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  • Why Should I Give To My Church


    Discover the importance of giving in the life of the local church.

    Many new believers have questions about what it means to live as a Christian in the context of a local church, and pastors are looking for resources to pass along to their congregations to help them think biblically about the Christian life. Church Questions is a series by 9Marks that seeks to provide Christians with sound and accessible biblical teaching by answering common questions about church life. Each booklet offers biblical answers and practical applications with the goal of nurturing healthy church practice and commitment.

    Statistics show that while charitable giving is as popular as ever in America, giving to the church has dropped significantly in the past several decades. However, the Bible stresses the importance of giving as Christians-specifically for the benefit of the local church. In this short booklet, Jamie Dunlop addresses the question Why should I give to my church?-stressing three primary reasons for Christians to consider: it is spiritually rewarding, it accomplishes God’s purposes, and it brings him glory.

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  • STEWARD Plan : Understanding God’s Design For Your Finances


    Does the Bible really offer guidance for the complicated financial system in our world today? CPA, author and personal financial counselor John Madison offers a resounding yes! Since retiring from full-time work as a CPA at the age of 49, he has written his new book, The Steward Plan, which explores how following Biblical guidelines can lead people at any stage of life to financial success God’s way.

    The Steward Plan covers many aspects of becoming the financial steward God desires, including how to set financial goals, tithing guidance and strategies, creating a blueprint for spending, eliminating debt from your life, growing your wealth wisely over time, removing unnecessary risk from your financial life, and developing a plan to bless future generations. Combining Scripture with practical and easy-to-understand financial terms, The Steward Plan will help you gain control over your money and live the life God designed for you.

    The Steward Plan is an outgrowth of Dayspring Financial Ministry, whose mission is to teach Biblical financial stewardship. Like all of Dayspring’s programs, The Steward Plan does not promote or attempt to sell any specific insurance or investing products. It is an independent source of financial information and education, free of any bias, other than conformity with Scripture.

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  • Coming Revolution In Church Economics


    Pastor and urban church planter defines the new financial challenges churches face and outlines innovative, proven solutions that any congregation can implement.

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  • You Of Little Faith


    Provocative pastor challenges church leaders and members to give aggressively and extravagantly–beyond what they ever thought reasonable or possible–to unlock God’s blessings and strengthen their faith in a way that nothing else can.

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  • Your Money Made Simple


    Financial Advice for Every Season of Life

    I have learned to be content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. Philippians 4:12

    Does successfully making the most of your money feel like a mystery? Are you wondering where it goes or how to get a grip on your spending?

    Author and Christian financial advisor, Russ Crosson has spent more than 40 years advising individuals and couples about everyday financial wisdom and dilemmas. In Your Money Made Simple, he offers the key to mastering your finances-and it’s not about how much money you make.

    Customized to meet your needs, this resource teaches you how to manage your income wisely by….
    *clarifying financial terminology to help ease your decision making
    *offering proven formulas that work at any income level, age, or vocation
    *setting you on a path to freedom from financial worries

    Packed with wisdom from a seasoned expert and full of practical applications with easy-to-use financial planning tools and graphic charts, you will walk away know exactly how much money you have and how you are spending it.

    As you turn your finances over to the God who promises to meet all your needs, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from being content with what you have.

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  • Generous Life : 10 Steps To Living A Life Money Can’t Buy


    Does my life make a difference? People at all ages and stages of life want to live a life that has meaning and extends beyond their years on earth. In A Generous Life, Hobby Lobby founder David Green suggests readers start now to adopt a lifestyle of generosity.

    As the founder and CEO of the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world, David has amassed material wealth, yet has learned the secret of generous living. As someone who gives away half of his profits to charity, lives with integrity and faith, and enjoys the peace of crafting a legacy now, David has found peace and fulfillment.

    Whatever your income level, you have been blessed–in friendships, family, work, education, or talents–and God calls you to bless others with those gifts. In A Generous Life, David guides you through ten simple but life-changing action steps to help you establish a generous mindset, determine where and how much to give, create a legacy plan, and more.

    With practical helps on everything from deciding what you want your legacy to be to talking about money with your children, A Generous Life helps you start right where you are. You are richer than you know–and when you give it back to our generous God, your true wealth will never end.

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  • Money Greed And God 10th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary)


    An updated anniversary edition of the classic work that made the Christian case for capitalism, expanding and deepening the pioneering vision of entrepreneurship as a Christian pursuit.

    Ten years ago, Jay Richards, the New York Times bestselling author and Research Assistant Professor in the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America, introduced Christians to a new way of thinking about capitalism. He presented an alternative to the dualistic view that Christianity has cast on this economic system-all good or all evil-and revealed the surprising ways that capitalism is actually the best way to follow Jesus’s mandates to alleviate poverty and protect the earth.

