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Social Issues

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  • Porn Project


    The Porn Project in 1 sentence:
    But how do you actually do that?

    This talk will challenge our beliefs (what is porn?, history, theology), our behaviours (addiction, accountability, triggers, lifestyle, environment etc), and look beyond ourselves at how porn might be hurting others around us (spouse, children, dating relationships, people involved in the pornography industry etc).

    The goal is to be less of a presentation and more of a training. Training to equip and empower individuals (men and women), parents and leaders on how to navigate this conversation no matter if you dabble, struggle, or are addicted to pornography in any of its forms.

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  • Stressed Out Small Group DVD


    Designed for use with the Stressed Out Small Group Kit. The kit includes: Leader Guide, Stressed Out: A Practical, Biblical Approach to Anxiety book, and DVD of author Todd Friel. This study is designed to be done in 4 parts lasting 60 to 90 minutes each, and will help small groups apply Biblical truths to replace fear, anxiety, and depression with peace.

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  • Your Story The Wounding Embrace


    So, you cut, or maybe you starve yourself, or struggle with substance abuse. Maybe you even have suicidal thoughts. I bet you feel alone. But how is this possible when nearly 1 in 4 North American teens struggle with self-injury? How can all these people be alone? Today, thousands of young people, anxious, under confident and often scared, are seeking release from these personal struggles in ways many adults choose to ignore. You probably have friends who are depressed, friends who are bulimic and friends all too familiar with this growing culture of self-abuse. It’s time to stop ignoring the problem. It’s time for a serious conversation about issues that make us uncomfortable. Let’s Talk.

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  • Volviendo


    This documentary follows three filmmakers as they research for a fictional feature film about a sex slave from Latin America. But after a dangerous trip through a dozen Latin countries, their hearts are changed by the brokenness of the victims, and their quest to make a movie becomes a compelling story within itself. With first-hand interviews on the streets of the Latin sex trade and the front lines of this social injustice, VOLVIENDO uncovers the adversary, discovers the ally, and joins the advance against sex trafficking.

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  • Can Atheism Save Europe


    Should the New Europe embrace the New Atheism?

    At the world’s largest cultural arts festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, Christopher Hitchens and John Lennox debate whether or not the New Europe should jettison its religious past and welcome the New Atheism.

    This debate was moderated by BBC’s James Naughtie, and Atheist ringleader Richard Dawkins was one of over 1,400 people in the audience.

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  • Whatever Happened To The Human Race


    Disc One:
    Abortion of the Human Race
    Slaughter of the Innocents

    Disc Two:
    Death by Someone’s Choice
    The Basis For Human Dignity
    Truth and History

    Additional Info
    In this classic series, narrated by the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer and former Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, viewers will be introduced to the startling message offered by these committed Christians as they sought to battle the devaluation of human life in their 1979 era. You will be shocked to realize that their prophetic message has proven absolutely true today.

    Dr. Schaeffer’s warnings include those that undermine human rights. Practices once considered unthinkable have now become acceptable-abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. On an ever-increasing scale medical professionals, the courts, parents, and silent Christians are sanctioning the destruction of human life.

    Five episodes in this series examine the sanctity of life as a social, moral, and spiritual issue, which Christians must choose not to ignore.

    Stand for life with Dr. Schaeffer as he urges Christians to offer the Biblical alternative as the only real solution to man’s problems!

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  • Flood Your Body With Oxygen DVD Set


    Flood Your Body With Oxygen is Mr. Oxygen Ed McCabe’s follow-up to his best-seller Oxygen Therapies, and is the seminal work on the subject and encompasses its’ entirety. DISEASES CAN’T LIVE IN ACTIVE OXYGEN. Proven safe solutions for all the major problems facing our health, our animals, our food supply, and our environment are explained simply and backed up with testimonials and industry and medical cites. Complete explanations and usage of all known Oxygen Therapies. Referrals.

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  • Sarahs Choice


    Sarah Collins is a young woman on the elevator of success. As a junior account executive at a major advertising agency, Sarah is poised to get it all: executive promotion, salary increase, new car, fabulous apartment and first-class travel. There’s only one thing that is standing in her way, an unexpected pregnancy.

    Sarah has a choice. Her friends and co-workers insist that she has the right to choose a path that offers a successful career and unlimited rewards. Others advise Sarah of another choice – a choice that will not only change her life but also the lives of her loved ones now and forever.

