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  • Receiving Healing From The Courts Of Heaven DVD Study


    What To Do When Prayers for Healing Go Unanswered

    The Bible is clear: God’s will is to heal! And yet, believers often pray for healing and do not receive it. Why? The answer can be found in the Courts of Heaven.

    Robert Henderson is internationally recognized for teaching the Courts of Heaven prayer strategy, which has brought breakthrough, answered prayers, and miraculous transformation to countless lives. In these sessions, Henderson teaches you how you identify and break the hindrances that keep your healing from being released. You can experience these sessions in a small group or class, or individually. Through revelatory teaching, breakthrough prayers, and special impartation segments, you will personally encounter the Judge of Heaven who wants to render healing on your behalf! Satan is the adversary to God’s will and God’s people. In the Courtrooms of Heaven, he brings charges against believers to prevent their healing. Through these 8 video teaching sessions, Henderson teaches you to align your prayers with the legal process of heaven to defeat the devil’s arguments.

    You will learn how to:
    *Identify hindering spirits, barriers and legal rights that prevent healing.
    *Break curses and strongholds that give Satan destructive access to your health.
    *Pray in a breakthrough dimension according to God’s purposes.
    *Release the healing verdict of atonement from the courts of Heaven.
    *The Judge of Heaven wants to grant healing! Bring your prayers into His courts today!

    Also available…Unlocking Healing from the Courts of Heaven book Interactive Study Guide and Daily Devotional (companion to video teaching) Small Group Leader’s Guide (companion to video teaching)

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  • Preparing For The Glory DVD Study


    A fresh move of God is on the horizon!In the midst of fear, conflict, and unrest, a great Kingdom light is piercing through the darkness. Since the Day of Pentecost, this light of Holy Spirit outpouring has been increasing in brightness and will soon break forth in an unprecedented outpouring of supernatural glory.

    Are you prepared for what God wants to release in these last days?

    Preparing for the Glory is a groundbreaking new work from John and Carol Arnott that shares practical keys, gleaned from over 20 years of leading a global revival movement, that will position you to expect and experience this new move of God!

    Learn how to:Pray with prophetic words that announce the purposes and promises of God for increased outpouring. Stay hungry for God by maintaining a passionate desire to encounter His presence, no matter how spiritually dry or distant you feel.Press in for deeper experiences with the Spirit by feeding yourself on supernatural testimonies of God’s work. Embrace the fear of the Lord-the key that will unlock an increase of glory manifestations, unusual miracles, and Holy Spirit fire.Prepare your life to be a resting place for the Holy Spirit in this historic hour of glory, presence, and miracles!

    Features: Carol Arnott’s prophetic dream about the next wave of Holy Spirit outpouring-what it will look like and the key to preparing for this imminent visitation of God’s glory! 

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  • Authority To Heal DVD Study


    The Supernatural Quest to Restore Your Lost Birthright!  The Bible is filled with divine healing! From cover to cover, Scripture reveals many miraculous healings, where the sick, terminally ill, and even the dead were restored to wholeness.   So how did healing-something so natural for Jesus and the early church-become absent and so controversial?   In the Authority to Heal DVD sessions, Randy Clark takes you on an interactive journey where you will discover the truth behind what happened to divine healing and learn how to reclaim this supernatural inheritance.   Through these eight sessions, Randy will teach you how to:  Recognize and overcome common deceptions that block the flow of God’s powerUnlock your inheritance of healing authority through the truth of Scripture and surprising testimonies from church historyDeepen your understanding of God’s goodness through His signs and wondersAccess the power that Jesus, the early church and Spirit-anointed miracle-workers throughout history walked in  In Power to Heal, you were equipped to pray for the sick. Now, in the Authority to Heal curriculum, you are going deeper. Through this revelatory Bible study, you will discover how God’s healing river never stopped flowing… and unleash its power in your life today!   *DVDs are designed to be used with the Authority to Heal study guide/curriculum.

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  • My Feet His Fire


    God is GOD. There is no way around this truth. He desires to have his way for a very good reason. The Creator of all things has set forth rules and guidelines for His creation to follow not because he is a dictator, but because of His grace and He has a plan for our lives! In this message, Bishop T.D. Jakes teaches on these principles in skilled fashion to alert us to the loving sovereignty of God.