    Now, this special anniversary edition has been updated with new research and commentary specific to our current economic landscape, including up-to-date case studies. Richards expands his Christian case for capitalism, considering issues that have come to the forefront in the past decade because of the financial crisis, including entrepreneurship, the debate over socialism and capitalism, and how millennials are influencing the market. In doing so, he reaffirms how entrepreneurial enterprise-a pursuit based on hard work, honesty, and trust-aligns with core Christian values today

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  • Stewardship : The Path To Victorious Living


    Walk step-by-step through in-depth discussions, biblical teeachings and practical examples to learn how to steward your life in every area, learn to stand on God’s Word, know God’s will for your life and take control of your circumstances and live victoriously.

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  • Jesus Economy : A Biblical View Of Poverty The Currency Of Love And A Patte


    You know people around the world are struggling. A homeless man holds a sign that reads, Anything helps. A poor child lives in a slum swarming with flies. A refugee mother is on the brink of starvation. You ask yourself, But what can I do about such big problems?

    You’re looking for long-term solutions. John D. Barry shares incredible, and often shocking, stories about working among the impoverished and unchurched in the U.S. and abroad. And since Barry is a Bible scholar, Jesus’ Economy is also deeply rooted in the Scriptures. It is a personal, sometimes funny, often heartbreaking account that presents a revolutionary pattern for lasting change.

    Jesus’ Economy is based on self-sacrifice. His currency is love. It’s called Jesus’ Economy because it’s about creating a spiritual and physical economy for those who need it most. Here is a thoroughly biblical and compassionate pattern for addressing issues of poverty and offering the hope of the gospel. Jesus’ Economy

    – Shows how you as an individual can best encourage renewal in your community.
    – Demonstrates how your church community or any group can alleviate poverty.
    – Presents a unified plan for creating jobs, spreading the gospel, and meeting basic needs.
    – Focuses on community development and sustainability– lasting change, globally and locally.

    Jesus’ Economy is a call to address our own spiritual poverty–as people who can too easily become distant from Christ–and it is a call to address the physical poverty all around us in a smart and sustainable way. Jesus’ teachings show that with simple, everyday choices, you can make the world a better place and create enduring change. Here’s how to live Jesus’ economy–a currency of love.

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  • Drawing On Holy Currencies (Workbook)


    Dreading another yawn-inducing stewardship season? Reanimate your congregation by Drawing on Holy Currencies-an altogether awesome (and fun!) new tool for exploring your gifts and purpose in the world! Created by Eric Law and his artist-nephew Dave, this interactive graphic workbook is filled with 52 weeks’ worth of creative activities and exercises to empower your year-round stewardship movement. Drawings, doodles, questions, invitations, songs, meditations, and more spirited exercises will help you explore the amazing ways you give and receive in life. Who knows-Drawing on Holy Currencies might just lead to more amazing and animated ways of living in God’s creation!

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  • Practicing The Kings Economy


    A pastor, an urban social activist, and an economics professor and bestselling author invite God’s people to experience the joy of following Jesus more fully in how we spend, save, and give.

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  • Kingdom Collaborators : Eight Signature Practices Of Leaders Who Turn The W


    Introduction: Thy Kingdom Come
    1. Pray With Eyes Wide Open
    2. Foment Dissatisfaction With The Status Quo
    3. Combine Social And Spiritual Entrepreneurship
    4. Marry Vision And Action
    5. Shape A People-Development Culture
    6. Curry Leadership Curiosity
    7. Call The Party
    8. Maintain (a Pain-Tinged) Optimism
    9. Accelerate Your Impact
    For Further Reflection/Group Discussion

    Additional Info
    These who have turned the world upside down have come here too, (Acts 17:6, NKJV).

    When Paul and Silas came to Thessalonica, they changed the community. How? By collaborating with God to bring his kingdom on earth.

    Will you collaborate on God’s kingdom work in your community? If you’re ready to see God move in all areas-business, education, media, arts, healthcare, spiritual growth, and more-this is the book for you. Leadership expert Reggie McNeal offers eight signature practices for leaders who want to partner with God and others for kingdom growth. Readers will gain practical advice to help people experience life as God intends.

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  • Beyond The Offering Plate


    Everyone knows that stewardship is more than money and finances. Nevertheless, seldom do we give time to explore the profound concept of stewardship in its many dimensions, including stewardship of time, work, body, mind, spirit, community, technology, and more. Beyond the Offering Plate does just that.

    Written by ten engaging pastors, seminary professors, and church leaders, this unique resource offers a diverse and holistic approach to stewardship. In ten accessible chapters, readers will learn how they can faithfully and practically discuss and engage with stewardship on a regular basis. Ideal for church leaders, seminary students, and pastors, this book includes questions for reflection and applications for life together at the end of each chapter. Copeland adds a special section with biblical references and preaching themes at the end of the book.

