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Historical Fiction

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  • Courage To Love


    In pre-Civil War New Orleans, Vanessa Williams portrays the beautiful African-American daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and his kept mistress. Fighting her family’s wishes, society’s rules and rampant racism. she rejects the traditions of an arranged marriage and sets out on a journey fraught with danger and forbidden desires. This inspiring true story of heroism and love illuminates the extraordinary life of Henriette Dalille, the first African-American Saint.

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  • Little House On The Prairie Special Collectors Edition


    Although the beloved family drama, Little House on the Prairie, ran its course in March 1983, there were three additional movies made due to popular demand.

    Look Back at Yesterday (Dec 1983) Charles Ingalls returns to Walnut Grove. During his stay, he learns that Albert, a doctor in training, has contracted a blood disease that is nearly always fatal. Also, an economic recession that threatens to destroy the community.

    Bless All the Dear Children (Dec 1984) Rose, Laura and Almanzo’s infant daughter, is kidnapped during Christmas. The family discovers that she was stolen by a woman who was longing to have a child of her own.

    The Last Farewell (Feb 1984) This final adventure finds Walnut Grove being purchased by an evil miner. Rather than being thrown off their land, the townsfolk exact a more spectacular method of leaving their beloved town.

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  • Christy Return To Cutter Gap


    Set in early twentieth century Tennessee, this touching family film tells the story of a schoolteacher, Christy Huddleston, who learns lessons in loyalty, faith, and friendship when she attempts to force a small community into progressing with the outside world. Considered an outsider by the residents of Cutter Gap, Christy is beloved as a teacher but begins to stir up conflict with her pleas for progress and stories of an outside world of skyscrapers and modern conveniences. When a free-spirited woman aviator crash lands in Cutter Gap, the attention is taken off Christy . . . until a series of robberies occur. Believing the thieves would never have come if it were not for the new road that Christy had built, the town unites against her. Faced with this series of setbacks, Christy contemplates returning home to North Carolina, but is persuaded to stay when she realizes she has much more to learn about her new friends . . . and herself!

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