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  • Answered Prayers : Real Stories Real People 2 Inspiring Programs


    Explore ten real stories and documented cases where the lives and destines of everyday people have been changed forever by events that defy our personal experiences and exceed our imagination. Regardless of your faith belief system, these amazing encounters and powerful interventions are sure to fascinate and spark intrigue into the power of Answered Prayers. From the mysterious midwife who suddenly appeared just in time to deliver Abraham Lincoln to a young women s unexplainable life-saving urge to wander to an unknown destination, this eye-opening collection features a variety of dramatic instances that have impacted more than just the fortunate souls involved. Recreated in great detail, these are the Miracles Around Us.

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  • Joy Of Intercession DVD Curriculum


    Learn the secrets to becoming a happy intercessor and experience breakthrough, joy, and results when you pray.

    By watching these video sessions–ideal for individuals, small groups and church classes–you will discover how to:

    *experience a deeper relationship with the Father through intercession
    *Confidently declare God’s Word and promises over your life
    *Pray from a position of victory and witness supernatural results
    *Walk in Kingdom authority that releases God’s solutions
    *Engage in effective spiritual warfare through worship and joy

    Join Beni Johnson as she takes you on a journey into the joyful heart of Father God that will change the way you pray…forever.

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  • Rosary : A Special Way To Pray


    Brother Francis DVD – Episode 3: The Rosary Join Brother Francis in this entertaining and guidance-filled presentation that will inspire children to deepen their faith by praying the rosary! This episode includes: The Rosary prayers as well as the Apostle’s Creed, each wonderfully illustrated The Annunciation – an animated presentation of Mary’s joyful submission to God Two visualized songs: I Love to Pray, an up-tempo song that will encourage children to communicate with God everywhere and The Our Father, an uplifting rendition that celebrates the Father’s everyday presence in our life! Brother Francis: The Rosary is a captivating way to help children use their heart and mind in prayer. Each DVD includes both English and Spanish versions.

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  • Hearing God : Developing A Conversational Relationship With God


    How do we hear God’s voice? How can we be sure that what we think we hear is not our own subconscious? What role does the Bible play? What if what God says to us is not clear?

    The key, says best-selling author Dallas Willard, is to focus not so much on individual actions and decisions as on building our personal relationship with our Creator. In this DVD you and your group can listen in as John Ortberg and Richard Foster dialogue with Dallas Willard on the themes of his beloved classic book, Hearing God. A small group discussion guide is also included, making it easy for group leaders to lead discussion after the video.

    Read the book together, and then bring Ortberg, Foster and Willard to your next meeting. You might be surprised at what you hear when you really start listening to God in community.

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  • iWorship At Home We Adore You


    Integrity’s iWORSHIP @ Home Christmas: We Adore You creates the perfect setting for small group worship, personal devotions or as worshipful background music throughout the holiday season. Set to powerful visuals, this DVD features 11 full-length Christmas song videos and includes the original vocals from today’s top worship artists.

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  • Contemplative Prayer


    In clear and understandable language, Ray Yungen explains the dynamics of contemplative prayer. Unlike biblical prayer, this new form of prayer halts the normal flow of thought processes and takes the participant into a mystical state. Yungen not only explains how this is done, but he takes us to the ancient roots of this prayer practice that derives from eastern mysticism.

    This urgent teaching will equip you not only with an understanding of this practice but of its increasing popularity within Christian churches, colleges, and ministries today. Although it promises much in the realm of intimacy with God, you will learn how this practice delivers a host of seducing spirits unbeknownst to the participant along with a pantheistic view that is characteristic of the New Age.

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  • Holy Baby 2


    Holy Baby! 2 Jesus Loves Me, He is the Bread of Life is a fun filled show featuring songs, prayer and scripture of the Eucharist (the Catholic Mass.) This fun show exposes babies, toddlers and young children to the sounds of prayer and languages when their minds are most able and eager to learn. Baby Bosco, inspired by St. John Bosco-legendary friend of children-and his puppy Grigio host a delightful parade of Catholic art, statuary, toys, and children at play. Joyful music has little ones giggling, singing and asking to see Holy Baby! over and over. Songs on this DVD are: Holy Baby! theme song; Jesus Loves Me-All NEW Catholic version; Rise’N Shine; Holy, Holy, Holy; Alleluia; This Little Light of Mine; Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee; Faith of Our Fathers; and Alleluia, Sing to Jesus. Prayers are: Sign of the Cross; Lord Have Mercy; Gloria; Nicene Creed; Our Father; Sign of Peace; Lamb of God; Hosanna; Divine Praises; and St. Alphonsus Liguori’s Prayer of Adoration. Scripture readings are: John 6:33; Malachi 1:11; Psalm 84; 1 Corinthians 11:23-25; John 6:47-57; Luke 22:19-20; and Acts 2:42-47. Prayers and Scripture play in English, Spanish or French. The songs are English only.

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  • Holy Baby 1


    Holy Baby! Seven Prayers in Seven Languages is a fun filled show featuring prayers of the rosary, a favorite Catholic prayer of meditation. This fun show exposes babies and young children to the sounds of prayer and language when their minds are most able and eager to learn. Baby Scholastica hosts a delightful parade of art, statuary toys, and children at play. Joyful music has little ones giggling, singing and asking to see the video over and over! There are eight soundtracks on this one DVD. Listen to the prayers in all seven languages at once. Or, using the menu, hear them in just English, or French, or Spanish, or Latin, or Vietnamese, or German, or Portuguese. The seven prayers on this DVD are the Sign of the Cross, the Apostle’s Creed, the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, O My Jesus and Hail Holy Queen. Songs included are Jesus Loves the Little Children, the Seven Joys of Mary, A Child’s Morning Hymn and the original Holy Baby! theme song. This DVD is a recipient of a 2005 Telly Award and a 2005 Videographer Award and airs in a condensed version on EWTN’s satellite network.

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