    Featured contributors include:

    Margaret P. Aymer, Associate Professor of New Testament at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas
    Kathleen A. Cahalan, Professor of Theology at Saint John’s University School of Theology and Seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota
    MaryAnn McKibben Dana, author of Sabbath in the Suburbs
    David Gambrell, Associate for Worship in the Office of Theology and Worship of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
    David P. King, Karen Lake Buttrey Director of the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving and Associate Professor of Philanthropic Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana
    Neal D. Presa, pastor and former moderator of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
    Ellie Roscher, Director of Youth and Story Development at Bethlehem Lutheran Church Twin Cities in Minneapolis and author of How Coffee Saved My Life
    Mary Hinkle Shore, pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Brevard, North Carolina
    John W. Vest, Visiting Assistant Professor of Evangelism at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia

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  • Never Enough : 3 Keys To Financial Contentment


    Have you ever worried that doubling down on your debt repayment is robbing your family of memories and fun? Or had a major appliance fail, right after splurging on an expensive purchase or vacation? The tension between giving to church or charity and paying for your kids’ tuition or sports equipment is real.

    Money and life are inextricably linked. They don’t run on independent tracks but rather continually exist together, both of them somehow needing to be handled with steady applications of wisdom and biblical integrity, even when they seem in direct competition.

    Veteran financial counselor and trusted author Ron Blue helps you navigate the seeming incompatibilities of money management. His liberating, simplifying analysis breaks down all your financial options to a basic four, then shows you how to adeptly keep them spinning alongside each other without leaving you consumed by confusion or regret-in fact, with all your dreams, plans, and principles still intact.

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  • Tithes And Offerings


    Wasn’t tithing meant for the Old Testament nation of Israel? Is tithing a New Testament command or more of a principle? Did Jesus or any of the apostles command the New Testament church to tithe? Is tithing really for today?

    Questions and objections like these are often offered when the subjects of tithing and offerings are raised. After all, tithing and offerings were part of the Law and New Testament believers are not under the Law but under grace.

    Bible teacher Kevin J. Conner seeks to set the record straight by answering these questions with a systematic overview and study of the subject of Christian stewardship, as it is taught in both the Old and New Testaments.

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  • Community Of Prayer


    Annual stewardship campaigns are about more than fundraising-they’re opportunities to embrace the ministry you do together. A stewardship emphasis is a time to celebrate relationships, the value of caring for ourselves, the love for the earth we share, and the gifts we receive from a generous Creator, which enable our very lives to become a blessing. Community of Prayer, a daily devotional covering four weeks, will help your congregation think differently about stewardship and the power of their generosity.

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  • My Footprint For God


    Each decision we make today has an impact on eternity. The depth of our walk with God, the way we handle money, and our priorities in life will influence our children and those around us for Christ or not. My Footprint for God will help you leave a financial and faith legacy that will honor God.

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  • Beyond Stewardship : A Church Guide To Generous Giving Campaign


    Authors John Zehring and Kate Jagger bring their extensive fundraising experience to bear in this practical resource for churches. Beyond Stewardship applies the best principles of fundraising to the annual giving campaign in local congregations. Emphasizing the individual givers and the act of giving as integral to spiritual life, this book goes beyond typical stewardship models to celebrate the generosity already demonstrated by church members and to invite further giving based on that generous past.

    Using a collaborative paradigm that engages leadership across the church, this volume offers four interlocking strategies for a successful annual giving campaign: concentric circles of commitment, personal visits, public witness, and direct mail.

    Key features:

    * Detailed roadmap for planning and executing annual giving campaigns.

    * Special section on raising funds for ‘specific purpose’ campaigns.

    * Features a practical appendix of tools and resources.

    * Well-published author has written nine books and ten e-books on subjects including Christian living and leadership.

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  • Christian Wallet : Spending Giving And Living With A Conscience


    Conscientious and compassionate use of our money in a world where people spend $310 million on costumes for their pets and $5 billion on entertaining ringtones for their phones is not an easy task. The temptation to spend now and think later (or never!) is ever-present, but with good intentions and prayerful hearts, we can slow down and reflect on what we earn, how we spend it, who is affected by it, and who we can share it with.
    -from the introduction

    Every Christian knows that we are called to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. But what about our wallet? We are asked to open it every Sunday when the offering basket comes by and are told that giving is a way of being a good steward, but what about spending money at a restaurant or grocery store? Best-selling author Mike Slaughter offers a comprehensive look at how Christians use their money in The Christian Wallet. Slaughter explores today’s culture of consumerism and the impact of what we buy, asking difficult questions about morality and money while acknowledging that there are no easy answers. Throughout the book, profiles of real people inspire thoughtful reflection about the true value of money and the rewards of conscious spending. Questions for individual or group study are also included with each chapter. The Christian Wallet helps Christians grapple with important questions about using money: how we spend, how we live, how we save, how we give, and what it all means.

