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  • Farmer And The Belle


    When New York City supermodel Belle Winters returns to her childhood home to visit, sparks fly between her and pig farmer Josh. His—and his young daughter’s—main concern, though, is that the town is in danger of losing their annual beloved holiday festival, Santaland. They’ll need a miracle to help save the event! Dove approved.

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  • My Mothers Future Husband


    In the five years since Headly’s father died, the 15-year-old and her mom, Ren (Lea Thompson, Back to the Future), have become best friends. When Headly has her first crush, she decides her mother needs some romance in her life, too, so she and her friend Willis devise a scheme to help Ren find love again.

    After a few misadventures, they introduce Ren to Andrew, a single dad with a four-year-old son. Through it all, Headly and her mom learn that they must first deal with the pain of the past before they can open their hearts to the possibilities of the future.

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  • Last Great Ride


    Ian worries that his summer vacation at Grandma’s will be totally lame-even with his spirited dog Bentley with him. When the cute tomboy living next door to Grandma Mimi befriends him, the adventures begin, for there is a dark and haunted mansion in which the reclusive Franklin Lyle lives. Suspense builds as the kids meet Jimmy Murano and his devious lawyer who are trying to force Franklin off the property. Can Ian and Jules solve the mystery of who owns the house…really? Stars Ernest Borgnine, Jason Harvey, Jeffrey Sharmat, Stephanie Sawyer, and Eileen Brennan.

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