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  • Simon Peter : Flawed But Faithful Disciple


    He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow his teacher, yet struggled with doubt and fear. Join pastor and author Adam Hamilton in this six-week Lenten journey, and take an in-depth dive into the life, faith, and character of Simon Peter. The six-session DVD features Adam Hamilton on location in Israel and Italy. The video segments are approximately 10-12 minutes each and, when combined with the book, make an ideal six-week group study. All videos sessions are closed captioned. Sessions include: The Call of Simon the Fisherman Walking with Jesus in the Storm Bedrock or Stumbling Block? I Will Not Deny You From Cowardice to Courage The Rest of the Story

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  • Embracing Exile Small Group


    Like the Israelites in Babylon, Christians today may feel they are in unfamiliar territory, surrounded by a culture with customs and practices foreign to their faith. In these times of dislocation and powerlessness, God wants to help his people experience anew the possibilities of covenantal faithfulness.

    In Embracing Exile, T. Scott Daniels invites the church to embrace this modern time of exile and to seize this unique opportunity to be a blessing to the culture around us.

    This 7-week study will help your congregation discover what faithfulness looks like even when the surrounding culture does not affirm Christ as Lord.

    The Embracing Exile Small Group includes 7 small group videos and a small group leader’s guide.

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  • Grace Full Life


    Grace is God’s all-reaching, never-ending, game-changing love for you and me. In this series, Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds examine God’s Word and discover how grace works in our lives and in our world. A Grace-Full Life seeks to answer the questions In what ways is God an ‘ever present’ God?, Why does God want to have a personal relationship with me?, How can I fully experience and respond to God’s grace?, How can I die well ‘surrounded by God’s grace?’. Themes include: Prevenient grace: God’s wooing or drawing grace Justifying grace: God’s saving grace Sanctifying grace: God’s grace that makes us more like Jesus Glorifying grace: God’s grace that welcomes us to eternity The DVD contains four video segments of 10-12 minutes each, featuring Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds in their warm and inviting style. The videos, when combined with the book, make an ideal four-week group study. All video sessions are closed captioned.

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  • Jesus Speaks : Holding Fast In A World Of Compromise


    Hold fast. This is the word of the risen Christ, the one who has eyes like flames of fire, who holds seven stars in his right hand and who searches the minds and hearts of all humans. In Revelation 2-3 his word comes to us like two-edged sword, both encouraging and judging. Jesus calls us to hold fast in the face of temptations of all sorts, but sternly warns those who follow false teachings. Though Jesus is speaking to seven ancient churches of Asia Minor, his words ring true today, calling us to patient endurancenot fearing tribulationrepenting of a dead faithkeeping God’s Wordreceiving the crown of lifethe blessings of conquerors This seven-session DVD forms a church-wide series when coupled with the book Jesus Speaks, which combines short devotional chapters with a built-in seven-session small group guide. Jesus offers us his guidance through both the pitfalls and paths toward holiness. Are you ready to listen?

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  • Not A Silent Night


    The videos are based on the book chapter topics:
    1. Beginning with the End
    2. The Piercing of Mary’s Soul
    3. Amazed, Astounded, and Astonished
    4. Mary, Full of Grace
    5. It Was Not a Silent Night
    All video sessions are closed captioned.

    Additional Info
    Imagine Jesus from Mary’s point-of-view-proud of her son, in awe of his gifts and mission, guided by love for him as a person and so much more. Adam Hamilton begins at the end, with Mary at the crucifixion and resurrection; travels back in time as she witnesses his life and ministry; and ends at the beginning, with the Christ child born in a stable, Mary’s beautiful baby. This year, experience Advent and Christmas with Mary. This DVD, meant for group use along with Adam Hamilton’s book Not a Silent Night: Mary Looks Back to Bethlehem, brings Hamilton and his dynamic teaching style into the group. The DVD presents five videos of about 10 minutes each, one for each book chapter.

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  • Revival : Faith As Wesley Lived It


    Join Adam Hamilton for a six-week journey as he travels to England, following the life of John Wesley and exploring his defining characteristics of a Wesleyan Christian. Wesley’s story is our story-it’s our heritage, it defines our faith, and it challenges us to rediscover our spiritual passion. This six-session DVD features Adam Hamilton guiding us through a six-week Bible study tracing the life of John Wesley throughout England. This study will deepen people’s faith by calling them to a devout and holy life while defining what the Christian life looks like through the eyes of a Wesleyan Christian. All video sessions are closed captioned.

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  • When Christians Get It Wrong


    More and more young adults have opted out of Christianity and the church. The reason? Christians. When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they often name certain attitudes and behaviors they believe are practiced too often by Christians: judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith, and being anti-homosexual. With his familiar style, Adam Hamilton tackles these issues and addresses the how’s and why’s of Christians getting it right when it comes to being Christ in the world. When Christians Get It Wrong DVD may be used with campus ministries, small groups, and Sunday school classes. The six-session DVD features video from Adam Hamilton’s provocative sermons. A Leader Guide, offering session goals, leader helps, activities, Scriptures, and more, is also available.

