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  • Easter Under Wraps


    Erin Cavendish goes undercover at her family’s chocolate plant to see why sales are down when she meets head chocolatier, Bryan, who has new ideas on how to update the Easter product line. Starring Fiona Gubellman (Christmas Next Door, The Good Doctor) and Brendan Penny (Autumn in the Vineyard, Chesapeake Shores). English SDH subtitles. Approx. 84 minutes.

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  • Entering The Passion Of Jesus


    The six sessions include:
    Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
    The Temple Incident
    The Anointing of Jesus and the Role of Women
    Jesus’ Teachings in the Temple
    The Last Supper Traditions

    Additional Info
    Author, professor, and Jewish scholar, Amy-Jill Levine dives deep into the biblical texts surrounding the Passion story in Entering the Passion of Jesus. Levine looks into characters such as Judas, Pilate, Caiaphas, the disciples, and the women around Jesus to understand their relationships and roles in the Passion story. The six-session DVD features Dr. Amy-Jill Levine offering a fresh, timely reinterpretation of the Passion of Jesus. The video segments are approximately 10-12 minutes each and, when combined with the six book chapters, make an ideal six-week group study. All videos sessions are closed captioned.

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  • Easter Mysteries


    he mystery that shaped history.
    Easter Mysteries is a musical feature film that journeys into the passion of Christ’s death and resurrection through the lens of his disciples and followers. The story is a celebration that sheds new light onto the biblical figures of Christ’s story in human terms – ordinary people with hopes, dreams and fears, uncertain of what lies ahead.

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  • Week That Changed The World


    The resurrection happened. It’s not just the belief of Christians, it’s borne out by history, archaeology, and science. This documentary takes viewers step by step through the events of Holy Week–shedding light on the key players, unraveling the political intrigue, and answering longstanding questions about what happened, and why. Professor of ancient history and world-renowned expert Dr. Paul L. Maier details the story, along with maps, graphics, and remarkable new footage to bring Holy Week alive in a whole new way. Includes footage from Come Follow Me and Road to Emmaus with Bruce Marchiano.

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  • He Knows My Name


    A five-Dove film about the powerful faith of a child, He Knows My Name is an inspiring story about a young girl named Rebekah (Melanie Stone), who lives with her widowed and overprotective mother Sarah (Aimee Johnson) and her grandfather Reuben (Bruce Newbold). After hearing Jesus speak on the Mount of Olives, Rebekah is fascinated by the polarizing figure who some label a heretic and others proclaim as the Messiah. Against her mother’s wishes, Rebekah is determined to find out the truth for herself. What she discovers will strengthen her faith, rekindle her mother’s hope, and change her family’s lives forever.

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  • Easter Experience Movie With Discussion Guide


    Make Easter much more than just a holiday. The Easter Experience Movie is an 80-minute, full-length feature film with the power to change lives. Featuring dramatic story-telling and commentary from Kyle Idleman in the introduction and conclusion, The Easter Experience Movie brings the passion and resurrection of Christ to life. The Easter Experience Movie now comes with a 20-page, full-color discussion guide to help families and small groups go beyond the movie and discuss the impact Easter has on our everyday lives.

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  • Easter Experience


    The Easter Experience is, as its name implies, a truly spiritual experience. This unique, DVD-driven study brings the passion and resurrection of Jesus to life through dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching done in a highly cinematic style. This powerful cinematic resource kit combines small group curriculum and worship support to bring the entire Easter season to a powerful pinnacle of appreciation of the eternal meaning of Easter.

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  • Very Veggie Easter Collection


    The perfect gift for Easter, the Very Veggie Easter Collection contains 2 of our popular Easter DVDs Twas the Night Before Easter and An Easter Carol. Additionally, this set includes 2 of our most popular CDs – A Very Veggie Easter and Hosanna!

    Plus – it’s an Easter Veggie Sing-Along with some very special guests: Amy Grant and Mark Hall!

    Includes 2 DVDs
    An Easter Carol
    Twas the Night Before Easter

    Includes 2 CDs
    A Very Veggie Easter

    Running Time: Approx. 97 min.

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  • Crossmaker : Easter Story And Art Lessons


    Dominic, the son of a carpenter, finds himself drawn into the unforgettable trial of the man called Jesus. Share in this amazing adventure that takes Dominic from Christ’s crucifixion to a place of redemption, and a face-to-face meeting with the risen Christ. See The Light chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann draws her stunning interpretation of the Easter story.