    God is particular. You don’t get to do whatever you want to do in however manner you want to do it. The KING’S business has to be done the KING’S way! -Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Man’s way won’t bring in the blessing! Following God’s instructions leads to accomplishing our destiny, fulfilling the vision, and surviving difficult seasons. Invest in your spiritual development by adding this message to your personal ministry library and begin to see God’s provision break forth in your life as you practice the lifestyle of My Feet, His Fire!

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  • Teacher Went Back To School


    SKU (UPC): 606866682024T. D. JakesBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2016Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Your Problem Serves A Purpose


    SKU (UPC): 606866680969T. D. JakesBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2016Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Toll Road


    On the road your destiny, there is a price you must pay, and Jesus paid the ultimate expense for everyone when He came to earth to fulfill the destiny God had for HIM humanity’s redemption and salvation from death. You paid a price to be who you are, and the life you live and blessings you enjoy came at the unimaginable sacrifice of our Savior. No matter the season you are in, or the trails you experience. God loves and values you so much that HE offered up His Son as payment for you. Add this worth of your life and destiny in God’s sight as you travel.

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  • Purpose In Motion


    SKU (UPC): 630809034175T. D. JakesBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2015Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Destiny Steps


    SKU (UPC): 630809034113T. D. JakesBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2015Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Exceptionalism


    Bishop’s new series, You Are Exceptional, is a famine-breaking word that will help you discover the exceptional calling that God has on your life! People may try to delay you, circumstances may try to discourage you, and ordinary may try to detain you, but God has destined you to be exceptional.

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  • You Have It In You


    SKU (UPC): 630809034236T. D. JakesBinding: Video DVDPublished: 2015Publisher: T. D. Jakes Ministries

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  • Destiny Steps : Set Of 6 DVDs


    Your life is NOT an accident. You were placed on the Earth for a purpose no one else can fulfill. It is time you begin taking Destiny Steps! With this paradigm-shifting series from Bishop T.D. Jakes, you will no longer see your life as a random and pointless cycle of failures, but as a purpose-driven force that will succeed in advancing the Kingdom!

    When you start talking progress instead of mess, you will be surprised at how you can tough things you’ve never touched before that release power you didn’t have before so you can do things you’ve never done before! – Bishop T.D. Jakes

    Your life isn’t about just you. It’s about the legacy you leave behind by embracing and walking in the destiny your Creator has designed for you. No matter your current situation or lot in life, you need this series of messages. Invest in your future with Destiny Steps and begin seeing how your life will change as you get in step and fall in line with God’s will, purpose, and plan for your life!

    Messages in this series are:
    Removing the Barriers to Destiny
    From the Perspective of Focus
    Distinctively Similar
    Destiny Flocks Together
    Just Do It
    The Mess in Progress

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  • Basic Training For The Prophetic Ministry DVD Study


    A Step-By-Step Guide To Operating In The Gift Of Prophecy

    The gift of prophecy is not reserved for a super-spiritual, elite group of Believers. In fact, the scriptures promise that in the last days, the Holy Spirit would be poured out on everyone in the world. This Spiritual outpouring will manifest in a resurgence of the gift of prophecy that is to affect every Believer, young and old, male and female, rich and poor!

    If you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. This means that you have access to all of His supernatural gifts and you too can prophesy!

    Well-respected and seasoned prophetic leader, Kris Vallotton, shares eight DVD sessions of practical training that will equip all believers to operate in prophetic ministry.

    Get equipped to:
    *Tell the difference between Old and New Covenant prophecy-and correctly operate as a New Testament prophetic voice
    *Learn the languages of God and hear His voice like never before
    *Discover and develop your prophetic gifts in a safe environment
    *Step out and confidently share words of knowledge, wisdom, and prophecy
    *Recognize a true prophet from a false prophet

    Ideal for personal study, small groups, and church classes, the Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry DVD sessions will help you understand and operate in the prophetic ministry. Get ready to hear God’s voice in a fresh way, speak His word with power, and release hope, life, and destiny to those around you!

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  • Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today


    This Releasing Spiritual Gifts DVD set is part of the Chamber of Action Series: Empowered for Ministry / Experiencing Power. Do you want to walk in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit? Do you want solid scripture-based teaching on each of the nine gifts? Do you love testimonies of the power and revelation of God? Then go no further!

