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  • English Grammar Parts 1 And 2 Pack


    The English Grammar DVD 2-Pack will walk you through the rules of grammar by explaining proper verb tense, nouns, phrases, participles and more. These DVDs will also illustrate common errors, such as dangling prepositions, run-on sentences and faulty parallels. The English Grammar DVD 2-Pack includes Grammar For All Part 1 and Part 2.

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  • Master English Grammar Program 2


    Grammar For All Part 2 tackles the trickier rules of grammar, including how language changes, proper agreement, independent clauses, articles and split infinitives. This DVD also covers the most common grammatical errors. Would you believe that some errors are actually acceptable? It’s true!

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  • Grammar For All Program 1 Learning English Grammar


    Understanding the fundamentals of grammar is the first step to impressive writing. A few of the topics covered in this DVD include: the parts of speech, common nouns and pronouns, verb tenses, conjugations, and compound sentences. The Standard Deviants provide you with a fun, effective way of learning with their unique blend of helpful study tips and comic relief. (Formerly titled English Grammar 1 DVD)

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