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  • Holy Currency Exchange


    Eric Law’s foundational Holy Currencies (2013) demonstrated a new way ministries can think about the resources needed to do their work in their communities. Law’s follow-up book, Holy Currency Exchange, shares a variety of tools for thinking differently about how those resources can mobilize ministries into new life, mission, and vitality. Examples include a restaurant ministry, programs for youth, an emergency rent loan fund for people in the neighborhood, worship service in Mexican restaurants, and many more. What could your ministry do?

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  • Stewardshift : An Economia For Congregational Change


    The collective groan that greets stewardship campaigns in most churches can be quelled. This book offers theoretical and practical propositions by which lay and clergy leaders can ensure the sustainability of stewardship ministries to help their congregations flourish. Bob Sitze invites stewardship leaders into a broader conversation of how shifted biblical and secular stewardship concepts, practice, and identity can be incorporated into a congregation’s life and help bring about lasting change. The book has two sections: Part 1, Scriptural Stewardshifts, reinterprets familiar biblical passages on stewardship, introduces new ones, and helps congregations expand their use of the Bible in their life and stewardship work. Part 2, Secular Stewardshifts, examines the resources that are available to congregations from the continuing revelation that is occurring in the secular world, including brain science, financial planning, philanthropy, community organizing, and other areas. The book is written in a friendly style, with reflection questions, so-what moments, and, and engaging sidebars.

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  • Giver And The Gift (Reprinted)


    CEO of Large Nonprofit Shares a New Approach to Fundraising

    Over the past 10 years, Peter Greer has helped HOPE International increase private fundraising at an annual growth rate of 44 percent. Much of this is the result of a relational approach to fundraising, which stands in stark contrast to conventional wisdom in the field.

    For many people, fundraising has become a dirty word. Conjuring images of guilt-inducing gimmickry, the predominant model saps the joy from both the donor and the receiver. It is time to dismantle certain shaky beliefs and practices, rediscovering a path that values the giver as much as the gift.

    Co-written by David Weekley, the chairman of David Weekley Homes and one of America’s most influential philanthropists, this small book outlines a Kingdom perspective on fundraising in order to energize a new generation of generosity.

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  • Helping Without Hurting In Church Benevolence


    The best way to serve the poor when they ask your church for help

    Jesus was generous, but he was also wise. When the blind beggar asked him for mercy, Jesus gave sight, not money; He knew what the beggar truly needed.

    The church desires to be like her Savior and give the poor lasting relief. But the issues of poverty are so complex that we often don’t know what to do.

    Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert understand this well, and have written a tool to address this exact dilemma. Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence is a guidebook for walking with someone who approaches your church for financial assistance.

    Short and to the point, this tool provides foundational principles for poverty alleviation and then takes up practical matters, like:
    *How to make the gospel, prayer, and the Holy Spirit central in benevolence work
    *How to respond to immediate needs while still achieving long-term solutions
    *How to structure and sustain a benevolence ministry in your church

    With an appendix full of resources to guide implementation, Helping Without Hurting in Church Benevolence is an all-in-one guide for church leaders and laypeople who want to follow in Jesus’ steps -and truly help the poor among them.

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  • Beyond Blessings 2


    The widow’s mite has been like a tiny stream flowing down through the ages, widening and deepening in its course, and contributing in a thousand directions to the extension of the truth and the relief of the needy. The influence of that small gift has acted and reacted upon thousands of hearts in every age and in every country (Ellen G. White, Signs of the Times, November 15, 1910, P. 3).

    Giving is a volatile topic for most of us. But it is a biblical principle that needs more attention. For some, talking about faithful stewardship is like walking on thin ice. Reactions range from All you want is my money! to Isn’t that trying to strike a bargain with God? Where is the truth? Where is the blessing? Is there a balance?

    One thing is certain-we either steward our possessions faithfully or allow them to become a spiritual barrier between us and God.

    To help us get a balanced understanding, Beyond Blessings 2 offers another series of inspirational messages intended as a resource for local congregations. These messages will be helpful for individual study, group studies such as prayer meetings, or as sermon material. However you choose to use them, one thing is certain-the stories in this book will take you to the very heart of stewardship.

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  • God Is Able Textbook


    A book to help you see how God Is Able to meet your needs! Learn to be a better steward and discover what stewardship is all about! It’s not fundraising, but management. Created to accompany the God Is Able stewardship education month.

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  • Church Money Manual


    The Church Money Manual is the best resource available for churches seeking better ways to manage finances. Thoughtfully targeting multiple areas, the book features condensed chapters each focusing on a different subject. Subjects range from specific, detailed problems to perennially critical themes churches face in money management and stewardship.