    In these 7 sessions, James draws from Scripture and adds perspective from many diverse streams to bring you clear definitions and exhort you into activation and release. The topics covered include How the Holy Spirit Moves, How to Grow in Exercising the Gifts of the Spirit, as well as a lesson dedicated to each of the nine gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12. Find fresh activation in the gifts of the Holy Spirit today!

    This CD/DVD set serves as part of the core curriculum for a course by the same title in the God Encounters Training – eSchool of the Heart . As you work through these lessons, you will have the tools needed to begin walking in the fullness of your spiritual gifts.

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  • Power To Heal DVD Study


    Release God’s Healing Power In Your Life!

    Every Christian has been sent and empowered by Jesus to heal the sick. The problem is that many of us don’t know how to practically complete this task. We either think that miraculous healing has passed away, that the healing ministry is only available to special leaders, or that God simply picks and chooses who He decides to heal.

    In the Power to Heal DVD sessions, international evangelist, teacher, and apostolic voice, Dr. Randy Clark, shares eight practical, Bible-based tools that will help you start praying for the sick… and see them supernaturally healed!

    You’ll learn how to:
    *Receive and share words of knowledge for healing
    *Pray with authority to release God’s power
    *Keep ministering to people when they don’t instantly get healed
    *Use the five-step prayer model
    *Step out, take risks, and watch God do the miraculous

    Ideal for small group studies, church classes, and individual enrichment, the Power to Heal DVD sessions work together with corresponding study guide.

    Discover the amazing truth about supernatural healing-that God wants to use you to release His miraculous power today!

    *DVD Study is designed to accompany the Power to Heal Study Guide

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  • Giants Are Always At The Gate


    Don’t skip over the process God has for you, because the process is your preparation. God is going to manifest His purpose in your life, and this requires your humility. For anyone who believes God has marked their life for an awesome destiny, this message is for you. Your giant is at the gate, waiting for you to come into the fulfillment of the time you are in. As the truth of this message soaks into your life, discover that your giants are your opportunities for promotion!

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  • Supernatural Power Of A Transformed Mind A DVD Study


    DVD series is designed to accompany Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind Study Guide.

    Your Key to Unlocking a Supernatural Lifestyle

    Many Christians believe in miracles, but they are not accessing the supernatural as a normal way of life. Is this you? Are you ready to experience the miraculous lifestyle that Jesus made available to you because of the Cross?

    In this dynamic DVD study, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers eight powerful and practical teaching sessions, revealing how you were designed to bring heaven to Earth and how it all begins with your thought life.

    By going through these sessions, you will learn how to:
    * Enjoy complete forgiveness from sin and let go of guilt
    * Access the open heaven over your life and start living as God’s dwelling place
    * Position yourself for future breakthrough by studying and remembering God’s miracles

    Your access to a lifestyle of signs, wonders, and miracles starts by changing the way you think.

    When your mind is transformed, heaven becomes more than a place you go to one day-it becomes the supernatural power that you release wherever you go… today!

    *Includes leaders guide for small group and class instruction

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  • Obstacles To Deliverance


    Are there obstacles that stand in the way of us receiving deliverance? And are there obstacles that stand in the way of us becoming deliverance ministers? In this insightful teaching, Frank Hammond enumerates 14 common misperceptions and lies of the enemy that keep people from realizing their potential in Jesus Christ.

    When we entered into our salvation in Jesus, we were inducted into the army of God and issued spiritual armor and spiritual weapons, as shown in Ephesian 6 and 1 Corinthians 10. Through His Word, God has pointed out who the enemy is, that he is real, and has instructed us to take an active, aggressive stance against him.

    However, many Christians shy away from this duty due to a variety of fears, including fear of demons, fear of demonic retaliation, and fear of what man might think. In this DVD, Frank Hammond addresses these obstacles, and shines the light of truth of God?s Word to expel these hindering lies of the enemy.

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  • Breaking Curses


    Is there a curse operating in your life?

    Curses are real. Frank Hammond has broken curses off many lives through his years of ministry, and he shares a number of miraculous testimonies in this teaching. Hear about a young man who had been deaf and mute since birth, but is healed through the breaking of a curse; and a woman with a lifelong history of mental illness, set free through the breaking of a generational curse.

