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  • Math Card Games Instructional DVD 1


    This instructional DVD features 14 of the 300 games found in the Math Card Games book. This DVD is included in the Math Card Games book and in the Math Card Games Kit.

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  • Accounting Part 1 And 2


    All about accounting periods, income statements, owners equity, balance sheets and the accounting equation. Accounting comes to life with these in-depth products!

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  • Differential Equations


    Recommended by university professors and teachers nationwide, The Standard Deviants are the perfect resource for academic success. With videos ranging from English Composition to Organic Chemistry, The Standard Deviants entertaining and enjoyable teaching style breaks down difficult subjects into a clear, step-by-step format.

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  • Math Mania Learning Basic Math


    The Standard Deviants DVDs are the perfect way to learn and review at your own pace with real-time, immediate feedback all at the touch of a button!

    The Standard Deviants combine cutting-edge technology, interactive quizzes, award-winning educational material and a troupe of young actors and comedians. Everything you need to learn is at your fingertips.

    Recommended for junior high, high school, college and beyond!

    Integers Exponents Fractions Decimals The Order of Operations Prime & composite Numbers Addition & Subtraction Rounding Integers & Ratios Multiplication & Division Decimals Percents

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  • Pre Algebra And Algebra 4 Pack


    Save Money! The Standard Deviants Algebra/Pre-Algebra DVD 4-pack Pack includes everything you need to get a head-start in algebra! You get 4 DVDs: Pre-Algebra Power, Pre-Algebra Part 2, Algebra Adventure and Algebra Part 2.

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  • Learning Algebra And Learn Algebra 2 Adventure 2 Pack


    Make learning Algebra anything but boring, and anything but complicated! The award-winning Standard Deviants will lead you on the hunt for the Golden X as you learn about squares, roots, FOIL, quadratic equations, Y-intercepts, imaginary and complex numbers, polynomial graphs and more! 2 DVD set, Algebra 1 & 2 DVDs. Approximately 102 minutes each.

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  • Learn Algebra 2


    This DVD dives into the advanced principles of Algebra. The Standard Deviants tour of the world of algebra, continues with complete coverage of quadratic equations, quadratic roots and factors, and higher order polynomials.

    Suitable for middle school high school and beyond, Algebra Part 2 clearly presents these principles in a fun and approachable manner. A completely stand-alone DVD!

    Part 1 is not required.

    Run Time: 1:27
    Grade Level: 7+

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  • Math Basics 2 Pack Basic Math And Geometry


    The 2-disc set The Standard Deviants – Math Basics DVD 2-Pack contains:

    The Standard Deviants – Basic Math
    In The Zany World of Basic Math,the Standard Deviants, an ebullient troupe of young performers whose specialty is taking serious subjects and making them offbeat enough to be memorable, tackle the most basic concepts of mathematics. Starting off with explanations of integers, the program proceeds to cover addition, subtraction, and multiplication before moving into more advanced concepts such as exponents and division. Throughout the program the cast cracks painfully corny jokes and occasionally dresses up in some bad costumes to make their points. Indeed, this must be the only math lesson to have a comedy editor listed in the opening credits. The underlying principle is that if the performers make spectacles of themselves, that serves as a mnemonic device and makes the serious material they’re imparting easier to remember. After covering the basics, the program moves into decimals, fractions, ratios, and percents. Following each section a quiz appears, which the student can either take or skip, and a Grand Slam Exam concludes the entire set of lessons. While the presentation may be unorthodox, the academic material has been approved by a panel of professors. Though it’s not intended as a substitute for classes in math, students would benefit by using this as review material. –Robert J. McNamara

    The Standard Deviants – Geometry, Part 1
    Proofs and theorems and all those angles aren’t exactly material for entertainment, but the Standard Deviants are, as ever, undaunted as they happily tackle The Many Sided World of Geometry. The approach of taking serious academic subjects and presenting them in a lighthearted but purposely memorable manner is employed here with such diversions as a cartoon rendition of the great pioneer of geometry, Euclid, and animations showing the differences between inductive and deductive reasoning. The energetic young performers aren’t afraid to ham it up, such as a young man who introduces the section on triangles by wearing a horrendous plaid sport jacket and playing the part of a used-car salesman on a late-night infomercial. Despite the sometimes raucous proceedings, and encouragements like a young woman who notes that geometry is really kind of cool, it doesn’t involve equations like algebra, serious math is presented, and the entire presentation has been assembled by a panel of college professors. The main section

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