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  • Little Latin


    With ABCatholic’s Little Latin, the beauty of this ancient language is brought to life for the youngest generation of the Catholic family! This fun and interactive high-definition DVD program will engage toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners alike as they are taught the Latin for basic Catholic words and phrases. Children will join in as they watch and listen to Catherine, Hannah, Grace, Michael, and Johnny learn and practice the Latin for: Rosary Crucifix The Holy Family the Sign of the Cross . . . and much more. Wholesome and fun, this program encourages active participation, the best way to learn a new language. With a foundation in Latin, children will feel more comfortable and be more likely to participate at Mass. And they will have an invaluable advantage when learning Latin-based languages later in life. Through learning the Latin language, Little Latin builds on Catholic teaching to help your little ones grow in their love of the Church. That’s something you can feel good about.

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  • Learn To Count


    Teach your little ones to count on what really counts with ABCatholic’s Learn to Count! Geared to children six-months and up, this high-definition DVD features bright, engaging animations paired with live-action video to introduce your child to numbers and counting 1 through 10. Your child will love interacting with the children in this production! To integrate early basics for mathematics and language skills, each number is introduced by: Spoken Name Quantity Numeral and Written Word But you can count on ABCatholic to go a step further: Items and symbols representing each number have been carefully selected to establish early Catholic concepts. Learn to Count begins with: 1 Tabernacle 2 Rosaries 3 Bells For the youngest child, this program is the ideal starting point for learning numbers. For older children, Learn to Count can be used to introduce to counting, spelling, and faith concepts. And parents can take heart in knowing they can trust ABCatholic to provide wholesome and holy tools for early education.

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  • My Catholic A B Cs


    How do I give my child an early education? How can I teach her the Catholic Faith? Where do I start? Begin with My Catholic ABC’s! My Catholic ABC’s engages your child’s attention and offers you hours of learning potential. Written and animated for children ages six months and up, this high-definition program includes: Engaging animations reinforcing alphabet concepts All original music composed by Matthew Torres Your child’s first exposure to famous Christian artworks For the youngest child, this program is the perfect starting point for first letters and words. With an older child, you can introduce spelling, faith concepts, colors, and even art appreciation. And, unlike other television programs for young children, My Catholic ABC’s doesn’t have a hidden agenda or any mixed messages. It’s wholesome and holy education! With My Catholic ABC’s, your child will learn: A is for Angel B is for Baptism C is for Crucifix Every letter is represented by words and images that help reinforce the alphabet, basic phonetics, and Catholic concepts. It’s never too early to begin teaching your child letters and sounds-and now you can also teach him all the wonderful things about being Catholic.

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  • Body And Grooming


    TMW Media Group
    Do you know how to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and comb your hair? This program teaches children all about their bod – and how to keep it clean. From head to toe, they’ll learn that boys and girls are’nt all that different as they learn to bathe, shower, wash hair, brush teeth, and trim nails. Teaches self help, social and motor skills, plus speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects and actions.

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  • My Piano : The Fun Way For Kids To Learn


    The eMedia My Piano DVD stars Pam the Piano, who guides children through lessons written by former Juilliard School of Music instructor Irma Justicia, M.A. In over 100 lessons, children will learn proper hand position, the names of notes, how to play accompaniments, how to read music and much more. Games included in the eMedia My Piano DVD get children excited about learning while practicing their new musical skills. The eMedia My Piano DVD also includes a special bonus download tool kit with a digital metronome and a digital recorder that can be used on your computer. The eMedia My Piano DVD is recommended children ages 5 and up.

    Runtime: Approximately 120 minutes NTSC

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  • My Guitar : The Fun Way For Kids To Learn


    The DVD stars a playful animated character named Gary the Guitar, who guides children through over 50 lessons written by professional instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D. The My Guitar DVD begins with the basics, such as holding and tuning the guitar, and moves on to strumming chords, reading tablature, and playing songs. My Guitar’s innovative teaching approach keeps children excited about learning music and gives them a chance to build confidence. Children can even learn fun songs to sing along with friends. The games in My Guitar are both fun and educational. The eMedia My Guitar DVD also includes a special bonus download tool kit with an automatic tuner, metronome, chord dictionary, and digital recorder that can be used on your computer. Recommended for children ages 5 and up.

    Runtime: Approximately 90 minutes NTSC

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  • Dinosaurs Genesis And The Gospel


    This high-energy illustrated video was shot live before hundreds of smiling children and their delighted parents! It’s edutainment at its best, with great biblical teaching and some of children’s most burning questions.

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  • Icons Of Evolution


    Bonus DVD features:
    *10 questions to ask your Biology teacher
    *Experts answer frequently asked questions about Evolution
    *Recommended Web resources
    *Recommended book resources
    *Chapter selection

    Additional Info
    Are students learning the whole truth about Darwin’s theory of evolution? According to a growing number of scientists, the surprising answer is no. They claim that many of the most famous Icons of Evolution – including Darwin’s Tree of Life, finches from the Galapagos Islands, and embryos that look remarkable similar – are based on outdated research and sloppy logic. They say students are being hurt by the failure to present both sides of an emerging scientific debate over Darwin’s theory.

    Come explore this fascinating new conflict over evolution in the classroom – a conflict based on science, not religion. Learn about the controversy that engulfs one town when a teacher actually tries to tell students that some scientists disagree with Darwin.

    From the Galapagos Islands to China, Icons of Evolution will take you on a fast-paced, fascinating journey into one of the most controversial issues in today’s public arena.

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