    Some examples of condensed chapters include: A focus on donors and contributors no longer blaming the economy as a hindrance in their giving. Help addressing how to handle a donor who says they will not give unless particular areas are addressed. Outlines some of the most frequent mistakes hindering giving. How to navigate the area when there is a neighboring Christian university or college. An understanding of why pastors need giving to be good spiritual doctors just as medical professionals need diagnostics to be good physical doctors. Spotlighting what churches should be doing to help giving at the end of the year.

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  • Treasure Devotional : For Where Your Treasure Is There Your Heart Will Be A


    Sessions Include:
    Week 1: Where Is Your Treasure? Matthew 6:19-23
    Week 2: The Problem With Two Masters Matthew 6:24
    Week 3: How To Give Matthew 6:1-6
    Week 4: Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing Matthew 6:25-35

    Additional Info
    Whether you are in plenty or in want, money has a direct connection to your values, your faith, and the health of your relationships. It’s no wonder, that in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus presented a radical message about our treasure and our hearts.

    In this four-week stewardship program and church-wide study, Jacob Armstrong uses Matthew 6 to reexamine how we look at our finances and possessions, through the counter-cultural teachings of the Sermon on the Mount.

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  • Stewardship : Living A Biblical Call


    In Stewardship: Living a Biblical Call, Bernard Evans presents an accessible and easily understood biblical and theological foundation for giving that both parishioners and stewardship leaders will find practical and valuable. In focused chapters, the many aspects of stewardship are named and described, assisting readers in recognizing gifts and actions that make practicing stewardship far more than a financial proposition.

    Grounded in years of practical work in this area with parish leaders, Evans adeptly ties the Catholic invitation to stewardship to biblical foundations as well as the social teaching of the church. A clear, concise, readable work, Stewardship: Living a Biblical Call also engages key questions of the age, such as ecological stewardship and care for body, mind, and spirit. Evans explores the communal and personal actions that help every believer proclaim the reign of God.

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  • Sunday Spending Instead Of Sunday Giving


    Kevin Cann’s book is about managing God’s resources through Kingdom Principles. This is done by the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of our flesh. In the natural realm our flesh is in control, but in the supernatural realm, God is in control. Using Kingdom Principles will set us free from our flesh and allow God to bless us.

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  • Sunday Spending Instead Of Sunday Giving


    Kevin Cann’s book is about managing God’s resources through Kingdom Principles. This is done by the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of our flesh. In the natural realm our flesh is in control, but in the supernatural realm, God is in control. Using Kingdom Principles will set us free from our flesh and allow God to bless us.

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  • Sunday Spending Instead Of Sunday Giving


    Kevin Cann’s book is about managing God’s resources through Kingdom Principles. This is done by the leading of the Holy Spirit instead of our flesh. In the natural realm our flesh is in control, but in the supernatural realm, God is in control. Using Kingdom Principles will set us free from our flesh and allow God to bless us.

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  • Journey To Generosity


    What is a Generous Life? A Generous Life celebrates generosity lived in the name of Christ. From the everyday generosity that helps make someone’s bad day livable to the extraordinary generosity that changes lives forever, this little book seeks to enable everyone, from philanthropists to everyday people, to live generously, the way God desires. About the author: Mike Stickler is an author, consultant, philanthropist, pastor and founder of the worldwide organization Generous Life. Generous Life offers Christian ministries – and those who support them – a Christian perspective for living generously, while coaching leaders through some of their most challenging successes. Mike is the author of over forty books and training videos and through these has made a difference through thousands of ministries as they serve the world. With this book, I want to take you on a journey. This journey will change your life, the life of your family, your church, and your community. Spend the next 41 days with me, and others all around the world along with you, as we make a difference in others’ lives.

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  • Prosperidad


    Prosperity – it’s simply a matter of deciding to act on God’s principles established and outlined in His Word.

    Es en realidad el plan de Dios que usted prospere?

    Reclame las riquezas materiales y espirituales que le pertenecen. Una vez que usted comprenda el plan de abundancia que Dios ha disenado, jamas se conformata con menos. A traves de este mensaje biblico escrito por Kenneth Copeland, usted confirmata que cuando se trata de Prosperidad: La decision es suya.

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  • Bounty : Ten Ways To Increase Giving At Your Church


    Church leaders struggle with issues related to financial giving every year, in every economic climate. Most do not want to preach about the topic, and some don’t even like to think about it. The topic of financial giving is, for many, a perennial headache and an energy drain. Many church leaders have not considered the single most important aspect, however. Bounty explores the critical spiritual aspects of stewardship development, and clearly instructs pastors and laity how to lead congregations to grow in generosity. The authors provide ten immediately do-able and ultimately transformative steps that church leaders can take in any church setting. These steps are laid out with sound rationale and the wisdom of real-church experience, so that leaders are equipped to shift their congregants’ hearts as well as their pocketbooks.