    Sarah’s Choice is a film that offers compelling moral reasons to choose life.

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  • As We Forgive


    Directed by Laura Waters Hinson and narrated by Mia Farrow comes the award-winning documentary of two Rwandan women who struggle with the face-to-face encounter with the men who slaughtered their families during the 1994 genocide. These women and men speak for a nation still wracked by the grief of a genocide that killed one in eight Rwandans. Overwhelmed by an enormous backlog of court cases, the government released 50,000 perpetrators back to the very communities they helped to destroy. Without the hope of full justice, Rwanda has turned to a new solution of reconciliation. Come experience through their eyes the journey from death to life through forgiveness.

    Features: Narration by actress Mia Farrow, True stories told by the Rwandans who lived through the genocide, Features music by Emmy award-winning composers: Lenny Williams and Chris Biondo, Widescreen format. Bonus Features: English sub-titles and narration, Closed Caption added, Region All perfect for international customers.

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  • Dear Children : A Story Of Post Abortion Healing


    This is the compelling story of one woman’s journey from the abortion experience to God’s love and forgiveness. Her story serves as a powerful pro-life message that can make men and women of all ages more aware of the often-hidden aspects of having an abortion. This powerful video also includes interviews with men and married couples.

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  • When Love Hurts


    When a bride says I do, she doesn’t expect violence to scar her marriage. For many women, though, that is the case as their dream home becomes an emotional prison, a jail cell filled with feelings of powerlessness and worthlessness.

    You probably know someone who is subject to verbal, physical, or sexual abuse because statistically, 25% of Christian women are victims. It might be a neighbor, a daughter, a sister, or even a friend.

    Does the God of the Bible have answers- meaningful and redemptive solutions to this pain and suffering?

    When Love Hurts, a powerful 4-part series from Day of Discovery television, pulls back the curtain on the dark secrets of abuse and offers hope and help to those trapped in its painful cycle.
    Part 1: When Abuse Is Worse Than Divorce
    Part 2: When Submission Is Misused

    Part 3: When Apologies Are Dangerous
    Part 4: When the Church Is Needed Most
    You’ll hear firsthand testimonies from women who not only endured abuse, but who found the help and healing needed to become a whole person again.

    You’ll also hear from experts in the field of domestic violence, such as Steven and Celestia Tracy, Dr. Nancy Nason-Clark, Dr. James Beck, and many more who not only counsel victims, but who are also survivors of abuse.

    If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, you owe it to yourself to watch When Love Hurts-Understanding and Healing Domestic Abuse.

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  • Racism : Is There An Answer


    Millions are searching for answers to one of the greatest social challenges of our day. Carl Kerby sheds light from God’s Word and from real science on the truth about so-called races: we all share a common ancestor in Adam!

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  • God Of Suffering


    In the wake of natural disasters and human-engineered tragedy, everyone is asking how a loving God could allow this evil to happen. Biblical answers and insight lay a strong foundation for belief in God.

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  • Intelligent Design Movement


    Much of the ID movement doesn’t dispute evolution, and its proponents certainly don’t discuss the God of the Bible. Dr. Purdom details why we should carefully examine the teachings of Intelligent Design.

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  • Weapon Of Mass Destruction


    The liberal bias toward the war in Iraq was one thing. Then came a propaganda piece that did more to line the pockets of a radical filmmaker than to tell the truth. That’s when Brad Maaske, a conservative businessman from the agricultural heart of California decided enough was enough. It was time for a documentary that told the truth about the human toll and terror under the personally guided regime of Saddam Hussein.
    This movie offers a balanced view of the real Iraq–before, during, and following the military involvement of the United States and its allies. It provides an objective report for Americans to consider prior to going to the polls in November. Jano Rosebiani, co-producer of WMD, is an Iraq film director know most recently for the documentaries Mass Graves of Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali.

    Never-before-seen footage of the atrocities perpetrated in Iraq, chemical attacks, and interviews with survivors provide a riveting testimony for the justification of war and military support during reconstruction. Exclusive interviews and expert analysis of the current geopolitical situation are provided, including an in-depth interview by Victor David Hanson, author of eleven books, including The Western Way of War, An Autumn of War, and Between War and Peace.

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  • Girl On The Edge Of Town


    A pregnant teenager wrestles with the problem of her unborn child and comes to realize that behind the sexual expression of love is commitment to the other and to the unborn child.

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