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Bible Language Tools

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  • Introduction To Biblical Greek Video Lectures


    An Introduction to Biblical Greek Video Lectures focuses on the linguistic and syntactic elements of Koine Greek with the goal of accurate interpretation. Drawing upon her thirty-year Greek-teaching experience and the latest developments in linguistics and syntax, Harris introduces students to basic linguistic concepts and categories necessary for grasping Greek in ways that are clear and intuitive. This solid linguistic foundation enables students first to internalize key concepts, then to apply and build upon them as more complex ideas are introduced.

    Coordinated for use with the An Introduction to Biblical Greek Grammar textbook, An Introduction to Biblical Greek Video Lectures demonstrates how students should mark Greek texts so they can begin to see the syntax, using texts from both the Greek New Testament and Septuagint as examples.

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  • Basics Of Hebrew Discourse Video Lectures


    Basics of Hebrew Discourse Video Lectures, presented by Matthew H. Patton, Frederic Clarke Putnam, and Miles V. Van Pelt, is a syntax resource for intermediate Hebrew students. The lectures introduce students to the principles and exegetical benefits of discourse analysis (text linguistics) when applied to biblical Hebrew prose and poetry. Where standard Hebrew reference grammars have traditionally worked to describe the relationship between words and phrases within discrete clauses (micro-syntax), discourse analysis works to describe those relationships that exist between clauses and texts (macro-syntax).

    These lectures fill a needed gap for intermediate Hebrew students and give them the tools to work with Hebrew syntax on the macro level. Professors and pastors working with Hebrew will also find this one-of-a-kind resource highly valuable.

    Session Titles and Runtimes:
    0 – Introduction to Hebrew Discourse (18 min)
    1 – Introduction to Working with Biblical Hebrew Prose (21 min)
    2 – Diagramming (19 min)
    3 – Discourse Markers and Verbal Sequences in Narrative (18 min)
    4 – Verbal Sequences in Non-Narrative and Preposing and Verbless Clauses (23 min)
    5 – Analysis (21 min)
    6 – An Example (38 min)
    7 – Introduction to Working with Biblical Hebrew Poetry (20 min)
    8 – Glossing and Parsing the Poem (17 min)
    9 – Poetic Lines (20 min)
    10 – Verbal Forms (18 min)
    11 – Type of Clause (20 min)
    12 – Syntax (25 min)
    13 – Semantic Cohesion (29 min)
    14 – Logical Cohesion and Structure (19 min)

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  • Is Your Bible Missing Something 2


    57 short videos, 3-10 minutes each
    9 Bible topics covered:

    Trusting the KJV Bible
    What’s Changed in Modern Bibles
    Bible vs. Professor
    God vs. the Devil
    New International Version
    New King James
    Study Bibles & Commentaries
    New American Standard Version
    Queen James Bible

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  • Its Not Greek To Me


    At just the right time, God fulfilled His promise to send a Messiah. What made two thousand years ago the right time? The Greek Language!

    God’s sovereign design was to use Greek when it was the language of the entire world so every nation could understand the Good news. More than that, Greek is a far more precise language than Old Testament Hebrew allowing for a far more precise understanding of theology. God has very good timing!

    By studying Biblical Greek, you will:
    – Learn how to read your New Testament in the original language.
    – Learn enough Greek grammer to understand every Greek reference your pastor makes.
    – Get more out of Bible footnotes and commentaries.
    – Do your own word studies to know exactly what God intended to communicate.

    The Good news is, you will not have to memorize a ton of stuff! This is a very basic Greek primer to simply help you grasp the Greek language to better study your Bible and know God Better.

    It’s NOT Greek to me is perfect for:
    – Individual or family study.
    – Sunday school classes(ten lessons, ten weeks).
    – Homeschoolers.
    – Students preparing for first year Greek.

    This study will not go over your head and it will not waste your time. C’mon! Jump in. You will learn the language that God Himself chose to write your New Testament in. Best of all, you will have the skills to understand your Bible better so you can love and follow your Savior better!

    Includes PDF study guide for group or individual study

    (DVD with PDF study guide)

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  • Is Your Bible Missing Something


    In this collection of 8 short videos (previously released on YouTube), author David W. Daniels gives specific examples of words, phrases, and even whole verses removed from modern Bibles. Viewers are often shocked by these changes.

    These problems have been there all along, so why has no one been talking about them? Daniels has an entertaining style and clarity that will be great to show to your congregation or class. He builds faith by showing exactly which Bible you can trust, and why!

    Daniels wasn’t always so confident in his Bible. In Bible college, his professors started turning him towards the various modern versions. By graduation, he believed that the only way to know for sure what God really said, was to look at the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. But a simple suggestion from a Bible-believing friend sent him on a 10-year quest that showed him the error of his -and his professors’- way. Finally he realized that the KJV is the only Bible he can trust. It is God’s preserved words in English!

    Originally released on YouTube, these videos are now compiled on one DVD making it easy for viewing where an internet connection may not be available.

    Show them:

    At your church service
    In your Sunday school class
    Home Bible studies
    Give to friends and family who use modern Bibles
    Watch them at home to learn more about the subject

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