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Spanish Curriculum

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  • Super Spanish 4 Pack


    Recommended by teachers and professors across the country, the Standard Deviants approach to teaching is anything but standard. By simplifying complex subjects and presenting the material with humorous skits, computer graphics and a fun, approachable format, the Standard Deviants make even the most difficult subjects enjoyable!

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  • Learn To Speak Spanish Program 2 Habla Espanol Beyond The Basics


    Habla Espaol? Learning Spanish: Beyond the Basics provides you with the tools you need to expand your understanding of the language. In this DVD, the Standard Deviants will teach you the numbers 100-120, adjective placement, -ar, -er, and -ir verbs, expressing time, date, and weather, and more. Using the Standard Deviants unique and effective learning style, you will soon be packing your bags for Spain so you can show off your new language skills! (Formerly entitled Spanish Part 2)

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  • Learning Spanish Program 1 The Basics Habla Espanol


    Learning how to speak Spanish is easy with Habla Espaol? Learning Spanish: The Basics! The Standard Deviants will begin by introducing you to the Spanish alphabet, vocabulary, and pronunciation. You will also learn greetings, punctuation, the gender of nouns and pronouns, some essential verbs, and much more. This DVD will give you the essentials to help you begin to understand the Spanish language. (Previously titled The Salsa-Riffic World of Spanish, Part 1 DVD)

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  • Learning Spanish 1 And 2 Pack Habla Espanol


    Being able to speak Spanish can be very useful! Spanish is the language of choice in Spain and throughout South America. Learning any language begins with the basics: The alphabet, pronunciation and simple vocabulary. From there, you will master more intensive concepts, such as verb conjugation and sentence construction. The Spanish DVD 2-Pack includes Habla Espaol? The Basics and Habla Espaol? Beyond The Basics.

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