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  • Making Sense Of The Bible


    In this six week video study, Adam Hamilton explores the key points in his new book, Making Sense of the Bible. With the help of a full leader’s guide, the video presentations from the author lead groups through the book, focusing on the most important questions we ask about the bible, its origins and meaning.

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  • AHA Pastors Kit


    The AHA Pastor’s Kit includes everything you need to plan a six-week teaching series around the concepts presented in the Small Group Study:

    *Special video message for pastors from Kyle Idleman
    *Video guide for implementing a church-wide program
    *Six sermon outlines
    *Six short video clips to accompany each week’s sermon
    *Six sermon bumpers (short video clips to introduce each week’s sermon)
    *Digital art files to use in creation of bulletins and other promo materials

    NOTE: This Pastor’s Kit can stand alone, or be a companion to the AHA Small Group study (SKU#548535), which is sold separately. The six 30-minute episodes are only included in the Small Group Study.

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  • Galatians DVD Set


    Paul’s letter to the Galatians speaks directly to the hearts of Christians and addresses the most important question we can ask: What must we do to be saved? This fascinating letter reveals the merciful love that God the Father has for us, his children. It speaks of the extraordinary gift of salvation that Jesus has won for us, and it explains how we can unite ourselves to Christ’s redeeming sacrifice through faith and love. Galatians is a study that will reignite your love for God as you learn of the astonishing love God has for you.

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  • Walking Toward Eternity 2 DVD Set


    Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart, the second series in the Walking Toward Eternity Program, is a challengng study that can open our eyes to obstacles in our Christian walk such as greed, envy, fear, and shame. Through prayer, reflection, guidance, and the aid of the Holy Spirit, we begin to engage these difficulties in a positive way as we continue toward our goal of union with Christ.

    This study introduces seven common struggles and teaches how to engage them:

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  • Walking Toward Eternity 1 DVD Set


    In this eight-part DVD series, Jeff Cavins offers insights and commentary on what it takes to make real changes in your life, changes that will make you more like the person God created you to be. Poignant stories of those who are living out particular virtues are presented to encourage and challenge us to put our faith into practice.

    This DVD set is designed to be used with the Daring to Walk the Walk Student Journal, which contains the essential questions and reading assignments for the program.

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  • 3 Simple Questions DVD With Leaders Guide


    Who Is God? Who Am I? Who Are We Together? How we answer these three simple questions has a big impact on what we believe, how we live, and how we relate to other people. This six-session DVD, designed to help participants reinforce connections between the book and Scripture, is essential for creating a successful Three Simple Questions church wide study. Each of the videos leads naturally into discussion and sharing through the use of stories, Scripture, personal comments, and music. Session 1 Introduction Session 2 Who Is God? Session 3 Who Am I? Session 4 Who Are We Together? Session 5 Praying the Questions Session 6 Living the Questions A comprehensive Leader Guide is also included that contains useful information for organizing, leading, and preparing for each of the six sessions. In addition, you will find extended reflection and discussion questions, suggestions for spiritual practices, guides for prayer, and flexible group sessions that help adults uncover these life-changing answers: Know God is greater than you can imagine Believe that you are God’s beloved child Be the love of Christ in the world Now it is time for you to know, believe and become the answers.

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  • Making Sense Of The Cross


    Leader Introduction
    Session 1: A Man Hanging on a Tree
    Session 2: Portraits and Perspectives
    Session 3: Ransom and Victory
    Session 4: Substitution, Satisfaction, and Sacrifice
    Session 5: Example and Encouragement
    Session 6: Event and Experience

    Additional Info
    Presented by David Lose, author of the Making Sense series, this DVD is designed to be used during course sessions. The introductory video prepares those leading the course. The remaining videos integrate with the course sessions.

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  • Walk The Talk


    Church Colson, Rick Warren, and Gerard Long are wise, Biblical sages for this generation, champions of critical thinking. In eight video sessions, this trio of cultural scholars gently guide new Christians across deep waters. They explore key issues such as life and death, good and evil, pain and suffering, truth, sin, reconciliation, history, and the future. Our worldview consists of the beliefs we build our lives upon and it”s critical to have a sound one. Colson, Warren, and Long introduce Christians to a different worldview-one that views things the way God does. These videos are to be used in conjunction with the discussion guide (SKU 180550). This study is perfect for discipleship groups that are ready to challenge their outlook by faith. Study Topics: 1. A BRAND NEW PERSPECTIVE 2. WHAT IS A WORLDVIEW? 3. WHAT IS TRUTH? 4. WHERE DID WE COME FROM? 5. HOW DID THE WORLD GET SO MESSED UP? 6. WHAT”S THE SOLUTION? 7. WHAT DO I DO NOW? 8. SUIT UP About the Speakers: The late Chuck Colsonwas the founder of Prison Fellowship, BreakPoint, and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Rick Warren is the founder of Saddleback Church and author of the bestselling The Purpose Driven Life. Gerard Long is the Executive Director of Alpha USA and author of The Breakthrough, a modern day parable.