    The Bible enumerates a variety of sins which open the door for curses to become established in our lives, and also lists the effects caused by these curses. Frank Hammond teaches, in a powerful fashion, that behind every curse is a demon. The good news is that provision has been made on the Cross for every curse to be broken and defeated. Through the Name of Jesus, we have the authority to cast out the demons that are behind the power of curses.

    At the end of this DVD, Frank Hammond conducts powerful deliverance ministry to break the curses in your life, including curses from involvement in the occult, cults, eastern religions, sexual sins, illegitimacy, abortion, poverty, unemployment, debt, sickness, pain, death and disease, cancerous tumors, headaches, and more

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  • Binding The Strongman


    Is there a strongman in your life? Most Christians are living with hindrances and hang-ups that are keeping them from enjoying the fullness of God?s presence and blessings. God called Moses to deliver His people so that ?they may serve Me.? That is how you know you are free ? when you are free to do what God has called you to do, and to serve Him.

    The devil is the strongman. Satan assigns certain demons over nations and cities. He even sends evil spirits against churches. We are called to enter the strongman?s house and to spoil it. What does it mean to ?spoil? his house? It means you are called to take back all that the devil has stolen from you. If we are walking in obedience, then we ought to be able to claim the peace and the prosperity of God, and to be overcomers, living in the victory of the Kingdom of God. Special ministry at the end of this teaching against: addictions, life threatening problems (cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc.), financial stress, and curses from neighbors.

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  • Deliverance From Self


    Are you living up to your potential in Jesus Christ? Most Christians are not, and there is one main reason why ? our self gets in the way.

    Jesus wants us to represent His kingdom to the world as long as we are alive. He wants us to be of the maximum use ? to achieve our very top potential ? as a believer. But there is an enemy, the devil and his hosts of evil spirits, and they have a different goal. Their goal is to prevent us from being our best, from coming into Christlikeness, to keep us from being effective servants for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Every demon has some association with self. We have to be delivered from self-centered spirits and behaviors in order to live up to the true potential in Jesus. Then we are free to live according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our life. Frank concludes this teaching with ministry against spirits of rejection, undiagnosed pain, the occult, abuse and violence in families, and abandonment.

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  • Wiles Of The Devil


    What is the Goal of your Christian life?

    Your goal is to attack the kingdom of Satan and tear it down and replace it with the kingdom of God. Binding the enemy and delivering the earth is a key part of God?s plan to establish His kingdom on earth, as Revelation 20 demonstrates. You were once part of the kingdom of darkness, but you have been rescued and brought into the kingdom of God through salvation. And that kingdom can continue to grow in you until every part of your being ? your mind, will, emotions, and body ? is brought under the submission under the Lord Jesus. That is a battle.

    In this teaching, Frank Hammond outlines the tactics and methods of Satan to bring God?s children into bondage. These ?wiles? include Temptation, Accusation, Deception, Counterfeit, Mixture and Substitution. Through Jesus, we can take back everything the enemy has stolen through his deceit.

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  • Can A Christian Have A Demon


    Despite what you may have heard… Deliverance is a provision of the cross of Jesus Christ. Satan’s kingdom exists for the purpose of bringing people into bondage. The good news is that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.

    When a Canaanite woman approached Jesus and pleaded for Him to cast the demon out of her child, Jesus referred to the ministry of deliverance as the children’s bread. In fact, Frank points out that Matthew 12 specifically warns against casting demons out of someone who has not accepted Jesus as Savior. If not for the unsaved, then for whom is deliverance meant?

    We are called to crucify the flesh, and to cast out demons. It is our flesh that often opens the doors to demonic torment. Learning to walk in the Spirit and God’s love is the antidote to the encroachment of Satan’s kingdom.

    Frank concludes his teaching with a salvation prayer, and powerful ministry against spirits of rejection, fear (panic, anxiety, worry), the curse of poverty, physical pain, mental illness and hearing voices.

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  • Im Not In This By Myself


    Bishop T.D. Jakes chronicles the life of the Apostle Paul, one of history’s supreme intellects, at his appearance before King Agrippa. While on trial for his life, Paul delivers a timely truth to anyone feeling as if they’re facing life’s issues alone. Facing the possibility of imminent death, Paul declared something to Agrippa that each of us should stand on when beset with trials.