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  • Developing A Giving Church


    1. Developing A Giving Environment
    2. Casting A Vision For A Giving Church
    3. Developing Committed Steward Leaders
    4. Developing An Annual Stewardship Plan
    5. Supporting The Pastoral Team
    6. Expanding The Giving Base

    Additional Info
    Today pastors and church leaders have an unparalleled opportunity to shape a biblical vision for kingdom giving. Based on the foundational premise that stewardship is the management of time, talents, and treasure, authors Stan Toler and Elmer Towns set forth a vision for pastors and church leaders to shape the thinking in the pews.

    Developing a Giving Church provides guidance for establishing a giving environment, suggestions for developing committed steward leaders, and counsel on biblical strategies. This vital stewardship resource merges insightful principles with proven methods for creating a climate for giving through stewardship education.

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  • 1st Childrens Study Edition (Teacher’s Guide)


    In First: Putting God First in Living and Giving, pastor and author Mike Slaughter conducts a four-week all-church stewardship program to help participants reassess priorities and create a culture and a lifestyle of giving with a special emphasis on missions. Sessions include: Naming Our Idols; Money, Work, and Debt; Earn-Save-Give; and Heart Giving.

    To help teachers and parents educate and model generosity for their kids, the Children’s Leader Guide contains session ideas for younger and older children, including reproducible handouts.

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  • 1st Devotional : Putting God First In Living And Giving


    What happens when we truly put God first in all aspects of our lives?

    In First: Putting God First in Living and Giving,pastor and author Mike Slaughter conducts a four-week all-church stewardship program to help participants reassess priorities and create a culture and a lifestyle of giving with a special emphasis on missions. To help parents educate and model generosity for their kids, First includes components for children and youth that help families explore financial decisions together. This book of devotional readings is a companion resource for program participants and is designed to draw families into closer fellowship with God as they explore financial decisions together. Includes short readings, Scripture, prayer, and stories.

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  • Shiny Gods Leader Guide (Teacher’s Guide)


    What happens when we truly put God first in all aspects of our lives?

    In First: Putting God First in Living and Giving, pastor and author Mike Slaughter conducts a four-week all-church stewardship program to encourage parents to educate and model generosity for their kids. Components for children and youth help families explore financial decisions together, with sessions on Naming Our Idols; Money, Work, and Debt; Earn-Save-Give; and Heart Giving. The curriculum’s 64-page Leader Guide contains everything needed to guide a group through the study. Includes session plans and discussion questions, as well as multiple format options.

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  • Breakthrough Power Of First Fruit Giving


    Free Flow Writing And Publishing
    The Breakthrough Power of First Fruit Giving expounds upon the understudied, yet powerful biblical principle of First Fruit. The understanding of this uncommon principle magnifies God’s extraordinary provision in proportion to our sacrificial offering of the firsts in everything we do and have.

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  • Fearless Church Fundraising


    Considering how essential fundraising is to ministry, many church leaders remain terrified of asking for or talking about money. Fearless Church Fundraising removes the terror from stewardship, urging leaders to focus on deep spiritual conversion and a clear, compelling mission before they design the pledge cards. In this rich esource-part handbook, part workbook, part spiritual guidebook-former monk and popular consultant Charles LaFond combines road-tested strategies and sample campaign documents with a spiritual director’s sensitivity. The result is an irresistible, user-friendly text that promises to transform your ministry’s fundraising and its spiritual life.

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  • Star Book For Stewardship


    A rich new volume in Judson Press’s best-selling Star Book for Ministers series! Pastor and author Clifford Jones has compiled an impressive collection of practical and biblical resources for church leaders who want to make stewardship a vital part of congregational life and discipleship. The new volume features:

    Stewardship in the Old and New Testaments
    Content for preaching and teaching ministries
    Materials for the worship service
    Basic training guidelines for saving, reducing debt, and estate planning
    Advice for introducing financial principles to children and youth
    Financial transparency and accountability for leaders
    A pastoral response to poverty
    Giving as a spiritual discipline

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  • Committed To Christ Adult Readings And Study Book (Student/Study Guide)


    SKU (ISBN): 9781426743528Bob CrossmanBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2012Publisher: Abingdon Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Laws Of Prosperity (Reprinted)


    True prosperity is the ability to apply the power of God to meet any need – spiritual, mental, and physical. In this book, Kenneth Copeland shares the revelation of spiritual laws that govern prosperity.

    The Laws of Prosperity is written to teach you how to apply these laws in your own life so that you can begin to enjoy the great, abundant life that only God can provide.

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  • Money Experiment : A Community Practice In Financial Simplicity


    The biggest issue with money is the way we think about it.

    Money makes us talk in terms of percentages and interest, loss and gain, and returns on investment. Our natural inclination is to connect our giving and spending to what will result in the biggest gain for ourselves and, as an afterthought, for others and the church.

