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  • Authority Crisis In The Church


    There is a serious issue regarding biblical authority in the church today.

    As many pastors across the nation increasingly trust man’s word more than God’s Word, this approach is causing kids and adults alike to reject the history in the Bible and the gospel of Jesus based in that history. This major problem in our modern church is illustrated in shocking video clips by well-known Christian leaders.

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  • Beyond Suffering For The Next Generation Teachers Guide


    Created by Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability. Beyond Suffering Leaders Guide is a 2 DVD and CD-ROM set that offers teaching resources for use with the Beyond Suffering Study Guide. Inside this case you’ll find a complete leaders guide, 16 lesson plans, introductory videos for each course module, case studies from the award-winning Joni and Friends Television Episodes and much more!

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  • What Hath Darwin Wrought


    There have always been mad-men, but the 20th century was the bloodiest century in human history. Why? What changed? Why did the world suddenly find itself murdering millions of innocent people? Is it possible that one specific idea influenced or provided a justification for the atrocities we know as Nazi Germany, the eugenics movement and abortion? Is it possible that idea was Darwinian evolution? Charles Darwin loved his wife and children. He paid his taxes and he never kicked his dog. But Charles Darwin had a big idea, and ideas have consequences. Can we thank the advocates of natural selection for the deaths of millions of people? Or were their ideas twisted and misapplied? Dr. John West, Dr. Richard Weikart and Dr. David Berlinski present the evidence that seeks to resolve the question, What hath Darwin wrought? This DVD features the two hour television presentation and almost ninety minutes of bonus features.

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  • Ministry And The Church 3


    Pastor Chuck Smith intimately teaches those called to further the ministry of God’s Word. These studies will enhance pastors to follow the process of discipleship that Jesus used with His own disciples, enabling a balance of solid Bible teachings, as well as a Spirit-filled ministry.

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