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  • Interaction Between Heaven And Earth


    Whether you can see it or not, there is constant activity between the spiritual and physical worlds.
    How does that spiritual realm operate?
    How does God use the spiritual beings he created to help you reach your life purpose?

    The Interaction between Heaven and Earth will answer these important questions and many more. This teaching from John Paul will give you a clearer picture of Heaven’s administration by explaining spiritual weapons God has given us and the spiritual beings God has created to help us use those weapons.

    You will come away from this teaching knowing:

    1) God wants you to live an exciting, vibrant, supernatural life through Christ Jesus, and Heaven’s interaction is vital in helping you do that.

    2) God wants you to understand His eternal nature, and in doing so, grasp the difference in not only the eternal and temporal, but the eternal and everlasting.

    3) God wants us to understand that the co-existing Spiritual Realm is superior to the Temporal Realm in every instance.

    4) God wants us to set our mind on things above so that we have Above the Line Thinking. How do you get Above the Line Thinking?

    How you think will lay the groundwork for your destiny. Jesus wants to see His earthly rule and His purposes established here on earth and He wants to use you to do it. Find out that you’re not alone in this endeavor, in The Interaction Between Heaven and Earth.

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  • IGI School Of Signs And Wonders Home Study Course Volume 1


    The Intensified Glory Institute(R) School of Signs & Wonders (Course 1) is a cutting-edge spiritual development seminar created by Joshua Mills to activate the supernatural realms of heaven within each student that learns these principles of the Glory Realm. After successfully completing this course, many students have reported being able to hear the voice of God with greater clarity and the ability to sense the spiritual atmosphere with an increased awareness of the presence of the Lord. Through this intensified training you will receive hidden revelation from the Word of God, and you will learn how to operate in the miraculous with signs following.

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  • How God Kills Fear


    What do you depend on the most?

    Your strength? Your money? Your position?

    What if it suddenly disappeared?

    It could happen. It happened to Gideon.

    The constant ebb and flow of fear in your life will keep you from your purpose. But learn how God wants to transform your fear into the type of faith from which valiant champions are made in How God Kills Fear, a DVD from John Paul Jackson.

    Do you consider yourself as weak and fearful? Good. So was Gideon. And it made him a perfect candidate to become a Mighty Man of Valor. Identify the ways God whittles away at fear in your life and uses your choices to do it, and watch as John Paul unfolds God’s strategy to kill fear in your life.

    In this DVD you will also discover…

    How your fear will also limit the influence you have on others – including your family.
    God created you for a purpose and His plans don’t have to be limited by your fears and weaknesses.
    The difference between fear and faith.
    Whether generational issues are playing a part in your fear.

    Ask yourself, Do you really trust God with your future?

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  • 6 Signs Of A Rising Warrior


    Today God is calling champions of Biblical proportions!
    Could you be one of them?

    Have you ever found yourself longing to be more like the champions and heroes of the Bible, where Moses found the courage to confront Pharaoh, or even how Joseph endured prison for a crime he didn’t do?

    What does God require to be one of His champions?

    Find out how God’s heroes were shaped by His hand to become the supermen and women we admire today.

    In this DVD, John Paul reveals the heart and soul of the true warrior, and the journey it takes to seal their destiny in God.

    You will learn six traits that separate the great from the average.
    You will learn how having a title prematurely can be dangerous.
    You will learn how to pick up your cross and follow Jesus.

    Come to a place where your sufficiency is in God and not yourself. God is looking for you to become a champion. He wants to war on your behalf!

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  • Keys To Receiving Gods Justice


    Have you been attacked, robbed, or cheated by the enemy?
    Learn how injustice in your life can release greater anointing.
    Implement God’s plan of justice in your life to avenge the enemy’s attacks.
    Recognize injustice, catch the thief, approach the judge, and ask for a heavenly settlement!
    Learn to live a life that justifies God to act on your behalf!
    Insure that you and your family receive every blessing stolen from your generational line.

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  • Perfect Storm


    Perfect Storm – an event that is multiplied or intensified by the sum power, combination or synergy of events all happening at once or in near proximity. This event often results in unpredictable calamity.

