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  • Ask : Faith Questions In A Skeptical Age


    We live in a skeptical age. People-especially young people-express doubts about Christian faith. In this thoughtful eight week study, Bishop Scott Jones, author of The Wesleyan Way, partners with his son, Rev. Arthur Jones, to address hard questions that all of us face when considering faith, religion, and the church. The DVD consists of 8 videos, one per session. Each video is 8-10 minutes in length and includes an introduction by Scott J. Jones as well as a diverse group of young clergy addressing the eight questions with honesty and biblical integrity. Session Titles Can only one religion be true? Why is there suffering and evil? How can I believe in science and creation? How can I believe in a God I can’t prove? Can I trust the Old Testament? Are marriage, sex, and family life religious issues? Was Jesus’ resurrection real? Why do Christians disagree about so many things? All video sessions are closed captioned.

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  • Finding Faith : Real Stories Real People 2 Inspiring Programs


    Witness nine fascinating events that defy most personal experiences and exceed our imagination. Insightful and inspiring, this dynamic series features the real stories and documented cases that changed the lives and destinies of more than just the fortunate souls involved. These encouraging testimonies are recreated in great detail to show the divine and dynamic road to Finding Faith. From a young woman s vanishing hero to a mysterious coin that saves the life of a young Officer named George Washington, these are the thought-provoking happenings that inspire and affirm the Miracles Around Us!

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