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  • Baby Road Trip City


    Buckle up foria fun an educational journey!

    Sit back and enjoy as the award-winning Baby Road Trip Series takes your child on a whimsical ride designed to educate, stimulate and enlighten!
    Each episode takes you on a trip through musically themed segments that combine real life footage, photography, animation and children at play while immersing your child in a rich, safe and playful environment.

    Baby Road Trip City
    Take a ride downtown as your child explores colorful city streets featuring a visit to the museum, theater, firehouse and playtime in the park. Join Scout, your travel pal on this new and exciting journey!

    Learning With Baby Road Trip
    Every episode is grounded in proven educational principles, providing support for your child’s developing sensory, cognitive and emotional skills!

    Numbers: Discover numbers and the joy of counting all around the city – at the museum, the park, and even the fire house.

    Just For Parents: Useful educational tools and travel tips for your family!

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