    In this hour-long prophetic message, John Paul Jackson shares what the Lord has shown him of a coming Perfect Storm. Although what John Paul has seen was focused in the United States, it will not be limited to the United States.

    The Storm will be made up of five elements: War, Politics, Economics, Religion and Geophysical Issues.

    * What is the early evidence the Storm is approaching?
    * What are some of the coming events and how can you prepare now?
    * What does the future hold for Israel, Russia and Iran?
    * How will God use you in the midst of the Storm?
    * What are five key points to remember to help you weather the Storm?

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  • Kingdom Of God In Turbulent Times


    Learn what to expect and how to react in the turbulent times ahead. A perfect storm refers to an incident that is negatively multiplied or intensified by a combination or synergy of events all happening at once, resulting in an often unpredictable calamity.

    From the time of Adam and Eve until now, there is an ebb and flow to the Kingdom of God and understanding it will help you navigate through the coming waves of a perfect storm.

    Join John Paul in nearly two hours of teaching as he demonstrates the importance of understanding the power of authority-how it was first given man, how it was handed over to Satan and then, how Jesus got it back. Learn how Satan plans to use the turbulent times ahead to convince you that authority on earth still belongs to him!

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  • Increasing Your Spirits Capacity



    John Paul Jackson unplugged! Watch as John Paul Jackson teaches in an intimate group setting. There is a relaxed, almost acoustic flow as the Holy Spirit deeply impacts those in attendance. Pull up a chair and join us!

    Understand the possibilities of God’s Spirit within you
    Find out how expanding your spirit increases intimacy with God
    Discover the benefits of praying in tongues
    Learn how the Spiritual Disciplines affect your spirit
    Know the difference between the Spirit on you versus the Spirit within you

    In this teaching, discover simple truths that will help you remove boundaries that inhibit the Holy Spirit from completely filling you. Increase your understanding, challenge your old perspectives, and find deeper meaning in the Eternal God.

    Now therefore, I pray, if I have found grace in Your sight, show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight.
    -Exodus 33:13

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  • Messages Of Rediscovering The Kingdom 3


    2 DVDs

    Additional Info
    When government collapse, human philosophies fail, and your life is crashing down around you, Rediscovering the Kingdom will become your guide through the treacherous storms of the 21st century. All of the past ideologies have failed-humanism, communism, totalitarianism, fascism, socialism, and even democracy. This is a philosophy, an ideology that will not fail, for it was born in the heart of God Himself. As Dr. Munroe unveils the reality and the power of the kingdom of God, you will be challenged to the core of your religious soul as you discover realities that few have seen, let alone talked about. Rediscovering the Kingdom will defy almost every concept you have about religion as it shifts the focus away from religion towards the ultimate issue-the kingdom of God.

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  • Recapturing Your Spiritual Authority


    Are you walking in such authority that the enemy trembles at the presence of God within you?

    Understand who you really are in Christ and the spiritual authority God intends for you to exercise.
    Learn to uncover and recognize the hidden lies you still believe.
    Learn to violently invade darkness and see the Kingdom of God expand.
    Walk in full confidence knowing that everything in Heaven is available to you.

    This impacting teaching by John Paul Jackson is one that must be seen, not just heard! Using visual stage props, John Paul portrays the issue of God-given authority in a humorous way and exposes one of the most devastating lies the enemy uses against people in the Church.

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  • El Shaddai


    El Shaddai, one of the seven covenant Names through which God revealed Himself to Israel, means the All-Sufficient One or the God Who Is More Than Enough! In this video, Rev. Hagin preaches one of his best-known and best-loved sermons about what God will do for those who set their love upon Him. Heavily anointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit, this teaching comes from Psalm 91 and shows believers that: Our loving Heavenly Father is a God of abundance!; God intends for you to enjoy long life!, God will fulfill His promises to you because He is the All-Sufficient One!, In every situation God is more than enough!

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  • Its Not About You


    As a result of handling various frustrations, we often assign blame to God and the people in our lives. All of it is a sign of us thinking selfishly and not realizing God’s grand plan. For those battling a series of disappointments, allow this message to sink in your heart and help you realize that, though it is happening to you, It’s Not About You!

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