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  • Making The Climb DVD Plus Book


    Our lives are filled with mountains to conquer. Regardless of age or experience, we all encounter obstacles and life challenges that we’re forced to climb whether we re ready or not.

    Making the Climb is a riveting first-person account of one man’s attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and the life-changing lessons he learned along the way. John Bowling illustrates how his exhilarating adventure has helped him tackle other personal challenges and transformed his spiritual life. With wisdom and fortitude, he offers observations, principles, and insights to help others overcome and conquer the challenges of life-no matter how difficult they might seem.

    This resource includes a copy of the book, Making the Climb: What a Novice Climber Learned About Life on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a DVD containing six short video lessons, which correspond to the book’s various chapters

    This unique packing is part of the In Sight Media Series, which combines insightful book content with stimulating visual instruction. This is a great resource for adult Sunday School classes, small-group discussions, and sermon enhancement

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