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Category: Jewish and Messianic

Jewish and Messianic

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  • Promise Series


    Set Includes:
    Rachel Is Weeping
    These Bones Shall Live
    We Are At The Wall
    Shaken Dream
    Road To Peace
    King Reigns In Zion

    Additional Info
    This fantastic, one-of-a-kind series will take you on an exciting tour through the history of the Jewish people-past, present, and future. With Elwood McQuaid as your personal guide, you’ll: * See actual documentary footage of key events in Israel’s past. * Hear interviews with key people. * Enjoy exciting views of the land, filmed on location. * Understand Israel’s place in God’s program. * Learn God’s Word. * Appreciate how God is keeping His promises and setting the stage for the future. This series is particularly excellent for Bible studies and Sunday schools.

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