    What would happen if, instead of focusing on how we budgeted our money, we changed the way we thought about money.

    By exploring the Biblical narrative, The Money Experiment will challenge you to embrace financial simplicity-big money words not included.

    How it works:
    1. Read and discuss each chapter with your group.
    2. Pick one of the experiments (challenges to live intentionally) to do throughout the week.
    3. Journal your thoughts and experiences.
    4. Share your experiences as a group the following week.

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  • Give Your All To God 5 Pack


    God has entrusted time and resources to your care. This brief, positive booklet teaches you how to be a faithful steward of his good gifts. In Give Your All to God you will discover a biblical perspective on your time and possessions, learn what it means to be a partner with God in overseeing his creation, and experience the rewards and benefits of trusting in God’s provision.

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  • Give Your All To God


    God has entrusted time and other resources to your care. This brief, positive booklet teaches you how to be a faithful steward of God’s good gifts.

    Discover a biblical perspective on your time and possessions.

    Learn what it means to be a partner with God in overseeing his creation.

    Experience the rewards and benefits of trusting in God’s provision.

    Give this book to new believers and membership candidates to help them learn what it means to see God as the owner and themselves as stewards of his creation.

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  • Kingdom Calling : Vocational Stewardship For The Common Good


    Amy Sherman unpacks Proverbs 11:10–When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices–to develop a theology and program of vocational stewardship. Here is practical help for churches, ministries and other faith communities to navigate the complex process of following Jesus in those places where we happen to prosper.

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  • Money Mysteries From The Master


    In this easy-to-read book, Gary Keesee shares principles (mysteries) hidden for us in God’s Word regarding money. Using many stories and powerful illustrations, Keesee confronts poverty mindsets in the Church and expounds on the power not only of giving into the Kingdom with faith and getting out of debt, but also of partnering with God by pursuing and risking for the business opportunities that God places in believers’ paths. So many Christians depend on the world’s system of making money rather than learning about God’s Kingdom approach to money. Keesee’s book provides practical equipping for making and using money according to Kingdom principles.

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  • Practicing Extravagant Generosity


    An indispensable part of the Extravagant Generosity stewardship program, this volume, by Bishop Schnase, opens the Scriptures to show the joy and grace of giving. Designed to provide daily Bible reading for the four weeks of the program, it leads the reader to explore such questions as Why do we give, Who benefits most from our giving, and Where does true contentment come from? By reading and following this guide to the spiritual discipline of stewardship, church members will experience afresh the joy of serving God with their time, talents, and gifts.

    Additional program components include:

    An overview timeline, providing quick information on what happens during each week of the stewardship campaign.

    A guidebook for leaders that covers all aspects of the campaign, from detailed plans for each of the four Sunday services to marketing materials like flyers and postcards to e-mail messages and letters designed to be sent to specific groups within the congregation-all available on the enclosed CD-ROM.

    A small-group leader’s guide to host Sunday school and other small groups during the program using the devotional book.

    A DVD with video segments for four group-study sessions and short clips for use in worship.

    The Extravagant Generosity kit is also available.

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  • Spirituality Of Fundraising


    Have you ever raised funds for your church, another organization, or a mission trip? Maybe you felt uncomfortable about asking people to donate money. It’s time to change the way you view this important task.

    Fundraising is, first and foremost, a ministry, renowned author and teacher Henri Nouwen writes in the introduction. It’s a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission.

    Nouwen approaches fundraising from a position of strength rather than weakness, seeing it as spiritual work. Fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging, he points out.

    Unlike most business/leadership books, A Spirituality of Fundraising is brief and can easily be read in one sitting. Sections of this booklet include

    *Fundraising as Ministry
    *Helping the Kingdom Come About
    *Our Security Base
    *People Who Are Rich
    *A New Communion
    *Prayer and Gratitude
    *Your Kingdom Come
    Nouwen’s insights will shift your thinking about fundraising. You’ll never feel as though you are begging for money but instead view your work as true ministry. A must read for leaders in churches, nonprofits, ministries, and businesses!

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  • Dinero Habla Pero Que Dice


    A practical book that puts into perspective our spirituality and our desire to serve God. It presents Bible examples that explain the principle of giving, and teaches us what should motivate us to tithe, the love for Christ and not a sense of obligation.

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  • Perspectives On Tithing


    Was the tithe just for Israel, or is it also applicable to Christians? Must a tithe go only to your local church, or can it be received by any Christian organization? Do we tithe on the net or the gross amount?