    Art Lessons –
    GLORY! See The Light artist Heidi Shorts teaches the art of Creative Lettering (28 minutes)

    He is Not Here! He is Risen! See the Light Master Art Teacher Pat Knepley leads budding young artists in a step-by step drawing lesson using chalk pastels. Plus, create your own black light reveal! (32 minutes)

    Three Crosses on a Hill See the Light’s Jim Pence gives a water color tutorial as young artists discover The Joy of Art. (25 minutes)

    Bonus Features!
    – Revel in original contemporary music performed by Breathing Room recording artists Jan Roper and Kevin Dukes while watching Gloria Kohlmann draw her remarkable art expression of the Easter story.
    – Watch and Hear the Plan of Salvation, clearly and creatively presented as you have never seen it. (7 minutes)
    – Hear See The Light chalk artist Gloria Kohlmann’s commentary as you watch the Easter scene being created.
    – Meet the See The Light team.

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  • Twas The Night Before Easter


    It’s Easter time in Crisper County and cable news reporter Marlee Meade (Petunia Rhubarb) is hunting for a way to help others. On a tip that the old town theater will be shut down, Marlee cooks up a plan to save the stage and make a difference through the power of musical theater. With a cast of costume-clad townies, massive props and a 20-foot robot rabbit – Up With Bunnies is hatched! There’s only one thing missing – the star of the show!

    When news spreads that singing sensation Cassie Cassava (American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle) is arriving to perform in her hometown church’s Easter service, Marlee gets worried. Concerned about the competition, she schemes to steal the starlet for her own pageant! But when things go haywire, will it be curtains for Marlee’s dreams – or will she discover the true meaning of Easter and what helping others is really all about? Find out in this hare raising adventure!

    Lesson: Helping Others
    Key Verses: Mark 10:45
    Silly Song: The Hopperena
    Run Time: 48 min

    Bonus Features:
    Audio Commentary
    Hopperena Singalong
    Behind the voice of Cassie with Melinda Doolittle
    Larry’s backstage pass to VeggieTales Live!
    Easter Cards Interactive Matching Game
    English and Spanish Subtitles

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  • Resurrection : Where The Passion Ends Resurrection Begins


    Max Lucado’s renowned short story is brought to life in this dramatic production that follows Claudius, a Roman guard who finds himself in the middle of a cover-up of the tumultuous events following Christ’s execution. As he digs for the truth, Claudius discovers that the religious leaders, the Roman government, and even his closest friends are attempting to hide something from him and the world. In the end, his relentless pursuit of the answers to his growing questions threatens his reputation and even his life, but it also leads to his renewal.

    Dove approved for ages 12 and over, Resurrection is a gripping tale that not only challenges viewers to put themselves in the shoes of a Roman soldier assigned to Christ’s execution, but also reminds them how any life can be changed by seeking truth and understanding.

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  • Behind The Easter Story


    Join Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung as they retrace the footsteps of Jesus from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to His victorious resurrection on Easter morning.

    Using a remarkable limestone scale model of ancient Jerusalem, you’ll get a unique look at the city as it was 2,000 years ago.

    They’ll also visit historical locations in and around Jerusalem as you follow the path of Jesus step by step.

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  • Proud Tree


    The proud tree was named Rex (King) because he acted like he was the king tree of the forest. This video tells the story of the crucifixion from the viewpoint of Rex, the tree that became the cross Jesus carried to Calvary. Proud and ungrateful at first, Rex learns a lesson in love from the humble and gentle Jesus. Children will come to understand the importance of Jesus’ sacrifice and the power of his love.

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  • Easter Carol


    Ebenezer Nezzer is out of control! Filling London with plastic Easter eggs, he’s on a rampage to make Easter bigger than ever! But just how hard can his mechanical chickens work before they’re…well, fried? In just one unforgettable day and night, Cavis and Millward (Bob and Larry) and a music box angel named Hope (voiced by Rebecca St James) must convince Nezzer that Easter is about more than just candy and eggs. Inspired by Dickens’ Christmas classic, this very special VeggieTales film explains why millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter past, present and future.

    Lesson: True Meaning of Easter
    Bible Story: Jesus’ Resurrection
    Biblical Reference: Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20
    Key Verses: Hebrews 11:1

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  • 1st Easter Bunny


    The charming story of a bunny who witnesses the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus. With childlike simplicity, this tale turns our eyes to the true meaning of Easter. Ages 4-8.

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