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  • Greatest Story Jesus


    1.Who Is This Jesus? –Four Gospels
    2.God Is With Us –Birth Narratives
    3.This Is My Son –Baptism, Calling, Temptation
    4.Fulfilled In Your Heart –Ministry Begins
    5.Follow Me –Calling Disciples
    6.Who Then Is This? –Making Miracles
    7.Who Touched Me? –Healing
    8.Let The Forgiven Forgive –Forgiving
    9.Blessed Are You –Teaching
    10.The Kingdom Is Like… –Storytelling
    11.Lost And Found –Storytelling
    12.I Am –Sayings And Symbols
    13.Entering Jerusalem –Holy Week
    14.Broken For You –Final Night
    15.Crucify Him! –Trial And Death
    16.A Sunday Response –Resurrection

    Additional Info
    In this 16-session study, participants will journey through the Gospel narratives – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – in this exciting exploration of the life and ministry of Jesus. Lutheran Study Bible is used in each session, and the accessible, inviting format encourages participants to engage directly with the texts, in turn developing biblical literacy. The Session DVD features the sand art depictions of the Bible story by renowned artist Joe Castillo. Each session video brings the story to life as the image continuously transforms from one element of the story to another.

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  • Greatest Story Bible Introduction


    The Greatest Story Session DVD (Lutheran Study Bible Edition) features the sand art depictions of the Bible story by renowned artist Joe Castillo. Each session video brings the story to life as the image continuously transforms from one element of the story to another.

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  • Making Sense Of The Christian Faith


    Narrated by David Lose, author of Making Sense of Scripture and Making Sense of the Christian Faith, this session DVD is designed to be used during course sessions. The first session is designed to prepare those leading the course. The following sessions are intended to be integrated with each course session.

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  • Forgotten God DVD Study Resource


    In this dynamic companion to the book Forgotten God, breakthrough author Francis Chan reminds us of the true source of the church’s power – the Holy Spirit. Chan contends that we’ve ignored the Spirit for far too long and that without Him, we operate in our own strength, only accomplishing human-sized results.
    This seven-session video resource offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit’s direction in our lives. It is designed to initiate and facilitate discussion, interaction and practical application of the message of Forgotten God.
    Francis’ thought-provoking teaching makes this a valuable resource for small groups, churches, youth groups, and college campus ministries.

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  • 24 Hours That Changed The World


    A Video Journey Through the Last Day of Christ’s Life based on Adam Hamilton’s powerful book 24 Hours That Changed the World

    In his inspiring book 24 Hours That Changed the World, Adam Hamilton guided us, step by step, through the last day of Jesus’ life.

    Now, in a companion DVD that also functions beautifully on its own, we travel to the Holy Land with Adam Hamilton to visit the sites where those earth-shaking events took place. We walk where Jesus walked and see what he may have seen, along the road that led to the pain and triumph of the cross.

    Video sequences of Adam teaching from the Holy Land were made possible by Educational Opportunities Tours. For more information, visit www.eo.travelwithus.com

    Additional resources available at www.AdamHamilton.Cokesbury.com

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  • Making Sense Of Scripture


    *Introduction: Leader Prep Overview (14:15)
    *Session 1: What Is the Bible? (08:47)
    *Session 2: Is the Bible True? (07:27)
    *Session 3: How Is the Bible the Word of God? (08:52)
    *Session 4: Where Did the Bible Come From? (08:30)
    *Session 5: How Can I Read the Bible with Greater Understanding? (11:30)
    *Session 6: Is There a Center to Scripture? (09:08)
    *Session 7: What Kind of Authority Does the Bible Hold? (08:83)

    Additional Info
    A perfect companion to the Making Sense of Scripture course, this contains eight sessions, and is designed to be used during course sessions. The first session is designed to prepare those leading the course. The following seven sessions can be integrated with each course session.

    Narrated by David Lose, author of Making Sense of Scripture

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  • Listening For God 1-2


    Includes the 40-page leader guide.

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  • How To Start A Riot


    A story about shipwrecks, snakebites, beatings, meetings, and other church events. –

    The way of Jesus has always been wilder than we think and more dangerous than we’d like. Jonathan offers a fresh look at Acts of the Apostles–the story of a people who went all over the known world proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and that God is doing a new thing.

    This 2-DVD set includes 12 segments filmed on location in Jerusalem, bringing the stories of Acts to life. Each 12-15-minute segment explores what it means to belong to the community of God and how to Support Your Local Revolution. The series also includes access to an online companion booklet to guide and enrich discussion.

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  • Group Spiritual Direction


    Based on the book of the same name, this video invites viewers to see and hear how the process of group spiritual direction unfolds. They will see real communities in prayerful discernment and receive practical tips on how to lead a group, how to be part of a group in a meaningful way, and how to address the problems and possibilities that arise.

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