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  • Year Around The World


    The world is a big blue wonderful planet. There are seven continents, 195 countries and so much to see that you could spend a thousand lifetimes and still not see it all. Award-winning travel filmmaker Steve McCurdy, director of the best-selling A Year in Italy, takes you on an intimate and beautiful journey across our globe. Together, we experience the life of a traveler who journeys through the captivating cities and cultures of 4 continents, 14 countries, and a multitude of cities, including London, Paris, Venice, Cologne, Rio, Moscow, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, and Varanasi. Steve McCurdy has directed and filmed in over 27 countries on five continents. He seeks to share the people, places, cultures, and traditions that define the human experience. Steve currently appears as a cultural travel adventure lecturer.

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  • More Than Chocolate And Cheese


    What comes immediately to mind when you hear the word Switzerland? The majestic Alps, Swiss watches, international banking, chocolate and cheese? Switzerland encompasses all these things and more.
    Take an arm-chair journey through the sites and sounds of the real Switzerland in this fast paced, fun and informative documentary. Discover the history and traditions of one of Europe s most beautiful and unique countries. What is the Swissness that makes this country tick?

    You ll learn about Switzerlands Christian heritage, its unique form of democracy and it s sometimes controversial position of neutrality in world affairs. From small quaint villages to magnificent mountain landscapes you ll see why Switzerland is so much more than chocolate and cheese.

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  • Alaskas Inside Passage


    Discover Alaska’s true treasures along its magnificent marine highway, the Inside Passage. Navigate 1,000 miles of pristine coastline, with unforgettable stops that capture the region’s rich history, fascinating wildlife, and timeless traditions. Observe coastal Native American craftsmen carving totem poles in the gateway city of Ketchikan. Explore Sitka’s Russian roots. Visit Petersburg, Alaska’s Little Norway and quaint Wrangell, and recapture the pioneer era in the capitol city of Juneau. Drive to America’s most accessible glacier-the Mendenhall, and fly over the frozen wilderness of the Juneau Ice Field. From Glacier Bay National Park to the historic gold rush town of Skagway, this award-winning program is a mesmerizing portrait of this special place in the vastness of Alaska..

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