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  • Programming Of Life 2


    The Earth is an extremely complex and uniquely programmed planet. The smallest degree of change could cause significant effects on us and our surroundings.

    The distance between the earth and the sun; the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the air; the angle and speed of the earth’s rotation; gravitational force; atmospheric pressure and the list goes on. If any of these parameters were to change, even slightly, earth would not be the planet we know today.

    We’re living on the most unique and robust planet in the entire universe and the more we research the more we discover just how much of a razor’s edge we’re really on. Join us as we explore science in an effort to better understand the origins of life.

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  • Image Of God


    Will the missing link ever be found? In this engaging talk, Dr. David Dewitt offers a resounding No! This respected Ph.D. professor reveals information about DNA, human/ape skull comparisons, and supposed apeman discoveries to critique the evolutionary tree that supposedly links humans to apes. Using well-documented research and revealing illustrations, he exposes its roots for what they really are-fiction.

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