    Perspectives on Tithing presents in point-counterpoint format the most common views about how Christians are to give of their financial resources, addressing the myriad of questions that surround the complex issue. Ken Hemphill (Empowering Kingdom Growth) and Bobby Ecklund (Ecklund Stewardship Ministries) contribute The Foundations of Giving while the book’s editor, David A. Croteau (Liberty University), writes The Post-Tithing View: Giving in the New Covenant. A chapter by Reggie Kidd (Reformed Theological Seminary) is called Tithing in the New Covenant? ‘Yes’ as Principle, ‘No’ as Casuistry. Finally, Gary North (Institute for Christian Economics) looks directly at The Covenantal Tithe, and Scott Preissler (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) provides the epilogue.

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  • Tithing Principle : Understanding Why We Give


    Tithing. Not many people want to talk about it, right? It’s just money, isn’t it? It’s personal. In this economy, who has the means to tithe? People have budgets that barely cover bills, let alone giving money to a church.

    In The Tithing Principle, Tom Felder shares stories from those who tithe, the sacrifices they’ve made, and the blessings they’ve received. Stories by everyday people encourage others to be generous and consistent in their giving. This book will inspire, lead, and reveal the controversies concerning tithing and its deeper effects on the soul.

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  • Whose Offering Plate Is It


    In Not Your Parents Offering Plate, Clif Christopher challenged churches and pastors to take a lesson from the leaders of not-for-profit organizations: if you want people to give to your church, first offer them a compelling vision of the good that their giving will accomplish. The book encouraged an entire culture change for many in the Christian community in how they viewed the offering plate. It also unleashed a barrage of questions on specifically now one goes about creating this new culture while maintaining the foundations of their faith tradition and essence of their mission.

    In this sequel Christopher responds to these questions in the same forthright manner that he originally laid forth his propositions. He offers simple, strategic advise on such difficult questions as:

    $ Exactly how to I go about gaining access to the donor records when my church has prohibited it for a hundred years?
    $ How do I explain a meeting with just those who are strong givers without alienating those who are not?
    $ How can we advocate online giving without encouraging some to abuse their credit cards?
    $ What should letters to different giving constituencies look like?

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  • 52 Ways To Ignite Your Congregation Generous Giving


    The second volume in the 52 Ways to Ignite series gives pastors, lay leaders, and stewardship/mission committees 52 thoughtful, biblically based, action-oriented ideas that will encourage members to become disciples who give – and give generously. Each idea, which begins with a Bible passage, will invite reflection and discussion, igniting greater responsiveness to God’s generosity.

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  • Registro De Contribuciones


    Five-part form (5 x 7) (no carbon paper required) to record contributions from individual members, provide separate yearly copies for each member’s tax records, and send quarterly copies—all without additional bookkeeping or transferring to other forms. Shrink-wrapped in packages of 100 forms.

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  • Transforming Stewardship


    At once a travel guide and a vision for the future, this series is good news for the Episcopal Church at a time of fast and furious demographic and social change. It analyzes the present plight of the church and sketches a positive way forward, sprouting from the seeds of change-those transformative practices already at work renewing the church. What church models can help point us toward transformation? What are the essential tools? What will give us strength, direction, and purpose to the journey?

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  • Building Your Financial Fortress In 52 Days


    Most people scrape by in life, anesthetizing their hearts with meaningless diversions. Many have no breathing room and find themselves in an endless struggle to survive from one day to the next. God’s Word has the answers for them. The Bible contains 2,350 verses that have to do with money and possessions. God desires a life for us that is free of debt and the entrapments and common pitfalls related to financial difficulties.

    This 7-week plan will rock and roll the finances of every reader and will challenge them to take hold of the life that is true living. Through Nehemiah’s example you will find lasting financial peace, and learn how to:
    * Rebuild your finances and attitudes.
    * Give your finances to God.
    * Understand God’s Word about making and saving money.
    * Resist all opposition to building your financial fortress.
    * Realize your divine responsibility to share.
    * Build strong and secure financial walls.
    * Put the finishing touches on your financial fortress.

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  • Charitable Choices : Philanthropic Decisions Of Donors In The American Jewi


    Why People Give Charity: A Philanthropic Phenomenon Based On Consumer Spending, Situation, Self-Interest, Or Socialization?

    Is Charity Caring Compassion Or Social Justice? The Case Of The Jewish Community

    Sources Of Philanthropic Giving: Evidence From The National Jewish Population Surveys

    The Three Faces Of Giving: Donors, Affiliated, And Unaffiliated

    Group Portraits In Three Dimensions: Comparisons And Contrasts

    Perceived Incentives And Barriers To Giving

    Twenty-first Century Realities: The Views Of The Fundraising Directors

    Summary And Implications For Policy And Research

    Additional Info
    Charitable giving and philanthropic behavior are frequently the subject of media reports and newspaper headlines. Examining the incentives and barriers to charitable behavior, Dashefsky and Lazerwitz account for such giving by members of the Jewish community. A discussion of motivations for charitable giving, Charitable Choices relies on quantitative and qualitative data in one religio-ethnic community.

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