local church setting. New challenges for a new day. Catch the Age Wave won’t let you miss the boat.

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  • Pastoral Care Of Older Adults


    By the year 2000 more than half of mainline Protestants will be over the age of sixty. Older adults have special needs to which many pastors are not adequately prepared to minister. Pastoral Care of Older Adults addresses such problems, many of which were identified in an extensive survey of clergy. The book provides practical guidance for parish pastors, and other counselors, to deal with such issues as Alzheimer’s disease, the chronically ill, relocation, health crises, grief, depression, anxiety, gender differences, poverty, and the issues faced by the children of older adults.

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  • Positive Attitudes For The 50 Plus Years


    Anyone can turn the negatives of the 50+ years into positives.

    All too often these years are filled with problems, fears and complaints. Here are a few of the 75 addressed in this book:
    * Do you think God really guides in decision making? If so, how does He do that?
    * I look at some people and think: Everything you touch seems to turn to gold. I’m afraid I’ve batted less than .500.
    * My daughter is getting a divorce. I think I feel worse than she does – I keep asking myself what went wrong.

    Willard Scofield addresses each concern with hope-filled responses to change negative thinking into positive thoughts and actions. Here are a few:
    * God may have the greatest years of your life ahead.
    * Forget the past. Determine that today you are going to have fun.
    * God does beautiful things in the lives of His children.

    Packed with straight-forward answers to spiritual, personal, relational, and financial concerns, Willard Scofield draws on the wisdom of the Bible and his own 70 years of living on God’s love.

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  • Graying Gracefully : Preaching To Older Adults


    When pastors look out over their congregations, there’s a good chance that they see a lot of gray hair. This book gives practical instruction and examples of biblical and theological sermons to this growing population, enabling the preacher to proclaim the gospel more clearly for older adults. Covering topics from biblical and historical views of age to older adults’ need for social justice, each chapter concentrates on the practical issues for preaching to this group and contains a sermon to illustrate the application of the principles discussed.

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  • Caring Elder : A Training Manual For Serving


    SKU (ISBN): 9780570039938Victor ConstienBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1996Publisher: Concordia Publishing House

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